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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, DEATHS, MARRIAGES   Not exceeding 4 lines, 2 '6; each addi-   tional line, 1/-.   Notices forwarded for insertion in the Births, Deaths, Marriages, Engagements,   or In Memoriam columns should be   signed by the PERSONS CONCERNED.   BIRTHS   ATKINSON (nee Trenerry). —On Sep- tember 8, at Unley Private Hospital, to   Bobbie, wife of Lieut. J. Atkinson —a son (premature). Lived one hour. Thanking Dr. Stee'e Scott, matron and staff.   BAIGENT (nee Davis). —On September 9, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Edna   and Ron —a son (Frank Ronald). BANWELL (nee O'Halloran).—On Sep-   tember 5, at Wolverton Private Hospital,   Semaphore, to Margaret and Rex —a son.   BATTY (nee Le-Bis). —On September 9,   at Henley Beach Private Hospital, to   Yvonne and Max —a son (Raymond Maxwell). BIELBY. —On September 9. to Dorothy, wife of Sgt. George A. Bielby (A.I.F. abroad) —a daughter. Thanking Dr. P.     Rodriquez and staff or Unley Private   Hospital.   CADMAN (nee Wilson). —On September ?, at Calvary, to Joan and Ivan (R-A.A.F.,   Pacific—a daughter (Wendy Joan).   CORNISH. —On August 28. at Gume- racha S.M. Hospital, to Dal and Vi —a son.   Both well.   CURNOW. —On September 4. at St. Ives, to the wife of Robert N. Curnow,   R.A.A.F. —a daughter (Jenifer Ann). Thanking Dr. Shafer, Sister Horsnell and   staff. FARR (nee Paterson). —On September 9. at Sister Lewis's, to Chaplain and Mrs.   A. P. Farr—a daughter (Coralie Frances).   FARQUHAR (nee Collett).—On Septem-   ber 7, at Rowan Private Hospital, to   Allan and Nancy— bonny daughter   (Sandra Elaine).   GRAY. —On September 1. at Penola, to Joyce and Curtis—a daughter (Maxine   Kaye).   HOAD. —On September 1. at the Lobe- thal Hospital, to Ethel and Joe—a bonny   son. Thanking Dr. Jungfer and hospital   staff.   HUNTER. —On September 9, at Rowan Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hunter —a son (George Lawrence). JENNINGS (nee Lewis). —On Sunday, at Memorial, to Gordon and Joyce —a   son (Gordon Leigh). Both well. Thanks   to Dr. Parkhouse and staff.   KEENE. —On September 10, at Memo- ria. Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Keene announce the birth of a son.     LOCKETT (nee Bierworth).—On Sep-   tember 6, at Quambi, to Dorrie and   Walley —a son (John Alfred Lewis). Both well. Thanking Dr. K. M. Texler and hospital staff.   LOVELOCK (nee Munro). —On Septem- ber 7, at Barmera Hospital, to Melva     and Lance —a daughter (Lois Nell).   MANNION (nee Leahy).—On September 5, at Calvary Hospital, to Pat and Frank   —a daughter. Both well. Thanking Dr.   Leditsehke and nursing sisters.   MALE (nee Matthews). —On September 9, at Hindmarsh Hospital, to Mary and Bernie (ex A.I.F.)—a daughter (Brenda   Shir.ey). Thanking Dr. McKenzie, matron   and nursing staff for kind attention.   MCDONALD (nee Kuchel).—On Septem -  ber 3, at S.M. Hospital, Murray Bridge,   to Ivy and Roy—a daughter (Fay   Lynette). Thanking Dr. Heddle and Staff. McNICHOLL (nee Joyce Barns). —On   September 8. at Memorial Hospital, to   Sq-Ldr. M. D., R.A.A.F., Pacific, and Mrs.   McNicholl—a daughter. No visitors until  15th. MILDWATERS (nee Wilton). —On Sep-    tember 7, at Koonawarra Hospital, Ka-,   dma, to Feronia and Erie—a son (James ?% Calmway). Thanking Dr. Raises and a staff. mriHTB TTn September 3. to Iris and k Jim iRJLA.F.I—a daughter (Denlse & Marion*. Thanking stair. Queen Victoria n Hospital. rhUXm (nee Dohntl.—On September g 8. at Henley Private Hospital, to Rene j, and Cyril, late of 2nd * TF.—a daughter 7 (Kay Gwenyth). Thanking Dr. Glaston- „ bury and staff.   TOLLaIO—To SUn and Edna—a a daughter (Heather Agnes I. { POWELL.