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w : r ?? { ? ' ' ' — — — — ? .5 l : SHIPPflTO. , r - ' a TJHROPEAN AND AUSTRALIAN . liMM.^ J_j BOYAL MAIL COMPACT ' iy_\_\ffg_U (__dt«_.)-^_TEAM to ENGLAND — ^-aS2*|_tr itt — days.— The Company's mag niflcent and powerful screw steamship ? ? . . - EUROPEAN. Wiffiim Parfltt, Esq., commander, will be dispatched from Hob«on- Bay, on. the 16th November prox with Her Majesty's mails, for Southampton, mSaez «nd Alexandria, taking passengers, gold, and light cargo for Ehgtand and the intermediate ports of call, viz.:— —iny George's Sound, Point de Galle, Aden, Suez, Alex andria, andJlalta. ' Passengers for Marsattes can only be booked to MaltA, bat the Company will have a steamer at Malta to take them to Marseilles. ' '??''. Freight of gold, i per cent, delivered at the Bank of Enz-uvi, London,; i percent, to Point de Galle. In surance, 1$ per cent, by this route. Bates of passage. £110 and £9\ according to the ac comisfidstion required. Plans of the cabin*, and the Company's Hand-book of tnJbnnation, containing fall particulars, can be had on application to the undersigned, ' ' MACKAT, BAINES, & CO., Amis, 313J6 Hall of Commerc?, Melbourne. -i—lvJ^L OTEAM to MELBOUKNE.— The ?*EJ«WrXSv C* BURBA BITBBA *_d&|EJK2-' will positively sail on Thursday, Nb ^^Q39E» vember 13, at noon, to be in time for the European Mail. ? ? HALL 4 CO., GrenfeU-rtreet and Port X.B.— Passeneers are requested to leave Adelaide by the U o'clock Train. 315-6 -y KjSfc. QTEA.M TO MELBOURNE. CAL «*_M_T^v U ILVG AT PORTLAND, also -^3*SB_I\Sf»' UUICUEN'BAT.irindacementoners ** inSfftlim WHITE SWAN . ? is expected oa Thursday, and will sail on Saturday. 314CBT ? TO. P. RIRKWOOD. '1 l\Av T?0R th9 DARLIXG and SWAN I ^BBAHrJ^i JJ HILL.— The steamer »*- WtlGg^ A. MuCoy, . ouster, wilt be dis patched from Port Adelaide on or about the 21th inst. For freight or psmge, apply lo ACRAMaX, —AIK, LIX D3AY, 4 CO., Currie-itreet. Adelaide. November 10^ 1357. 315'8a23 ^'X* TJLACKWALL LINE OP PACKETS.— , -£|&v J3 PROM MELBODfcME TO LONDON ' ffiyggfr DIRECT.— The well-known frigate-built P BLACKWALL, 1,200 ton*. A 1 at Lloyd*, ? commander, will sail I «n the 18th- November. ' The passenger accommodation of this vessel is un rivalled. ? Carries an experienced surgeon. For freight or passage, apply to W. P. WHITE i CO, Melbourne ; or to 278cv J. T. CBESWELL. Port Adelaide. VX_ 'CURST WOOL SHIP FOE LONDOS j&f&v Jj CalUns:attne CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. fjjcjgg^ —To sail on the 15th December.— The A 1 SnnssW river-built ship ORIENT, : 1,033 tons. Alexander Lawrence, commander. This fine vessel affords the bat opportunity for ship. pan and passengers, and will sail punctually to her time. . i A limited number of intermediate at £35, and steerage pinnengCTs at £25 each adult, will be taken. An eipe- . riinded Surgeon proceeds in the ihip. ' For freight, cabin plans, and scales of dietary, or othtr particulars, apply to JOSEPH STILLLXG 4 CO. 8U, Hindley-street. 279acv VX* T?0B LONDON DIRECT.— The A 1 barque ' _5_ffilsv J? MARQARET. ' ifjfcJgSar 310 tons, J. McICcnzfe. commander. This _ V_ fine little vessel will have quick dispatch for the above port. For freight, 4c, apply fo 316ho CHUBII. HILL. & CO_Airenti. ri* T70R LOXDOX.— The favourite clipper jSmaS. X: ship ff__|_S^ BRIST0W, V ?'? C Captain John Harri?, is expected to arrive in all this month, and will be dispatched again promptly fur London, the greater part of her cargo being already secured. Far freight or passage, apply to 316he WM. Y00XGHP5B\XD. JTJX.. 4 CO. -ifck '\TELB0UR?B TRACERS.— The under ?ilEfiS. J-»jL signed dif patch the folio wine favourite #$jEJg^r Vessels at interval* of about five days. To irrSCM Shippers of Flour, Bran, 4c, they offer onusual inducements, being noted for their good deli? -e^y-ofCar2o?.— ACTIVE ? 136 tons, J.Tonner. DUVEOIN' ? 208 „ H.E. Walker. DROVER ? 173 „ W.Francis. EMMAPRESCOTT ... 160 „ J.Stanton. GENERAL JESUP ... 19* „ William Gay, JOHN SCOTT ? 157 „ T. Smith. LADY HARVEY ... 148 ., W. Kirkus. Engagements made for return Croat Melbourne, 4c, to Port Adelaide. For freight or pasaifre, aooly to CHURR. HILT,. 4 CO., 303-v] Grenfell-street, Adelaide ; Lipson-street, Port '.-I- T70R MELBOURXE DIRECT.— The jR ilSv X1 WANOERER, 1 Cjfc ak^ Capt. Chalmers, will be dispatched imme ''''iijirCi dutcly. Has ample accommodations for Cabin and Steerage PawgtB, at the reduced rates of . £5 and E3 lf»». respectively. For freight or passage, apply to J. DARWEXT, Gilbert-place ; to J.W. SMITH; or to 30te ? J.CLARK, Port. ? ?T-k. TI'OE MELBOURNE.— The sehooner 3Ov T REBECCA, wj3g^ 150 tons, T. S. Diwnes , master, has room ?^SK* for a few tons of light freight, and has ex cellent accommodation for passengers. Apply to the Master, on board j or to 314e DALE 4 CO.. Port VT* T70R PORT ROBE.— The A 1 clipper Sft&Kl X. bricantine -(*^W BOOMERANG, i?pm|n Captain II. Nicholson, commmder, will «aQ for the above p'rt on WednfwHr. the 1 1th inst. WM. rOOXGHUSBANP. JtTN^ 4 CO, 3I0J5 ? Town and Port. ? -±W T70B PORT ELLIOT AND ENCOUNTER ^Jji&^Jj BAY.— The -^iJ^S E. Jenkins, master, nllt'sail on Wednesday, the 11th instant. For freight or passage, apply to J. DARWENT. Gilbert-place; ot to 313J5 J. CLABK, Company's. Wharf, Port. ,TU T70R FREir.HTor CHARTER to MAU JP&ks. Il R1TIU8 or SINGAPOaE.-The Al lt%Jf3K& schooner ?*??$& JAMES GIBSON. K H. Minnie, master, hourly expected from Sydney. Apply to 3Ue ? J.W. SMITH, Port. KANGAROO, Ship, from London.— CON- SIGNEES of Good3 by this Ye sel are requested to Pass their Entries without delay. Captain Robinson trill not be responsible for any Damage to Cargo unless a Surtiy U held on the goods immediately they are landed. 31QV5 ? ELDER, STIRLING, 4 CO.. Agents. EX SAXON, from London.— NOTICE to the CONSIGNEES of 150 Casks BOTTLED BEEE, ex Sixon, from London, marked star with A G 4 Co.nnder.shippcdby Alfred Gibson.— Unless the above goods are darned within seven days from this date . they will be sold by public auction, on account of jTbom it may concern. r CHUBB. HILL, 4 CO,, Agents for barque Saxon. Adelaide, November 10, 1357. ? 315c ANTED, a PASSAGE to CALCUTTA direct; if not, to the Manritiu*. Ceylon, or Sinzmpira. Address G. G. M., Branch Office, Port. ^ ? _J ? 31fa~33 SHIPS' POSTEES got out on the shortest ? notice; A lsnre supply of coloured inks, coloured j»\9er,aad new jobbing typ\ just received. Apply to II ?. Wllliuj, Btjisttr and Olurotr General Pr ntinr OfB«B. ? '? BCBROHANDISE OX SALE by the nndereigned— Candles, Belmont. Composite. Bns-inn Sperm Snap, Liverpool Double Crown and Sydney Cheese, Pine and Berkley. Malaga Raisins Batter. Honan's Double 'Rose, Wine Corks Salt. Fine and Coarse Liverpool, in cornbags Pickles, WhTbm«r*s, Anchovies, Sauces, Sslad Oil Bottled Fruits, Jams. Jellies, Brandied Fruit . Chocolate, Barry's Da Barry's Bevalesta Arabica ? SUreh, No. 1, Blue, Colm?u's Thmnb Vit&e*. Blacking. White Lead, Botin pitch. Whiting1, EopefBoots and Shoe* Paper, Melodeon*, Jewellery, Glassware Wire, Galvanized, Nos. 3,4,6, Wiie Streichen, ' iS'irBRope ? - Uafls. Composition and Galvanized, Liilinj Jacks, f ' BUpJt» ' Blanket!, Slops, Assorted Invoices o'Drapery - Hosiery. Hatardashery, Silks, Velvet, Ribbons, 4c. , MARTIN, GAEDECHEX3, 4 CO. GrtnMUtrct*. ? ? 2ycv ON SALE— Oliva OH, Refined Rape, Colza, Linseed, and A . Boiled do., and Tnrpentiae, in 6-gallon cans * Chmce'i British. Sheet if lass, from 48 X 30 to .OrnamenUl and Stained Glaw, iu Landscapes, Borders, fcc ' ?alnte. Varnishes, Paperhanghigf, Sheet Zmc, Sheet Leid _, „ ? . Bras*, Lead, and Cast-iron Pomps, and Portland Cemest ? Bntrlish Potty, Pitch, Tar, Bosin, Plaster Paris, . * &C-4& 311(1 *r^ 8. B. HALL. Leigh^treet. N SALE at thft Stores of the under . rimed- , . Hosiery '.Gloves - ? Haberdashery ' ? ??- Coborg*, Alpacas, 4c. . i - -. Mixed Alraeaa ? - White and Grey Calicoss,4e. ? ? - Prints . Cotton and Silk Handkerchief* - - Wool, Cashmere, and Satin Hoods ? Hats and Cloaks . . , - Fareir* and Boatfleld's Slops . Ribbons ' . *? Ribbon Velvets ' - Lace ??:.?' ;? . ? . ? P. S. Cleaver's Perfumer*- and Fancy Soaps ? Hair, Nail, and Tooth Brashes ' Men't White and Regatta Shirts rancr Goods. Trimmings, 4c, 4c. : v r C.DBAPEE4C0. Lelefe-gtrwt. ? .....' 3I4CT ON SALT! By the mideraigned,, ex Lidj . Ann— ?-.'-.. Mantles. Shawls, Eibbons, Bonnets, Parasols ' Fri^t*. Silks, Dresses, Caficoes, Muslins Sheetinfs; Hosiery, Haberdashery * Edgings and Laces, Stays, Gloves, Braces BannkercMtft, Circaaiaas, Alpacas, Coburga Gin^bami, Hollands. I inings, Denies, Coats Fetts,jToaierj, Shirts, 4c Ala», a few Winuowin? Machines, to be Sold cheat - . . -., H. MILLEB, * ri^ 6renfen^trMt.twodOQtifroiB8tttrtHciWr »ganbo7,1867.- 9UK9

