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  • doug.butler 25 Jan 2012 at 01:37
    Unitarian Church in Wakefield Street, Adelaide, not Kensington

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Loss Of Hospital Ship

Casualty List

Red Cross Representative Was South Australian

Mr. Wilfred Francis Darwin Clark, who was the Red Cross representative on the Centaur, was a South Australian whose home

was at 59 Brigalow avenue. Ken sington Gardens. Be was a director of H. M. Martin & Son's Stoneyfell Vineyards. A returned soldier from the last war, during which he was wounded, Mr. Clark joined the Volunteer Defence Corps when it was first formed here; but, moved by a lively sense of public duty, and wishing to take some more active part in this war, he offered his ser vices as an honorary Red Cross officer in any capacity in which the society could use him. Be was called upon by the Red Cross nearly two years ago; and, having served for some time on the hospital ship Oranje, he was appointed to the Centaur shortly after that ship was first commis sioned. Mr. Clark was educated at Prince Alfred College and Roseworthy Agricultural College. He was a member of the Unitarian Church, Kensington Gardens. He leaves a widow and two daughters. Misses Rosemary and Emily Caroline Clark. A brother, Mr. Edward Clark, is lecturer in engineering at the University of Adelaide. Last night, in paying a tribute to Mr. Clark's memory, the general secretary of the Red Cross Society in South Australia (Mr. C. P. Alien) said:—"l knew Mr. Clark personally for a number of years. He was a particularly likable man, and from our reports we know that he was very popular among the troops on the hospital ships in which he served. He was an able and excellent officer of our society, and we deeply regret his loss In such tragic circumstances." Miss Rosemary Clark first heard of the Centaur's loss yesterday when listening to the midday news from a wireless set at ttoe Stoney feU vineyards, where she is em ployed. A representative ol the company took her home, where the news was broken to her mother and sister. An official telegram re porting Mr. Clark "missing, be lieved drowned," was not received by the family until late In the afternoon. Sister M. H. McFarland was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McFar land. of Cowell. She trained at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and after she enlisted served for a period as liaison sister between the Dutch and Australians on a Dutch hospital ship.