—Or September 10, at Henley Beach Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. , H. Pocrrll—a son (Michael Arthur). Both „ welLTbanking Dr. Chandler end staff. t < QDINN mcc Sellars). —On September ' ?. St. Ives Private Hospital, to Sylvia, a vile of Lindsay—a daughter. Special 1 thanks to Dr. Glaslonbury, matron and „ staff. SAMDOW ?nee Meyer*.—On September j 10. at the Birth Hospital, to Elsie and D Eex—a son. WALTER On September 9. at Park r Terrace Private Hospital, to Katherine, p wile at Lewis Walter—a son. | BIKTHDA.YS £ Birthday Rreetincs are extended to the ii undermentioned members of tbe Chil dren's Hospital Birthday League. All s communications regarding birthdays in f thU column must be addressed to the ? Lay Superintendent, Children's Hospital, i ( Horth Adelaide. Minimum Insertion fee. b Mr. aidrtey Bondftl'Victoria a?., Unley ? Park; Mies Ara.uen Boomer. "QKnlyon," UcUehMnpton; Hn. R. I, Gene, 1 Rodda t ay., Fullarton. ? 0 BfABRIAGES 1 HURTORD—HA6E.-^-The marriage of d Ida E.. only chUd of Ur. and Mrs. B. J Hase. of Exeter, to dement A. eldest c son of Mr. W. Hurford. Gaolwa, was ?jolemnised at' Pirie Street Metfa. Church t en Sept. 7. o SILYEB WEDDINGS . * CORRZU,—PUXirS Mr. and Mrs. R. ?> W. Carrell, 42 Tferltan road. wisA to an- 9 nounce tht 25th anniversary or their marriage, solemnised at Pirte St. Me- F thodlst Church, Sept. 11. 1920, by the C Rev. S. Forsyth. ? FUNKE--CDRRAN.—Mr. and Mrs. t Funke, of 8 Major avenue. Marleston. < wish to announce rhe 2Sth anniversary of s their marriage, solemnised at Flinders Street Baptist Church, Adelaide, Sept. d 11. 1920. by Rev. Peter Fleming. > HAKVEY—Mr-Mrs. A. E. harrtr. so I Prince's road. Mltcham, wish to announce rhe 25ih annlTersary of their wedding, r ?o^mnised at the Parkside Methodist C Chnrco, S-pu 11. 1920. by Rev. w. A. r SHORT.—Mr. and Mrs. Horace O. W. i iihort, of Barmera. wish to announce tiie 39th anniversary of their marriage, 1 colemnisee at St. Matthew's Church, I Jfarryatville, September 11, 1920. by the 1: late Re*. Robert W. G. Dempster. '? SHORT - LEE,- Mr. and Mrs. H. O. W. Short announce the 25th anniversary of   their wedding, officiated by the Rev.   Dempster at St. Matthew's Church of   England, Marryaville, on Sept. 11, 1920,   Present address: Box 2. Barmera VOGT—CNGEL.—Mr. and Mrs. B. H. c Vogt. ?f Allandalf North. Kapunda. wish ; to annmmcf their 25th wedding anni ?versary, solemnised on Sept. 10. ISCO. at 1 the Punders Street Lutheran Caurch toy ] the Rev. Pastor Jamsow. I APPROACHING MARRIAGES DE STE CROIX—BOWLEY.—The   marriage of Thelma. eldest daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. W. N. De Ste. Croix of   Croydon. to Frank, oniy son of Mrs. J.   Bowley and tbe late Mr. H T. Bowley. of Croydon. will be solemnised at St. Saviour's   Church. Hindmarsh, on Saturday,     September 15. at 630 p.m.   DOIXMAN—BREEZE—The marriage   of Prances Jean, eldest daughter of Mr.   and Mrs. Guv H. Dollman, Burra. to Ro bert James, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.   Jamea Breeze. Renmark. will be solem   nixed at St. Marys Church. Burra, on Wednesday. September. 12. at 3 p.m.   GTJLTARD—OAKLET—The marriage   of Shirley, eldest daughter or Mr. and   Mrs. L. Gulyard. of SandwelL to Bill, i11.1T.. ret.l, eldest son of Mrs. and the   late W. A. Oakley, of Cheltenham. S.A.,   will be solemnized at St. Paul's. Port   Adelaide, at 7, on September 15.   HARTWIG — SCHMIDT.—The mar riage of Lila, youngest daughter of Mr.-   Mrs. T. H. Hartwig, of Eden Valley, to   Bert, youngest son of Mr.-Mrs. C. G.   Schmidt, of Low Bank, will be solemnised at St. Peter's Church, Eden Valley, Sep   tember 19, at 7 p.m.   