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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. BARBOUR: At St. Ives. Aug. 12. to Dorrie and Torn-a son. Both well. Thanking Dr. Brown. Matron Fraser and staff. CADDY (nee Battye): At K.E.M.H. on Aug. 13. to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Caddy-a son. Both well. CHAPMAN (nee Kingston): At Kensington. on Aug. 9. to Judy and Vic--s daughter Both wClt. CLARK (nee Anderson,. Koorda): At Wyalkatchem. Aug. 8. to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Clark- a son. Bothi well. DEI .ING. At K.E.M.H.. on Aug. 10, to Shirley and Theo-a daughter (Victoria Dianne) GORItON: Aar. it. St. John's, Northamn, to Bett and Ken-kA son I caesstan . Both well GREENHALGH: At l.E.M.Of.. to Bilt and Pearl-o son. Both well. HUDSON (nee Birch): At Pin jarsa on Aug. 10, to Norric. wife of Geoffrey R. Hudson. Kal annie--s daughter. Both well. MACFARLANE (nee Daddow): At K.E.M.H., on Aug. 13, to Joy and Ron —a son (David James). Both well. MENEGHELLO (nee Famlonga): On Aug. 12, at Hillcrest, to Amy and Pasquale.-a son. Both well . MITCHELL. (nee Rowland): At K.E.M.H., on Aug. 11, to Norma and Alex-a son (David Rob- ert . Both well. MOTTERAM: On Aug. 9. at St. John of God, Northam, to Norma and Mick-a son (Ian Milton. Both well. NU TALL: Aug. 11. St. Anne's. to Mavis and Jack:-a daugh ter. Bott well. O'MAHONY: On Aug. 12, at St. John's, Subiaco, to Pat and John, -a son (Breton John). i V'AN: May and Ray wish to an nonc the birtth of their son (Leo Brendan), at -St.. Anne's on Aug., 12. Both well. SiTII (nee Bsdfordt: To Tess antd ton, on Aug. q--a datotl ter t Igelie Ann), SI ANILANi) (nee Christmas): On Aug. 12. at Kensington, to , Elmta and Clive-a son tRonald Clirve. Both well. STANSAL.L (nee Powell): To Betty and Allan. at K.E.M.H.. or. Ant. 13--s son (Sark Atar). Both welL sThanking T)r. McAuliffe. 'ANDlRtVELDE: On Aug. 13. at St. Jultn of God, Subiaco, toj Sytlia and Sydney-a son (Gra hare Lewist. Both well. WARNER: To Mollie and Frank. at St. Ives-a daughter (Fran cis Igllsabeth t. Both well. YATES (nee Christie): On Aug. 10, at Kojonup Hospital. to Gwen and Len-a son (still bornt. Sincere thanks to doc tor. matron and staff. SILVER WEDDING. SGLtER - ZARAPOWECR: HYEM and IDA wish to an nounce the 25th Anniversary of their parents' Wedding, which tootk place at Israel on Aug. 14. 1927. RUBY WEDDING. McINTYRE - SCRIYMGOIIR: ARCH and MOLLY wish to announce the 40th Anniversary of the Wedding of their parents, celebrated Flinders-street Pres byterian Church. Adelaide, Aug. 14, 1912. late Rev. Dr. Geo. Davidson officlating. Present oddress: 16 Seymour-avenue. Floreat. Park. DEATHS. Asheroft. E. . Mailler. J. W. ilaytcs. E. Murray. J. itoneaut. It. Ocello, O. Coe-Jones. 1. Orloff. A. Devereutu. D. l'. Please, W. J. Draper. E. Raasol. C. Gales. D. Scarle. I. Hanson. T. Sloman, S. erriln. L. M. Svlcarovlch. - Talbot, A. J. uislop. A. T1aylor. It. S. Illrnd. W. G Tomlinson G. bruuhaer U. A.G Tineth ,aid Do tu...A. Wilson. G. 2W. LGLore, . A. Wright. M. U. - lcCulloch.. .. Wrlhtson, E. J. MciCill. A. N. Wyndham. 0. ASHCROFT (Ernest osetph): On Aug. 10, 1952. aged three weeks and five days. loved infant sof p of Elsie and Jock, and loved brotlscr of Gwengtl: and Doug las. ASUICROFT (Ernest Josephs: On Au. 10. 1952. loved infant randsornl of S Gd and DQrothy Guest. IOAINES (Emily): In loving mentory of our faithful and sl:ed sister, passed away Aug. 12. * inserted by Bassendean Church of Christ. BOLCAtIT: On Aug. 12. at Perth, Ray, labe of . GooseberrY Hill. Privately cremated at Karra katta on Aug. 13. Donald J. Cllotter and Son. COE-JONES: On Aurt. 13. at Fremantle Hospital, Isabel Mary Coe-Jones, of Stratford ot.. Pingelly, widow of the late Edmnund James Coe-Jones. lsted mother of Clarence (Mar redint. Etva (Pingelly) and Floretnce (Mosmar Park). fond sother-in-law of George and Tony. Loving memories.

