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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. annr-uncHncirU trader this beading imvt be Aut-Viejitictui?d by the name and addres of the sender, and are inserted at a charge of T"jro Shiilines and Sixpence each when not exceeding five lint-; over five lines, Siipencc per line. UCii Advertisements in which i Funeral an nouncement i? nude are charged for if if tho DeaUi and Funeiuj were separate announce merts name!}-: —The minimum charge of 2.^ and 2 li respectively. In Moaioriain and Death odvtrtisemOTtj conasin *np reference to more tisr- one dere-s*.i >rr ? <-hirjT?d 2'fl ejeh for each dec:-as?d mentioned, as "^ they -were distinct aad separate annonnce- BIRTHS. LE DUFF.—On the 9th June at Memorial Hos- pital, Morgan, to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. C. Le Duff —a bonny son (Keith). Both well. 103-4 KELLY.—On the 10th June, at Narma, South- terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Kelly—a daughter (Elinor Murielle). LEAN (nee Gwen Hayles).—On the 8th June,     at Altona,Scott-street, Parkside, to Mr. and Mrs.   William Lean—a son (William). BULL.—On the 11th June, at "Ningana," Kent   Town, the wife of S. J. Bull—a son.   FLETCHER.—On the 9th June, at Weronga Home, Prospect, to Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Fletcher   —a son. Both well.     HISCOCK.—On the 8th June, to Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hiscock, "Dunwald," Culross-avenue, Ful- larton—a son.   SIGGS.—On the 8th June, at Narma, South- terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Siggs, of The Grove, Lower Mitcham—a daughter. Both well.   DUELL.— On the 11th June, at 69, Ashley- street, Torrensville, to Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Duell—a son.     EATTS (nee G. De Lany).— On the 10th April, at Boston Private Hospital, Port Lincoln, to Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Eatts, Kimba—a son (Colin). TULLOCH (nee Sawford).—On the 8th June, at Kennard Nursing Home, Largs, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Tulloch— a son (John Laurence). Both well. LAWSON.—On the 6th June, at Sirius Hospital, Alberton, South Australia, the wife of W. L. Lawson, "Halton," Coolamon-street, Sunshine, Victoria—a daughter (Kathleen Mary). Mel-   bourne papers please copy.   FIELD (nee Merle Gill).—On the 5th June, at Sirius Hospital, Alberton, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Field, of Fussel place—a daughter (Wanda Agnes).   MARRIAGES. CUDMORE—WIGG.—On the 27th April, at St. Peter's College Chapel, Adelaide, by the Rev. K. J. F. Bickersteth, M.C., Collier Robert Cudmore, fourth son of the late Daniel Henry Cudmore, of "Adare," Victor Harbor, to Phyllis, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Alfred Wigg, of Nor- wood.   TILLEY—GILES.—On the 29th April, at the Goodwood Methodist Church by the Rev. J. P. H. Tilbrook, Stanley B., youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilley, Glenelg, to Gladys N., sixth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Giles, Clare.   CLARKE—CALDICOTT.—On the 13th May, at the Mile-End Church of Christ, by Pastor B. W. Manning, Frederick L.. eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Clarke, of Nevile-avenue, Henley Park, to Caroline G., fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Caldicott, of Ebor-avenue, Mile-End. Present ad- dress—11, Lurline-street, Mile-End.   McGREGOR—BAKER.—On the 8th March, at the Church of Christ, Lochiel, by Pastor F. Saunders, James Leslie, elder son of Mr and Mrs. J. McGregor, of Lochiel, to Stella Maud, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Baker, Snow- town.     JOHANSAN—HARWOOD.