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Jockey's Anxious Moments In Closing Stages


Saini Warden, who travelled from Melbourne to run in the Port Adelaide Cup at Victoria Park yesterday, nar- rowly won the £ 1,000 race, but before the succeed was gained his rider. V. Hartney, who won the Melbourne Cup

on Dark Fell, experienced anxious moment*.

Hartney sunered from cramp Ini one of his legs when the field was! I about three and a half furlongs! from home, and he stated after the) race that he nearly fell off the horse, who was the Cup favorite. Hartnev Mild ths'. Saint Warden was making a smart run on the outside of the field when be was attacked by cramp, and he could use only his hands in his effort to drive the gelding along. How ever, alter Saint Warden bad lost ground, he ?ai able to use both bands and heels, and bis mount responded gamely. Re did not have any fear of defeat once Saint Warden began, to Craw on the leaders in the straight. Saint Warden, who arrived In Adelaide only a few days before bis Port Adelaide Cup engagement, worked well In bis brief was always a firm favorite in the betting, although the wayward Shalcreal was strongly supported against him. I SalDl Warden has proved an excellent, bargain to bis owner-trainer. Mr. C.: Nicholson, of Mordialloc. Victoria, who: In a few weeks has won two important j racer after having purchased bim fori 300 guineas. In winning the first dlvl-l HOn of the CaulOrld Cup late in Octo-| her, Bt. Warden credited Mr. Nicholson i with a prln of £3,900 and a £100 war: bond, mid the ahtre of jtKtrdsj*. stake' was £7SO. When owned by a Western; Australian sportsman. Saint warden won i the Fisher Handicap and ran third ml tbe Adelaide Cup In 1940. With the champion 13.1 pony Gold Kit. Mr. Nich olson won 9i races. Including a match race with Golden Grove, some rear* ago. Indignity, winner of the Port Adelaide Cup in 1939. made nod ol the running In yesterday's race, and most prominent oebind him were Snakreal. who tbis time threw off his waywardness and jumped away smartly. Garfleld, The Hyphen and Tlmaroo. The lastnamed moved up handy to the pacemaker at the home turn, but Indignity retained leadership until near the two furlongs poet. Shakreal then assumed command, and wb?n he was dear tie appealed w have the nee In his safekeeping. However. Shakreal tlrad badly, as also did Vaga ?e. who had put Sna claim, and with Us sustained run Saint Warden hit the front. He was immediately tackled by Lord Kldaton, but, although the latter finished strongly, the Victorian represen tative withstood tbe -challenge. I*>rd KMiton-s atablemat* Chief Watchman ran on fairly well to cut Shakreal out of third place, with alias Rebecca, who was unlucky in running, n?u to cross the line. Early in the race The Boss sot on the heels of Arbiter and both lost ground. Fifth Successive Win Superior stamina gave Miss Inchaqulre victory U the Blrkenhead Hurdle after Star Actor bad made most of the pace ahead of Lime Rock and Insullte.. L. Boot*, rider of Saluda. received an eye injury Irom a clod of dirt thrown up shortly after tbe start. nrst Aid. winner of Uw ttrat division or the Croydon Handicap, Is by the im ported horse BnOeld. sire of the VRC Oak* winner Cast atod and other (mart gallopers. Star