', MERCHJJTOISE. ; ? OS' SALE by the undersigned^ - - ; TJ.V.C. and Marten's BRANDY ' oj Booth's Old '''om, and other brands ? ,? CoWille's celebrated Whisky . ? ' . West India Rnm ' Om-y*s 4 Hunt* s Port Wina ' : v Duff 4 Gordon's Sherry ? ' - i London Stout, various brands - ? ? : Bass's No. 3 and other Ales . Byass*s Ale and Porter, and other brands 60,000 Cigars, M53 flO.OOO do., 185« ;? ; ,'???'? - ' - Beer-Engines, 3 and 6 pulls. ' : ? J.4B.CABBUTHERS. , October 23. 1857. M7cv O3T SALE by the undersigned— TJ.V.C. Longuevie Brandy, bulk and case Rum, W.r. and Jamaica, in bulk and case Gin— Booth's, Byass's, Evans'*, Harvey's, fa case WMsky— Dawsoa't, Power's, Evans'*, id case Claret, Sauterne, Boonekarap Dutch Bitters Champagne, Leorntier, Chfrrr Cordials Syrups, Raspberry Vinegar, Sefzerwater Hock, Johannisberg, Rndisheim, and Moselle Sherry, in cue*. Marsala, in hhds. and qr.-casks Port Wine, Hunt's and others, double and treble diamon-t, in bulk * , Ale— Xobte's, Barclay's, Marzettfs, Dick's, Bjass's. in quarts and pints ? : Porter— Evans's, Bardav's, Marzetti's. Byass's. MARTIN, GAEDECHEN3, 4 CO. Grenfell-street 287cr OX SALE by the undersigned — SADDLERY and COACH IRONMONGERY of . every description ' ? Patent, Enamelled, and Coloured Leathers Brasbwa e, Rng3, Twine, 4c. - ? : Nos. 3 and 4 Fencing Win, 4c 4c. 3Ut»v ? E.T.SMITH.,Blyth-Ktre€t. ON SALE by the undersigned, ex Johannes Keplw— ? CORN SACKS, best Dundee, three bushel, striped. Bran Bigs, do. do., five do. HEXRIQUES 4 CO., Currle-street. October 28,1837. - ? 3033 pLARET.— ON SALE by the under V-/ signed — 300 Cases, each containing one doz. CHUBB, HILL, 4 CO., B3c] Grenfell-street, Adelaide, and Lipson-street, Port SUGAR. — The undersigned have just re ceived, ex Wite Swan— 300 Bags Best CO'SIPORE 120 do. Crystal Mauritius 133 do. Fins Yeliow Counter Sugar, Mauritius new crop. MARTIN, GAEDECHENS, 4 CO. Grcnfell-street. ? ?-Me OOTTLED BEEE.— ON SALE by the O undersigned — 1,000 Casks BARCLAY'S PORTER, in three and four doz. casks. CHUBB. HILL. 4 CO., 33c] Grcnfell-street, Adelaide, and Lipson-street, Port EAGLE BRAND TOBACCO.— A fresh supply of this favourite article just received in first ate condition. 195c WM. YOUNGHTJSBAND. JUN., k CO. r ANN'S PTREPROOP SAFE8. 251th337 KELSEY 4 CHURCH .Peel-street. DTEAU-ENGINE FOR SALE CHEAP. O —A Second-hand Five Horse-power Direct-action DN'GIXE, with Horsa BOILER, equal to ntw. To be fl'.d a bargain. 274mhcv J. DARWENT, Gilbert-place. EST ENGLISH and NEW SOUTH WALES COAL always on Sale. Apply to BURV, DUN'STAN, 4 CO., Town; or 213c DALE 4 CO., Port. piOALS.— Best English and Newcastle \J (NAW.) Coals can be had is any quantity at H. SIMPSON'S Coal-vard. Port Adelaide BUTLDDTG MATERIALS. T7ICT0RIA STEAM SAW-MILLS, V FRAXKLIN and GROTE STREETS, near the Post-OEce. Victoria-square. CHARLES FARR begs to announce that the abova ire now in full operation, being the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE SAW-MILLS in the colony, capable 3f cutting logs of any size up to 42 inches deep. . Having enlarged his premises, which now extend from Franklin-street to Grot'-street, he is enabled to STACK ANY QUANTITY of TIMBER requited to be sawn, md which may remain three months without charge. The Mills consist of a vertical frame, capable of work ing 40 saws at one?, a self-acting beneh for breaking lown Log?, and two circular saw-tables. Dealers and Builders can have their timber sawn on its arrival without the slightest delay. Purchasers can :hoose their own loss and have them cut to order. Price per 100 superficial feet, in Dcil 5s. Do. do. do. do., in Cedar 10s. Also, ON SALE, at the lowest prices— CEDAR. DEAL. AMERICAN PINE, and SWAN 1IVER MAHOGANY, in logs and boards. SIXGAPOKE CEDA2, in plank* and boards. Red, White, and Pine DEALS. 14 r 3, 13 x 3, 12 x 3, tl x 3, 9 x 4, 9 x 3, 8 x 3, 7 x 3 and 7 x 2i, all lengths. Prepared FLOORING, 8 x \\. * x }. and 6*x \ in.' - STRINGYBARK QUARTERING;} and BATTEN3, Colonial and V.D.L. Bmad and Narrow PALI&GS, 5 acd 6 ft. POSTS and RAILS, Red and Blue GUM. ? J SHINGLES and LATH3, FIRE BRICKS and TILES. Portland, Roman, and Kcene's CEMENT. Best Bangor SLATES, 24 x 12, 22 x 12, 20 1 13, and 20 x 10. PLASTER or PARIS. Veined, Fossil, and White MARBLE CHIMNEY PIECES, various patterns. Reri^ter GRATES, ditto. HOOP IRON, 1. li, and 1} inch. 371cv CHARLES FARR. BITSDnSSS HOTICBS. S~ADDLERYrSAD DLERY. SADDLERY. — NOriCE OF REMOVAL.— R. T. FOALE takes this opportunity of returning his thanks to his nume rous customers for favours conferred (sine* he succeeded Mr. J. Colton, as Saddler and Harnetsmaker), and begs to inform them that he has REMOVED t-- those commo dious Premises, I!o. 85, RUNDLE-STREET (next to the Sir John Barleycorn), where he will have constantly on Sale a large and well--elected STOCK of S ADD ' E R Y in all its branches, of the very best description, and at prices which will command a large share of public patronage. 36**7a3S8v'353 A WARD OF PRIZES, ADELAIDE A. AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL OCIETTS SHOW. 1856. MESSRS. TUSFOKD, of Adelaide and London, are iappy to inform their Friends and the Agricultural tsterest generally of Australia that they bare again maintained their pre-eminence in the competition at the Show of the present year, and have obtained Prizes for Threshing-Machines, Corn Dressing-Machines, Drills, Clod-Crushers, Waggons, Carts, Scarifiers, Horse-Rakes, Harrows, Plough's, Churns, Norwegian Harrows. Com Crohers, Liquid Manure Carts, Ac., 4c, 4c. ; also, the ?pedal Prize of £5 5s. for Chaff-Engines. Mr. WILLIAM TUXFORD, resident Representative a Adelaide for the leading English Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery, and Correspondent of the Murk lam Esprtts, Farmer' t ILagazint, 4c, respectfully issuree those Gentlemen who may honour him with their xjmmands that Implements for efficiency, durability, sid simplicity it will continue his study and detcrmina don to always have, and at such reduced prices ai will -esure further patronage and support. Crete and Gongcr-streets, Adelaide, Viwh 18M mrahCT OTIOE OP REMOVAL.— The under signed has Removed his Place of Business from Grcnfell-Htrect to PIBIE-STBEET (opposite the Hind marsh Hot.]), where parties wishing to see him are requested to call, and where all letters should be addressed. WM. LINES, 3 1 1 ?*22v'32j Builder and Timber Merchant TO SHEEPPARMERS.— INK POWDERS far MARKING BALES. * 311q PLATTS. TO DAIRYMEN and Others. — Just arrived, per ship Alma, CALVES' REBNETS, in jars, containing- from one dozen to three dozen. May be bad at J. Marrable's, butcher. 10, Bundle-street. A considerable reduction made to Country Storekeepers. . ? ? - ? . 278f4v rpHOMAS FAX, LEATHER SALESMAN -1_ for the house of Peacock 4 Son, Grenfell-street Tanvard, Importer of Grindery and Shoemakers' Ti-Js, Leiih-street, Adelaide. N.B.— TheTrada supplied wholesale, on liberal to as. Observe— The Beehive, established 1840 18Sqpr /CONCERTINAS, FLUTINAS. Vj accordions. flutinas. concertinas, accordions. accobdions, flutinas, concertinas. The largest assortment ever yet offered to the public, and remarkable for the soundness of the workmanship, delicacy and power of tone, combined with exquisite and elaborate finish in the construction. These Instruments are in great variety as to compass as well aa price, but the whole are offered at much lower rate3 than from any other importation. . A selection of Instruction Books and new and popular Music for the above. . .' - * -PLATX9. ?»? Country Dealers supplied. . ? : 225q MAIN'S CASTOB OIL POMADE.— Patronized by Lady-Younfr, 4c. This Pomad- Is doJlfrbtfullT perftmed, and is superseding the nse oi all other preparation* /ox the growth and nourishmenl of the Hair. Prepared only by W. Main, Family and Dispensing Chemist. Ssk wilfiaiMtreet; and sold la note at la. and fa. ? IWhT HEALTH RESTORED.— HOL- ^ LOWATS PILLS and OINTMENT. Holloway*s Ointment and Pills again Successful in th« Cura of a Bad Leg.— Eitcact of a letter from Mr Bro'hertoo, of Stangrat, near Bootl -, January 15. 1651 ? ««Io Pro'cssor Holloway.— Sir— Atter my wire's con fineroent in 1849 she caught a severe cold, which settled in b» right leg and foot, causing it to swell to an alaim Ing «ze, ultimately forming i,nto about £0 -wounds oi nlceis, presenting a most fearful appearance. The pair she endured was almost insupportable, and tha treat ment rf her medic il attendants did no psod whalever She therefore revoked to give your PilU and Ointment : trial, and I am happy to say they have effected a perfec: Hcnloway'* Pills for the Care of Livfr Complaint! Indigestion, and Disorders of the Stomach.— Mr. Eichd Haynes of HJL Pockyard at Plymouth, had net hat the enjoyment of a day's good health for several years ? constantly suffering from indigestion and liver com ' plaint. He-hafl the beat medical adsrice both 'roa Arm; and Navy surgeon?, but the disease jislc'ed not to tbei treatment, ana various remedies were tried with a liki result. As s last resource he begen to ma Hoilowaj' . - Pills, and tfcis fine medicine has so strengthened the ton of his stomach and inv-gorated his constitution that h is perfectly cured, and now enjojs the best of health. Price Is. 6d, 3s. 6d.. and 03. each Box. There is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. i. N.B.— Directions for the guidance pi pafclenj* of erei ' disorder are affixed to each box. *? GSOBGE DALE, Dispensing Chemist.