McDONALD —JOHNS. —The marriage of Jean D.. only daughter of Mr. and the   late Mrs. W. D. McDonald, of Bute, to George 0., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.   T. H. Johns, Victor Harbor, will be sol   emnlsed at the Scots Presbyterian Church,   North terrace, on Saturday, September 15,   at 2.30 p.m. (No reception).   McftUNNON—TEABXt—The marriage   of Clara, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.   J. McKinnon. to Colin, only son of Mrs.   and the late Mr. F. Teakle. will take   place in the Methodist Church. Middle ton, on Saturday, September 15. at 7 p.m. P'moORE—MOTSE.—The marriage of   Mona M.. eldest daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. P. Moore. Goodwood, to Pee. Michael J. Moyse. youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.   W. Moyse. Edwardstown, will be solem   nised at Holy Cross Church. Goodwood,   en SatUTdav. September 15. at 9 a.m. RAU —BROOK. —The marTiane or Dor-   otby. e!d>r daughter of Mrs. E. and the   late Mr. F. Rau. of Mile End. to Murray only son of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Brook, of Woodche.'ter. will be solem   nised at Queen of Ansel* Church. The   barton. September 15, at 6 p.m. ROBINSON —MOSS. —The marriage of Lorna, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs   G. H. Robinson, of Plympton. to Geof   frey, youngest son of Mrs. G. Moss, of     Broome, W.A., will be solemnised at the   Alice.Springs Methodist Church on Sat urday, September 15, at 7 p.m.   TONKIN—TUCKER—The marriage of   Molra. fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs.   R. Tonkin, of Yorketown. to Leonard, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. G. Tucker. Curramulka. will be solemnised at St. Columba's Church. Yorketown. Sat   urday. September 15. at 10 a.m. WTATT —COX,—The marriage of Lil   lias Mary, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wymtt, Grange, to Milton Howard, eldest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. A. A. Cox. Dulwich, will be solem nised at St. Agnes Church, Grange, on Saturday, September 15, at 5 p.m.   ENGAGEMENTS CCRNOW—BTJRFOKD.—The engage ment is announced of Rae, only daughter of Mr.-Mrs. W. Curnow. of Paskevine. to Leonard (R.A.A.F.). eldest son of Mr.- Mrs. C. Burford. 5 Prospect terrace. DEANE—LOBES.—The engagement Is announced of Lieut. Joyce iA.A.NS 1. second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W H. Tjrane. of Meadow?. S.A.. to l^ance-Cpl. Allen, second ron of Mr. and Mrs. P. W.   Lores, of Asbgrove, Brisbane. (Both   A.I.F., Borneo.)   FITZGERALD —WOOLMER. —The en gagement is announced of Clodagh Dawn,   younger daughter or Mr. nnd Mrs w. 4. T-nzaisraM, of Glenrle. tn L.A.C. Kenneth 1 Henry (R.A.A.F.. Dar^tn>. ?lrt?r son on Mr. and Mr*. J. G. Woolmer. of Franks ton, Victoria.  

ENGAGEMENTS GAGE —COOK. —The engagement is an nounced of Catherine Ada. second daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. S. Ga?e. 244 Wright street. City. 10 John Mervyn. youngest son of Mr. and !£rs. W. E. Cook. 46 Gladstone road. Mile End. HCISB—HOSKING.—The engagement is announced of Margaret <Peg>, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Huisri. of Mitcbam. to Thomas, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Bosking, of Nailsworth. KOCH—HAGE.—The engagement is announced of Linda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Koch, Rowland Flat, to Den- nis, youngest son of Mrs. and tbe late   Mr. A. Hage. of Tanunda. MADDISON—STEPHENS—The en- XBtement is announced of Viola Margaret. I eldest daughter of Mrs. and the La;e Mr. !A. J. Msddiicn cf 14 Hudson street, Pros ipect Park, to Reipb S;an] v. only son or Mrs. C. M. and the late Mr. L. R. Ste phens, of 3 Leane avenue. Allenby Gar MacGIBBON—ALLEN.