Duchess won her flfth successive race when she scored effortlessly In the Oakland* Plata, and aeb equalled tbe per formance of Hegemonic, who won nve races in a tow alter having been beaten at her nrrt start. Exciting Finish In the second division ot Ibe Croydon Handicap, In a desperate Bnlfh. after the favorite. Little Hock, seemed to have the measure of the strong cnauenger Rothe say, the latter fought back, and tbe pair were almost locked together over the last furlong. The verdict went to Rothe say by half ? head. Finishing fast, wide out on the track. Kerry Go Round made amends tor seve ral past failures to beat Happy Voyage and Birkalla In the St. Vincent Welter. Fenbrae. favorite, wai squeezed back early in the race. He made up much ground in the straight. ' Replace was aoon passed by Young Eastern in the Benson Stakes. The latter hung on gamely to withstand a challenge from Brazen King. Replace bas pace, but she did not do her best when the early lead was taken away from her Results:— BIRKENHEAD HXJRQLK. Ot £160. 2nd £35, 3rd £15 out of stake, abt. a m.—%. A. Malison* c m MISS INCHAQDIRE. by Inchaqulre—MUs Forma (91. a. 9.3 (Wilson), l; TNSTJLITE (31, b g. 9.6 (Lawrence). 2; LIME ROCK (41. P K. 9.1 (Green). 3. Other*—Durauta UOl. 9-11 (Bracken); BUr Actor (111. 9i (Clark): CindnatU (11. 9.1 (Shaw); Parana Lass (7>. 9.0 <Horrock>>; Salretto ts>, 9.0 (Mooney); Saluda (8). 9.2 (Boots): Tlppe rary (5). 9.6 (Gottfriedl. SP—S/4 M&S INCBAQUIRE. 3 Star Actor. 4 Ume Rock. 9/2 Insullte. 12 Parana Last. Duranta. Div?.—Win. £1 16/: place. El 6/. £3 "2/. £1 13/. flat—Win. £2 2/6; place. £1 10/ £2 7/6. XI 12/6. Winner trained by V. Q. Brook. Miss Inchaqulre flnt into the straight from Insullte. Won by 6 ten.. 8 len. Star Actor lour, then Sal retto, Parana Last, and Saluda. with Tipperary last. Baluda lost many lengths. Cinclnattl's rider was dislodged at the post. Duranta pulled up. 3.38 V?. CROYDON HANDICAP* of £150. 2nd £35, 3rd £is out or stake, abt. 6% f First My.—Mrs. A. E. Trim's h g FIRST AID. by Enneld—Piaster <I 2). 4 y, S.lO (Carllng), 1: PRINCE ALFRED (81. b g. 8.2 (Raven I. 3; GENERAL VAIN (16). eh, 8.5 (Wblt&keri. 3. Others—St. Clalr 114). 9.13 t Lechmere); Myriad (131. 8." (Medhurat): Flldesmle (51. 7.13 (Cowlel: Technique (li. B.S (Patching); Lake Ll mond <181. B.S iAdams); Tartan Chief I6i, 8.4 (Tomlsom: Brldgedale <9i. 8.6 (Graetz); Le Side (17). 8.2 (C. Blight X Satisfy (10). 8.2 (Fleet): Vitalise <7>. 8.1 (Power); Cremona (13). 8.1 (Mala vichK Psnthos (21. 8.1 (PatUsom: Sharada (11). 8.0 (Amnfleld. SP —6/4 FIRST AID. 9/2 General Vain. 6 8t Clair. Prince Alfred, 7 Myriad, 8 Vita lise, 10 Fildesmic 12 Lake Llmond, Sharada. Dlvs.—win. £2 10/; place. £1 12/. £2 2/, £2. rut—win, £2 12/6: Place. £1 10/. £1 17/6. £2. Winner trained by W. (i. Brodle. St. Clalr first into the straight from General Vain Won by 11% len., head. FUdetmic fourth then Tartan chief. St. Clalr. Lake Ll mond, Vitalise and Myriad, with Cre mona last. Le Side and Lake Umond were slow to leave the barrier. 1.2134. OAKLANDS PLATE, of £250, second ?50. third £25 out of stake. About 5 f.— S. CurnoWs br f, STAR DDCHESS. by Duke John—Solar Star (31. 2 y, 8.0 (Carllng), 1; ALIMONY, b c (5). 2 y. 8.0 (Lecbmere). 2:VANCRIS. b f 16). 2 y., 7.9 (Pattbom. 3. Others—Bis Honor (12). 