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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. BAYLISS: On Dec. 16, at N.M.D.H., Three Springs, to Jean and Wally, of Morawa —a son. BOASE: On Dec. 15, to Kath and Alan —a son. Both well. BRENNAN: On Dec. 17, at St. Ives, Victoria Park, to Roy and Edna —a son.   BRIDGE (nee Gillles): On Dec. 19, at Kensington, to Joan and Les —a daughter (Sandra Joanne). Both well. CROFT: To Joy and Jack, St. Ives, Dec. 16 —a son (Kevin David). DAW: At Hillcrest, to Thel and Frank —a son. Both well. DOLBY (nee Jeffery): At K.E.M.H., to Phyl and Max —a daughter (Janis Fay). Both well. FIGGINS (nee Carey): Dec. 18, to Vi and Keith —a daughter (Paula). Both well. GREEN: On Dec. 15, at Southern Cross, to Fran and Ray —a daughter (Linley Anne). Both well. HANMER: On Dec. 18, at K.E.M.H., to Joyce and Frank — a son (Dean Edwin). HENVILLE: On Dec. 19, at St. Anne's, to Peg and Bob —a son (Keith Brett). Both well. Heart felt thanks to Dr. Lindsay Tay lor, also to Sisters of S.t Anne's. HOOPER: At York, Dec. 17, to Hilary and Gordon —a daughter (Anne Marian). JAGO (nee Foster): At K.E.M.H., Dec. 17, to Nomai and Jack —a son (Jeffrey David). Both well. JARMAN: Dec. 16, at Bundi Kudja, to Fay, wife of Arthur — a son (Richard). Both well. Moved to San Hedrin. JONES (nee Horton): Dec. 17, at K.E.M.H., to Jean and Bob —a daughter. LEE: To Ayline and Tom, at St. Anne's —a son (Shane Patrick). LEFROY: On Dec. 18, at St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco, to Ruth, wife of Robert Lefroy, Boolardy Station —a son (Lang lois Robert Bruce). LTTLETON: On Dec. 19, at St. John's Hospital, Northam, to Jim and Lucy, of York —a daughter (Ellen Joy). A sister for little Ruth. MAHER: On Dec. 15, at Wyalkat chem, to Peg and Mick —a daughter (Linda Robin). Both well. REIMERS (nee Sims): At York Maternity Hospital, on Dec. 18, to Norma and Bill —a son (Philip Whitney). Both well. Special thanks to Dr. Ward, Matron Chipper and staff. WILLINGE (nee Kennedy): On Nov. 16, to Alby and John, Greenhill Nursery Home, Singa pore —twin daughters. All well MARRIAGE. FULLER-REID: At All Saints Church. St. Kilda. Victoria. on Dec. 6, by Chaplain Trainer. Helen Norma (Peggy). only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Fuller. Balmoral Hotel. Victoria Park. to Norman Davy. eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Reid. Queensland. SILVER WEDDINGS. PRINCETICI -MARTINOVICH: THE SONS. DAUGHTERS o1 MR. and MRS. KRIS MAR TINOVICH, 57 Hopkins-street, Boulder, announce the 25th An niversary of their parents' Mar riage, celebrated All Hallows Church, Boulder, Dec. 21, 1927, the late Rev. Dr. O'Hurley. offi ciating. WATT-DALZIELL: THE SON and DAUGHTERS of MR and MRS. J. WATT have pleasure in announcing the 25th Anni- versary of their parents' Wed- ding, on Dec. 21, 1927, at Mad dinaton. Present address: Olga- road, Maddington. DEATHS. Antalov. M. Mefllwralth, - Haiston. G. Mcetenie Clark, MW Beaton E. MeMillan. A. Breyroft. A. O'Donnell, F. O. Cowan. H. C. Pellileane, L. Delaiorte, A, Pereira, - Dixon. I. Quinn. W. Ethell, M. Runham. F. Galvin. M. Seymour, I. J. Groves. A. Snowden, - Barris,. V. P. Stassen. C Harrison, W. Stratford. t. Jury. J. Sutherland, - Laurance, T. Temnpl, G. V. Mackay. 3. S. Trathan, C. W. Maslin, L. Vooles, W. McCabe. J. W.Wbhite. B. McCarthy, E. Wood, F. L. ANTULOV (Marr): On Dec. 18. sassed away after long illness. ovineg granddaughter of Jakov and Ivka Jarel. Deepest sym pathy to her amily for their great loss. For ever loved and remem bered. ANTULOV: On Dec. 18. Mary. dearly loved cousin of Millie and Tony Martinovich and children, Peter, Anne, Bernard and Anthony. A patient sufferer gone to rest. We'll always remember her smil- ing face. ANTULOV: On Dec. 18, at R.P.H., passed peacefully away. Mary, dear and devoted niece and cousin of Mr. and Mrs. Mate Antulov and family.