—The engage-   ment is announced of Dorothy Mavis, third daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. R.   MacGibbon, Shepparton, Victoria, to LAC William Gordon (R.A.A.F.), youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Allen, Myrtle Bank. Adelaide. MOORE—KEIJ.T. Thr engagement 1.? announced or Maureen, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Monre. of Alice Springs to Desmond Kelly <soldier A.IJ?.i. of Dandenong. Victoria. OAKLET—WATSON.—The engagement Is announced of Audrey P.. only daughter or Mr.-Mrs. W. G. Oakley, of McLaren Vale, to AUan, younger son of Mr.-Mrs H. J. Watson, M.iunt Compass. ROYALS—HALE.—The engagement is announced or Audrey M, only daughter Mr.-Mrs. P. Royals. Prospect, to Claude A. D. only con Mr.-Mrs. L. c. Hale. West Mitcbam. SPERR—HOULSON.—The engagement Is announced or Patricia Fav. second daughter of Mrs. D. A. Spehr. Rose Park, to E. G. (John). R A.AF- elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Houlson, Ovingham Park STARK —LOIZEAU. —The engagement is announced of Doreen Francis, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Stark, of Solomontown, to George (A.M.F.), only   son of Mr.-Mrs. J. M. Loizeau, Port Pirie West. DEATHS   ANDERSON. —On September 10, at a private hospital. Eva Marian. ?Idefi daughter of the late W. J and M C Anderson, of 45 Salisbury street. North   Cnley, and laving sister of Alice, Nell. 1 Edith and Alfred (deceased). ALEXANDER. —On September 8, at Adelaide, Angela Smith Alexander late   of 3 Leslie avenue, St. Peters, widow of Elijah Alexander. Aged 79 years. Resting. BENNETT. —On September 10, at her residence, 14 OHalloran street, Adelaide, Emma Maud. loved wife of the late John Hancock Bennett. Aged 77 years. Resting. BROWN. —On September 10, at hos pital, Lionel Edward, beloved husband of   the late Henrietta Brown, late of Queens town, and loving father of Lionel, Fred, Ron and Vera. Aged 73 years. At rest. COHEN.—On September 9 ( suddenly 1, at nis late residence. 201 Melbourne st.. Lower North Adelaide. Francis Patrick (Curly), dearly beloved husband of Eliza beth and loving father of Maureen, Shirley and Patricia. Aged 56 yean. Beqnlescat in pace. DOBIE.--On September 9. at Adelaide. Hetty, loving mother of Winnie (Mrs Maboney), grandma, of Eileen, Keith (deceased, 2nd A.I.F.), Bonny (R.A.N.), and great-grandma of Baby Wayne. In God s Keeping. DOBIE.—On September 9. at Adelaide loving mother of Violet (Mrs. Stanyer) Wallaroo, and grandmother of Girlie and Andry. Peacefully sleeping. DOBIE.—On September 9. at Adelaide. Hetty, loving mother of Tom (2nd A.I.F.)t   and mother-in-law of Betty. Always re-membered DOBIE.—On September 9, at hospital, Henrietta Winnie Dobie. ot Bundey st.,   Magill, dearly beloved wife of tbe late   Thomas Alexander Dobie. and loving mother of Violet (Mrs. Stanyer), May (Mrs- Williams), Winnie (Mrs. Maboney). Alec, Malcolm, Alfred (A.I.F.) and Perc. (A.I.F.) in her 70th year- Reunited. DOOLAN.—On September 9 (suddenly! lat Karacoorte. John, dearly loved brother of Mabel (Mrs. W. Parfcyn). of 117 Junc tion rd.. Rosewater. Adelaide, Edwin, the beloved husband or -ood^Aged 73 years 0' * Ctarke ?- "*" EVANS.--On April 1, at Perth, W.A.,         John. fifth son of Jole and C. Evans and brother of Mary and Charlie. FAULKNER On September 8 at his residence. 51 King William rd. Hyde Park. John Basil Faulkner. late 9th Light Horse, A.I.F. loved husband of Margaret   Mary Faulkner. Aged 53 years. Requiescat in GODDEN—on September 9 at her re sidence; 26 Hampton street. Hawthorn, Frances Elizabeth the dearly beloved wife of the late John Henry Godden and loving mother of Jessie (Mrs. Wunnen- berg). Harry, Adelaide (Mrs. Townsend) Charlie (Jim). May (Mrs. Holmesby), Bill and Irene (Mrs. Walter), ino her 91st year. GODDEN.