8.0 (Mclnerbeney): Kunlmonlc (11. 8.0 tMuln); Shakram 14>. 7.9 (Raven) S_P.—l/2 basis (no straight out betting)— E\ens star Duchess-Alimony. 2 Kunl monlc. 5/2 Vancrte. 4 Shakram. 10 His Honor. Diva., win. £1 2/; place. £L, £2 12/. Flat. win. £1 5/; place. £1 2/6. Winner trained by 3. M. Brett. Kunimonlc first into tbe straight Irom Star Duchess Won by 4 ien.. 2.4 len. His Honor fourth, then Kunlmonlc and Sbakram. I.2Vi. PORT ADELAIDE CUP. of £1.000. second £150. third £100 out of stake 1 m. 3 f.— i. Nicholson's b X SAINT WARDEN, by Lord Warden—Halo (7). a., 9.0 (Hartneyi. 1; LORD KTDSTON. br E (13). 4 y.. 7.8 (Annfleldl, 2: CHIEF WATCHMAN, b g (5). 5 y.. 7.6 (Raven). 3. Others—Shakreal (IS) 8-3 (Whitaker): Monvale (9i. 8.3 (Lessue); Vagarie (121. 8.2 (Heagney): Miss Rebecca (111. 8.0 (Carlingl: Indignity id. 7.11 cMclner heney); Blue Table i4h. 7.10 (Orr)! Tre gcon? <Bi. 7.10 (Gle&non); Arbiter (18). 7.9 (Medburst): Tunaroo (20). 7.7 (Tomlsoni; Garfleld (13). 7.5 (Nlchollsi: Main Link (191. 7.2 (Moyse): The Hyphen (22). 7.5 (Ryan. J.); Gold Flight (16). 13 (Power); King Silrtns (14). 7.7 (Lechmere): Sir Amras (21. 7.6 (MulM>: The Boss (16). 7.0 (Wallace) SP—5/2 SAINT WARDEN. 7/2 Sbakreai' 7 Miss Rebecca. Blue Table. 8 Chief Watchman. 14 Tlmaroo. 15 Garfleld. Lord Kldston. Vagarle. Monvale. The Hyphen. 16 Main Link. Dlvs_ win £4 12/: place, £2 4/. £6 6/. £4 6/. Fist. win. £5 12/6; place. £3 10/. £6 10/. £4 IS/. Winner trained by owner. Indignity first into the straight from Sbakreai Won oy 1 len.. Vi neck. Sbakreai fourth then Miss Rebecca. Monvaic. Vagarie. Kins Silvius and Blue Table, with The Hyphen last. 2.22 H. CROTDON HANDICAP, or £150. second £35. third £15 out of stake. 6'A (. Second dlv.—S E. Bowes's b X ROTHESAT. by Rob. Roy—Whlttlck (2). 4 y.. 8 2 <Hesgnevi. I; LITTLE HOCK, br g (H. 4 y . 8.4 (Mules). 2: HTLAS. b g (61. 5 y.. 8.10 (Patching). 3. others—Black Silk (3). 8.7 (Elderl: Blue Express <16i 8.5 (Lechmere): Miss Comlque ? IS) 8.5 (Goldsworlhy); Lakasla (121. 7.9 (Rlbauxl: Gossiping (11). 8.2 (Raven): Mandate <10i. 8.2 (Power); Battle Flsg (141. 7.12 (Glennonl: Nellie Gun (17) 8.1 (Tomisoni; Rsflress (9>. SO (BlIEbt): Pindar (18). 7.13 (Whltakerl. SP—5/2 Hylat. Little Hock. 7/2 Black. Silk. 4 ROTHESAY. 10 Battle Flag. Mandate. 12 Gossiping. 20 Nellie Gun. Dlvs—Win. £6 14/ Plsce. £2. El 6/. £2 10/. Flat.—

11 Win. £6 15/. Place. £2 10/. £1 7/6. £1 j !| L:ltli Bock first into :h*" straight from" ' Bylas. Won by '? hd .li len. Battle : Flag fourth, then Gossiping. Nellie Gun. . Pindar. Black Silk, and Blue Express. ' tritb Miss Comique tailed off. 1.22'?. ST VINCENT WETjTER. of £150. second ; £35. third £15 out ol ftake. 1 m.—D. M. J. HaMs br or bk g MERRY-GO-ROUND. ? by King of Mirth—Simcha (5. 6 y.. 8.7 ? (Graetzl. 1: HAPPY VOYAGE, hr m <211. a.. 8.6 iMalaTich). 2: BIRKALLA. c g ' (3). 6 J. 8.8 (Mclnerheney). 3. Others —Dartlord (It. 8.10 <Whltakeri; Penbrae 1 (2). 8.8 (Carllngi; Golden Prince (18). : 8.4 (Fleeti: Wlluna (Bi. 8.4 (Adamsi: Air Fox (9>. 8.2 iMedhursl); Bold King il6i. 7.12 i Mover >; Jessie's Dream (131. 7.12 1 (Glennont: Lady Jean f2O!. 8.1 <Raven!; Air Dash (12). 8.0 (Power): By Goom (.41. 7.7 lOrrl; Corrin t6i, 8.0 (Toml ?oni; Fine Pennant (IT|. 8.0 (Stirlin?i: Gipsy King '141. 