DEATHS. DEVEREUX (Denfield Victor. Passed away at Perth. Aug. 12 dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Devereux. 21 Batllte street. Victoria Park, dear brother of Hilton. Kevin and Neville; aged 13 years. DEVEREUX (Denfield): Passed away at Perth on Aug. 12, dearly loved grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Hodges, of South Guildford; aged 13 years 10 months. The longl day closes after suf fering. DEVEREUX (Denny : On Aug. 12. at R.P.H., passed peacefully away, beloved nephew of Pat and Joe. loved cousin of Darry! and tan. Another rosebud for God's garden. DEVEREUX (Denfield : Passed away at Perth. Aug. 12, dearly loved nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hoare, loving cousin and playmate of Errol, Lois and Carol. Bunbury. Sadly missed. Den. DEVEREUX (Denny): Aug. 12. loving nephew and cousin of Ed, Les and Vern Hodges. South Guildford. Sleelcg peacefully. DEVEIREUX DeDfleld) . At Perth. Aug. 12. dearly loved nephew of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Blencowe. Always remembered. DEVERIEUX: On Aug. 12. 1952. at R.P.H., Denny, the beloved. nephew of Eunice and Gordon Morley. Guildford. Angel child. The pure in heart shall see God. DRAPER (Ernie): A tribute to the memory of a sincere friend. deepest sympathy to Mrs. Dra per and family. From Peggie and Sam (Meck ering). GATES: cherished memory of my pal, Des, accidentally killed Aug. 8. Ever remembered by George Woodcock, Hollywood. HANSON (Thomasl: Aug. 12. passed away peacefully, beloved brother-in-ltw Kath, Jack, loving uncle. Maureen Dickson. One of God's gentlemen. HANSON (Tom): Aug. 12, sud denly, loving brother-in-law. Peter, Betty. uncle of Pauline. SAlways remembered. HANSON (Tommy): Aug. 12. loving brother-in-law of John and Annc, uncle John. Patricia. One of the best gone to rest. HANSON (Thomas Arthur): Suddenly. Aug. 12, lovine son in-law of Mr. and Mrs. P. Cox. A good friend. SERRIN. AM. o. (Gussse : On Aug. 3, 1952 loved sister of Millie. sister-in-law of Tom. May the sunshine you missed in life. DBe yours in God's beauttful gar den above. HISLOP: On Aug. 12. 1952. at Bunbury Hospital, Alice, beloved wife of the late William.Hislop, of 53 Stirling-street, Bunbury, dearly beloved mother of George (deceased) and May (de ceased); aged 87 rears. To be; interred in the Church of Eng land portion of the Bunbury Cemetery. at 11 o'clock this (Thursday) morning. William Brittain and Son. Funeral Di rectors. ITLAND (W. G.): On Aug. 12. passed away peacefully, beloved father of Ron, Olive, Roma. Keith and Marsgaret. A wonderful father laid to rest. IIYLAND (W. G.): Dearly loved dad of Ruth. Jim Cantrell, be loved Pany of Judith. Patricia. Goodbye Pany. ITLANID (W. 0.): Beloved father and father-in-law of Jorce and Norm. loving grandfather (Panny) of Ron. Leonie and Wayne. For ever remembered. HYLAND: On Aug. 12, 1952. at Belmont. William George, eld est son of John and the late Ellen G. Hyland. Bassendean, loving brother of Maud. ElsIe. Olive. Kathleen, Charles. Marvis, Albert and Frank (deceased); aged 55 years. LANHAM: On Aug. 13. at Perth, Daulcina Alice, beloved wife of Albert John Lanham. of 58 Ruth-street. Perth, loved niece of Alice Fidock. LOVE: Passed peacefully away. Aug. 12. Mary Ann, dearly be loved widow of the late T. A. Love. 52 Glyde-street, East Fre mantle. lovinf mother of Nell, Era. Fred. Mena. Jean, Cliff, Jack (deceased), mother-In-law of Jack. Queenie. Win. Alf, Bill. June, dear grandmother of thirteen grandchildren. two great-grandchildren: aged 72 years. Thy Will be done. L.OVE (Mary Ann): On Aug. 12, 1952, passed away at Hollywood Hospital, loved sister of Sue and Alice. Peacefully sleeping. LOVE (Mrs.): For her sweet peace. for us loving memories. Edna. Ted. Mabel Keegan. MeCULLOCH: On Aug. 10, at Kellerberrin, James McCulloch loved uncle of Elsie, Albert and Faye.