The following casualty list, con taining Army personnel on board the snip only, has been released:— Missing, Believed Drowned By Enemy Action SOUTH AUSTRALIA.—Dvr. R. C. Gavanagh, Dvr. B. S. Trlgg, Sister M. H. McFarland. and Mr. W. F. Clark (Red cross represen tative). New Sooth Wain Ma]. I. H. Sender. Opt. L L. Bedkober. U. R. W. Miles. L.I. L. N. Chadwlck. Capt. S. D. Foley. Pte. W. B. Bailey, Pte. J. Annls-Brown. Cpl. W. c. Black. Pte. H. A. Bladen. Pte. J. W. Bracken. Pte. W. J. Butt, Sgt. P. J. Bracken. Pte. K. P. Bourcbler. Pte. L. H. Clark. Pte. J. A. CUydon. pte. E. A. Chapman. WOI C. C. Dut&eld, Pte. H. V. Donohoe. Pte. H. S. Fehranbach. Pte. C. E. Flshwiek. Pte. W. D. Gar&t, Pte. C. A. Ooffett. Pte. C. T. Gordon. Pte. R. J. Hewison. Pte. N. A. Bodglnson. Set. K. R. Haynes, Pte. A. R. Kemp, Pie. A. R. Least Pte. H. H. Least Pte. J. Lucas. WO2 N. M. Lesnie. Pte. J. ON. Moran. Pte. R. F. Mort. L/Cpl. 6. G. McSklmmlng. GP3 T. E. McCaskle. Sgt. E. L. Newell, Cpl. R. O'Connor, Pte. A. R. Povey. Pte. H. O. Roberts. L/Cpl. R. L. Robinson. Pte. J. E. Stan ley. Pte. J. A. Stevens. ' Pte. R. O. Stubbs. Pte. R. Swlnbum, Pte. A. E. South, Pte. J. V. Thomas. CpL J. Thorpe. L/Cpl. W. C. West, Pte. A. H. Williams. Pte. E. P. Williams. Pte. A. Kood. Pte. G. Wright, Dvr. A. T. Adams, Dvr. .W. R. Burns. Dvr.' A. N. Bayly, Dvr. W. J. Colemane, CpL K. N. Cor bett, Cpl. J. K. Evans. Dvr. F. L For tier. Dvr. C. B. Hayward. Dvr. K. F. Hogan. Dvr. R. I>. LlUas. -CpL E. L. Lotee. Dvr. J. K. Mansfield. Dvr. O. P. McQulre. .T/Mai. G. B. Jones. Capt. R. Johnston, Lt. M. E. Wheeler. Lt. 8. B. Westhorp. Pte. F. W. Anderson, Pte. R. Annls-Brown, Pte. K. E. Benton. Pte. R. McG. Blackman, Pte. A. Boyd, Pte. B. W. Brewer, L/Sgt. G. R. Bush, S/Sgt. T. D. B. Barlow. Pte. A. V. Brown. Pte. N. B. Clark. CpL H. R. T. Cross. Pte. F. J. Denne. Pte J. P Doherty. Pte. Q. Fawcett, Pte. R. W. Flndlay, Pte. D. R. Garbntt. Pte. W. T. Geagoan, Pte. W. H. Qor&. CpL A. Gunning. Pte. J. W. Hoare. Pte. J. H. Hembrow. Pte. 8. R. Johnston. GP3 C. Lambert, QP3 H. M. Least Cpl. J. J. J. Loader. Pte. 8. F. Lyttelton. QP3 c. Q. Montgomery, GP3 C. O. Miller. L/Cpl. C. 8. McKay. Pte. H. J. MeGnlre. Sot. W. O. Mc- DougaU. Pte. H. V. Oakley. Pte. R. H. Overett. Pte. A. Reid. Pte. C. U. Robin son, Pte. L. R. Statte. Pte. H. B. Ste phens. Pte. J. Stewart. Pte. L. B. Swan, Pte. L. Salmon. Pte. J. Tawsrt. Pte. D. L. Thomson. Pte. E. O. Wattns. Pte R. H. Westendorf, S/Sgt. D. K. Williams. Pte. A. Wilson. Pte. I* S. Wood, Pte. C. Woods. Pte. W. E. Barnes. Dvr. J. R. Alexander. Dvr. G. F. Bosh. Dvr. B. D. Colezax, Cpl. B. S. Collins, Dvr. G. R. Etheridge. CpL W. A. Evans. Dvr. S. G. Galvan. Dvr. T. H_ Hayward. Dvr. W. T. Lawson. Dvt. A. Irfixig. Dvt. E. L. Lyneham, Dvr. O. G. Murphy, Dvr. E. L. Owens, Dvr. V. A. Palmer, Dvr. H. E. Sheard, Dvr. S. E. Sweeney, Dvr. J. J. Walder. Cpl. O. A. Winder. Sgt. J. Ferraw. Ma]. G. Cooley. Cast. bTf. Hindmarsh. Sister E. King, Sister E. A. Shaw. CpL S. R. Burroughs, Pte. R. R. Hutchison. Pte. L. G. OckwelL Dvr. R. A. Pain, Dvr. G. P. Shepherd. WOI A. K. Thomas, Dvr. O. A. Wilson, Dvr. A. Wlnterflood. Cpl. T. A. Lee. Ms]. L. Holland, Sister R. F. Hanluln. sister M. Moston, Sister D. J. Wyllle. Pte. W. E. Burrett Pte. N. McLean. CpL L. Moss.

