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East Torrens Wins Lacrosse Minor Premiership


East Torrens.. with a win over West Torrens on Saturday, clinched the la- crosse minor premiership, and. as ex- pected. Sturt. University No. 1 and West

Torrens follow in that order. A feature or East Torrens's win was tbe outstand ing performance of Barbour and Lambe In defence. Brighton performed creditably against Start, but had no counter for Levies: and Mllde. who dominated the forward play. Deaf Adult sained a well-earned victory over Port Adelaide, and. as a result of Its success, finished the season In fifth position. Results:— Sturt 19. d. Brighton 5. Goalthrowers —Winners. Levirlt. Mllde < S>. Wood 4. Hollis. Seltb leach 2). Church Losers. Gooley 4. Basse 1. Best players—Win ners. Taylor. Wood. Milde. Keane Church; Losers. Hamilton. Basse. Gooler. TregU gas. Jones. East To/Tens 17. d. Wesr Torrens 8. Goalthrowers—Winner*. Symoods 7. Gepp 4. Nesblt. Nock leach 2>. Schmidt. Behrndt. Losers Bishop 3. Bcboop. Talnsb (each 21. Martin. Best players— Winners. Barbour. Selth. Nock. Lambt. Nesblt Losen. Wlnsvuley. Bremen. Gray. Mlntan. Deaf Adult 17. d. Port Adelaide 8. Ooal throvers—Winners. Job 6. Poynton 3, Baroett. Eddy (each 2). Brldse. Losers. Cogglns 4. Buder, Parr. wHUarns. WU- Uamson. Best plajners—Winners. Job. Tunbridse. Bddj. BaraeU Losers. Cos tinit. X Forest. Woods. Ftorbes. Dar ravh. University No. 1 28. d Cnlrersltv No. 2 9. Goalthrowers—Winners. R. Wall man 12. Nancarrow 7. Kenlhan 6. Clarke 3. Bromne!d. Losers. Kclsey 6. Plsk 2. Phillips Best players.—Winners. 'Wall man. Elliott. Clarke, Bromfle'd Losers. Kel&ey. Phillips. Wunn. Rsk.