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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. ANDERSON (nee Thomson): Atf Quairadlng. Feb. 6. to Kathl and Jack-a daughter (Kath leen Judithl. Both well. ARNOLD (nee O'Donnell): On Feb. 8. at K.E.M.H., to Patricia, wife of Luurence-a daughter (Cathryn Julle . Both well. BROWNE: At St. Anne's, Mt. Lawley, Feb. 6, to Molly and Frank-a son. CHARLESWORTH: On Feb. 6, at St. John of God, Subiaco. to Dorothy and Lester-a son. Both well. CONROY: At St. Anne's. on Feb. 6, to Kath and John, of Harley street, Highgaste-a daughter, (Kathleen Margaret). Both well. CORBITT: On Feb. 7, at St.l John's, Northam, to Eunice and W?al-a daughter (Leonle Peta* Both well. COWNIE (nee Seddon): On Feb.j 7., at K.E.M.H., to Marie and Stewart-a son (John Stewart). Both well. FARBER: At Wongan Hills. Jan. 30, to Ruth and Harry-a son tColin Ross). FERGIE (nee Pocklington): At Canberra, on Feb. 7, to Judith and Ron, of 111 Ross-road, Queanbeyan-a daughter (Gil lian Dean). GOLDING (nee O'Kane): On Feb. 6, at St. John of God, Sublaco, to Sue and Ern-a daughter (Kerry Lorraine). Both well. GRAHAME (nee House): On Feb. 4. St. John's, BunburY, to 8am and Dawn-a son (Stephen Douglas). Both well. GREEN (nee Stubbs Mills): Feb. 6, at K.E.M.H., to Peg and Tom-a daughter (Janice Rael. Both well. HANCOCK (nee Parsonage): On Feb. 7, at St. Andrew's, to Marg and Les-a daughter. Both well. HARMAN: At K.E.M.H., Feb. 7, to Laurel and Len-a daughtes (Lesley Ellen). HARRIS (nee Affleck): On Feb. 7, to Jean and Lin-a son (John Allan). Both well. HEANEY: To Val and Herrick, Feb. 6, at K.E.M.H.-a daugh ter (Jeanette Linda). HINGE: To Almna and Ken, at Harvey District Hospital, Feb. 2, 1952-a daughter (Cheryl Jan ice). JAMES: On Feb. 6, at St. Ives, to Glenis and Trevor-a daugh ter. Both well. LEE: On Jan. 29, at St. John of God Hospital, Bunbury, to Stella and Alex. of Brunswick Junction-a daughter (Maureen Jor). LEE: On Feb. 1. at Tresillian Hospital, Nedlands, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee-a daughter. McLENNAN (nee Pollock): On Feb. 6, at Kellerberrln. to Mavis and Ron-a son (Douglas Rob ert). Both well. ODGERS: On Feb. 6, at Beau fort Hospital, to Peg and Bill -a son (Raymond William). Both well. PARKHILL: TO MarJorie and Bob, at M.D.H., PlnJarra, on Feb. 5-a " daughter (Helen Merllyn). Both well. PERMAIN (nee Simms): At Kal goorlie District Hospital, on Feb. 6. to Pam and Keith-a daughter .(Susan). Both well. RAMSELL: To Peggy and Keith, Feb. 2-a son. Both well. STARCEVICH: At Boyup Brook, on Feb. 8, to Myrtle and Joe-a son (Colin Frederick). Both well. WARRICK: On Feb. 7, at Bar risdale, to Clare and Lyall-a daughter (Patricia May). WELLS: To Ella and Guy, on Feb. 6, at Carnarvon District Hospital-a daughter. Both well WHITE (nee Foster): On Feb. 6. at Bundi-Kudja, to Von and Lawrie-a son (Gregory Law rence). Both well. No visitors for five days. WHITEHEAD (nee Sweetman): At Harrisdale, to Elsie and Elmer -a daughter (Cheryl Lor raine). Both well. MARRIAGE. ISAAC-PAYNTER: On Feb. 6, at Mosman Park Methodist Church, Ailsa, younger daughter of Mrs. S. A. Paynter and the late H. H. Paynter, of Subiaco, to Gordon Leslle Isaac. of Steep-holh, Kala munda. PEARL WEDDING. PUGH-GRUBB: THE "SON and DAUGHTER of MR. and MRS. P. PUGH. of Ravensthorpe, have pleasure in announcing the 30th Anniversary of their parents' Wedding. solemnised on Feb. 9, 1922. GOLDEN WEDDING. RIDDETT-GRANT: THE SONS and DAUGHTERS of MR. and MRS. J. D. RIDDETT, of 18 Manchester-street, Victoria Park, are happy to announce the 50th Anniversary of their parents' Marriage, which was solemnised at St. Patrick's Church, Fremantle, on Feb. 10, 1902.

