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R.A.N.Ships For Atomic Tests Call At Onslow ONSLOW, Sun.-Three R.A.N. ships called at Onslow yesterday in connection with the Anglo Australian atomic tests which, it is believed, will be conducted on islands off the north-west coast.

They were the motor water lighter 251, commanded by Capt. Forrest (Royal Marines), and the motor refrigeration lighter 252, commanded by Lieul. Wakeland (Royal Mar ines), which were escorted by the Warreen, commanded by Lieut. Pioch. This is believed to be the first occasion in R.A.N. history that two naval ships have been placed under the command of the Royal Marines. The two ships discharged 100 tons of camping equipment for the recently-established military camp at Onslow. Both ships sailed this morning to make a rendezvous with the British atomic ships Narvik and Zeebrugge, whose destination is understood to be the Monte Bellb islands about 80 miles north-east of Onslow.

Another arrival at Onslow yes terday .was the tanker Perna, flying the Royal Dutch flag, which discharged 4,000 tons of marine fuel which will be used for bunkering State ships on the north-west coast and pre sumably other ships calling at Onslow. As Onslow is unable to provi sion the military establishment, all fresh meat and perishables 1 needed there will be flown twice weekly to the town. The officer in charge of the military camp is Capt. Tom Car lin, whose brother, Benjamin t Carlin, received worldwide pub licity last year when he crossed the Atlantic in an amphibious jeep, I Mr. Ben Carlin is a West Aus- i tralian and was educated at the Guildford Grammar School., (British Warning, Page 3.)