DEATHS. ANTULOV: Passed peacefully on Dec. 18, at R.P.H.. Mary, dearly beloved niece of Ben and Tomica Rodin, loved cousin of Millie (Mrs. T. Martinovich), Frank, Lenka. Steve. Florrie and Ray. Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P. ANTULOV (Mary): On Dec. 18. 1952, loving cousin of Mr. and Mrs. R. Parin and family. ANTULOV: On Dec. 18. at R.P.H., passed away. Mary. dearly beloved niece of Ljubo Rodin. Sweet rest for you, after much suffering. ANTULOV: On Dec. 18 at R.P.H.. passed away, Mary. dearly loved niece of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bumbak. cousin of Thomas, Mary and Yanko. R.I.P. ANTULOV (Mary): On Dec. 18, passed away after long illness, beloved niece of Tony and Veny Skender, and fond cousin of Jim, Mary. Nellie. Tony. Millie and Gloria. Deepest sympathy to her family Rest in peace.   ANTULOV (Mary): Passed away after long illness. R.I.P. Always remembered by her lov- ing uncle and aunty, Jack and Ivy Zrlnskl, and cousins. George and Gerald. ANTULOV (Mary): On Dec. 18, at R.P.H.. passed away peace fully, dearly loved cousin of Mr. and Mrs. A. Rokich and family. ANTULOV: On Dec. 18, passed peacefully away, Mary, dear and devoted cousin and real pal of Evarist and Millie Bumbak. Your end was sad dear Mary, It made us weep and sigh. But the saddest part of all You never said good-bye. ANTULOV (Mary): Passed away on Dec. 18. at R.P.H. In loving memory of a dear cousin. Always remembered. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Rodin and family. ANTULOV: In loving memory of our cousin. Mary. passed away Dec. 18. Always remembered by D. Rodin, Mr. and Mrs. Lukan and family. ANTULOV (Mary): Darling cousin of Mary. Pasko, Val and Max Matutinovich. 'Tis sad but true we wonder why. The best are always first to die. AN'ULOV (Mary): On Dec. 18; after a long illness, dearly be loved friend of Dora and Mau rice Rosich and family, of aull Imp. We will always miss you. ANTULOV (Mary) Passed away. Dec. 18. after a long illness, dear frIend of Mate aend Zate Mar tinovich, of Guthrle-street. Os borne Park. ANTULOV (Mary): On Dec. 18. at Royal Perth Hospital, dear friend of Mr. . B. eKatuna-Rlch, Katie and Eddy Katuna-Rich and family. Always remembered. ANTULOV: On. Dec. 18, at R.P.T., passed peacefully away. Mary, sincere friend of Mr. and Mrs. Roko Bumbak and family. Always remembered. ANTULOV Mary): On Dec. 18. 1952. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. P Parin and family. ANTULOV (Mary): Dec. 18, pass ed away at R.P.H., sympathy and deepest regret to her fam ily. P. Buktenica and family, ANTULOV (Mary): Passed away Dec. 18, dear friend of Klamus   family. Resting where no shadows fall. ANTULOV In loving memory of Mary. dear friend of Bessie and John Gabelich and family. Deepest sympathy to her fam- ly. ANTULOV (Mary): Dear friend of Rita and Clem Viskovich. Heartfelt sympathy to Tony and family. Peace. perfect peace. ANTULOV (Mary): Dear friend of Mr. and Mrs. Zencich and family. Sincere sympathy to Toni. Mr. and Mrs. Rodin and all relatives. R.I.P. ANTULOV: On Dec. 18. at R.P., passed peacefully. Mary. dear friend of Ben Bum bak and family. ANTULOV (Mary): Dear friend of Mr. and Mrs. Bodlovich and family. Rest in peace. ANTULOV (Mary): A tribute to the memory of a sincere friend and devoted cousin, who passed r away on Dec. 18. at R.P.H. My deepest sympathy to her family. Ineerted by F. Parun. ·AMTLOV:~ In memory of Mary, deepest sympathhy to Toni and Mr. and Mrs. Rodin and fami lies. Eliane and Steve Beros. ANTULOV: A token of remem-   brance to Mary. who passed   away Dec. 18. 1952. Deepest sympathy to her family. Ever remembered by Tony and An dra Viahoy and family. ANTULOY: In memory af Mary. loving wife of Tony. A patient sufferer at rest. Ever remembered by Andy and Mary Pavlch and family.