Victoria.—Lt-Col. C. P. nusm, Capt. G. L. Thomas. U. A. B. Johnson. Chap- Cap t. E. G. iAVerlck, Matron 8. A. Jewell, Bliter M. L. Adams, Sitter A. M. O'Donnell. Sister m. M. Rutherford. 81s ter W. Walker. WO2 L L. Williams. L/Cpl. c. Le Brun, L/Cpl. A. J. Cooke, L/Cpl. M. J. O'Brien. Dvr. 8. R. Bond. Dvr. S. J. BlmpK>n. Queensland.—S/Sgt. F. J. Mycock, Pte. T. W. O'Neill. Pte. C. Richardson, Pte. B. W. Thompson. Pte. E. C. Vin cent, Dvr. A. D. Fortler. Sgt. M. K. Phil lip*. Cpl. J. C. O'Sulllvan. L/Cpl. R. Law. Pte. M. Smellie. Pte. L. r. Collins, Pte. F. L Clegg. Pte. J. H. Kerr. Pte. A. F. MaynardT Pte. G. F. Altchison, Pte. J. McG. Browne. Pte. M. H. Cum mings, Pte. J. M. Forrest, Pte. V. M Jackman, Pte. P. M. Le Grand. GP3 F. J. Lynagh. Ptc. T. H. Mlley. Pte. E. R. Perrett, QP3 X. J. Power, Pte. H. F. Richardson. Pte. Q. Bnpton. A/CpL N. U Walker. CpL M. A. Williams, Cpl. D. W. Moore, Pte. E..S. Melbon. Pte. J. M. Clark. Pte. N. E. Perry. Pte. A. Howaon. Pte. J. C. Maynard, T/M.J. C. E. Thelander. Pte. D. L. Bo wen. Pte. L. J. Cripps, Pte. W. B. Carey. Pte. V. Friedrlca. Pte. S. Q. Hollow*?. Pte. J. J. Key, Pte. H. H. Lowe. Pte. J. Mar shall, S/Sgt. J. Taylor. Pte. U i. Hen derson. Tasmania.—Drr. C. A. Fowler. Admitted To Hospital Mew Svadi Wale*.—Pte. P. G. Kelly, exposure and shock; Bister E. Savage, fractured ribs, bums, and shock; sgt. L. B. Hooper, exposure and shock: Pte. F. B. Cbldgey, exposure and shock; Pte. T. C. Hegariy, exposure aDd shock; Pto. J. H. Argent, exposure and shock; Pte. M. G. W. Taylor, exposure and shock; 8/Bft. D. Ifetcalf, exposure and shock: Pte. G. L. Murphy, exposure and shock; Sgt. W. T. Cornell, burns and shock; CpL A. J. Taylor, exposure and shock; L/Cpl. B. Jones, exposure and shock: CpL K. Lange, exposure and shock; Pte. K. G. Murray, exposnre and shock; pte. F. 8. P. Miller, exposure and shock; Dvr. J. L. Bayly, exposure and shock; Dvr. L. 3. Morgan, exposure and shock; Dvr. A. H. Dlckson, exposure and shock: Dvr. G. W. MteGrath. exposure and shock; Pte. B. Paton, exposure and shock: Pte. X. L. Ravenscrott. exposure a&d shock. Victoria.—Pte. R. C. Ishenrood, frac tured wrist and shock; CpL A. E. Blair, exposure and shock; B/Sgt. a. R. Carter, exposure and shock; Pte. L t O. Bid mead, exposure and (hock; L/CpL M. P- Thomas, exposure and shock: CpL T. C. Malcolm, exposure and shock. Queensland.—WO2 J. C. Johnson, ex posure and shock; PH. T. McCosker. exposure and shock; Pte. O. O. Jones, exposnre and shock; Pte. J. Conlson, ex posure and shack; Lt-COL L. McD. Cut ridge, abrasions, ourns, and shock; Pte. A. U Pettlford, exposure and shock. Tasmania,—CpL T. Hobden, exposure and shock.

Mr. W. F. D. Clark