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SWIMMING TEACHERS CONTINUE WORK All teachers yesterday continued to -instruct at vacation swimming classes for schoolchildren despite the threat from the W.A. Amateur Swimming Association that they would lose their amateur status.

Four of the 60 teachers in volved approached the super visor of the classes (Mr. R. M. V. Elliott) with requests to withdraw. However, they agreed to con tinue when Mr. Elliott pointed out that they would not be pro fessionals until they had accept ed payment from the Educa tion Department. Rolf Harris, a State amateur swimming champion who was teaching at vacation classes, said yesterday that he had spoken to many instructors dur ing the day and all had regard ed the position as ridiculous. The instructors, most of whom were graduates from Teachers' Training College, were teaching children to save their own lives, not to win swimming races. Ruling's Origin The question had its origin in Queensland where Jeanette Holly, a well-known swimmer, had taken a position as swim ming coach with a school, Mr. Harris said. She had sought clarification of her position from the Olympic and international swimming control body (F.I.N.A.) in Paris. They ruled that if she accepted payment she would be a professional. Harris added that he would defend his State amateur free style and backstroke titles at Crawley Baths tonight. The secretary of the W.A. Amateur Swimming Association (Mr. G. Yewers) said last night that Harris would be allowed to swim in the championships to night if, before competing, he gave an undertaking that he would not accept any money as a teacher of swimming. Asked what his association's attitude was towards swimmers who had received payment as teachers in past years, he said that what had been done in complete ignorance probably would be overlooked. Suggested Move Any person, however, who re ceived money despite the warn ing through the Education De partment would have to be dealt with. "I regret that this position has arisen," Mr. Yewers said, "but my association is bound to fol low the directions of the con trolling body." If the Education Department were to protest officially, he said, the swimming board of control probably would con sider the possibility of recom mending to the Australian union that such teachers of swimming be granted exemp tion. When informed of the associa tion's attitude, the Supervisor of Physical Education (Mr. R. E. Halliday) said that, before the finish of the classes, he would ask for exemption for the teachers who were helping the department in the normal course of their duties. (Other Sports, Page 9.)