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I CAME across a notice in "The Times." London, announcing the death suddenly on December 10. at East Preston. Sussex, of Mary,

widow of Dr. Charles Gosse, end daughter of the Hon. G. C. Hawker. i aged 87. After IX". Gosse's death in 1885 as the result of a brougham acci dent in Htm street, Adelalde, his widow went to England to live. He was a son or Dr. William Gosse. TO ROW FORCAMBEIDGE DO WING devotces are interested in the news from London tbat Mr. Jock Gosse. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H Gosse, has been chosen to row six in the Cambridge crew in the great inter-'varsity boat race on tbe Thames on March 30. He will thus have tue fflstincr tion of being tbe fiist Soutii Aus tralian to get a Cambridge rowing blue. (Mr. Cudmore, MLC, by the way, is an Oxford rowing blue). Mr. Jock Gosse is the youngest of four brothers who have rowed head of the river in St. Peters Col lege eight on Adelaide's River Tor rens—Rob and Jock were stroke and Jim and Ted were bow. SA. MAN IN CANADA VESTERDAY Mr. John Sincock showed mc an lnterestlng letter from Toronto from a fellow mem ber of Parkside Bowling Club, Mr. Howard Ellis. whose son is pro fessor of dentistry at Toronto uni versity. Mr. Ellis went to Canada last September. At time of writlng, he was about to leave for jamaica for a t ew months. In New York he says he heard the pick of the world's talent in Der Meistersinger and Tann hauser at the Metropolitan Opera House. RecaUing bridge games at Park side clubbouse, Mr. Ellis tells of his American experience:—"i have played only contract over here, and most embarrasslngly have won three times out of four, and, rather strangely have the reputation of a tendency to bid no tramps. "I find the bldding very lnterest lng. especially when tfaere is a need to keep the calling open so ttiat the game ean be bid bef ore it ceases, as they say here that a cpiick game j —the scoring of a game on one hånd—is the only way of winning a game and its attendant points above. "Any points scofed below the line that dont make a game are merely added to the total score at the finish, but have uo value towards scoring game. The score above for a Eaine is 300 if not vulnerable, and 500 if vulnerable, whlch steps up the bidding to the highest pomt" STTRT CRICKET CUJB A REUNION of past and present memoers of vie Sturt District Cricket Club will be held at Unley Oval on tbe night of February 27. The secretary (Mr. R. C. Scott), care of Deane & Keen, 70 Grenfen I street, city. would like to hear from these past members, who cannot be traced:— R. Pearce. F. Langsford, M. Ken nedy. H. Attwool, F. Ashmead. .W. Eirby, R. Deslandes, J. Reld. A. Colb^, A. E. Pettman, c. H. Pearce, R. Ramsay, J. K. D. Ross, H. Fisher. J. T. Roberts, A. I>. Bradshaw, C. E. Jones. Tilley. Bell and Osborne. WCTX-KNOWN SEEDSMAN I>BOPIÆ doing business in Rundie street east will remember Mr. Frank F. Cleacnt, whose recent death closéd a career in tbe same premises as a seed and graln mer chant extending over 50 years— from 1894 until he gave it up last year because of 111 health.

Second son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clement, he was bom at Gawler in 1873, and was a young man when his parents removed to Parkside. He became Interested In Young street Methodist Church, and held every office open to a layman untfl he transferred to Brighton, where he lived for 16 years. Mr. Clement's many interests included membership of the East End Market decoration committee during the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York In 1901. He was an early member of the Adelaide Lancers. He has left a widow and three married daugh ters.