'; { j BTTSDi'ESS HJPTJCES. 0& A. WATTE, MILLEfTERS, DRESS . ? and MANTLE MAKERS, beg respectfully, to nfnrm the Ladies of Adelaide and ricinity that they have REMOVED to 222, BUNDLE-STREET. C. 4 A. W. , unbrace this opportunity of thanking those Ladies who lave favoured them with their patronage during the last ] ihrfe years, and trust, by care and attention to all orders i iommitted- to their charge, to merit a continuance of I their support. Countrv orders punctually attended to. i Adelaide, November 7. 1357. ? 316J7v i W SINCLAIR begs to informhis Mends ? and the public that he. has COMMENCED : 3TTSINES3 in the BOOT and SHOE TRADE in Rundle treet, N,:. 124, near the Plough and Harrow, aad hopes -y strict attention and punctuality to merit a share of heir patronage. , 314'al3 H\V U R M & C O^ : ? LAND AND GENERAL COMMISSION , ? AGEXTo.-flKlar.pW. ? 2a3gih-rl4v , '; B.. TURNER, BROJ^ER and' : ? * COliJUSSION. AGENT, ? ' , ; 31a. Hindley-streer. -. - j ?,;31--cv-' a A L L, GENEKAlJ PRINTER, ? 47. King Wflliam-gtreet. Adelaide: ? 211c T. SHAWTER, GENERAL PRINTER; ? - Gawler-pUce, Adelaide. 67c THE undersigned are prepared to execute ! ORDERS for all descriptions of TYPE. Speci aens-te be seen on application. ? BLACK 4 WRIGHT. Grenfen-street. ? 844e E RON BEDSTEADS. IRON BED- ; STEADS.— An immense variety of the above, : wmprising Four-post, Tent. Half-tester.French.Canopy; Jso Children's Cribs and Cots— Japanned, Blue, Green, il ap!e, Black, and Gold— At ~ . S. MAYFIELD'S1 23?e Extensive Showroom*, Bundle-street. LOORCLOTH-— On SALE, at S. MAT FiELD'S, Floorcloth cat to order, from 3s. to - b. 6d. per sqnaraytrd. - ? '239o STOVES. STOVES. AMERfCAN STOVES. A larre assortment on Sale at ? T. HICHELMORE'S Ship Chandlery and General Store, Pert Adelaide. Tl/TARKET BASKETS, Oval and Square. 1VX BABY BASKETS. STOCKING BASKETS. WORK BASKETS. CLOTHES BASKETS. BISCUIT BASKETS. 273q -— ? — PLATTS. TjHISHING RODS, LINES, See. \ 13 Indiarubber Balls, various sizes I Guttapercha do, do. -CricketBalls - Masks Tops Marbles DoUs * Bows and Arrows Spads3 Kites Whips Skittles. PLATTS. (Wholesale at Notth-terraee.) ? 308q JOSEPH ALLEN, TENT and TAR PAIJLIN MAKER, GENERAL IRONMONGER to, No.31, Kinft William-Btreet. Order* eiecnted at the shortest notice. 202v213cv OR SALE, an IEON SAFE, 41 inches high, 30 inches wide, 17 inches ttep. Apply at'the Dffice of this paper. 222cv TO MILLERS, MERCHANTS, and Others.— For SALE, to be LET, or EX CHANGED for a FARM, a STEAM FLOUR-MILL, lituated on Section 1009, abutting on Yankalilla Beach, line horse-p«wer Engine, two pairs of French Burr Stones by Corcoran, Flour and Smut Machines, and ivery requisite for manufacturing 30 tons of flour per seek. For particulars, apply to Messrs. Cleland, Page, md Co., Port Adelaide; or to John Dodd, on the -remises. 314-8v'23 WRAPPING PAPERS, Wholesale and RetaiL 333q ? PLATTS. HASH-BOXES.— A good variety now on U Saleat — 243q HTLLIER'S, 10, Hindley-street. TTINGLISH TOTS.^-Ju3t unpacked, ex R. JQi M. Mills, a large assortment of the very beat COYS and DOLLS, at 159 - HILLEEE'S. 10, Hindley-street. DRAPERY ASH CLOTHDTCr. THE LATE DISASTROUS FIRE at PORT ADELAIDE.— Those FAMILIES who me LOST their WARDROBES by this Tearful cala nity will find a disposition to make very LI8ERAL 1EOUCTIONS in PURCHASES made at the BEEHIVE SSTABLISHMEXT, the Proprietors deeply rympa hising with the sufferers. Ladies can bo supplied from l very extensive ~ assortment of Beady-nude Under- ' ilothing at 10 minutes' notice. . M ESSRS. RTLEY & CO. 3I8'*7 Beehive Drapery Establishment. TV/TTERS & NEUSTADT heg to acquaint lYJL DRAPEltS, CLOTHIERS, and STORE KEEPERS that they have TAKFN those Commodious PREMISES in HIN&LEY-STKEET, lately occupied by Messrs. Marks & Co.. where they intend OPENING a GENERAL ASSORTMENT of GOODS to supply the Trade o:i the most advantageous terms. Hindley-strcct. October 29, 1857. 303J16 0 DRAPERS, . CLOTHIERS, and STOREKEEPERS.— ^NOW LANDIXG. « Irene. 69 Packages DRAPERY and CLOTHING, consisting of tVe most choice Goods, of our own selection, suitable for the season. MYERS & NEUSTADT, 9, Hindley-street. November 12, 1957. 316*31 CJUMMER FASHIONS FOR 1857.— k5 MILLER. ANDERSON. & CO. beg to call atten tion to their NEW IMPORTATIONS of FASHION ABLE GOODS for this Season. Their Stock of the following will be fouud new in design, superior in quality, and moderate in price : — New Fancy Dresses ' ; Rich Worked Curtains Printed Flonnced Muslins Brussels Carpets Do. for Double §kitts . Kidderminster .do. Plain French Llamas Hemp and Venetian do. Prints in great variety Hearthrugs to match far French Tissue Shiwls pets Glac£ Silk Mantles Fashionable Bonnets Moire do. do. Coloured Straw Hats Drab Cloth do. Real Lace Collars Hooded do. do. Iri-h Point do. Children's do. do. Parasols and Gloves Challis and Alpacas Ladies' Biduvr Hats. - ? 272a316v'97 T^ISSOLUTION OP PARTNERSHIP.— JlJ E. B. LUCAS 4 CO. beg to apprise their friends and the public, that in consequence of the retirement of Mr. Winnall from the Firm, the whole of their EX TENSIVE, NEW, and VARIED STOCK or DRAPERY JliLLINERY CLOTHING. *c^ will be offered for Sale, at WHOLESALE COST PRICE, and all the Goods that have been anr time on hand will be SOLD at LESS THAN COST PRICE. R. B. L. & Co/s well-known system of marking prices in plain figures will enable purchasers to arrive at a jost estimate of the reduction in price actually made B. B. L. 4 Co. having had large and recent arrivals of GOODS from the ENGLISH and CONTINESTAL MARKETS, the Season's Novelties will be found in extensive variety. The following prices will give some idea of the extent of the reduction made: — 5-4 Fast Colour Prints, reduced [from 71d. to 5 Jd. per yard. Balzarine Dresses, do. 18s. to fls. ' * - Printed Mnslin Dresses, do. 10s. te 5§. Coloured Silk Nets, for evening dresses, do. Is. to 6d. per yard. ' . . . ' . , Black Silk Dresses, do. 30s. to 7s. 6d. - . Millinery Bonnets, do. 30s. to 10s. 8d. ' : -. Vel ret do., half price ? t . Silk Mantles, do. 43s. to 3Ts.' ' Long White Kid Gloves, half price. ?...'? ? ' Infants' Cashmere Long Cloaks do. 12s. 6d. to 5s. Ladies' Riding Hats, do. 16s. 6d. to 10s. 84. Gentlemen's Black Silk Paris Hat, best quality, do. 21s.fol2s.6d. ..... Yoaths* do. do., do. 16s. to 7s. 6d. Bojs'. do. do, do. 10a. to §s. Superfine Black Goth Dress Coats, silk lined, do. 45s. to2ls. . ; ..-. , Do. do. Frock Coats, do. 43a. 6d. to 30s. Do. do. - do, do. 65s. to 35s. Boys' Sydney Tweed Coatees, 12s. 9d. , ? Do. B'ack and Blue Cloth Jackets, do. 25s. to 12s. 6d. STOREKEEPERS liberally dealt «itb. . Kangaroo House, Hindley-street, Adelaide, Kangaroo House, Murray -street, Gawler. ? - Kangaroo Honae. Cadell-street. Goolwa.- 269a'72cv SALISBURY.— NEW SUMMER DRU PERIES.-S. R. GAULT 4 CO. beg to 'inform their nomcrons Friends and the Public generally that they have JUST OPENED a large and well-selected STOCK of SUMMER GOODS, comprising all tht leading Novelties of the season in Mantles, Shawls, Muslin, Barege.Norwich Poplin, the Lady Shafleabury, and other Fancy Dresses'; Bonnets. Hate, Bonnet Rib bons, Cap Fronts, -Dress Caps, Foreign and British Flowers, ParssoK Chemtzaltes, HabltsWrts, Lace, and other Fancy Goo* ; Prints, Ginghams, Alpacas, Lustre*, Circassians, and Delaines; Boys', Youths', and Men's Bcady-made Clothing in every style and texture; Boots and Shoes, Gloves, Hosiery, Shi ts, Braces, 4c., &e~ 4e. GBO ERY. HARDWABE, IROXMOXGERY. 4;, 4c. S. B. GAULT 4 Co. would embrace this opportunity of returning their sincere thanks to their Friends and the Publie generally for the manner in which they have been supported tinea they commenced business, and would most respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, as suring them that they ara determined to continue as heretofore, by selling every article at Adelaido prices, their motto being — small profits and quick returns. Publicans and tho Trade supplied at Adelaide whole sale prices. Salisbury, opposite the Mill. 310J16v-48 ?vr o t i c e o f ITElir'o v a l.— IS G. SHAW begs to inform his friends and the public generally that he has REMOVED to his NEW PREMISE5?, 63. HINDLEY-STREET. with a NEW and EXTENSIVE STOCK of LINEN and I WOOLLEN DRAPERY, HOSIERY, HABER DASHERY. SHAWLS. RIBBONS, GLOVES, and BEADY-MADE CLOTHING. G. S. embraces -tht3 opportunity of tendering his thanks to all who have accorded him their support during the past eight years, and desires to aisnre the public the same system of giving full value for value received will be strictly adhered to at his New Establishment. Mark the Address !— . LONDON HOUSE, 89, Hindley-street, Opposite Mr. Luke Murphy's Auction Mart. Two minutes* walk from the Bailway Station. ' 1 296-383V USDS*ESSCARDS,CmCULAR8,BlLL HEADS, LABELS, HANDBILLS, and ever] description of Printing got out in the neatest stjli ' and on the shortest notice. A great variety of net Fancy Type *od Borders recent;/ import^.. Apply to H