— On September 9, at Haw thorn, Frances Elizabeth, beloved mother of Renee (Mrs. W. A. Walter, Henley Beach), loved mother-in-law of Will, and dear grandma of Gordon, Lindsay and Jacqueline, in her 91st year. In God's care. GODDEN.—On September 9, at Haw thorn, Frances Elizabeth, beloved mother of Maie (Mrs. R. Holmesby, St Kilda Vic), loving mother-in-law of Rue and darling grandma of Bev and Joy in her 91st year. Peacefully sleeping. HANLET— On September 9. at his late resmence, 35 Richmond av_ Colonel LSsht Gardenc. Claude, the dearly beloved hus b.nd of Ethel Mary Hanley. ?nd loving father of Edna <Mn>. Carter! and Elsie (Mrs. Allan.. Aged 58 years. A patient sufferer at rest. JONES On September 10. at his resi dence. 18 New Main rd.. Torre? Park. Allen, the dearly loved husband or Rboda ' Louise Jones. Aged 77 years. ] JORDAN.—On September 9. ?r th?! refldtnee of her daughter, Mb. Csudle. s Salisbury crescent. Reade Park. Rosetta Ann the dearly beloved wife of the late Alfred Atkinson Jordan, and loving mother or Dorothy. Charles and Dick. KING—On September 9. at Adelaide.! William, beloved nusbana or Harriet Eliza ' King, or BoUen st, Challa Gardens leav- ! Ing three sons and three daughters. Aged KDBLI On September 8. at his resi dence, Albert st, Warragnl Victoria. Jona than Charles, beloved husband of Fannie and loving rather of Irene and Reg. late of Wandearah. Aged 70 yean. ,10*5*-— On September 9. Mary Lower, of S3 George st.. Clarence Park. Aged! 73 years. j MOREY— On September 10, Ellen I Morey, loved wife of the late Sidney! Edgar Morey. of 37 Orchard av, Everard Park. Aged 71 years. NEVILLE.—On September 8. at Ade laide. Annie Alexandra, beloved wife of the late Bernard Neville, of 77 Edward street. Norwood, and loving mother of Addie and Agnes. At rest. OLD.—On September 9. at Streaky Bay Hospital, in her BOtta year. Marie, reiict or Harry Old. loved mother of Herbert and Tessa, and loving grand mother of Loris and Geoffrey. A pa tient sufferer at rest. OXEAKV.—On September 10 at Ade laide. Michael Joseph OXeary. Aged 75 years. Requlescat in pace. PAUL! on August 30. Edward John. beloved husband of Ethel H. <late Dnley and Norwood., and father of Allan Syd ney. Aged 82 years. , POTSDEN.—On September 10. at tbe Blyth Hospital. John William Rowland, beloved son of Fred and Laura, and loy in? brother of Lyla, Marcia and Dudley. Aged 35 years. POYSKEN.—On September 10. at the Blyth Hospital. John William Rowland, belrved husband of Gladys, and loving daddv of ETrabeth. Aged 35 years. SAMPSON.—On September 4. at Fort Pirie iKUddenly<. Percy, husband of the late olive Sampson, and father of Jack (deceased 1. Dorothy. Connie and EtheL Aged 6S years. SATCHELL.-On September 10. at Burra Hospital. William Edward, be loved husband of the late Mrs. Ellen Amelia Satchell. and loving father of three sons and three daughters. Aged 84 years. SCHULZ-—On September 9. at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. w. Schubert). Auguste Pauline Schulz. aged 80 years. At rest. SMITH.—On September S. at Ade laide. Martha M. Smith, late or 41 Park street. Hackney, lovine mother of Robert Smith, of 45 California street. Nails worth. Aged 73 years. SPRY.—On September 9. at Wagin. Nicholas Ernest. lat* Mandorah Station. W.A.. rotated brother of Bina. Mav. Br'ir?. Sten ?nd Gordon. A;ed 56 years. TF.CBBITZ.—On Au-ust 20. at privale 'hospital. Ivsnhoe, Victoria. George Wil liam, late Fisher street. Norwood, and recently of Melbourne, dearly loved father of Addie (Mrs. E. Maloney. 