DEATHS. Abe, G. E. Marshall, T. Allen. L. M. Phllips. W. J. Brooks. i. Sands, 1H. A. Candeloro, G. Teakle, W. G. Golden, C. Thomas, C. F. Graham. A. A. Tuck, A. M. ilarratt, A. E. Webb, E. A. Henderson. A. F. Weston. R. Lamprey, G. Young. R. ABE (0. E.)A At Corrigin, on Feb. 5. result of accident, Erik, loved brother and brother-in law of Heawood and Nell, and fondest uncle of RoY and Rose Thy Will be done. ALLEN (L. M.): Deepest sympa thy to Barbara. George and Bill. from Mr. and Mrs. Abrahams and John. BROOKS: In memory of Ivan. Depest sympathy to Roy, Dorrie and family. Inserted by Jack. Ena and fam ily. CANDELORO: On Feb. 7, Giusep pe Candeloro, of Riley-road, Riv erton, beloved husband of Maria. loving father of Don. Spad and Joan, fond father-in-law of Mary and Asunta, beloved grendfather of Filma. Joe, Rosie, Angelina. and Mary, fond brother-in-law of Arthur and Rosa Travaglini; aged 56 years. Requlescat in pace. CANDELORO (Giuseope): Passed away Feb. 7, beloved cou sin of Carmine and Giuseppina Deciaque. godfather of Lul. CANDELORO: On Feb. 7. Gius eppe, beloved uncle of Camillo Odorisio. CANDELORO (Giuseppe): On Feb. 7. dearly loved uncle of Guerrino Capuzzi. CANDELORO: On Feb. 7 Gtus eppe, beloved uncle of Nicoll Abbonlzilo. CANDELORO: On Feb. 7, Gius eppe Candeloro, dearly loved grandfather of baby Mary. A loving memory. C'ANDELORO (Guiseppe): In memory of our mate, who passed awaylFeb. 7, 1952. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. A. DeCinoue. GOUDEN (Charles): At Holly wood, Feb. 2. Deepest sympathy, Aunty Lil and Percy. From Lii and Ethel. GRAHAM (A. A.) : Passed to peaceful rest. Feb. 4. 1952. loved friend of Mr. and Mrs. Meaden and family. HiARRATT: On Feb. 7, 1952. at Kalgoorlie. Albert Ernest. late of 8 Dorathea-street, Kalgoorlie. dearly loved husband of Mrs. Margaret Harratt, loving dad of Mr. and Mrs. Bert McKay, of Esperance. Mr. and Mrs. S. Mc Kay (Kalgoorlie), Mr. ant Mrs. S. C. Penn (Adelaide). Mr. and Mrs. W. Gillson (North Beach) and Mr. and Mrs. A. Smart (Perth). To be interred In the Kalgoorlie Cemetery this (Satur day) morning. A. and J. Kyle, Funeral Directors, Kalgoorlie. - HARRATT (Ern): Feb. 7, Kal goorlie: loved husband of Madge HENDERSON: On Feb. 8. 1952. at Hollywood Hospital. Allen Fen ton Henderson, dearly beloved son of Mrs. Agnes Epis and fond step-son of Mr. Matt Epis, lov ihe brother of Jack (deceased) and Edward (deceased) and lov ing step-brother of Netta (Mrs. N. Brady) and brother-in-law of Jack. R.I.P. HENDERSON (Allen Fenton) : On Feb. 8, passed peacefully away, fond brother-in-law of Nellie (deceased) and Joe Bor lini, loved uncle of Watlie, Lena and Michael. R.I.P. HENDERSON: Passed peace fully away, Allen, fond uncle of Kath and Zack Guidicl and lam ily. R.I.P. LAMPREY: On Feb. 7, 1952, George Lamprey. dearly beloved husband of the late Lucretia Lamprey, loving father of Doris and Lily. fond uncle of Stephen Wallace; aged 84 years. Privately Interred in the Karrakatta Ceme tery on Friday morning. Bowra and O'Dea, Funeral Directors, Perth. MARSHALL (Tom): On Feb. 4. called to higher service, loving son-in-law of the late Mr. and Mrs. 81ocombe. Sadly missed. Addie. Bill, Jean and Bill. PHILLIPS: On Feb. 7, 1952, at his residence, passed peacefully away. William (Bill), the dearly loved husband of Genevelve, lov ing father of Lottie, Harry, Dave, Lydia. Bill, Mabel and Connie; aged 76 years. R.I.P. PHILLIPS (William Jonathan): On Feb. 7. at Perth, loved father of Lydia (Mrs. Hyne), father-in-law of Bob, grand father of Roberta and Keigh. ley. Memories. PHILLIPS (William Jonathan): On Feb. 7, at Perth, loved father of Bill, father-in-law Chrissie, grandfather of Susan. At rest. PHILLIPS (William Jonathan): On Feb. 7. at West Perth. loved father of David. father-in-law of Alleen, grandfather Rodney. Murray, David and Robyn.