—On the 22nd April,   at Renmark, by the Rev. Father O'Farrell, An- drew, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Johansan, Sweden, to Rosina Frances, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Agars, Renmark, River Murray. Present address—Monash, River Murray.   DEATHS. BALDOCK. —On the 3rd June, at Le Hunte-   street, Wayville, Margaret Naomi, aged 79 years. A devoted mother. At rest. A colonist of 79 years.   HYDE. —On the 12th June, at his residence, No. 66, Marlborough-street, Malvern, Francis Edward beloved husband of Mary Matilda Hyde, in his 76th year. HOBBS. —On the 12th June, at the residence of her daughter, 21a, Phillips-street, Southwark, Martha, the dearly beloved wife of the late Samuel Hobbs, aged 95 years. A colonist of 85 years. Rest in Jesus. BUNGEY. —On the 7th June, at his residence,   Park-terrace, Gilberton, Walter William, dearly- beloved eldest son of William and the late Mary Bungey, of Chapple-street, Kensington, late of Glen Osmond, aged 50 years.   CHAMPION. —On the 11th June, at his mother's residence, Blackwood, Oswald, the beloved son of Clare and the late James Champion, aged 21 years. HUNT. —On the 11th June, at the residence of   his daughter (Mrs. Walter Eats), Thomas Hunt, of Myponga, aged 64 years. RUDD. —On the 12th June, at Janet-street, Maylands, James Howard Rudd, in his 82nd year. EATON. —On the 11th June, at Parilla Hospital, Hindmarsh, Gordon Barry, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Eaton, of Hindmarsh, aged 8 days. Asleep with Jesus.     RUDD. —On the 12th June, at his residence, Janet-street, Maylands, James Howard Rudd, aged 81 years. THOMPSON. —On the 6th June, at the Adelaide Hospital, Jane, the beloved mother of S. Thomp son, West Hindmarsh; Mrs. E. G. Newcombe, Alberton; and Mrs. J. Mead, aged 65. HODGE. —On the 10th June, at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. E. S. Barnett), "Gowan Lea," St George's-square, Alberton, Elizabeth Hodge, relict of the late John Hodge, in her 81st year. A colonist for 67 years. Mother of Mrs. Cozneaux, Sydney.   MALYCHA. —On the 11th June, at his resi-dence, 22, Eleventh-street, Bowden (suddenly), Christian Paul, the beloved husband of Eliza beth Malycha, aged 67 years. R.I.P.   DAVIES. —On the 10th June, at Adelaide, Ed ward, aged 59 years, husband of the late Florence E. Davies, leaves 11 chidren to mourn their sad loss. "A devoted father at rest." Late A.I.F.   RICHARDS. —On the 25th May, at the school house, Pinnaroo, Alice Richards, late of Parade, Norwood, aged 83 years.   MALONE. —On the 12th June, at Private Hos pital, North Adelaide, (Tom), beloved husband of   Bridget Malone, leaving one son and five daugh ters to mourn their sad loss. HEDDLE. —On the 12th June, at his residence, 25, Henley Beach-road, Mile-End, William Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Heddle, aged 62 years. McLEOD. —On the 5th June, at Port Lincoln, Roderick Donald, of Poonindie, beloved husband of Ann Jane McLeod, aged 73 years.   BOWMAN. —On the 9th June, at his residence, Thomas, the beloved husband of Catherine Bow man, of Maitland, Y.P., in his 94th year. PUGSLEY. —On the 31st May, at Oodla Wirra, after a short illness, Florence Luasia Elizabeth, dearly beloved youngest daughter of Thomas and Fanny Pugsley, of Oodla Wirra, aged 4½ years. JOLLY. —On the 23rd May, at Wolseley, Francis Edward Jolly, beloved husband of Mar garet, and father of Edward, and daughter-in- law, Elsie, Ern, Arthur, Roy, and John, Isabel, Phyllis, and Muriel, aged 47. Sadly missed.   SMITH. —On the 11th June, at Adelaide, Isaac (Ike), late S.A. Railways, Islington, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann Smith, of 227, Stanley-street, North Adelaide, aged 69 years. R.I.P. W.A. papers please copy.    