DEATHS. MeCULLOCH (James): A loving tribute to the memory of our fond pal, dearly loved and sadly missed by Barbara and Jim Stevens. beloved uncle of Jim. BrPce and Betty. McCULLOCH (James): On Aug. 10, at Kellerberrin. in loving memory of Uncle Jim. Inserted by Chap, Pat and family. McGILP (Angus Nicol): In mem ory of Tups, passed away Aug. 7, 1952, loved brother and bro ther-in-law of Maisle and Ar nold Hirst. MULLER: On Aug. 13 1952 John William Muller, late of 21 King's Park-road, West Perth. To be privately interred in the Church of England Cemetery. Karrakatta. Mead. Son and Co., Funeral Directors. MURRAY: On A11. 10. at Collie Hospital. John Murray, late of "Glen Murray." Moodlarup, loved and respected friend of Mr. and Mrs. Saunders and George, of Collie. The long day closes. OCELLO: On Aug. 10. 1952, in memory of our very good friend Oily. Pals Peter. Jim, Bob. OCELLO: Result of an accident. Aug. 10. a tribute and a mem ory, sincere friend of Mr. and Mrs. Polini and family. OCELLO (Olindo): On Aug. 10, as result of accident, Olindo. friend of Mr. and Mrs. P. Farina and family: deepest sympathy to his family. OCELLO: In memory of Oily. R.I.P. Mr. and Mrs. Errichetti. OCELLO: In memory of OIly, dear friend of Mr. and Mrs. Rifici and Charles. He had a kind word for all. OCELLO: In memory of Olly. a fine friend. Always remembered. Sam Risioi. OCELLO (Olindo*: On Aug. 10. dear friend of C. Martella and family Rest in 'peace. OCELLO (Olindo): Aug. 10, re sult of accident. A sincere tribute to a very dear friend. Never forgotten. G. Raccuria and. family. OCEL;O: In memory of a dear friend. Olindo. Deepest sym pathy to the family. Mr. and Mrs. Moretto. OCELLO: Accidentally killed. Aug. 10. Deepest sympathy and fond re membrance of Oily, from Keon Medd. iOCELLO: in memory of Olly. friend of Elio and Rosie. ORLOFF: On Aug. 11, at Mel bourne, Abe. of 389 Barkly street. Elwodd, dearly beloved son of Sarah and tihe late Aaron Orloff, of Perth. brother and brother-in-law of Lil and Phil Shilkin, Sylvia and Am non Hirsch. of 136 Drummond street. Bedford Park, Joe and Eve,-Lena and Percy Pilpal, of 3 Spinoza-street. Mt. Lawley. Bert and Mahalla. Beck and Gerald Rosenberg. and Shirley and Michael Lewis. and ' fond nechew of Mr. and Mrs. A. Or loff, of East Fremantle, and uncle of Ronah and Renee Shilkin. Ron, Mervyn and Fay Hirsch. Raymond and Paulette. Rochelle and Rosalyn Pilpel, Rodney. Lynette and Michael. Rhonda and Robin Rosenberg, and Ronnie Lewis: aged - 34 years. PIEiSE: On 'Aug. 11. at Wagin. William John, dearly loved father of Fae (Mrs. Stott, Kal goorlie). father-in-law of Brian and granddaughter of Lynette. Sadly missed. RASOOL: On Aug. 12, 1952. Charles Rasool, of Mullewa. At rest. SCARFE: In memory of BobDy. only son of the late Robert and Katherine Scarfs, friend of the Gerrard family. Price-street. SIOMAN (Saran): At her daugh ters residence. Erudgere, N.S.W.. on Aug. 6, Sarah. dear ly loved mother of Marjorle, mother-in-law of Michael. dear gran of John and Michael Squire, oftMukinbudin: aged 87 years. Peacefully sleeping. TALBOT (Albert Jesse): A tri bute of the memory of the late Mr. A. J. Talbot. Manager and staff. Nannup Hotel. TAYLOR: On Aug. 12. 