DEATHS. ANTULOV: — A tribute to the memory of Mary, dear wife of Tony. Peace, perfect peace. — Always remembered by Jakov and Fanica Pavicic and family. ANTULOV (Mary): — Fondest memories, deepest sympathy, to loved ones. Memories, just memories. — From Mrs. Vladich and Dot ANTULOV (Mary): A tribute to the memory of Mary, sincerest sympathy to her sorrowing fam ily. T. A. Lucev and family. BALSTON (George William Bernard): The ashes of the late Mr. 0. Balaton were scat tered over the sea from aboard the M.V. Weatralia on Nov. 23 under hplf-mast ensign. One minute' salence wa res t fully observed. Mr. W. FUJI brook and Col. Gregson ofcel ated. BEATON: Passed away at Ka goorlie District hospital on Dec. 16. Elsie. dearly loved wile of Stan. Deeply mourned. BYCROFT: Loving memorr of Alan (suddenly), at Cunderdin Hospital. Safle in the arms of Jesus. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Reynolds. COWAN: On Dec. 19, 1952. Hugh Craig. dearly beloved husband of Ida Cowan of 305 Cannins highway. Palmyra. devoted father of Jim, Mervyn. Bob, Dorothy (Mrs. Arthur R. C01 lins). Beryl and the late Joyce. father-in-law of Mollie. Mar jorie and Bob, and fond grand lather of Rhyce., John. Diane and Lorraine; aged 67 years. Funeral Premantle Cemetery Monda at 10.10 a.m. Arthur H. Davies and Co. DELAPORTE: On Dec. 19, 1952.1 at Bunbury. Amy. widow of the late Herbert Delaporte. of O10 Fielder-street, South Bunbury. dearly beloved mother of Vic tor (deceased), and Dorrie (de ceased), and grandma of Chris ale and Fred and Dennis. great grandma of Kenneth; aged 75 years. To be interred in the Church of Englan Portion of the Bunbury Cemttery at 11 o'clock this (Saturday) morn Ing. DIXON (John): A tribute to an esteemed friend, from Dan O'Sullivan and Keith Murdoch and his mates at The General Agency Coy. ETELL: On Dec. 11o 1952, il cent. loved wife of James Ethell of Shenton Park. dearly beloved mother of Roy and Olive (Mrs. Whittle), fond mother-in-law of George, dear nanna of Rode rick and Glen. Privately Inter red. CALVIN. Martin (Mick): Passed away on Dec. 12. beloved hus band of Catherine. fond brother of Joe end itagi (Melbourne). GROVES (A.): Passed away Dec. 16, loved aunty of Nora Snd Charlie. Alwars remembered. HARRIS: On Dec. 19, 1952, Vic tor Percy dearly beloved hus band of Lily Harris of 38 Com monwealth-avenue, North Perth. and loving father of Len. Norma (Mrs. K. McNatnara) and Roma (Mrs. B. Lewis). fond father-in-law of Mary, Ken and Bruce, and beloved grandfather of Raymond, Noelyne. Peter and Paulyne Harris, John, Busan, Anne and Mary McNamara, Marian ant Margaret Lewis, much loved son-in-law of Mrs. Mary Ada Daniels. Requlescat in pace. BARRIS (P.): Esteemed friend of Sarah Russell and family. R.T.P. HARRItSON (W. A.): In loving memory of Uncle Will, passed away Dec. 17. 1052. Always re menbered by his loving nieces, Amy, elste and Gwen. JURY: Dec. 16. 1952. John. loved brother-in-law of Walter and Catherine. uncle of Joan and Lloyd Lamb. LAURANCE (Thomag Arth r): On Dec. Xe. at Brighton.. 4ic torne, late of Pingelly. W.A. lov ing father of Nel (Mrs. W O. Sowell. Nedlands) Clarke (de ceased) Herbert (deceased first World War). Annie (deceased) Elsie (Mrs. RIendall, Glen Iris, Victoria), Leonard (tooweruo. Victoria), Marjorie (Mrs. Godso. Brighton. Victoria); aged 86 years. MACKAY (J. S.): Passed away. suddenly, Dec. 17. loved brother and brother-in-law of Jess and Bill Melvin, fond uncle of Jesse (deceased), Budd and Ror. At rest. MACKAY (John 8.): On Dec. 17, loved cousin of James. Jessie. Thomas. Robert and Maggie Rafferty and Jeanie (Mrs. D. Maclver). MACKAY (Jock): In loving mem ory of a dear friend. Lorna and Bert McClements. MASLIN (Lellie): Loved sister and sister-in-law and aunty of Harry, HUda and family. Peaceful end. MALIN (Mrs. Senior-Major): A tribut of remembrance to a muoh tloved officer and comrade of the Marlands Corps. Her sweet influence will live on. Inserted by oficers and com rades.