DEATHS. PHILLIPS (W. J.) : Passed peacefully away. father ot Henry, father-in-law of Eileen. grandfather of Barry. Beverley.1 At rest. PHILLIPS (William Jonathan),: On Feb. 7, 1952, at Westl Perth, Jona, father of Mabel (Mrs. Hart), father-in-law of; Norman. grandfather of Rose mary and Margaret. Till we meet again. PHILLIPS (W. J.) : Passed peacefully away on Feb. 7, 1952,. father of Connie (Mrs. D. Hill), father-in-law of David, grand father of Malcolm and Elynor, PHILLIPS (W. J.): On Feb. 7, 1952, passed peacefully away father of Lottie (Mrs. J. Bax ter), father-in-law of Jack, granddad of Joy, Robert. Peacefully sleeping. SANDS (Harold Alfred): Passed away Feb. 8, Launceston Hospi tal, husband of May and loving father of May, Dulrie, John and -Kenneth. SANDS (Harold Alfred): On Feb. 8, in Tasmania. A tribute to our late manager from the executive and staff of Orlando wines. TEAKLE (Winnifred Gertrude): On Feb. 8, at Northampton, dear- ly beloved daughter of Gertrude and John Chapman, loving sister of Lilian, Elsie, Ivy, Violet, John. Lawrence, Sydney, Joyce. Phyllis, Enid, Ronald. Our family chain is broken. TEARLE (Win) : Dearly loved sister of Ron and Beryl Chap- man. TEAKLE (Win): Loved sister and aunty of Syd, Mavis, Owenie and John Chapman. TEAKLE ( Win) : Loved sister and aunty of John, Meg and Chap- man children. TEAKLE (Win): Loved sister of   Laurie and Flo Chapman, aunty of Judith and Pauline.   TEAKLE (Winifred): Treasured memories of Win, beloved sis- ter and aunt of Phyl, Lionel and family. TEAKLE: Loving memories of   Win, sister and aunty of Joyce, Charl and Boulton children. TEAKLE (Win): Dearly loved sister of Enid and Bill, aunty of Alan and Carol Vidler. TEAKLE: Treasured memories of Win, loving sister of Ivy and Cyril, aunty of George, Win and June Davis.   Thy Will be done. TEAKLE (Win) : Loving memor- ies from sister Elsie, and Garnet Rock, aunty of Graham. Lance, Warren. TEAKLE (Win): Loving sister of Lil and Dick Keyte, aunty of Eileen Mandy.   - THOMAS (Chas. F.): Deepest syinpathy to Poll and Dulcle. I From Bloss and Ray Connolly and family. TUCK (Aileen Margaret): Deep est sympathy to Marge. Ivan -and boys. From Mr. and Mrs. Edward and family. WEBB (Elizabeth Ann): On Feb. 3. loved grandmother of Jean and Don, and great-grandmother of Donald and Robert (deceased). Rest in peace. WESTON: On Feb. 7. at her home. 20 East-parade, Mt. Law le., Rosina, widow of Joseph Weston, loving mother of Walter, Frank, George, Grace (Mrs. Ark iand) and Evelyn: aged 90 years. YOUNG: On Feb. 7. at Perth, Robert, of Buntine, loved brother of Sam: aged 51 years. YOUNG: A tribute to our old friend Bob, passed away Feb. 7, ' 1952. i Kindly remembered by Ivy and Wally Manby and the families of the late Arthur Counsel. FUNERAL NOTICES. CANDELORO: The Friends of the late Mr. Gluseppe Candeloro, of Riley-road, Riverton, are respect fully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kar rakatta. The Funeral is appointed to leave St Brigid's Church Fitzgerald-street. West Perth, at S8.30 o'clock THIS (Saturday) MORNING, arriving at the Ceme tery at 8.50 o'clock. Requiem Mass will be celebrated in St. Brlgid's Church, at 8 a.m. BOWRA AND O'DEA, 195 Pier street. Perth. BA4308. HENDERSON: The Friends of the late Mr. Allen Henderson, of 205 SOxford-street, Leederville, and formerly of the 1st and 2nd A.I.., are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Karrakatta. The Fune ral is appointed to leave his late residence at 3.40 o'clock NEXT MONDAY AFTERNOON. arriving at the Cemetery at 4 o'clock. BOWRA AND O'DEA, 195 Pier street, Perth. Tel. BA4308. - PHILLIPS: The Funeral of the late Mr. William (Bill) Phillips, of 110 Havelock-street, West Perth, arrives at the Karrakatta Cemetery at 11 o'clock TODAY. The Cortege leaves our Chapel, 664 Newcastle-street. Leederville, at 10.40 o'clock. A. J. PURS LOWE AND CO. I WESTON: The Funeral of the Ilate Mrs. Rosina Weston, of 20 East-parade, Mt. Lawley, will take place in the Karrakatta Cemetery at 10 a.m. TODAY. The Cortege will leave St. Al ban's Church, Highgate, at the conclusion of a Service which will commence at 9.20 a.m. D. J CHIPPER AND SON. BA2454. - YOUNG: The Funeral of the late Mr. Robert Young. of Buntine, will take place in the Cremator ium. Karrakatta, at 11 a.m. TO DAY. The Cortege will leave D J. CHIPPER AND SON'S Chapel, Hay-street, Perth, at 10.45 a.m.