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Mr. Hack's reports-, together with the in structions issued to him before he set out on his recent expedition to the north, have been Drinted br order of the House of Assemblv.

xneioiiowmg extracts comprise the only por tions of the return which have not been already substantially published in our columns : — Chief SecreUrj's Office, Adelaide, 24th April, 1857; Sir— It having been determined to send otlt &h explor ing party to examine the north'-freslern interior of the province, I am diretted by the Chief Secretary to offer you the fcade'rSlilp |T the expedition. The remuneration frhtch you will be Slowed for this service has been fixed at £300; and should you succeed ia opening up an avail able country, you will be allowed a further turn not ex ceeding £3O, proportionate to the value tha Govern ment may attach to the result of the expedition and to the service which you may have rendered. In the cveDt of jour acceding to these terms you are requested to notify the same to me at your carheit convenience, and cnbmit for the approval of the Qovermaent an estimate of the strength of the pArty you propose to take with you, and of the probable cost of the expedition. You will tbtn proceed with all practicable dispatch to make the necessary preparation;, for which purpose advance* will be made to you from time to time as required. You are requested to place yourself under the instruetions of the Hononrablc the Commissioner of Crown Lands, and to address all your official correspondence to that officer. I have. Ac, O. K. BICHABDSON, Under Secretary. Stephen Hack, Esq.