8.0 (Ryan): Iceland (15) 8 0 <Nicholls>* Neoflak (191. 8.0 ! iC. Blight I; Sbalah iTi. 8.2 (Patching); 'Sparkling Jot ill*. 8.2 (Heagney). SP :—7,4 Penbrae. 5 Birkalla. 11/2 MERRY ; GO-ROUND. 6 A!r Fox. Dartford. 7 Rappv >? Voyage. Golden Prince. 10 Jessie's Dream. |16 Bold Di*?—Win. £7 10/. Place. E2 2/. 13 16/. £3 2/. Fiat—Win. ' r.5 5/. Place. £1 12/6. 15 10/. £3 7/S. ! Winner trained by owner. Golden Prince I first Into the straight from Happy Voyage. ! Won by li len.. '-. len. Dartford fourth. j then Penbrae. Ooldra Prince. Shalah. and Air Fox. Kith Neo?ak last. Fine Pen nant, who was left, was tailed off. 1.41 M> BENSON STAKES, ot £200. Second. £40: third. £20 out of stake. About 64 f.—C L. Moorhouse's br g YOUNG EASTERN, br Eastern Monarch—Delysia <7>, a.. 7.5 (Ravtnl. 1; BRAZEN KING, b g <8) a 7.12 (Lechmerel. 2: RE PLACE, br r (51. 3 y.. 7.10 <Wnltak?rl. 3. Others—Woolcombe (131. 8.8 (Graetzi; Pimlieo ill. 8.0 (Nichollsi: DIU? Dally (fil. 7.2 iMooren Lore's Scho (4>. 7.4 (Ryan). BP—7/4 Wooleombe. 2 Re p>ce. 3 Bra gen King. 9/2 Plmllco. 7 YOUNG EASTERN, 25 Lore's Echo 33 DIUy Daily. Dlts.—Win. C 9 12/: place. £2 12/. £2 18/. mat.—Win. £8 10/; place. s2 IS/. £3 12/6. Winner trained by H. G Porter. Young Eastern first Into the straight from Replace. Won by "< len- 1 len. Wooleombe fourth, then Dllly Dall* and Love's Seho; 1?. Doable *Tote.—Dlt. for 5/ —Saint War den—Merrj-Go-Round. £10 11/9; Saint Warden—Sappy Voy&a*. £4 7/9. Enquiry Into Fall Of Hone Adjourned At Victoria Park yesterday tbe stipen diary stewards opened an enquiry Into the fall of Pimlieo near the four furlongs' post in tbe Benson. Stakea. After some evidence had been taken'the enquiry was adjourned until Saturday to enable R. Nlcbolls. rider of Plmllco. to five his ver sion of the mishap. NiehoUs sustained sllghL concussion. L Armfleld. rider of Lord Kldston in tbe Port Adelaide Cup. was suspended from riding in races for ona month for bating caused Interference with Monvate (B. Leesue) about a furlong and a balf from the winning post. The club's veterinary surgeon (Mr. 8. J. Kneebone) reported that Indignity broke down after having ran In the Cup A protest entered by ft Lawrence, rider of Inralite. against E. Wilson, rider of Miss Inchaqulrc for Interference at the seven furlongs' post in the Birkenhead Hurdle, wax dismissed. As the barrier rose In the Bardic i. Shaw, rider of Clnclnattl, w?? dislodged. Before the start of the Cup the starter sent Blue Table (O. Orr) back to the mounting enclosure to have the (addle re adjusted. As the barrier rose In the Croydon Handicap (second division) Miss Comique (O. Goldsworthyi refused to more off with the rest of the field. Mr B. S. Pickering was charged £1 tor use of the club's colon on Gipsy King In the St. Vincent Welter. M. Mclnherheney m fined 1 for ex cessive use of tbe spurs on Birkalla In the Weltert G. Mules, rider ot Kunimonlc In the Oaklands Plate, wat fined £1 for dis obedience at the post. Charity Meeting.—entries tor the charity meeting, to be held at Morphett vilie on Saturday week, will close at 4 p.m. today at the FARC Office. Hr. Cartin Vislta Jockey.—Mr. Curtln visited tbe WA Jockey T. Unkovlch In hospital on Sunday, unkovlch, who wat severely Injured in a racing smash at Moonee Valley recently. Is now off the danger Hit.