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First Kwinana Homes Start In January January 14 is believed to have been set down as the target date for the commencement of home-building at the new Kwinana townsite.

Tenders, which will close on December 2, have been called by the State Housing Commis sion for the erection of the first batch of 120 houses. The new townsite, which has been planned by Miss Margaret Feilman for the Public Works Department, will be about two miles east of the main Fre mantle-Mandurah road. Already men from the depart ment are busily constructing roads, including the main ac cess road-Thomas-street which runs in an easterly direc tion to the site, from about 50 yds. north of the Rockingham turn-off. The Government is committed to erect 330 homes each year, until 1,000 have been built within three years. They will be occupied by men engaged in the construction of the Anglo-Iranian Co.'s refin ery, and will subsequently be taken over by the permanent employees. The monotony of rows of identical houses will be avoid ed at Kwinana, for there will be 20 different designs. The reason for the selection of January 14 as the target date is that it follows immediately

after the annual building-trade holidays, which will be taken between December 23 and January 13. Adequate services are expect ed to be laid on to the site by the time construction begins. It is planned to develop Thomas-street eventually as a double-track road divided by central islands, in the same style as King's Park-road. At present Thomas-street is being developed quickly so that materials can be carted to the building site.