DEATHS. MASLIN: In lovine memory of LII. coausin of Amy and Frank Hughes. MASLIN (Mers. Senior-Major): In affectionate memory of a very dear friend and loved mother in-law of Ken, called Home, Dec. 18. Sweet memories. Inserted by Olive and Bert Seb base. MeCABE: On Dec. 18. 1952, John William, dearly beloved intefant son of Jack and Cbrtasie Mc Cabe of 103 rancis-street, West Perth. To be Privately interred In the Roman Catholic Ceme tery, Karrakatta, this (Satur day) morning. Bowra and O'Dea, Funeral Directors. Perth. R.I.P. IsoCARTHT: On Dec. 19. 1952, at Fremantle, Ernest (Mac) Mc Carthy. of 108 South-street. Beaconedeld. loved brother of SNora (Mrs. Lions) Willim and Ivy (Mrs. J. Mcintyre) - and brother-in-law -of Causes and John: aged 58 years. FPuneral FIremantle Cemetery Monday, 11.30 a.m. Artur .Die and Co. MleLLWRAITH: Fond memorles Iof Mrs. Mac. passed away i Dec. 12, loving friend of . Lally and family. MellLWEITH: Fond memories of Mrs. Mac, passed away Fri day, Dec. 12, loving friend of Mrs. Lally and family. MeKENZiE CLARK (Muriel): Beloved wife of Alwrn. Always In our thoughts. Leah and Barney. MeMILAN (Annie): Loving mother of Archie, mother-in law of Gertie, grandma of Steve, SLaurie and Robin. ) At rest. O'DONNELL: AOn Dec. 18, t Fremantle Hospital, Frans Owen, of 2 Mary-street, Fre mantle, dearly loved son of Daniel and the late Prances SO'Donnell, of Collie, loved bro Sther of Nora (Fremantle), John, I Mary, James, Joseph (deceased) Sand Dan; aged 21 years. R.I.P. O'DONNELL, Francis Owen S(Nonnie): A little man has found well-earned rest. RI.P. I Mrs. M. Shadgett and Don. O'DONNELL. Francis Owen S(Nonnie): Good-bye, fellar. R.I.P. I George Watts and family. PELUCANO: On Dec. '19, 1952 I Luigi, dearly beloved husband of Angela Pellicano, loving father of Antoniato o(U.S.A.). Janceaae , and Emilie. .-Requesao in Pace. IEEIRAN : On Dec. 18, 1952, be loved father and father-in-laew of Oswald and Jessie Pereira and fond grandfather of Mar jorie and Sylvia. QUINN: On Dec. 18, 1952. as re   sult of accident at Mullewa, William O'Hanlon Quinn lov ing husband of Gladys Mary, son-in-law of Mrs. M. Sherman, loving brother and brother-in law of Kathleen and James Finnigan, uncle of Vincent,   Laurence, and Raymond, brother-in-law of Jim and   Mary, Ruby and Thad (de   ceased), Elsie and Jack, Myrtle and Joe; aged 58 years.   Goodbye sweetheart, wonderful happiness ended. R.I.P. QUINN (William): On Dec. 18, accidentally killed at Mullewa, dearly loved and devoted brother of Kathleen and James   Finnegan, of Scarborough, and loving uncle of Vincent, Laurie and Ray.   Requiescat in pace.   -RUNHAM (Frank): A tribute to our friend, who will be re membered always. Goodbye, mate. I Eric and Eileen. SSEYMOUR (I. J.): Passed away at Moors on December 13, "loved mother of Dick, mother in-law of Millie, and grand mother of Ted Malcolm and Theo. SNOWDEN. Mrs. (Sen.): A loving tribute of everlasting esteem - one I loved so much; meay the comforting Presence of the Lord sustain and strengthen each one of her family. Inserted by Daisy Zimpel, John-street, Cot tesloe. STASSEN: On Dec. 19, 1952, Ssuddenly at 238 High-street, Fremantle East, Charlie Stas asen. sincere friend of Mrs. Raina and Linda and Wilt Coomer; aged 66 years. Funeral Fremantle Cemetery Monday e 2.10 p.m. Arthur E. Davies and Co. STRATFORD (Elisabeth): On Dec. 12, aunt of A. R. and J. H. I Thorosood. Privately interred Dec. 15. r SUTBERLAND: Suddenly, on 1 Dec. 3, at his home, 15 Ser vante-street. Sunshine, Vic., be loved husband of Betty, late Grant's Patch. W.A.: aged 47 years. late 2nd A.I.F. BSome day we'll understand. TEMPLE (G. V.): On Dec. 18, at R.P.H., loving grandpa of Mary, Lynette, Elaine, Billy and Rob ert. Peacefully sleeping. I TEMPLE: Passed away Dec. 18, George Vernan, loving brother in-law of Sarah (deceased), Arthur. fond uncle of Percy, Vivian, Violet, Ray. Maysh Betty. Ron (deceased). Arthur, John. Mary, Valarle and Nor man Hunt. Sadly missed. 'TRATHAN: On Dec. 19, at Tam bellup. Gilbert William Tra than, loved husband of the late Ethel and loving brother of Clara. Kathle. Harold and Hilda. C. H. Temby, Tambellup; aged 71 years. VOOLES: On Dec. 18, 1952, at Perth, called suddenly from loved ones. William, beloved husband of Katherine, loving son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Vooles, of 403 William-street, Perth. loved brother of Maria, Ethel George, Gloria and Peter, brother-in-law of Alex, Val- erie. Joy and Olga, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. N. Stamos; aged 29 years. At rest. VOOLES (William): Dearly loved and devoted son of Violet and Peter, brother of Maria, Ethel, Aileen, George, Gloria and Peter, fond brother-in-law of Val and Alex, beloved uncle of Georoe and Vicki; aged 29 years. We loved him in life We honour him in death. A beautiful memory Is all we have left. VOOLES (Bill): On Dec. 18, at R.P.H., loved brother of George,   brother-in-law of Val, loving uncle of George and Vicki. God's greatest gift, remem- brance.   VOOLES- (Bill): On Dec. 18, at R.P.H. In loving memory of my brother and pal. Always re- membered and sadly missed. Peter. VOOLES (Bill): In loving mem- ories of my darling brother. Sadly missed. R.I.P. Gloria. VOOLES (Bill): In loving memory of my dear brother Bill, who passed away Dec. 18. at R.P.H. Resting where no shadows fall, In perfect peace he waits us all. Ever-loving sister Maria. VOOLES (Bill): On Dec. 18, at R.P.H., Bill, dearly beloved brother and pal of Aileen. Some day I'll understand. VOOLES (Bill): In loving memory of our dear brother and brother-in-law. If love could have saved him   He would never have died. Ethel and Alec. VOOLES (Bill): Fond memories of our dear nephew. Always remembered by Uncle Andrew, Aunty Nicky and Carolina. VOOLES (Bill): In loving mem ory of our dear cousin, passed away Dec. 18, 1952. - Phatouros family.  