DTSUBAgCE NOTICES. ; SOUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE j COMPANY (LIMITED). - * Chadulut— Wm. Peacock, Esq. DwrvYS CxAiBXix—Geo. Young, Esq. The Directors of this local Institstjoo ??? bUrprt* -ared to Insure Buildings, Stock, Fumltuw, Machinery, md every description of property against loss or damaga -y Fire. ; ; ' Forms of application, and any Information, can be -- ibtained it the office, No. 11, King William and Grasham o itreett. .... C . B.E.TAPLEY.S««retarv. N.B.— Money to b« Lent on good Freehold securities at .0 per cent. ? 122cv MARINE INSURANCE. A DELAIDE LLOYD'S ASSOCIATION f\. of UNDEBWBITER3.— The undersigned take oarine Risks ; ?- AT CURRENT RATES, ind issue policies immediately on acceptance of the use, ? ? - ? J ' CLAIMS FOR LOSSES ' { in policies issued for the Association will be promptly £tued, without reference out of the colony. ' .? COWIE 4 AS PIN WALL, Brokers. C Grenfell-street, September 19, 1857. 26*357 AIT A'RINE INSURANCE.— MEt C Lt1_- BOURNE LLOYD'S ASSOCIATION OF UN DEBWE1TEES.— The underlined, as AgenU for Uu ibove Association, are prepared to take all descriptions if MAEINE RISKS, with er without particular average a Josses made payable in London if required. I FOX, LLOYD. * CO, Agents, o Grenfell-street. Jannarr 15. 1857. l'*1' rMPERIAL FIRE lNaUKAisUJb; «^Oju- j L PANY (instituted 1S03J, 1, Old Broad-street, and ? .8, Pall MaU, London. Subscribed and Invested Capital, hie Million Six Hundred Thousand Pound*. Insurances on MILLS etiected st current rates. r. insurances effected on Vessels and Cargoes in Harbour. ' t All Claims are seitled in Adelaide on proof of loss. c A.J. WiUGHT, Agent. : t Exchange-chambers, King Willi^sa-street, Adelaide. I 1tn?ine-hnnu- — Hindmanih-xoaare. - tBSo* ^ OBART TOWN and LAUNCESXOH MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, . Established 1836. ... ? „ SIBBOTOCS: Askin Morrison, MJj.C, John Walker, UJLuC, J Edward Goldsmith John,Foiitfir * 'Henry Hopkins, £ xaxxgbs: ' xscoisMTunt l Thomas MacDowelL Michael Evans, j ASXST It LAUS0B9TOK: -? JohnMunrp. Acmm at mrtBouBira : aqkjtt it qotmho Downmg.Griffiths, 4 Co. ' Thomas Ogilvie, : BtTRVBTOB AT FOST ADBLUDS: Capt. HI Simpson. The nader^goed having been appointed Agents for touth Australia, are prepared to accept Marine risks and ? saue Policie*. F. J. BECK & COn Agents. s lB3ov . , ? Adelaida and Port. g DERWENT AND TAMAR MAEINE i ASSURANCE COMPANY, HobartTown. a Capital, £100,000. Established 1833. ? :: - DiUCTOBS: Samel Hoses, Esq. I Thomas Boot, Esq. . Thomas Brown, Esq. j R. Cleburne, Esq. .. William my, Esq., c . DrBiCToaa ix Lattw cbstoit : 1 J. St. John Browne, Esq. | William Gunn, Esq. TbUSZBBS: E. J. Manley, Esq. | ? H. Tonkin, Esq. - ' Muriaxx: Thomas Hewitt, Esq. -?? r- . AccoiwiiJJT : Alfred Garrett,^Esq. Agents for. effecting Insurance* at— i Launceston— C. J. Weedon, Esq. . Melbourne and Geelbng— Messrs. Henty 4 Co. Sydney— Messrs Towns & Darley. c Claims paid in London if required. c . BLACK 4 WRIGHT, Agents, 141c Grenfell-street, Town ; Levi's Whart, Port. i ONARCH PIKE AND LIFE ' ASSURANCE COMPANT, Adelaide-place, 3 [?ondon-bridge, and 23, Begcnt-street, Waterlos-place, [jondon. . . , - Cixnxt, Thkbi Hujtdbxs Tbousaso Ponrsa. . (Established 1835.) KxoioalRkfs&sx: F. Bayer, Esq^MJD. . ] Susvbtob : Mr. James Macgeorge. j Bisks taken in any part of this colony. 77c JOSEPH STILLING 4 CO., Agent*. Adelaide. 1 A LLIANCE BRITISH AND FOREIGN ? t\. FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANT (Established by Act of Parliament.) .Cxmkii— Frvs Mxuicara Stxrixxch Office: Bartholomew-lane, London. . ] Medical Referee: W Wyatt.Ejq..MJBLC.S. i Losses by fire paid by he Ajrenta in. the colony. I Prospectuses may be obtained on application to ] I83o FOX. LLOYD 4 CO.. Arenti. Grenfell-street. i OHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE ( KJ ASSURANCE INSTITUTION. 1 Capital, Osa Mulioit. For Prospectuses, apply to . FRANCIS 8. DUTTON. Ajrent, - 160c - Bundle-place. I TV/TARINE INSURANCE NOTICE.— t ItJ. - BEDUCTION OP PREMIUMS. 1 Tke following REDUCED Rates of Premiums have ( )een agreed to by the undersigned Insurance Offices .— - '. v. r. A. Total loss. *! To Melbourne or Geelong „. 15s. ... 10s. percent. ^ Portland Bay ... ... 25s. ... 80s. ' Sydney ? ... 15s.. ... 10s. u t Port Elliot ... ... ... 40s. M. 30s; « - Singapore or Batavia ... 30s. ... 25s. ' Mauritius ... ? ? 25s. ... 20s. « Calcutta ? 35s. ... 30s. ' London ... ... ... 35s. ... 80s. ' . Proportionate rates will be charged to many other Pdrta, and a further reduction of- 2s. 6d. per cent, upon the above scale on Goods shipped per Steamer. ] ?FREDERICK FISHEB, Agent for the Launceston Fire and Marine Insurance Company. F. J. BECK 4 CO, ? Agents for the Hobart Town and Launceston In-urance Company. . ', BLACK 4 WRIGHT, , ' Agents for the Derwent and Tamar Insurance , Company. Adelaiae, September 21, 1957. - ? 2fl5ev . ]\TOBTHERN AS8URANCE COMPANY, Ll 1. Moorgate-strcet, London.— Established 1830 The Policies of this Company are not only guaranteed by a Capital of s 1^59,760, but also by the unlimited personal responsibility oi more than 900 Shareholders. The undersigned,' Agents for South Australia, are prepared to effect FIRE and LIFE INSURANCES on liberal tarna, aad issue Policies in bath, branches im mediately on acceptance of tiske. Insurances on Mills effected at the ordinary rates. All claims are settled in Adelaidc,^io reference h'1*? being required. ? . ELDER, STIRLING, 4 CO. Adelaide. 1st Julv 185rt 185er 'DRITANNTA LIFE ASSURANCE COM 13 . PANY, No. 1, Princes-street, Bank, London. Established August 1,1837. Empowered by Special Act . of Parliament, 4 Vic^ chap. 9. ' ' KSniCAL BBFXBnS: Charles Davies, M.D. Richard Tidmarsh, MJ). . Full particulars are stated in the prospectus, which, with every requisite information,' will be furnished on application to . 266-356V PHILIP L.EVI & CO. Agents for Adelaide. PUBLICATIOBTSljrD'STATiONEBY Jnst published, in neatlv bonnd Cloth, Price 3s *6d^ HOWELL'S DIRECTORY for the CITY and PORT of ADELAIDE, with SOUTH AUS TRALIAN ALMANAC for 1858,- comprising an Engraved Map of North and South Adelaide, Directory for Adelaide and Port, Almanac calculated for the meridian of Adelaide for 1853, the Government and Government Departments the new Constitution Act, Sup-eme Court Terms, Local Courts, Mayor's Court, Insolvency Court, Court of Appeals, Police Ceurt, Vice Admiralty Court, District Councils, Municipal Corpora tions, Cattle Market, Agents* Charges, Customs Tariff Timber Licences, Matonic Lodges, Legal Profession, ATedical Profession. ' Medical Board, Ministers of Religion, Hospital, Lunatic Asylum, Destitute Board. Chamber of Commerce, Banks, Post-Office, and general information. To be had from the Compiler. John How el 11 Hindley-street, Adelaide, and all the Booksellers and Country Postmasters in South Australia; Sands and Kenny, stationers, Melbourne; Sampson, Low, Son, and Mars ton, London; Edward Howell, Liverpool, New York, and Dublin. 306f38 0 SUNDAY SCHOOLS and Others.— To arrive per Kangaroo. — The first instalment of 13,000 vols. ordered, being 3,230 vols. and 384 packets of BOOKS. These will '*U be sold at London prices. A discount to Storekeepers. Also, per Robert and Alexander— 3,000 vols. and 300 packets of . Miscellaneous Books, for. Youths, expected daily to arrive. . * 251c E. S. WIGG. No. 13, Rnndle-street. S. 'WTGG, BOOKSELLER, STA ? TIONER, and ACCOUNT-BOOK MANUFAC TURER, has REMOVED to his new spacious Premises No. 12, Bundle-street. Twelve Thousand Volumes and 100,000 Tracts are ordered from the RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY, and the Sunday School Union, of London, to meet tht in creased demands of a thoroughly efficient Depot. By 227q E. S. WIGG, No. 12, Bundle-Btreet. T ETTS'S DIARIES . for 1858. — JUST _U RECEIVED, in greatvariety of form and binding, an assortment of . LETTS'S DIARIES for 1858, ' Early application is necessary to procure particular Nbs, ths supply of some being but limited. . 3141 ? PLATTS. ? piOOPER'S POPULAR NOVEL. THE \J CHAIN BEARER. ' ANNE BOLEYN, by Mrs. Thomson, author of Widows and Widowers, Tracey, White Mask, Ac. THE TWO DIANAS, by Dnmas. JACQUELINE OF HOLLAND, by Thomas CoHey G rattan, author of the Heiress of Bruges, Legends of the Rhine, 4c, 4c ?'' Being vols. 168, 158, lflO, 161 tf the PARLOUR LIBRARY. ? - ??- ? PLATTS. V Parlour and Railway Library supplied Jo Store keepers. ? ?- .: ? 8SOq Jnst Published, Plain 2«.6d, Coloured 3s. tfd, a Planot 'OLANCHETOWN, neatly eieeuted, and JJ now on tale at - 226q-= HTLLIEB'S. 10, Hindley-street. I T T L E D O R R 1 7T, Bound.— : l ????;? HlLLIER.'S*. 3O3g , ' -. ?£ 10, Hindley-street TfTETT S'S' DIAR IE S, 18 58. -LJ 316a ... ' .-?'' ' PLATT3. - BOASD ASP lODfllHg. TilURNISHED APARTMENTS for two JJ Gentlemen, with or without Board, and Stabling if required. Enquire at Mr. PooVs, Kensjngton-terrace f ? ] ? ' ? SU^l^ ' 'DOARD and RESIDENCE.— Two or three i 4J Gentleman eari be accommodated with Board and ? Residence at the Governor MuDonnell Hotel, corner oi Bng*f az4 gq^ftrtew ^«^«