HEROES OF THE GBEAT WAR u-^JtJ 11- "?>"?? of oor dear broCha An unseen chord of memory1 * heart is sortiv toecbal to-day BEKS^-In lotoe ud lend mcmorv of oor D?p down in oar hearts ?bare' e a „„_ Of one who has raaeod awsr, =???ar That maw, wjU aiwy? <xmK- In mc heart tha niea?ry lingE^ Arrf there s aot a <fey, deu- W^L Tt?t are do not think of s?_ BSaaJST.-in toras memory of m L . a_ 4.5 k damans djuthcr jeor TOoaghts of wm ere ctct dear .—msfiud by hi* lorins brother sister inrl ?. ??sWffis*,. =iin.Tssa3r ( fi. J. fi-TS.). RJ.P.-Inserted dy .U H. Hcgm. " /

HEROES OF THE GREAT WAR. l^iii. :iH.>. Prirat.- YT. OoHpt. ferfW in actulm JUIH- IS. IfllS. T;tth* ma; "pi*.- anxi lir*O£ il*p riisiricx*. Fresh with every coming vearJ But yau will ever be remembered. in thi- hearc.<: rbct n6M yon Gem-. - Inserted l,v h:> I^tjdj; wife and son. Bonnie. / <J<KW>ISiOX iCnmuT HmchinsV—Tb h? lov*-d mcsno-y ni> <ra:y dear brother .lank. V.0.. >ij 1.H.. Lit iitd .frd M.G..5.. *bf> passed .di -Arou~h rtM?r .<[>-: <\terr- jt Aloascar. K^ypx. after four y^ars 3ad ':i^h: montY STr-rior, xhme T*BZ *g* 10-djv. s> ar'^vti.— lnserted !>v his onjv aisKr, L.O.V. *?aboara?. n.f.XK.—ln iT.'ir^: memory of oor dear brother fRoM. rto di?i in Kcrrc. .Wmf ?. ?"?& A nob.c liff saonnc-J ,-v iho alur of dary.—taserv-d "??; >iis loving yahn Bid SMBer-in-rrw. Mai.-?ta] sni Biioa. Ikribaa. ?HANK-—a iri^Mj^ of >v? m tie irffnory of dvar Jlobbh:. who died in EEypl. .fane Hi. IMS. SuTot.v *.;eeprcr in a \ft*ei^ * craw *? far away from Jtonx-. —rostraed V. W jiui J w^l (.^miD HANK.—In proud Tnenwv of Rob. died B^rpi, Jim:- 13, i9is. Ever renumbered.—Gert and Boh. / rfJiFTTT.— In lovrn X mvmir.- o( -Private >". H. Tarfitt. died .if wormd." in France, .luae 11. E?is. — NY. forgoraen by brother ;w?;i and sster-in-U-tt TOWNI.FV.—Fn Jw-jir mrainry of our dear ?brotK-r. t-nM., wiv. d?d iii liesvriti lloepna., juji- :.\ IUI-j. I j^Tl iii my nwrnorT m- k>ve of the pas. 'V:t;( nio 'li^ as lt-T-Jrhl, a?; *if o'd: For d?p In m>- bean, ii is planted to iKt, In ih^em^e U £n>A*n o<ld. —luserte.i 1?- his'.- sijor. ljnh, ?nd J)rr...b<T>. J.jta and Kdsar. —!n loving mrraorr of wjt dtar Rin Fre-.i. date 2Tth (iaculioo). aiiio iLied in K<?^ w:<-k HoffitaJ. .7un<> IS. 1013. Pea^ after strife, and alter L*wr r?3, Ulio Ki^'e; himseli sives unto liod liis bc-st. —lc*ers?d U>- his loiinj falber a_nd aiofier J and M. S. Hcjpmlcy. Knh*tebridft-?. % / ATTEKBOBOC??.—In loving memory al out oear Tnfe and mother iiho passed ?ay June 13. ,Ms, at Port AagJ?M^. We mere not there at Uk hear of dntii TV* hear .hdut fast faint sigh Or whisper jnst one lovhis ?T?rd. Or eraii say pood-bye. —Inserted liv her loving husband and funiiv, Pert Ai^w^fi. ilirtwx.—,iii lort^: mejuori of oor dear hus band and fatter, wiro dial ou -the 13th June 13?. Sad.'y missed.—lnserted by hi* loving stile an<i chridren. BOTLaa—ln loving mennrv of oor dear mo!lur who jjassed awjj en tbe luih JmclSli); aiaj of oar dear ither, who rweed a<My ou tliif bill Ttwa^h limes brin^ mudi tw**- aiuw^ An-i time brings much Oat ii new, liat there is oue thins1 tiutt never alt^j^ And that is our tho^bt9 of yoo. — Icaen-Led by their loving family. /? Oa.4J?MJi.