5 Fir<t avrnue. Cheltenham. S.A.I, iind fs'her-ln-law of Edward. Aged 85 years. : r.i.p. . WM>EWITZ. —On SeplembrT S at a orvatp hospital. Hilda May <ne* Riindln. heioved sister of Ruby. Elsie. Esther. Cloude. Lawrence. At rrst. WADEWITZ. —On Sentember 9. at 0 Drlvale boroital. Hilda Mav. the dearlv ihe.ioved wife of Ern V Wadewitz of SO Weft Beach ro?d. E>*wirlc. ami loving mother of Douztass. aged 51 years. DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE "At the going dawn of the sun and in UK monong we will remember them." MAHAR.—(I7S9O FU/Sgt. Maurice John Mahar, reported missing, now presumed killed. August 30. 1944. second ssn of Mrs. and tbe late Mr. T. E. Mahar. of Mlnlaton sA. HEROES OF THE EMPIRE "At the going down of the son and in the morning we will remember them" DICKSON. Warrant Officer c. K.— To the memory of Colin, who Is believed to ' have lost his life in sir operations. ' Mediterranean Sea. September 11. 1943. > Per ardua ad astra.—Always remembered ? by Jessie. JORGENSEN.—In loving memory or my i dear brother. Pat. who died cf wnunds. ,El AUmein September 11. 1942. Always . remembered.—lnserted by bis loring . sister Nance, brother-in-law Allen and . children. 1 ! JORGENSEX. —In loving memory of I dear Paddy, died of wounds September 11. ? 1942.—Ever remembered by his loring , ibrothrr John. Mrrtle and family. JTORCE^EN.—In loving mrmorv of 1 ' Pst. ri'ed pi wounds **n seotember rill. 134! Alwnv? in nur ?)V3USMS.—C ?M'''-d I or hl? bro'hfr?. Bob and Len. 'FTP.

I HEROES OF THE EMPIRE I JOtUaUt&cJiT.—in lovmg memory of dear Pax, w.20 dieo of wouads on Septem ber 11. 19^J.—forever remembered by u~s luvuiz M?ry ana brotner-in ]aw Len. R.i.r. JOKtifcNsfcO.—ln loving memory 01 ot wounds un September 11. 1942. Memu- His loring mother and siller Katn. ?V.l-P. jan eMecmea pal. killto in acfiou. j\'e? '(.-uinea, September 9. 1942. Two mile : btr all my l.*e mv pal.—lnserted luy LAC. fassey (R.A.c, rei., N.u.l. I LfcONARU.—JU memory ol Ray I IR-A.AJ-'), presumed billed, beptemutr 1 11. 1944. : As 1 look at your photo, dear, : 111, ua:d to believe us true: I lost oiy deartM irieud ! Waen I lost you. —Alwt>s rcmt-rcbei-ed by Beue. I l-UO.NAhD.—in lo.ins memory or our d£ar son. **.o. Raymond H., happy smut and cnernul vavi will alwa\s or iiswr fat. ? LEON'ABD.—In lovine mrnijry n: Ray. fciheci in aciion over wrmany, R_A_A.l-'.. I September 11. 1944— Ever remembered 01 i oncle Hal, uncle Jim. Aunty Kit. Hazel. Neil, Pearl. MJftlON.—A loving tribute to our dear brother-in-law and Uncle Len, Killed in action, iumioi, September 8, 1943. Beside a duster of memories, where a light burns bright and true, our hearts will always keep a picture, dear Um. of jtcu.—Remembered by Doll, Alb. and family. SMIIU In loving memory or Pie. Soss. tilled neer Quorn. September 11. 1940. —Always remembered by Mavis. SMITH. —In loving memory of Pte. Ross, accidentally lulled near Quom. September 11. 1340. Always In our thcugnts.—lnserted by nis loving mother and brother (AJ.F.i. and sisters, Doris <WjLA-AJF".t and Edna. TABEKuL—In fona rcmembnmce of my pal, 5X1996 Pte. Jack Tabener. tillefl Milne Bay. September 8, 1942. At the going dovo of the sun and in the morn >ng. we will remember him. —Inserted by jiiis pal. George Wachtel. ! TKENGOVI. Flt-Sgt. W. M.—A tribute !of love and remembrance to Milton, who mace the supreme sacrifice on September i 11. 1943. His ouiy nobly done.—Jiver re -1 membsred by his father and sisters. JJorothy. Fay and Jean. ! TKENGOVE. W. M.. Flighl-Sgt.—ln I loving memory of Milton, killed in air craft accident at Newcastle. September 11. 1943 A leaf in the book or memory is gently turned today.—Remembered by Aunty Alice. Uncle Will and family. But*. TBEKUOVE. Flt-Sgt. W- M.—A iribute of honor and remembrance in Milton, who died that we might live—Lovingly remembered by Aunty Ruby. WOOTON.—In loving memory of Dave, who gave hit life for his country in N.G., September 9. 