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Prosecution Witnesses Refuse To Answer Before Mr. Clarthe SM:-

During the hearing yesterday of four chances against Albert Augustine Ed-   wards. licensee of the Black Lion Hotel. Hindmarsh of having committed acts of

gross indecency with two other male per-     sons, the chief witnesses for the prose-     cution refused to answer questions on     the ground that it might incriminate them. This led to the dismissal of the information.   When he was recently remanded there   were only two charges against Edwards   and the offences were alleged to have   been committed at the Black Lion Hotel   in September and October last against   Clifton Carling. New charges were that he had committed similar offences at the hotel on January 22 and 22 against   Carlings brother. Derrick Carling       The Assistant Crown Prosecutor 'Mr.     Pickering handed a Governor's pardon     to both the witnesses. When he examined Clifton Carling, soldier, of Malvern. Victoria, most of his questions   met with a flat denial or were not an- swered, the witness saying thai his re- plies might incriminate him   Mr Pickering—l suggest to you that somebody has persuaded you to change the story you told to Detective Grow?   Witness—They have not.   Was it your idea to change tehe story you told him?—l was torced - I refuse to answer. You said something about belng forced.     That wasn't relating to Edwards was it?   -No.     Whom do you say forced you? - Detec-   tive Grow.   He put the thtrd degree over you did   he? -Yes.     Mr Eric Millhouse .who mtl Mr   Harry Alderman appeared for defendants   -Did he use any force wwards you?—   Yes.   And was it as a result or thai tnat you made a statement to the detective? That is correct.   Derrick Carling, laborer, of Alfred   street. Norwood also refused to answer   questions   Called by the prosecutor. Constable B   R Harvey said that a statement (pro-     duced) was made voluntarily, and signed   by Derrick Carling at the City Watch   house.     At Ihis Mr Pickering intimated that in view of the fact that his two  

principal witnesses had gone back on their evidence, be had no further evi- dence inculpating defendant. The other evidence which he had was insufficient to make out a prima facie case on any of the four counts. He therefore, would tender no further evidence. Mr Clarke—ln my opinion there is not sufficient evidence to put defendant on his trial on any of the four counts. The Information will be dismissed.