: .. I £AKPt A3TO ROmggg; ^;:; I ^,B, Jt, BtJN ;& W A D it. A K 'j JT ' - LAND A&BNTS ' ,1 ; ? and ? -??'-'?.: -J .LAND AUCTIOKES1S. '' , : LANDED PROPEKTISi ' VALTJED. ? . * ' LAlfDED PBOPEBTES8 J SUBVEYED. - ' . ! PLANS furnished and TOWNSHIPS bud out, Plans . T Townships, Hundreds, 4c, 4c^ tirooghout the , 0LONY always open for inspection. ' j H0U8ES, STORES, LANDS, ' i SECT10NS,4c- ??? ? ' LET or LEASED. , EXCHANGE ? ?' LAND MART, And Land Offices, King William-stroet ' iJIJtiJD'. 'I - LAND f MKBOUMl, I, GREEN uu- JWM. GREEN, » 4 } GBNLBAL COM- \ 3t, ' WADHAM, I MISSION [ omat cou,nri I aao wit ax.) OFFICES. V. tnaai. j OVERNMENT ') ^^hased in accordinc* r-in the .i SECTIONS C Jnstiwtions of parties absent from - OVEENMENT » Purchased and let on Lease with ! SECTIONS J right of purchase. j OVEB'ToIENT ') ^^rcliased, and anyproportion cf tht i orvfioN8 fP^chase-money advance* for lent or i J for short periods. SPECIAL NOTICE. GBBEN 4 WADHAl'S ADYEETBEMENTS ppeax only in th» 'liEGiSTER' Newspaper on MON- t ?AYfc and THURSDAYS, and in the 'OBSEBVSBT ] f Saturday. ? ? ' ; lqv' GREE&T t WADHAM. Land Agents. ] ^TEAM FLOUR MILL FOR SALE, ' 0 well known as ' ? MESSRS. RAGLESS'S. I Bagless'sMill is very substantially built, and is ad urably situated on the Main North-road, adjacent to ;. lie Grand Junction Bailway Terminus, and conseqently ' Sersgreat advantages in the purchase of GRAIN, and -\ ie transmission of FLOUR to ADELAIDE or to the ?ORT. '1 he whole of the MACH IN BRYis in first-rate ; FORKING ORDER, and consists of— - ;, 18 Horse-power STEAM-ENGINE, working to 86 K. Horse-power, - ' 3 Tubular BO 1LEIJS, ^ 3 Pairs of S TOXEd : together with Dressing-Machine, Smuttinp-Machine 4c-, &c - Ai the Land consists or One Corner ATJBE.mon whieh r r« erected STABLES. BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, Large 0 TORE, 4c, The Store and Mill are capable of con- ? lining 60,000 Bushels or Wheat. ALSO, an Acre ad- , went, npon which are erected FOUR Substantial !0TTAGES. .- ? J For further particulars, apply to ' ?' ' * UEEEtT 4 WADHAM, Land Agents. ! Exchange Land Office, King William-street, [ctllrmcv ( . A FOR SALE. ; .« Q ESIDENCE, &c., NORTH ADELAIDE. LV —The Residence contains NINE BOOMS, sub tantially built. It has a Verandah in front, and is i ituated upon a , ' x - - - . ? BLOCK OF LAND, ? i aving a frontage of 160 fe«t to ? Abchbb-steskt, by depth of 210 feet ? ? . , GARDEN, COACH-HOUSE, STABLE, 4c. , ? ? Al8O.;%- ?;??.:.-;?-?.! -????. v BAIN-WATER TANK. - ' The above Proper^ is known as Alma Cottage, and is | ne of tha mo«t comfortable Family Residences in North idelaide, ? ?? '?? ? . , ' GREEN 4 WADHAM. Land Agents. Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. 309mhe j i TOB]&LET,. , CTIXTENSIVE PREMISES, ' LJ occupying the BEST BUSINESS position ia , ADfiLAIDE, nd well known as the BEKH1VE, corner of - BUNDLE and KING1VILLIAM STREETS. | If not LET in the block, the Premises will be sub ividedandLetin two or more Shops. This is without , uestioa the . ? ; . BEST BUSINESS POSITION 1 the City, and early application is neceasary. Posses- .j ton on the latdar of January next. * GREEN 4 WADHAM, Land Agents. ; ^change Land Offices, King William-street. 295mhc ? TO BE LET ON LEASE. D ESIDENCE near BEAUMONT, coo- A L\- tainlng five Booms, and fituate on Block of ' jand eight acres. Commands view of the Gult Known ; s the Besidence of Dr. Tidmarsh. GREEN 4 WADHAM. Land Agents, ^change Land Offices, King William-street. (J295rahcv ' PO R SALE, certain Portions of MITCHAM PARK, ' as laid out in BLOCKS to suit PURCHASERS. | 'or tha erection; of SUBURBAN VILLAS this Pro erty is unsurpassed in position, quality of soil, view. , ic.,4c. It U well knows as the Section adjoining litcham npon which the Proprietor, B. R. Torrens, Esqn j i now residing. Plans and fall particulars at the ( Ifflcesof ? GUEEN 4 WADHAM, Land Agents. !xshangis Land Offices, King William-street. [29Emhcr i . ? ':? ? FOR JSALE. ? ~ , SUBURBAN RESIDENCE, &c., known as , 3 BELMONT HOUSE,- GLEN OSMOND. The ' louse contains Six Rooms and- Kitchen, and is in borough. repair; STABLE or three Stalls, Coach and Ut Hoots, substantially built or Stone. The LAND onsists of five and a half Acres, two of which are laid ut as a GARDEN, and well stocked with Vines, Fruit ?rees, Flowers, &c., 4c Taerc is also a Well of good Vater. This property commands a fine - VIEW of the GULF and PLAINS, nd is sitnated within three and a half miles from town, aagoodroad. * ? ... :. ;. GREEN 4 WADHAW, Land Agents. Exchange Land Offices, King William-street.[316mhcv FOB SALE. ~ '' BUILDING SITES, POR1 ADELAIDE. —A few Allotments in the best business position in Lipson-street. . ? - ? ? GREEN 4- WADHAM, Land Agents. Exchange Land Offices, King Wil-iam-streetJJSUSmhcv OCKLEYS.— FOR SALE, under instruc'- tions from England.— :Tbis Property, lately in the tccupation of S.A. Wright, Esq, comprises a most cotn nodious Dwelling-house of 11 Rooms, with Offices and svery requiute convenience, and good W»ter. The Pleasure Grounds were laid out by the Hon. J. H. Fisher, md are acknowledged to be unequalled in the colony. The Land immediately attached to the House consists )f about eight acres, and more can be had if required to the extent of about 40 tuxes, and with or without a lighly productive Market Garden and Vineyard. The House is delightfully situated on rising ground about two miles from the sea, and three to three'andahalf from Adelaide. A good Road, now in course or forma tion, will soon be completed, and will render this one of the most desirable Residences in the vicinity of Adelaide. The owner having decided on not returning to the colony, the property will be sold at a very moderate price, and on easy terms.. It adjoins the Farm and Besidenc* of C. B. Fisher, Esq. Apply to GREEN 4 WADHAM, , . King William-street; or to , WEIGHT BROTHERS, 2l7mfeer , : Exchange-ohambera. ? T\ELIGHTFUL VILLA RESIDENCE U at the REEDBEDS.— The undersigned is ho noured with instructions to LET two Residences, just built as models of those fashionable Villas at St. John's Wood, London. »Each House contains 11 Kooma— four in the basement, four in the first floor, surrounded by a balcony, and three in the seSond storey. Every room well finished, and fitted with cupboards, shelving, 4c. Excellent Water, supplied by a Pump ; Stables, 4c The majestic trees round the house afford a pleasant shade, and the situation commands a most delightful view of the Hills, and overlooks the beautiful Vineyard and Garden of A. H. Davis, Esq. The advantage of Sea bathing can be enjoyed on a good beach, within twenty minutes' walk, .through the well-shaded and pleasant section the property of J. White, Esq. Rents low. J. KEMP PENNEY, 316acv House Agent, King William-street. rpo PERSONS SEEKING A HOUSE;— JL The undersigned has 'established a REGISTRY of HOUSES to LET.' Persons having Houses to Let, and persons wanting a Residence or Business Premises would do well to apply to J. KEMP, PENNEY. Honse and Land Agent, . . Entrance of Neales's Exchange. N.B. — Constant application for Houses is being made. ? ? ? 316c PARK LAND BUILDING ALLOT MENTS, 15 minutes' walk from the Exchange.— FOR SALE, 14 ALLOTMENTS, 30 X 00 ft^ Acre 759, STRANGWAYS- TERRACE, PARK LAND FBON TAGE, offering the 1 ait opportunity to persons who wish a COTTAGE RESIDENCE. The situation the most healthy, commanding a beautiful view. Good Building-Stone on the surface ; excellent Waier. Terms, Cash or Credit, Apply to J. KEMP PENNEY, ' 297acv ? Entrance of Neales's Exchange. TO DRAPERS, GROCERS, and Others. —To be LE'T, a Large SHOP and DWELLING HOUSE, situate in the best part o! South Adelaide, adjoining the Rose Inn, STURT-STREET. For terms applyto ? THOMAS B00THMAN, 315-*6 _ r, . ... Bose Inn, Stnrt street. * TO be LET, a SHOP and COTTAGE. -ritnated in LEIGtt-STREET. Apply to C Draper 4 (X '? ' - - . - - 315c THOR SALE, a BARGAIN, & Valuable JU LEASEHOLD PROPERTT, in the best Business Position of BUNDLE-STBEET, consisting of Two SHOPS and I) KILLINGS. The Ground Bent is ve y low; The Lease has 13} yean to run, and immediate possession will be given. Applyto : C. 8CHILLING, Lan* Agent, ' S02o ,- ; , . . Gawler-place. TTIOR SALE.— To MERCHANTS JD CAPITALISTS, MILLERS, and Others.-The undersigned has- . received instructions from Meun. Wedd & Smith to DISPOSE OE (by private tender) that Valuable Steam Flour Mill known as tbe EMU MILL, situated in the Township and important Agri cultural District of Mount Barker. For further parti culars apply to Henry Hooper, next Sturt Hotel, Grenfell-streeL ' S09cv rpQ be LET or SOLD, a Genteel COTTAGE X BESIDENCE. containing nine Booms, together with Pantry, good Cellar, largo Tank and PomQ, two-stall Stable, Hayloft, Coach-house, Wood.houie, and Fowl home; Garden with vines and other fruit-trees in full bearing ; Paddock, ic. Immediate possession can be given. Applyto 314e PADMAN k CO., Gtwler-place, Adelaide. O be SOLD or LET, the 'WOODSIDE INN, TToodside, District of Onkaparinga, with immediate pos««8ion. For farther particulars, apply to the Landlord on the premises. ? ? ? In the event of a sale, a lajjja'proportioR of the pur chase-money can reaaia on mortgage ; interest, 10 per cent, per aonmn. ? 310-^18 rriO be LET, a CORN and FLOUR STORE X at PORT ADELAIDE.— A large, commodious and substantially-built Stone Store, slate roof, with baue ment?and upper storey, capable of containing 1 000 tons of fljur, wheat, or other goods, situated on a frontage to the Prince's Wbarf. ? Bailway trucks discharge into the doors, and goods may be sent by rail to vesseh loading at the Prince's, Queen's, and Maclaren Wharfs. ? ' The Store is situated within a few feet cf the frwntaw to the Prince's Wharf, which is accessibk at all timeaof ^Sdefor ships 9f the largest dau frequenting; Port Fotteiw, apply to . ?;'r -?., i ?- ?-- -' t -'- &? ,.. jt^te..:,:;^1.