1942. His duty nobly done.—Always remembered by loving brother Tom (AXF.t and sister-in-Itw WOOTON.—In loving memory of Pte. Dave E.. 5X8735. 2/27 Aust. Inf. Bn.. killed September 9. 1942. N.G. We often look at ;our photo, Dave, and Just can't believe Its true: there are tears shed in silence, ax we think ol yon.—Always r? mejoliered by dad and mum, sister, brother-in-law and family. IN MEMOEIAM lIMBUSIU. —In loving memory of my mother, died September 11, 1942. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.—ln serted by daughter Marie and family. BACKHOUSE.—In loving memory ol dear mother, who passed away Septem ber 10. 1943.—Ever remembered by fern, Emily and tamily. BATES. Frederick James.—Passed away September 11. 1941. Cherished memories.—From all at 4 Jetty road. Grange. BAUEB In loving memory of my father, pasted away September 11. 1939: a'-so Mum, August 24. 1930; and brother Ern, September "?. 1943. No matter what rhc years may bring, loving memories will always cling.—lnserted by Eva. BEDFORD.—In loving memorr of Don. who passed away September 10. 1944. Always remembered by his loring father aud sicters. Margaret. Carrie. CIFRANO (nee Mitigate).—ln loving memory of HazeL who died September 9. 1944.—Ever remembered by Jean. COPPDiS.— In loving memory of my dear brother. Will, who passed away September 11. 1942. No matter what iiie years may bring, loving memories will alwavs cling.—lnserted by bis lov ing sister. Gladys. COPPINS-—ln loving memory of our dear dad. who passed away September 11. 1942. Always remembered by his loving children. Margaret, Joan and: Kathryn. COPPINS. —In loving memory of Bill, who passed away September 11. 1942. — Always remembered by CHga and Dick CoEins. Moonta, COPPINS.—In fond memory of my pal. Bill, who passed away September 11, 1942.—Always remembered by AH (Oscar). COWAN.—In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away Septem ber 11. 1944.—Always remembered ay Jack. Jean. Will. Margaret and Bea. DEAKLOVE. —In loving memory of our dear friend, who passed away at Adelaide September 11. 1944. He was always so true, gentle and kind, the best friend this world could find.—Always remem bered by George, wife and family. ECKERMANN.—In loving memory of our dear lather and grandfather, who passed away on September 11. 1941. We have you in our memories, God has you in His care- —Always remembered by Hsa and family, Arthur street, Maglll. EVANS.—In loving memory or dear mum who passed away September 11. 1943. Hearts that love you never forget, your sweetest memories are with us yet. —Always remembered by her loving daughter Margaret, son-in-law Arthur. 1 grandchildren John and Graham. ' EVANS.—In loving memory of dear 'mum, who passed ?way September 11. 1913. Sweet memories of one to dear, are treasured still with love sincere.— Always remembered by ber lovina* daugh ter Mary, son-in-law Bob. and grand daughter Carlien. GEBERT. In loving memory ot dear mother, who passed away on September 1L 1944. Gone-from us that smiling face. Those cheerful, loving ways. The heart that won so many friends In happy bygone days. —Inserted by her loving son and daugh ter-in-law. Bin and Naomi. GEBEKT —In loving memory of my dear wife, who passed away September 11. 1944. Deep In my heart lives a pic ture worth more than saver and gold: It's a picture of my dear wile, wnoje memory will never grow old.—Sadly missed by her loving husband. William. GEBERT.—In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away September 11 1944. A wonderful mother laid co rest, for each and all she did her best; her love was great, her beart was kind, a. better mother no one could find.— Sadly missed by her loving daughter. Nora. GOLDFINCH. —In loving memory or Phyllis, died September 8. 