—ta lowig memory of dor anther, Into fmssed M; Jiuie I£, JSSI Tis hard to purl with one we lo?ed, T%= bard to saj- good-bye, Tis hard to say !?}? will be done. liow hard ao oan tell. —Inserted by her loviofr Haiil,*^- aod son-m-l?w Jane and Kll. / ' OHIUPIiE.—Ic lortoc meznorr of dear emadma uho died June 13. BSI. ' Sk? heard a. voice we did not hey. Wridi ?dd tiie mast ?t ?lar. And HTtbcut jfood-bj-e to loved osex. <>raodin>i cuicdv pa^ed away. —Inserted by Gladys, Cwm. and Beam-. / OHAPPLE.^n loving memory at dear SJHW ica. ivho d:ed June 13, I!SL Uw flowers ?c place up?n ?mr om Maj- wither and docay. But am- lone for .wra. dear gnadmt. WilX D*rex iade ancsy. —laserted by Dori^> ?md Avis. / CHiHRLE.—In lovioc en?norr of onr dear grandmother IJfother), died on Cheboabam June 13. 1921. ?niis dsr brrngs to meutuij fresh One loved by all and =*dly miard. —Inserted by Addie, ixthnr. and little Tbekns. / CHAPFLE.—In manor}- of oar dear mother, vAq died on the 3Stb Jnne, 1931. n>3ris!ied memories of one so dear. Often brings it g*i^?t ?ear. —Inserted -by her loving ?^"^rtrr and Eva ajrd fim Smart. / OHAPPUB.—A token of lore to the memory of my dear wife, Chtberine Jane, vho passed asay on the 13th Jane, laa. Time ehanpes mazry thinga. Gut memofr, lite tbe h.-. dings Kot forgotten.—lnserted by her eamviog hns tand. W. Chappie. CHAPPHj.—In loving memory of npj dew ——* wiw died at Cbeltenhsm June 13, 13ZL She al-xay* lest a JiUinc band ?o those who needed belp. And nerer spake of ahat she did. Bnt tent it,to beraeL'. Her heart was always ia her home. She toiled and did ncr best; Sic bore Jier paia and oore it well. And how Ac sufferjl ncx eon t?n Sio brard a w did not hear, WTiich said you .must not star; And without good-bye to loved opea She oaUnly pased a?ixr. < -Bisfrted liy her lovinff niece, Emma ManhaU, and fesnily. / DOELtNGL—On the IStli June I 9? at ' Rnm della, Lorraine-arenne. Clarence ? Ptai, Waiiam Walter, beloved husband of (H_ A. Dorlinz. If tie Piaster me? how I miss tooT^ I wonder if he'd call me, too? It n?fa broke myieart -when -m had *o pat Ftor Td grown so nsed to you. Best in peace. — Inserted by his loving wile sad tarjr H. A. Dorlint. ? / 'FiEUIING.—In lovios memory of mother, who passed away ?t HVteiheaJ on June B. 1819. We woe not tiMre at the hoar of death To hoar tout lost feint ash. Or whisper one sweet Ma; word. Or even say gnod-bv?. —Inserted by her loviiuj dragbter and ??! ii 'hm BiLiche and WTL and little son Cbarlie. / ' FIHUDIXi—In 10-.ioz memory of mother, vks pascd anaj ai Peterhoad on Jnne 12. ISJ9 Deerer to memory than words oas ten Are tbe thoughts of a motcer we loved a? ??£_ And -we who love her only know How much we lost dree veua ago. —Jnserted by her lorizqr daoc^rter, OIKe aos* in-iaw. Ton/, and grandrnfldrm mod little dauch ter Eva. j HOOPBa.