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Our Melbourne correspondent tele- graphed last night:-The Governor-General and Lady Tennyson had hoped to remove to Sydney early next month, but owing to Lord Tennyson's indisposition, and the difficulty of finding a suitable residence in the country' large enough for their require- ments, 'they have decided to avail them- selves of the offer of the South Australian Government', and spend the summer months at Marble Hill. They propose to make Sydney their headquarters in March


At the meeting of the Board of Gover- nors of the Public library, Museum, and Art Gallery on Friday, the Lieutenant Governor was re-elected president and Sir Charles Todd vice-president for the ensuing'

year. f

Representative Batchelor, the Hons. R. S. Guthrie and A. A. Kirkpatrick, Messrs. Price, M.P" «nd Coneybeer, M.P., who, with Senator McGregor, will represent the South Australian labor bodies at the forth- coming labor and political conference in Sydney, left by the Melbourne express on Friday, It it expected that they will be absent foe, about three weeks.

.Mr. Louis Giles, the well-known licensed  

landbroker, who carried on business in   Davenport Chambers, Cuirie-street, for many years, died on Friday morning. He was a highly-respected citizen, and many years ago was a prominent cricketer, and played with the old Kents. He was also an amateur athlete, and at one period was closely identified with the defunct Ade- laide Amateur Athletic Club. He married rather late in life a daughter of the Rev. Canon Andrews, and his widow and five children--the oldest of whom is under 20 years, survive. Mr. Giles was not quite 59 years of age, and in the early days of the S.A. Company he was engaged in the office

under his father, the late Mr. William   Giles, who was a sub-manager. He had been ailing for about six months.

Mr. J. M. Black is to be entertained at the xork Hotel by his old press associates to-night.

On Monday evening Mr. E. P. Morris, mayor of Dunolly (Victoria), invited some

of the townsmen to the'council chambers to commemorate the 50th year of his resi-

dence in Victoria. Mr. Morris, who came to Australia with his brother, Mr. J. T. Morris, late mayor of Mount Gambier, re- lated how they brought out with them a dray, packed with men's clothing, and on arrival in,Melbourne took the clothing in a wheelbarrow to 'Paddy's market,"' and disposed of their goods at prices that were most profitable, afterwards selling the dray

for £50.

* j » i .

¿The Rev. A* Law, of Harrogate, who is retiring from the Presbyterian ministry, afe*?. 41} years' active service, was present- ed: ydth an-address and a purse of sovc

.- reigns on Monday.

The Rev.rT. Lee, who has just left Mar- rabel .for Brompton, has been presented witty :> a tgold v chalice by, his ! former pariahionep. ' ,

Madame Melba, accompanied by Sir Ru- pert Clarke, Lord, Richard .Nevill, and Miss, Clarke (daughter of the Victorian Go- vernor), was present at Fitzgerald's.circus, in Shelbourne, on Wednesday night.

Students, of the Melbourne .Conserva- torium of Music, at the invitation of Pro , fesspr. Peterson, will attend the concert of / Mdlle.w Dolores ,in Melbourne Town Hall

to-nigh^, special seats being, reserved for

them* ,

~Íit,j'. Graham Dow, who,visited China, India, Japan, and South Africa as »Govern- ment Trade,.CommÍ88Íoner from New Zea- land,'has returned. He expects good re- mits"from his trip.

Mr. James Travers, Secretary for Mines in^Victori», retired on Wednesday, after

¿O.Jeàrs/^ «ervine '°* tne¿ <îei>a,rtnÀÇnî' . ^e wa« pre'wnted by lus. colleagues wita a handsome,aUver tea and coffee service.,

Mr. Duncan .Mcpherson, a well-known rrtation-owner of the Hamilton district, died on,Wednesday at the age of 64.

Premier" Irvine (Victoria) expects to de- liver'his Budget-speech in about a fort- night. ¡T» \

'Representative Sir John Quick prose- cuted for the^ Crown at the Bendigo Gene- ral Sessions this week.

The,9ev,.M. R. Neligan, M.A., of St. Stephess, Westbourne Park, London, has been appointed Bishop of Auckland in suc- cession, to Dr. Cowie. , .

Sir E. A. Stone, Chief Justice and Ad« minis^rator of the Government of West Australia, has been so ill as to have to xeauun in his room.

Dr. Archibald Megginson, formerly medi- cal officer to prisons in Perth (W.A.) died in Sydney on Sunday, aged 47 years.

The Rev. L. Menzies Weir (Presbyterian) died ati Point Lonsdale, Victoria, on Tues- day, aged 57 years.

Prince Edyrard of ,Saxe-Weimar, whose death was announced this week, was the King's host at North Berwick during Oc- tober, and he filled the position of ¡Com mander-in-Chief in Ireland from 1885 to 1890. Though these years included a few of the .most troublous in recent times in Ireland, Prince Edward won great popu- larity among the people of Dublin. His stay at the Royal Hospital-better known in Dublin as the "Old Man's House"-is still remembered with most kindly feelings.

The Villa Woronzow, at Florence, has

been purchased* by Mr. Henry Labouchere,

M.P., the Radical member for Northamp- ton, and, proprietor of London "Truth." The house, which was designed by Michael Angelo, is surrounded by beautiful grounds and gardens, with fine terraces.

Miss Joyce.'Beryl Brown, the 9-year-old daughter of á Hobart musician, won two gold medals and .three certificates last week

in the-musical competitions at Bathurst (N.S.W.) ' ,

Apropos of the rumor that King Edward intends to confer the order of G.C.B. upon the President of ,tne French Republic, it is interesting to note that the King of Den- mark is'the only European ruler who has received that'distinction. Among others who have it "are the Khedive of Egypt, the Crown Prince of Prussia, the Crown Prince of Greece, and the Sultan of Morocco.

Major-General Sir H. W. Meiklejohn, v ho is in command at Lucknow, will hand over that charge to Sir Alfred Gaselee after the Delhi celebrations have ended, and re- turn to England. -. Sir Alfred Gaselee's du- ties as umpire at the Indian manoeuvres, to be conducted ty Viscount Kitchener in

i January ai the time of the Durbar, will ne-

cessitate Sir Hope Meiklejohn remaining some short time after Sir Alfred's armai in the East*

Mrs Margaret Boulden, who died at Woodside recently, was, before she mar- ried Mr Boulden, the widow of Mr. Hugh Wallace, of Woodside. She left nine sons and two daughters.

Concerning a recent dispute as to the birthplace of Mr. Gladstone, the "Westmin- ster, Gazette" of October 14 quotes the fol- lowing extract from a speech delivered by the late statesman at Barmouth in 1892: I am a Scotchman by blood, I am a Lan- cashire man by birth, I am a kind of Lon- doner by living so long there. I belong to most parta of the country-(laughter)-bm my wife, as most of you know, is a good Welshwpihari, and I think that to a great extent she has infected me. (Laughter.)

Lord Granworth, whose death was an- nounced jon Octobe» 13, was perhaps better known as Mr. Gurdon. The same title has probably never been borne in so short ;. space of,'time as in his case by peers of two entirely different families. The previous Lord* Cranworth, who was contemporarj with the late baron, was Lord Cfiancellor.

A precedent exists for Lady Samuel's no inination of eight maids of honor to attend her on Lord Mayor's Day, in London, or. November 9. Maids of honor are men turned as attending Lady Norman when hei husband, Sir John Norman, proceeded it state by water to be sworn in at Wcstmiii

«terïh HS*~the nxs^lord-Mayor's shov on