1952. Henry Samuel, the dearly loved husband of Janet Taylor. of 76 St. Leonard's-avenue. West Leederville, brother-in-law of Dorda Ross. By request no flowers. TOMLINSON (G.): Memories to day and always, mother. Tom. Mary. Bernie. Eunice. TRIGWELL (Maria Letitia): On Aug. 9. at Bunbury, loving mum of Ron, mother-in-law of Beryl and loved nanna of little Alwyn. Peacefully sleeping. TRIGWELL: On Aug. 9, at Bun bury. Maria Letitia, dearly loved mother of Pat, mother in-law of Pred and loving grandma of Bevan, Neil and Rodney. A natient sufferer at rest. Reunited with Lionel. WILSON: On Aug. 11, at his home, 14 King Edward-street. South Perth. OlGlbert Meikle, be loved husband of Jessle. Pri vately cremated at Karrakatta on Aug. 13. Donald J. Chipper and Son. WRIGIIT: On Aug. 11. 1952. Muriel UOrsula. late of 60 Wal cott-street. Mt. Lawley, widow of. the late Henry Bertram WrIght, loving mother of Dul cie (Mrs. Boyland), Vida and Hilton (deceased), mother-in law of Vance. grandmother of Dorothy and Marjorie, eldest daughter of the late Mr. and the late Mrs. J. A. Hicks, of Fremantle and Kalgoorlie, and man). Harry (deceased). Eileen (Mrs. G. B. Harwaood) Terence, Percy. Frederic. Eudofa .(Mrs. R. R. Hstwood). and Leslie; aged 66 years. WRIGHTSON: On Aug. 13. 1952. at Perth. Elizabeth Jane (B ale), widow o Joseph Wright son, of 6 Bulwe-r-sreet, Perth, loving sitrof Laura (Mrs. Blakely). Neil (Mrs. G. Bell). Fred Brokenaha and Minnie Mree. Blair)e a 5ears. W TSON (B.): Loving mem-' ory of dear Bmss. Passed on Aug. 13, 1952. fond aisler of the late BeV BrokenUha: sister-in-law of Hose. WRIGHTSON (Bossele: In fond remembrance of a dearly loved and life'on pal. Abide with me. Kit Bond. WYNOTOAM (Geoffrey): Loving memories of ms dear dad. Marjorie. FUNERALS. COE-3ONES: 'The Friendsi ofth late Mrs. Isabel Mary ue Jones. of Stratford-st.. in k~liy. are respectfully informed that her remains 'sll be inter red In the Weobeyso Dortion 0 tile KARRALKATT Cemetery. The Funeral willeave our C~hapel. 37 AdelaIde-at.. Fre mantle, mHIs (Thursday) AF TERNOON at 2 30 O'clock. ar riving at the Cemetery at 3 o'lockl. PROSSER SCOTI' AND CO. L2652. PEVEREUX: The Friends of Mr. and u.irs. W~. Devereux. of 21 Bali-t.Victoria informed that the remains of their late beloved son Denny. will be Interred in the Metho dist Cemetery. Karrakatta. TO. DA;Y (Thursday) at 11 a.m. Funeral will leave Private Chapel of WILLIAM SHELL AND SON. Midland Junction. at 10.10 a~m. IIANiON: W.A. Aimalgamated Society· of Railway Emdployeeei Union: Members of the ablove re rerPquestedb to atend the Fnrlof their late Member. Mr. Thomas Arthur llanaqn. For particulars see main notice. G. Resting. Sec.

