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Big Demand For Glenelg Allotments

Blocks valued at between £30,000 and £40,000 on 30 acres of vacant ground at Dunleath, near the cor- ner of Brighton and Jetty roads,

in the Glenelg district, were sold on Monday. A spokesman for Bennett and Fisher, Limited, the firm which was assigned to handle the sale, said yesterday that no publicity what ever had been given to the sale of the land, which had been held for 40 years by Miss Charlotte I. San dison, of Glenelg, and trustees of her sister's estate. Nevertheless, there had been "a terrific demand" for the 114 allotments offered. He could have sold thousands of allotments in the area had they been available. Almost the entire area had been sold on the one day, only two or three allotments re maining for sale the next day The firm had sold the first half at Dunleath about 20 years aso when the blocks realised £2 to£4 a foot. On Monday prices from £4     to £7 a foot were paid. Prices had been approved by the delegate to the Treasurer before the sale on the pegged values of 1942. Miss Sandison said that about 87 years ago her family leased the land, which was an open section for farming. Forty years ago. she and her sister had inherited the land from Mr. E. L. J. McHenry son of Dr. McHenry, the original owner. They were the McHenry family's oldest tenants, and Mr McHenry had no descendants so the land was willed directly to them. She had not offered the land be fore because she had not desired to throw too many allotments on the market, but she now felt that the release of the land was necessary for Glenelg's development