.-in .- .. — : . , ??'?? ? '?- ???- ? ? ?? ??- |-EATrrrFUL and.COMPACi1 t'AltJxL Ss^SlI^!^^^ , «aof 185 Acres of Land. 120 acres of th« Farm 11s i pod virgin soil, capable 'of growing heavy crops of 1 :rain, 4c ; the remaining 65 acre* is in a high state of ultivation. The Farm is divided into two Paddocks ubstantially fenced, wita Running Water all tbe year ' The situation of the Homestead, and the Residencs'in larticnlar, is delightful, and altogether unsurpassed by ,ny place of the kind e; en in the district, which is well ' sown for its amenity and beautiful scenery. The House is a comfortable and commodious dwelling-, ontainiag Parlour,, and four Bedrooms, II oil painted and well finished. The underground .partments are Kitchen, Dairy, and two Bedrooms for ervants. A Well of excellent Water, with Pomp and 'rough, is convenient to the Kitchen. The Orchard is n full bearing, enclosed with a beautiful acacia fence. III the Outhouses are excellent. The Barn, 80 feet long iy 25 feet wide, is substantially built with stone, and loored with red-gum flooring. TUcrc is also a scrong Yooden Shed of the same 1 lmeusions, with Stables, I c. tc. This really valuable property adjoins Mr. Mur loch's, of Craigdarrpch, and as the proprietor is leaving he district, possession can be had immediately after larvst. . For terms. 4a, apply to Alexander Hay, Esq., iandle-streer, Adelaide; or to Mr. Wm. Kelly, Ettrick ?arm, near Woodsid*. . SO'hmn* ORTH ADELAIDE.— lo oe x.^1, \»o Two-storey HOUSES, one ff four Rosms, and one . \t eight Booms, recently put into repair, situate in Cermode-street. The two Houses adjoin, and would ogether be fery suitable for a Boarding-house or School. Lpply to ?.:...;? ... ; ~-l '?'?'?'' '? ? -WRIGHT BB0THERS. Ercfaanye-Chambera. - , J67ho rO be LET; SUBURBAN RESIDES CE known;*! SPROSPECT HOOSE, MaGILL. It ontains seven Booms (indading Kitchen), and has Itabting and ten acres of Land attached. Fine view of - 'lains sod Gulf; adjacent to St. George's Church. - Also, ? . ??, GRAZING and WATER.— To be LET, the Bight lo ?raze over the Stradbroke E*tate— say 120 Bores, and mining water— situated near MagUL To be let from [uarter to quarter. ? ? GHEEN 4 WADHAM, Land Agents. Exchange Load Offices, King Wiuiam-street. -:.:.-;. ' ? ; : ? ? SlSmncr TO BE LET, on the SOUTH-ROAD, near the Hand and Heart, a Two-storey HOUSE, con   taining Six Rooms and Cellar, with Stable, Barn, Vine- yard and Orchard, and about 26 Acres of Land ; known as Bleak House, The above property is desirably situated on the South-road, about five miles from town. The Brighton Omnibus and Willunga Mail passing every day. For terms, apply to Messrs. E. Solomon & Co., auctioneers, &c, Hindley-street. 185a90ao \ HOUSE of Five Rooms to be LET in CL FRANKLIN-STREET. Apply to J Clark ting William-street. ? ? sou. ' rO be LET, a BLACKiJMiTH'iS tiMuP in COBRIE-SrBEET, together with Bellows, Cools, 4c., if required. . ? .. ? . CHAS. B0WLAND. Agent. 316^8 ? . King WilUam-street. TO be LET, a jdesirable FAMILY REsT DENCE, containing 10 Rooms, SiabTc, Garden, tc, near the Saa-beaah, with or without three large ?addock*. Good Water; every convenience. Apply to )octor Popham, Glenelg. - . ?? . SHthc TO be SOIiD or LET, the TORRENS ARMS, TJnley-road, with immediate possession. ?or forther particulars, apply to the propristor. Joh» ^ane, on the premise*. ? - . 27Ma»* TO be; LET, 99 Years' BaiLDliNO LEASE of LAND rituate in GBENFELL irREEr, Adelaide, 60 feet frontage. 210 feet deep, to :ether with five Cottages thereon. This said piece oi jaud adjoins Pulsford's Timber-Yard, and has a good -ack road. Apply to tie proprietor, Samuel Nelson. ?iympton. - sooe WANTED to RENT, with Right of Pur chase, a COTTAGE 6f Four or Five Booms, fell finished, with Verandah, small Garden, and Pad lock; Stable for two horses, and Gigfaoose, and Well if good Water, in a ptetty situation, three or four miles rora Adelaide, in a sooth or south-east direction. Apply his week, by letter, to B.-W, Branch office of this nper, stating terms. - - 3140 '' TEHJEB8. Colonial \rebitectfa Office. November 11. 1857. TJENDERS for ERECTING a FENCE, X DIVISION to STABLE, and ALTERING DOOBS -f ENGINE-HOUSE at the Metropolitan Police Station, Adelaide, will be received until noou of 16th instant, at his Office, where particulars of the same may be ob iainsd. ' .. . . ? 316 7 E. A. HAMILTON, Colonial Architect. THE CORPORATION of PORT ADE LAIDE wUl receive TENDERS until noon of Thursday next, 12th instant, for the FORMATION of a STONE GUTTER on the Company's Wharf. Materials to be included or not at the option of the party ten lering. ? .. Further information maybe obtained on application to 310-16 ROBERT MURRAY, Town Surveyor. TENDER WANTED to ERECT a STORE in Hindley-street. Apply to 316-8 LUKE MURPHY, Auctioneer. MUNICIPAL AUDDISTEICT COTTNCILS. NOTICE to CHAIRMEN of DISTRICT COUNCILS.— A SPECIAL MEETING of the   BOARD will be held on Monday next, the 16th instant, at 11 o'clock, to take into consideration the appropria- tion of the amount placed upon the Estimates for 1858. By order of the Board, CHARLES THOMPSON, Secretary.   Central Road Board Office, Adelaide.   November 11, 1867. 316'7v   ISTRICT OF ANGaSTON.— A P17B LIC MEETING of the 'RATEPAYERS of the above District will be held on Saturday, the 28th Novem ber, 1857, at Id o'clock in the morning, at the Angaston Hotel, to Elect one Councillor in the place of Captain Bodda, resigned. ' By order of the Council, - ? ? . STEPHENSON H. SCAIFE, Clerk. Angaston, November 6, 1857. . . 3l5''6r25 gOHEY. NOTICE.— MONEY ORDERS of the ENGLISH'and AUSTRALIAN COPPER COM PANY.— All Money Orders dated prior to the 1st October next will be paid as usual at tho Offlea of the Company until the 17th October inclusive, and after that date only at the Bank of the South Australian Banking Company in Adelaide. Bat all Money Orders dated on and after the 1st of October next will be paid only at the Branches of the South Australian Banting Company at GAWLER and POBT ADELAIDE. For ths English and Australian Copper Company, JAMES HAMILTON, Manager. Adelaide, September 23. 1857. 287ct T^NGLISH and AUSTRALIAN COPPER J2i C' iMPANY.— TheORDERSof theabove Company will be PAID in ADEL4I0E at li per cent., or Thrte pe^ce in tlu poand, DISCOUNT. . C if ABLE3 SIMEON, 290ct . , , ' Office, Hindley-street. JOHN RICHARDSON, SHARE Am H0NE1 BBOKEB, HOUSE AND LAN AGENT. ? . - ? - MONEY LENT on HertgigeS and approved Scomlt] and Bills Discounted. . ? .. ; ' LAND and ESTATES VALUED. Offices. King William-street. ;,.. ISSqT ! MONEY TO LEND. ' LOIN S ,N E G O T I A T E D. CASH ADVANCED, In large or small sums. . GREEN 4 WADHAM. - Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. 183qv THHa SOUTH AUSTRALIAN LAN' X AND BULLION OFFICE. CHARLES SIMEON (late Callison k Bayley). Temporary Loans oh deposit of Title Deeds. Mortgages for a term, at low Interest. . ~ Gold Bought at the highest price. lev CHABLES SIMEON. Hindley^treet. THE undersigned make liberal Advance* npon all COLONIAL PRODUCE consigned to their friends in London and Liverpool « . BLACK k WRIGHT, ; . , Grenfell-streety Adelaide Tlcf (..'-, ; Levfa Wharf; Port/^ 'JVf ONEY TO LEND, on'MortgaM or XYl. Deposit of Deeds. \ '? , -,-., -a ANDREWS 4. BONNIN, Solicitors, . 313cv 71, King William-street. MONEY to LEND, m small or htgt sums, an* for short « long periods. Interaf at current rataa, ?' ' v ? ? WEIGHT BBOTHEBS. Exchange-chambcn,K3ng William^traet. r37Ehfq O W E Y T O L E N D. Ipply to n BA60P 4 LABATT. lBlaer , ' Ciark's-buiHings. ONEY TO LEND, on Mortgage or Deposit of, Deeds.— Personi in want of Govern ment Sections can have the same Purchased and Leased to them on favourable terms. BUILDING SOCIETY SHARES BOUGHT. SOLD EXCHANGED, ct Money Advanced upon them * WICKSTEED, BOITING, TOWNSEND 4 CO Land Department, Auction Mart. 3u0* ONEY to LEND on Mortgage anil Deposit Applyto B.. B. COLLET, Lana Agent, 278t2v No. 73, King William-Street, Adelaide, MONEY TO LEND.— The SAYINGS BANK is prepared to Lend Money on Mortea« or Freehold Property in sums of from £200 to £2,000 at 10 per cent, interest. ' Forms of tender may b« had at the Bank Office. 201acv23te JOHN HECTOR, Accountant M'ONEY to LEND, in small or largi - SJjms. Apply t\ D. GARLICK.Murray-strest GawlerTown,or Uley, Gawler Hills. 289tl5 MONEY to LEND on good Security. NATH. SUMMERS, 269-359 ; King William-street ONEY to bo LEST on Mortgage. Apply to Messrs. Rartley, BateweU, 4 Stow, solicitors, North-terrace. 210cv WOOLrPRESS at the PORT tolTLET. —An excelleut Hydraulic Press, in good working order, with plenty 0/ Storeroom, and every con venience for Pressing Wool, may be Hired for the Season, on application to the undersigned. Kla» '? BICHAttDTAPLIY, Port Adelaide. /'IHALLENGE.— To MAKE and BURN \j Five Hundred Thon»and BBICK8,for*«X) tc £500. Fint coni flnt scrnd. - l^« ; . s ? ? 'r WpBOTOTPS, J?«W^ ?£ i v« ?- 5 . C !i i ... ^r.^',— ?t.''i i*V/-.* '.