FUNERALS. HANSON: The Friends of the late Mr. Thomas Arthur Han son, of 13 Barnfleld-road. Swanbourne. are respectfully informed that a Church of Christ Service will be held in the Crematorium Chapel, Karrakatta. at 2.15 o'clock THIS (Thursday) AFTER NOON. The Cortege will move from the Funeral Parlour of Horace L. Green, Stirling-high war, Cottesloe, at 1.50 o'clock. HORACE L. GREEN. Stirling highway. Cottesloe. Tel. F1681. iYLAND: Carpenters Union: The Members of tile above Union are respectfully requested to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Member. Mr. Wil liam George Hyland. Karra. katta, 4 o'clock TODAY. S. Ferrar, Branch Secretary. JAIES: The Friends of the late Mr. Alfred Ernest James, form erly of the W.A.G.R.. are re spectfully Invited to follow his remains to the place of inter ment, the Angllcan Cemetery. Karrakatta. The Funeral is ap pointed to leave Messrs. Bowra and O'Dea's Private Mortuary. 195 Pier-street. Perth. at 11.5 o'clock THIS (Thursday) MORNING, arriving at the Cemetery at 11.30 o'clock. BOWtA AND O'EA. 195 PIer-' street, Perth. BA43011. JAMES: W.A. Railway Employees Union: Members of the above are requested to attend the Fun eral of their late Member, Mr. A. E. James. For particulars see main notice. G. Keating. Gen eral Secretary. LANHAM: The Funeral of the late Mrs. Daulcina Alice Lan ham, of 58 Ruth-street. Perth, will take place in the Baptist portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery at 2.20 p.m. TOMOR ROW (Friday). The Cortege will leave D. J. CHIPPER AND SON'S Chapel, Hay-street. Perth, at 2 p.m. LOVE: The Friends. of the late Mrs. Mary Ann Love, of 52 Glyde-street. East Fremantle. are respectfully informed that her remains will be Interred in the Anglican portion of the FREMANTLEI Cemetery. .The Funeral will leave her late resi dence THIS (Thursday) AF TERNOON at 4 o'clock arriv ine at the Cemetery at 4.10 o'clock. PROSBER SCOTT AND CO. L2682. RASOOL: The Friends of the late Mr. Charles Rasool. of Mullewa. are respectfully invited to fol lew his remains to the place of interment, the Mohammedan Cemetery. Karrakatta. The Funeral is appointed to leave the Mohammedan Mosque, Wil liam-street. Perth, at 3.5 o'clock THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON. arriving at the Cemetery at 3.30 o'clock. BOWRA AND O'DEA, 195 Pier-street, Perth. BA4308. TAYLOR: The Funeral of the late Mr. Henry Samuel Taylor, of 76 St. Leonard's-avenue, West Leederville, leaves our Chapel. 664 Newcastle-street, Leederville. at 10.46 o'clock TODAY, arriving at the Crema torumn at 11 o'clock. By request no flowers. A. J. PURSLOWE AND CO. WHELAN: The Friends of the late Flora Whelan. of 88 Gros venor-road. Mt. Lawler. are re spectfully informed that her remains will be laid to rest in the Church of Christ Cemetery. Karrakatta. THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON. C. H. SMITH AND CO., Perth. Tel. OO88008. WEVBIGHT: The Funeral of the late Mrs. Muriel Ursula Wright, of 60 Walcott-street, Mt. Law ley, leaves our Chapel. 20 An gove-street. North Perth. at 1.20 o'clock TODAY, arriving at the Crematorium, Karrakatta, at 1.45 o'clock. A. J. PURBSLOWE ANT CO. WRIG5TSON: The Funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Jane (Bessle) Wrighton. of 6 Bul wer-street, Perth. will take place in the Methodist Ceme tery. tarrakatta. THIS (Thurs day) AFTERNOON at 3.20 o'clock. The Cortege will leave our Service Chapel, cnr. Beau fort and Bulwer streets, Perth, r.t 3 p.m. ARTHUR E. DAVIES AND COMPANY. 89400.