DEATHS. VOOLES: Loving memories of   dear Billy, passed away at R.P.H., Dec. 18. Sweet rest. Inserted by Aunty Kitty, Uncle John and family. VOOLES (William): Passed away Dec. 18, 1952, dear friend of Jerry and Sylvia. VOOLES (William): In fond memory of our dear friend, Bill. Spero Colevas and family. VOOLES: In loving memory of a friend. Till we meet again. Bill. Inserted by his sorrowing mate. Joe Fanesi and Faye. VOOLES (Bill): On Dec. 18, at R.P.H. In memory of a true mate. Always remembered by John Maloney. WHITE: On Sat., Dec. 13, 1952, at his residence, 68 Kensington road, Rose Park. S.A.. Richard White, formerly of Moonta, 8.A., beloved husband of Annie and loving father of uphie, Agnes (Mrs. If. Ellis), George, Frank, Jack, Leith. Max (Yarloop); seed 91 years. Treasured memories. WOOD: On Dec. 19. at Katan ning, Francis Louisa, widow of the late Benjamin Wood, and loved mother of Nat (deceased), George (deceased), Henry (de ceased). Tom (Canada), Hen rietta (deceased). Ben and Bill (Kendenup), Edith (Mrs. R.   Marris, Katanning) and Louisa: aged 83 years. To be interred the Anglican portion of the Katanning Cemetery at 11   o'clock this (Saturday) morning   by, Messrs. C. E. Courtis and Sons Funeral Directors, Katanning. FUNERALS. ANTULOV: The Funeral of the late Mrs. Mary Antulov. of Cur ts-street Osborne Park, Is aP pointed Soeave the Roman Catholic Church. Cape-street. Osborne, Park. at 9.30 o'clock arriving at the Karra katta Cemetery at 10 o'clock. Requiasn Mass will be celebrated ht 9 o cldtk. A. J. PURSLOWE AND CO). HARRIS: The Friends of the late Mr Victor Percy Harris. of 38 Commonwealth-avenue, North Perth. and late Water Supply epartmetra. ftus-sr eret. West Perth. are respectfully in vited to follow his remains to the place of interment. theI Roman Catholic Cemetery. Karrakatta. The Funeral is ap Ponted to leave St.oMary's Church Franklin-street. Lee derville. at M9.0 o'clock THIS (Saturdayr) MORNING, arriv ing at the Cemetery at 10 'cvockrmRenuier. Mass will be celebrated in St. Mars Church. Leedervnle. commencing at 6.50 a.m. Saturday. BOWRA AND O'DEA. 19r Pier-street. Perth. BA4308. HARRIS: Coastal and E.G. Water Supply Union: Members of the above Union are reuest ed to attend the Funeraleo 1 their late Member Mr. Percy Harris. For particulars see main notice.' C. Windsor. General Pres.; H. L. Hodges. General Sec. MASLIN The Funeral of the late Mrs. Senior Malor H. H. Maslin. of 13 Kathleen-avrenue. May lands, is appointed to leave the Salvation Army Citadel. May lands, after a Service comme3c ing at 10.30 o'clock TODAY, ar riving at the Karrakatta Cre matorium at 11.30 o'clock. A. J. PUIISLOWE AND CO. O'DONNELL: The Friends of the   late Mr. Francis Owen O'Do03 nell, of 2 Mary-treet, Freman tie, late of Collie, are informed that his remains will be Interred in he Roman Catholic portion of the KARRAKAITA Ceme tery.rThe Funeral will leave St. P ick's Church, Adelaide street, Fremantle. THIS (Satur day) MORNING. after a Re qulem Mass commencing at 9 o'clock. arriving at the Ceme te at10o'clock. PROSSER I SCOTT AND CO. 12682. PELLICANO: The Friends of the late Mr. Luigi Pellicano, of 83 James-street, Perth. are res pectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of inter- I ment, the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Karrakatta. The Funeral is appointed to leave St. Brigid's Church. Fitzgerald street, West Perth. at 8.45 o'clock on MONDAY MORNING, arriving at the Cemetery at 9.10 1 o'clock. Recuiem Mass will be celebrated in St. Brigid'sI Church, commencing at 8 a~m. Monday. BOWRA AND O'DEA, 195 Pier-street. Perth. BA4308. QUINN: The Friends of Mr. Wil liam O'Hanlon Quinn, of the W.A.G.R., Mullewa. are respect fully informed that his remains will be interred in the Roman Catholic portion of the Bunbury   Cemetery at 4.10 o'clock on MONDAY AFTERNOON. The Cortege will move from the Funeral Parlour of William Brittain and Sons. Spencer street, Bunbury, at 4 o'clock.I WILLIAM B51T'rAIN AND SONS in conjunction with AIDAN FINDER, Funeral Director. Geraldton. TRATHAN: The Friends of the late Mr. Gilbert William Trat han, of Tambellup, are respect- I fully informed that his remains will be interred in the Anglican portion of the Albany Cemetery at 2.15 o'clock NEXT MONDAY AFTERNOON. The Cortege will I leave from Messrs. H. C. Prior and Son's Private Mortuary. Grey-street, at 2 o'clock. MESSRS C. E. COtURTIS AND SONS, Funeral Directors, Hat anning, in conjunction with H. C. PRIOR AND SON. Albany. VOOLES: The Friends of the late William Vooles, formerly Supply Assistant, R.A.N., and of 228 Lake-street, Perth, be loved husband of Katherine, are respectfully informed that his remains will be laid to rest   in the Greek Orthodox Ceme tery, Karrakatta, at 11 o'clock THIS (Saturday) MORNING. The Funeral is appointed to leave the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Constantine and Helene after a Service com- mencing at 10 o'clock. C. H. SMITH AND CO., Perth. Tel. B8008, M1346.