i '': -' PtJBLIC H0TICE8. l fTNION BANK OF AUSTRALIA.— In \J consequeuee of the Fire at Port .'Adelaide the ?- Saoineae of this InstituUon will for the present be oon lucted at the Store of Messrs. Cleland, Page, 4 Co, on he Maclarea Wharf. ? '» NATH. OLDHAM, Manager. Aaelasde, November 11. 1857. siBNr. FIRE AT THE PORT. - WILLIAM I BL4CKLE1^ of the Port Hotel, respectfully bigs I eave to return his sincere thanks to the kind Friend* rhu rallied round him on tho occasion of the late disas rous Fire at the Port. Ho feels convinced, had it not -ecn for their strenuous cxerdoas and indomitable loura^e everything contained in the Port Hotel would iare fallen a sacrifice to the devouring element. Pyt Adelaide, November 11, 1857. XT THE LATE iURE.— H. QTJIN return* his sincere thanks to those Frieuds who so ably ixerted themselves in removing the Furniture from hu jremises on the night of tne 9th, during hit neoessaiv ibsence. ? Port Adelaide, November 11, 1857. ? x TLLIAM BLACKLER, of the Port Hotel, request* that all Persons havingCLAI MS )n him will forward the same for liquidation. Siffo f^EORGE SCARFiS; tenders lii» aiucero \J* thanks to bis Friends far their endeavour* to extin ruwh 1 be Fire and save property at the Port on Monday iveninglast. ? ? x NOTICE.— The undersigned desires all parties who nave CLAIMS against Him to send a their Bills for payment ; and those who are indebted to him are requested to pay their acoouuts before the 1st of December next, when he intends to leave the solony. G.LE0N, Navarino House, 87, Hindley-street Adelaide, November 9. 1857. ? 314'tO NOTICE.-AU- PIGS and POULTRY found TRESPASSING on part Sections Nos. 1 ind 46. near Thebartoo, will be DESTROYED. ? 316J7 ,. G. BEAN. lVT 0 T I C E.-AU PIGS, GOATS, or Ll FOWLS found TBESFASS1NG on Allotment* S'os. Ill, 115, 174, 176, 177, Queenstowa, will be DE STROYED. 314J- ' ? WILLIAM GIBB8, JUN. NOTICE.— If the Party who left a PIG at my place, about three weeks ago, doe* not c'aim i within one week from this date, ft will be Sold to lefray expenses. JOHN BASSETT, Woodman Inn, Grenfell-street November 10, 1857. 316-6 COMPANIES AHJ SOCIETIES. VICTORIAN SOCIETY OF FINE V ARTS, MELBOURNE.— The EXHIBITION of this Society of COLONIAL WORKS or ART will be tteld otf the 30th November, in the Exhibition Building, ind continue open oue month. The latest day for receiving Works of Art intended Tor exhibition is fixed for the 21st November. Exhibitors are requested to address their packages to Lhe care of ' The Honorary Secretary of the Victorian Society of Fine Arw,' Her Majesty's Survey-Office, Latrobe-street, Melbourne. Members (subscription £1 Is, entitling to free season idmission and a chance in tbe Art Union) only can be ' exhibitors.. Artists, intending Members, and Exhibitors are re quested to communicate immediately with JOHN SHILLING LAW, Hon. Secretary. x 71, Swanston-street, Melbourne. A DEL-AIDE ANjD PROVlJNUiAL 1 -□L BUILDING SOCIETY.-NOTICE is hereby given Lhat the HALF-YEARLY MEEUNJ of this Society will be held at the Gresham Hotel, King William-stnet, )n Thursday, the 12th instant, at 8 o'clock p.m., when Fonr SHAKE J will be SOLD, the Balance-Sheet »nb mitted, and Three Directors elected in ths room of those retiring. ; 313J8 NATH. SUMMERS, Secretary. ~AMUSEMEST8. BAZAAR.— A Bazaar on behalf of the NEW WESLEYAN CHAPEL at N0ETH 4DEHIDE will be held in White's Boom, on Thursday 1 md Friday, the 19th and 20th instant Farther parti- 1 :ulars hi a subsequent advertisement. 1 November 11. 1857. ? x RAND CONCERT.— Mr. W. CHAP MAN begs respectfully to inform the public of Adelaidfl and its vicinity that he will (rive a 3RAND CONCERT of VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, under tha distinguished Patronage of His Excellency the Governor and Lady MacDonnell, in . WHITE'S ASSEMBLY ROOM, 3n the Evening of WEDNESDAY, November 18th, 1857, wben he will be assisted by the Adelaide Choral Society md the following talent, viz., Madams Cranz; Miss Pettman, Mrs. Paine, Mus Tozer, Hcrr Linger, Mr. Daniel, asd several others, who havo kindly given their services. Programme and further particulars in a few fays. ? x ' rTUVOLI GARDEN ASSEMBLY-ROOM. -L . —DANCING every Monday and Thuwday evening, comnenet* at 8 o'clock. ? 91mha EDUCATION. EOR SALE, the GOODWILL and FUR NITURE br a SCHOLL. Terms moderate. For further particulars, write V. Z., Branch Office of this P«per. ? , ? ?' ? x HOTELS AND LIVERY STABLES. FIRE AT THE PORT.— PORT HOTEL. -WILLIAM BLACKLER begs to inform his Friends and the Public he has Erected a TEMPORARY BAS at the back of the above Hotel, aud he bopes be may continue to receive the same liberal support so Ionic bestowed on him at the above establishment. W. B. hope*, by the exertions he is makiug, to be enabled to offer tbo comfort aud accommodation which has nlway3 been his endeavour to supply at the old Hostelrie. 316J20rt5 EMPLOYMENT WAITED. WANTED, a SITUATION, bvan?otiTe Business Man. Can keep Accounts, afid not afraid of work. Address A. T, Branch Office of this papen ? aiH-'Hv W 'ANTED, by a joung Man, a 81TUA TION in a China, Glass, or any other Ware house or Store, where he can make himself frenerallv useful Direct J. G, Post-Cffice, North Adelaide. . 316-'7 W 'ANTED, by a respectable Fenale, »*ed 30, a SITUATION as HOUSEKEEPER. Ad dress C. G., Post-Office, Port. 31^8 W 'ANTED, a SITUATION in a LAW YER'S OFFICE, by a young Man, just arrived from England, who has been similarly engaged at home Apply to Padman & Co., Gawler-place. 3U-« A TMORCOAI'S, an English YOUTH of jC-L 19; can Milk and act aa Groom. x PERSONS WANTED. ~ EDICAL.— WANTED, a SURGEON, who has passed tbe Medical Board, for the Duke of Sussex Loda-e, A.I.O.O. F, Walkerville. Application* directed to John Campbell, Secretary of the above Lodge, stating terms, Ac., will be promptly attended to. 316CV pOLLEGIATESCHOOLOF ST.PETEB \J ADELAIDE.-WANTED, an ASSISTANT MAS TER. Present salary £130 per annum, with Apartment. For further particulars-apply to . G.W. HAWKES, B[on.SecretarT. November 11, 1857. aiormMv £ EMPLOYMENT, about 10 mUes from I town, for GIRLS of from 10 to U years of age The work is light, and constant employment can be given. WANTED, also, a MAN accustomed to the management of Horses ; one who has children of the above age will be preferred. Apply to Piter Cumminz andSons. ? - ? 3U..6t a 'ANTED, an ASSISTANT, by a 8UR^ GEONin country practice. Address, with re ference8,toMedic_, Branch Office of this paper. 891cr W 'ANTED, a competent ASSISTANT in m- v 1 theGB0CEBY BUSINESS. Apply to Thomas Michelmore, Fait Adelaide. 315,3 'ANTED, CLERK and COLLECTOR Messrs. GREEN, PAR& & LUXMOOBE re quire a young Man in the above capacity. Application to be made by letter. Exchange Auction Mart, November 10, 1857. 3i4o W 'ANTED, an experienced steady MAN accustomed to the SHIPPING A3E.NCY Bu85I nsss. Apply to G. C. Branch offioe of thin p»per.l_3l4'8 TTTANTED immediately, a PORTER' »*T t TLi,beral W0?M- Good reference required* Apply to Byleyt Co., Beehive. ? ™3i6o' 'ANTED, a MAN and his WIFE, as Strvants to a 1 Single Gentleman residing five miles from Adelaide, the former as Groom and thelatter as Cook, 4c. Apply to L. T, Broach Office of this P'1***- ? 316 '8 W 'ANTED, a good GENERAL SER~ YANT. Apply at the Globe Inn, Bundle Street. ? - 31flc W 'ANTED, ??GENERAL SERVANT who is a good Cook. Apply to Mrs. Edmund Wright, Palmer-place, North Adelaide, between 10 and 1 0 clock; ? ? 810c AUTED, a young Woman aa NUBaE MAID. She most be handy with ner nredle. Apply to Mr. Holthoqae, Destitute Board Office. [316'8 WANTED, above 20 FEMALE SER YANTS. Apply at Moroom's. x W' A N T E D, a JOURNEYMAN BUTCHER. Apply by letter te Mr. William Coghill, North iUpunda. ? xv ANXiSD, 0 STABLEMAN. » one need apply unless fully competent. Apply to G. IL Herring, Wejmouthrstrcet. 314'a ANTED, two or three YOUTHS, about 14 or 16. None need apply unless they can read and write. Apply to G. H. Herring, Weymoath street. ? 31i'8 W 'ANTED, Two WHEELWRIGHTS. Apply to James Martin, Phamix Foundry Gawler. ? ? 31 6'8 W 'ANTED, DRIVERS for MULE TEAMS. Wages, 35s. and 40a. per iscnk, Apply at the Bnna Copper Works, Kooringa, or at the office of the English and Australian Copper Company. ? - 287cv rpo DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS — -f;.1_WA,i;TEPJL'n!nediaW'«*T0OD-tMan of respect, abdity and good business habits. Rtferences as to cha racter and ability *U1 be required. Apply to G. Shaw, diaper,*!, 8»,B_dley-rtreet. 814-8 fTWO W00LS0BTERS WANTED im' X r«__Jy. Aj^yto j^baTBTloT, XW?«tcp.