—In kma; mpmocr of my dear wife snd cur mother, wbo passed aimy aa tbe 30th June. 13H. at Wi?ochra. W* a? her iadferinr daj- by- oar. It caused us Bitter Brief To ace her pine axay And oould not give relief. S-k dead to us, w* lore her .dor; Xot lost, 'bat sone before; Shp !ires *irh us in memory sts?. And will for evermore. —Inserted by her loving- husband. Joto Booper and fum!v. *^* J, EN]n\S.-In loriv. memory of ?or dear ? 13^ J *^*r' ? ara7> W? dial on the Bth June, fheridind memories of one at dear Often bring; a silent tear. S^W an? && IDOtllff- "**-? ?Bd * loving romembrajwe of our dear m£ c fSTts m!; " rto plsawl *?T "*&ra Hi memory will be cherished. By tboae who kwed him best. —Inserted by his loving aster. Eva, and tamUy, MEEUS.-In loxingr osemory of EdmarW Patrici M? rA Wba dW at Pon LlniODln ?? 'one 13. remembered. —Inserted by hia lovrne modber. aetera, and bno tbe^B. Port Tirit. ; MESSEN-CKa.-ln sad end .loving memory of onr dear daughter. Rnby, -iho died Jintt 13 IH!T. "Erer remembered, dear Rain-."—lnserted by her laving parents. T. TV. and K. J. llesKa ger, Oooune-si.. IDte-End. , WERUrTT-lnlovas memory of WilSam Arthur. Weajly beloved tansbaiMJ of Mud Merreu, who died on the ttth Jime Em at Jane-street. GravtoFn Ort? S.AJIJJ.). "Peaceftriiy riee^nc He sufiered so. bat manaured not. As we watched bin day and night With a^xus hearts grow worse and worse Lnti: he saiced suray —inserted T>y bis >3vine; iife, A. M. Mem*. / ROVE.-In pd bnt Javinqr manorv of oor dear %%?££££%?* ?> -sorth **£& We hare lost, but heaven has ?aned One of the bext this earth contatoed In_ torinp thought oor hems respond. To s??et memories of mother in Che'mat ~haf^^L "^ iOTinr aDn- <BeW??lR, and Ciandcjrildren, Fred. Bje. Orril, IJorig, and Bex. f '?BOWS.— In loving rmcnorj- of oor dear lovins motber, woo was tailed haate June 22, laa/^ "A Kttle while and we tSall mat atasn. Oar loved oue sone bpfons.'' —liKerted by her kranjj sons. Prod. Xaurioe daashtett-ni-tew. and grauAAiJoren, ttwfen HJll! SIUTH <nee CtemherWaj.-iB ioviax ram of Septuaa. wV> di? 3 Uune 13, ISB7. —??j Time cannot Jteal ?a oeoui: void Or from our toar Tbe fece and form w t - loved so -well TtpO] dwell lor tver there. —toseried ?/her loving motiier and astErs. Mrs. J. Chanrberlain. - / TURXKS. —In lo*-inc memory of mr dear wJe ?who pxsed away na -late B."iaSL ' 280 is needed now Her <nres are ?L al nail, Em iB&Bs are those who frvday can arr They loved he- anj dsd their very bes. —inserted b>- Jht Vwinz husband and niece. EMna. <m.itber-in-fciw and brotherHn-?4?. W. and O. Tor ner. ; TCSSBR OJaner,.—Jq km* mmocr of om ow dmieircer. Jacdr Mars, who died Jane 13 I wm not there o? tile notir nl death TV> hear tomt last feint Mgh. O" vrhJ?p^T lost one loving wor?l, Hy dearest .trmie. ?ooo%bye. —liwrted tiy her lovfeyj pareua;. [>. TV. and Mirie ftihHv. TUBVEU <nee Bitopj).—ln. fond jnemarr or-oar dear irieod. Annie, woo pa?ed away on Jane 13, I^3.' C&Krished memories of one to dear, . Often bras c silent Bur. — Itemed by Walliiec and Ude and family. /