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Historic Play From 5 AD

The play from 5 AD At 7.30 p.m. to- morrow is a special feature, "When You Come Home." which stars Max Orbiston, Peter Finch, John Gray end

and Ronald Morse In the narrative. Kadis PUyhsnse.—The setting for Tuesday night's play. "Once ? Pirate." ts Jamaica in the romantic days of the < colorful pirate. Henry Morgan, whose ad- ! venturous nature aas turned to more i useful account by an Inspiration of the King, Charles n. Morgan has a diffi-i cult task in quelling disturbances caused by rival factions led by Gavin and Major Ormsby. and at the same time be lias the added burden of looking after the interests of his 19-year-old ward, Roberta, who will not be persuaded to leave for England and security. When James came to the throne of England. Bit Henry Morgan's position was in Jeopardy, >nd tie writing story reaches a gripping False Of The People.—ln this popular session on Wednesday afternoon, an other collection of absorbing stories from tbe lives of unusually Interesting people will be presented by interview with-John Cameron, awl by dramatic interpreta tion. Sperling-.—A racing service will be pro vided throughout this afternoon, when Ted Madigan win describe events from the Adelaide meeting, and Eric Welch wm broadcast from Melbourne. A sporting resume will be given in Steve McKee's sports pages at 6 p.m. and 6.4S P-m. In future the Tuesday and Wednesday sports pages Till be of 10 minutes dura tion to accommodate country trotting and racing notes. At 9.15 p.m. today, Oeoff. Roberts will report on tennis ac tivities. Kadi* Opinion Poll.—Tbe questions posed in last Wednesday's Radio Opinion Poll made it difficult for anyone to re flect the concensus of opinion, and. in fact, there was no entry conforming to that condition. - Mr. c. A. Ijeonard. of Glandore. missed the prize of 10/ by answering one question contrary to the majority of votes. There fore, next week the initial prize win be £1. increased to £4 if the winner attends the Port Adelaide Ozone Theatre on Wednesday. Entries for the SDH should be to hand at 5 AD by Tues >y. Questions are:—L Should open-air concerts of "Music for the People" be encouraged? 2. Are you of the opinion that brunettes are more attractive than blondes? 3. Do you consider that motion picture bouses are catering sufficiently at matinees for the entertainment of children? 4. Is tbe present trend in In ternational affairs leading us to an early war with Russia? 6. Do you consider Australia would materially benefit from an intensive campaign on wheat produc tion? 6. Do yon believe in husbands being expected to hand over their weekly pay envelopes? 7. Do you favor the establishment of a body covering all shades ef public opinion In censorship of motion pictures? 8. Should business people be expected to vacate their seats in trams and buses after 4.30 pjn.? 9. Should the secrets of the atomic bomb be made available to all nations? 10. Are you in favor of husbands being allowed one night of complete freedom from family ties? Proceedings of tbe poll ore broadcast on Thursday at 2.1t p.m. Tbe Bit Parade.—At 7 pjn. today and 10 pjn. tomorrow. Gersldo and his or chestra play one of tbe most popular numbers from tbe film, "Anchors Awelgh"—"l Begged Her." Spike Jones andrJs orchestra present an original novelty arrangement of tbe old bit, ?Cocktails for Two," and Jack Payne and bis band gives one of tbe most popular bits ot the moment, "Just a Prayer Away." Other top-liners of tte present are, "Into Each Life a little gain Most Fall,- by Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink-spots and "Laura" by Anne S>IUU>IB Hie Making.—At 9? S-m. this week's "Bits In tbe Making" brings four new melooy bits by Oeraluo. Firstly, a number that has made ? tremendous hit overseas, "Symphony" then from tha film, -Anchors Awelgh," Geraldo gives "My Heart Sings." A revival bit that Is up and coming in popularity is "You Came Out of Wowhere." from the Him of tbe same name, and In conclusion Is beard another revival bit, this time tbe popular -Summertime.*' from Oeocge Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess." FtsKiu Tenors. —Robert Naylor Is the featured artist in Sundays "Famous Tenors" programme at 5 p.m. He sings ?The Serenade" from Bomberg1* -^Stu dent Prince." and "Dreams." Famous gngn?h tenor, Webster Booth, gives a very fine rendition of Mendelssohn's "On Wings of Song." and Joseph Schmidt sings. "Wine and Waltt." Another high light from this programme is a duet br Emmy Bettendort (soprano) and Herbert Ernst Grob ttenor). "The Autumn Song." Two Ways Of Doing It.—There are three interesting contrasts this week In Stwo Ways of Doing it." at 2.45 pjn. to morrow. Vladimir Horowitz and the NBC Orchestra play the original arrange ment of Part 1 of the first movement of TschaJkovskys "Concerto No. 1 In B Flat" Minor: and then comes an In teresting contrast by Freddy Martin and orchestra, who play it osjder ttetiU. of "Tonight We love." Carroll Gibbons and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans play a concert arrangement of Irving Berlins "Song is Ended." then Louis Armstrong and the Mills Brothers takeover Sid ney Burchall is heard in a straight ren dition of the lovely "Pagan Love Song, and tbe contrast is also pleasant hearing by Felix Mendelssohn and bis Hawaiian Serenaders.