LAND AITCTIOH HOTICES. A BSTBACTOFQBKliN &WADHAM'S CL NOVEMBER LAND AOCTIOK 8ALB, Tobeheldiathe L A N D M A K T. ON FBIDAY, NOVEMBER 20tH, 1857. (For loll particular* tee current advertisementa _ : Lot : ? TOWN PROPERTIES. . ' LY^ADEffiSKNT- ^-».*^..:; 11. ALLOTMENT, South-terraee, SOUTH ADB-' LAIOE. ? '?..-'- 21. VALUABLE CORNER ALLOTMENT, Quebec ' l street. POBT ADELAIDE. ? 8i ALLOTMENT, fto, Acre 3\ RUNDLESTBEET. 25. COTTAGE ani LAND, Austin-street, SOUTH ADELAIDE. - ~ 31. COTTAGE and LAND, Aew 666, SOUTH ADE- ,, JuAIX)£a - ? ??'%'' ??}?*'' -.-??.*. Lot. SUBURBAN~PROPERTIE9. «? BLOCK of7i Acres, N0RWO00. 8. BLOCK of 7i Acre*, NORWOOD. I' ^WSSISS *- p»y»eham-road,Ki:NT TOWK. ?' o f ^T«SSi 7, Payneham^road' KENT TOWN. T »? ALLOTMENT 38, Keut-terrace, kfiNT TOWN. il 10. ALLOTMENT 181, Young-street. KEOT TOWN 18. THE 1 FlNNISSBROOK^ESrATE, Si, -^. '- IjAJDeu 1B' B^i2S?£E -d LAND (*««» H**j), FUL XiABTOIi. ^ POKENTLTOWNENTS °76' 177- ™' ^ W)' i M* MSCE' *«? (M Acres Land), BTBAD. ? __ ? BTO_.m«rth»Mo»toioM— 23. BELL'S BOAttDlNG-HOUSE. BRIGHTON 22- HOMESTEAD, Jte, (38 Acres), SUOTH-ROAD: 2* ^J£E5?.NT8' Wntapa-Memwv GLENKLQ. „. ALLOTMENTS. 4-x, GLENELG. SO. HOUSE and LAND (15 Acre*), BRIGHTON. 38. HOUSE and LAND (2 acres) PKOSPECT V1L. LAGE. Unit InnconoKs hok Srimrr— 32. BLOCK of TWELVE ACRES, BBlUHTON. Lot COUNTRY PBX)PEHT1E8. t. SECTION 603 (lil Acres), UPPEB WAKE FIELD. 3. SECTION 6 (76 Acres), BAROSSA. Br Oedib of the MoaT8A8»«— i. SECTION 157 (121 Acres), WAKEFIELD. 11. SECTION 2361 (t» Acres), GOOLWA. 13. SECTION 0291 (75 Aores), TALUNOA. 14. HIGHEKCOMBE HOTEL, TEATBKE GULLT 15. FREESTONE QUARRr, Land 20 Asres, TKA. TBBEGULLi. 17. SECTION 8413, — Acres, GOOLWA. 18. SECTION 258 (SO Acres), MOUNT GAMBIEB, 29. THE MACLAKEN YALE 8TBAM FLOUB MILL. 33. ALLOTMENTS (Section 1118), LEFEVEE'S PENINSULA. ? 31 FOUR ALLOTMENTS (Section 1066), POBT ADELAIDE.- ' & I_^!_ffCTJ8S&_a.TATAI^ 37. IMPROVED SECTION, 80 aorcs, WILLUNGA. 4c, ic, Ac. r.iF°^'uS P'0'01*' tee current advertisement* la BEOISTEIi and OBSERVEM newspaper, on Monday, ThurBdsj.andSaturdaj.) SlBor ^ ~PB0DnC_~ OLONIAL WINES.— PETER O. HARRIS k CO. are BUYERS of Old and New Colonial Wines. Oldest Wins and Spirit Stores, U, Hindloy-street. . ? rJAP_ BARLEY, EWfcrLiSH _AK_.iii_, \J OATS.— The undewUfned are purchMcrs of tht ibove in any quantity for Cash, at their Store, Murray itreet, Gawler Town ; at their Steam-Mill, Bowden : and »tCurrie-street,Ade_de. Baga provided for Farmers. COLLISON k BAYLT. December 1. 1868. ? 8S8t . W 'HEAT.— The undersigned are r ureii—uM of WHEAT, OATS, and BAULEY, at the highest market prices, or will Store tbe same for Farmer*, and make liberal Cash Advances if required. Ban supplied to brins Wheat in. COLLISON k BAYLY, Bowden Grain Stores. January 86. 18M. ? jfln HEAT. WHEAT. WHEAT.— The undersigned are purehasers of Wheat _ ay quantity, at the highest market prloe for Ca*h— At their New Store, Murray-street, Gawler Town, Next the Post-Offloe At their SUam Mill, Bowdon} And at Currio-atroet, Adelaide, WVeat Stored free of expense. Fanners suppliod with Bairs. ADVANCES c—de for the aooommoda-on of Farraen n „ , io.. COLLISON & BAYLT December 1.1856. . . jssot 'HEAT. WHEAT. WHKAT.— IMPERIAL MILLS, HU3TLE-8QUAB_ the Highest Market Prloe give* at the above Milk ? ; ? m* W'OOL.— The undersigned is & Buyer of Wool, or wiU make Advanen* on liberal terms. 3 ICacv ? A. SCOTT, Blytb-street. W'OOL. — The undersigned is a Purchaser of Wool, or will make liberal Advance* oath* same at Reduced Rates of Commission, The Wools so advanced on can be sold by Auction hi London or Liverpool as usual, or, nt the option or _? owner*, can be forwarded direct to Bradford, Torkihlr* the centte of the Wool Trade, where they will havo _? advantagt of being sold by private Contract at tho blithest retail prices, to the actual Manafkctnnrs and Consumer* of tho article. ' LAYINGTON GLYDE. No. 6, Green'* Exchange Chambtr*. , September, 1857. 268htov 'OOL. HIDES. SHEEPSKINS.— t., r, -Ihe undewipied is a Purchaser of WOOL, HIDES, and SHEEPSKINS, or *111 make liberal ADVANCES on such Produce consigned for Salt to hU * friends, Messrs. B. Goldsbrough & Co., Wool Wrokora Melbourne. „ , _ ,_ , FREDERICK BOW, No. o, Exehange-bnildlnfrs, Gilbert-place. Adelaide, September 7, 1857. ?50*339t W'OOL. — The undereignod either purohut or advance on Wool. _ , „ W. PEACOCK k 9011. Ortmfell-otreet December 20. 1854. let 'OOL, TALLOW, HIDES, &o., Pur. f chasedbv ' 'cr BLACK k WRIOHT. OOL, HIDES, and TALLOW.— JOHN TAYLOR, Thebarton, continue* to dv* t the bighost markot price fur the above article*. NEAT8. POOT OIL always on SALE. ? ?iflTcv TO SHEEPFARMERS and Others.— Th* : undersigned 1* now prepared to WASH or BCOUB WOOL in tbe Grease on the most . moderate terma. Apply to J oseph Stilling & Co., Adelaide, JOHN TAYLOB. Thebarton, October 6, 1857. . 279f4v 0 SHEEPFARMERS and OTHERS.— Me«sn. WILLIAM PEACOCK A SON an prepared to undertake, under tbe superintendence ot Mr. JOHN BURNELL, who ha* had many years' «xp«. rience as Classer and Sorter of Wool*, tbe SOBTINO. WASHING, and SCOURING cf WOOLS Shorn in _« Grease, tn moderate terma. W. PEACOCK * SON, 282'365r flrenfelUtreet and Hindipiwa, ) -UTCHERS aud Otheri. — HigUei , ^rleefor— Greasy Wool . Sheepskins Hide* Tallaw, ' e ,.,_, _t-.v 'W. PBACOOK ft SOU Sranfftll-rtreet. February Tit, KM. 009 nPHEBARTON TANNERY.— The Pro X prietor of the above Establishment ben to Inform Stockholder*. Butchers, and all others interested, that h* is enabled to (five etihnnced prices for GREASY WOOL. HIDES, CALF and SHEEP SKINS, KANGAROO and WALLABY SKINS. , All descriptions of LEATHER ef superior manufac ture, and GRINDERY In general, from the most ap. proved makers, on Sale, _t tho lowest remunerative rat—, at his Leather and Grindery Warehouse, Currie-ftrMt. Adelaide. ' THEBAETON TANNERY. GEOUGE BEAN, Proprietor October 26, 1857. Z»m C0JiV15Y---?CES. ABAKEJfS.. NEW OMNIBUS ? MAGNET will commence running betwe_ BB1GHT0N ana ADELAIDE Bally (Baitdavs exotpttd) on Mon4sy, October 24th, 1857, leaving th'e Thatched House Tavern, Brighton, at 8 ajn. tnd 4 pjn_ and _? Southern Cross, Adelaide, at 10 ajn. and 6 am. . N.a-Tho Kali pw will rnua«uio»l. ?B7_7 ' ' NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC— The Inha bitants of Born'side, Beaumont, and Msjryitvllle, ani the Pablio are respectfollv informed tbat a SIGNAL STAFF has been treoted at the MAKBYATVILLJJ HOTEL for the accommodation of Paxsenger* to Ade laido, enabling them to obtain Cony t jam ei (Fa» M.) within ? quarter of ux hour from th« holiitn? of tha BJgiial. ? 3O4-'lljrt-- Worses, cattle. v_hicle8.^.j AKLAND HERa— This {wwerful young Hone will Stand for this Season at Oakland, tn the Start, and mi; bo teen on Saturday _i the Start Stables, GrenfelUtrcet. Term*. £3. 3s. Secure Paddock* for Mare*, 3i. a week, without re*pon»lbillty. ? __ mho TOR ;SALB, a good HORSE, GIGL *n$ JL HARNESSj a complete Turnout Apply ic_ Henry Ellfott, Glabe Inn, Bcndle-strett. M6-» I ? L08T -LHP POTTND. : FpWO POUXDa BEWARD.-STBAYED. £f~ x. ^? J- M— rabel's, butcher, RundlMtreet. ona Black PONY, white face, off Mad foot white, ,wlUh ' tail. Al»o one Grey Pony, switch tail) had a neck strap onwhtnUwt Whoever will piva informallon, or brlnf them to J. STarrabtl, shall receive the above reward ? j ? _______?!_ rp\VO POUNDS REWAED.-LOST from ' mTr mSnB?Wv1 p^docV, South-road, one Iron Grej GhLBINQ, brand oC over WR with N17 under near ' Bhouldcr ; and a Chesnut GELDIXG, brand W off and near fhoukler. Any person delivering the above at _» Royal Admiral Livery Stables can claim this reward. 315c ? E. J. PEAKE. LQST, from Beefacrcs, ono Bay FILLY,; unbroken, star in forehead, branded JMK con joined near shoulder. One Pound reward delivered, or ins. for information 815-'8v E. V. BAflOT. . STBAYED, on Sunday nighf, from Messrt. . Dunn & Son'*, Plrle-street, a Bay HORSE ; has ' ' _e knee rathar 'enlarged. Any person retumlB* \\ ; tothe above wUl be tuitahl; Knr&d. Mk ?',. - .