1944. Though her smile has gone for ever, and her voice w* cannot hear, we shall never lose 1 he memory of a girl we loved so dear.— Ever remembered by Mr. and Mrs. B. Raven and Joyce. GVenelg. GBABOWSKV. —Treasured memories of my father, passed away Sept. 11. 1942. Not a sound disturbs hie slumber. No? a care to murk his brow: All his pains and cares are over; He is peacefully resting now. —Inserted by his ever remembering son Bill. GRABOWSKT.—In loving memory or our dear father, who passed away on Sep tember 11, 1942. No matter what the years may bring, loving memories will always cling.—lnserted by his loving daughters June and Rase. HAGGEKTX. —In loving memory ol mj dear sister and aunt, Hetl. who passed away Sept. 11, 1941.—Sadly .missed by her loving sister Till, brother-in-law Sam, nephews and nieces, Largs. HALL.—In loving memory of our dar ling mother, who passed away Sept. 11, 1943. Two years ago today, bow anxi ously we stood beside oar darting mother's bed, to save her il we could. She bore her pain, she bore it well; and how she suffered, only those can tell who nursed her till the last farewell.—Ever remembered by Rita and Glen. HALL.—In loving memory of mother. passed away Sept. 11. 1943. Things may change In many ways. But one thing changes never; Memories of those happy days When we were all together. —Alwavs remembered. Bob and Lyndia. HALL.—In treasured memories of dear mum. who fell asleep September 11. 1943 Through all the chancing days ol life one thing remains the same, the priceless gift of mother's love, the sweetness ?if her !name.—lnserted by -Thelma and Prank. I HENNESSY, Maurice.—Dearest memo ries of my husband and father, who ? passed sway Sept. 11. 1943. He being !dezd but spraketh. -Inserted by his lov ' ing wife and family. ISAAC—In fond memory or our dear brother and uncle. Edwin. One mi patient and kind.—Ever remembered by his sis -1 ler Janey and brotber-ln-law Rob. Urwin ?and niece and nephew, Madge and Les ISAAC—This day and every day re imem'aered bv his pal Harry. I ISAAC—Away on the beautiful hills of God. by the valley of peace so r?ir. someday, when our task is done, we will meet our brother there.—lnsened bv Beat. Joe and Molly Urwin. Always re membered. ISAAC.—One year ago a message came trom God. Who thought it best to take our dear brother and give him peace and rest.—lnserted by his sisters Hettie and Myrtle. JEFFS.—In fond remembrance of Mr. Jeffs, who passed away on Sept. 11. 1944. Rest in peace.—Ever remembered by Nonna. JEFFS.—In loving memory of nur dear husband and dad, who passed away on Sept. 11. 1944. "In the garden ot memory \rp are alwavs together."—ln serted by hi! wife, sons Jim. Bob. Dick, ?daughter Margaret. I KELLET.-—ln loving memory of our idtur mother, who passed ?????? Scpl. 11. ] 1938. We. who love you. sudly miss yon. ,—lnserted by son Jack, daughlcr-ln-law ! Nellie. ? ] KEIJ.rv. —In iovint ntpworr of *Icar 'tnothT. whn di?i Sept. 11. 19311. aRCrt 70 sh*tl *]va-* rrmember *>ien th.e rest ol ?*? Torld forgets.—lnserted by Eileen and Pr?d

_„ „?' HEMOKIAM ! KEIXEY.—To Uie loving memoir of my ??* r..,S raD? ma- *rbo Passoi away Sept. 11. 1938. To hav< her with me tidavis my ??^?^ only dearest wish.—Tour iov- KEMP.-JSi loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away September 11. Deep in our hearts a memory is kent. of one we roved and will never forget—Ever remembered by Alan. Vic and grand- KEMr.—ln loving memory of our dear mother, passed away September 11 1942. No one knows our silent heartache, al though we seldom look sad you were ours. ?. ?? "Injallbe*L ?*?' ? wonderful mother we bacL—Ever remembered by lov ingdaugbters Shirley and Betty. KEMP.—Cherished memories of my df ax o ?Jt?Jf. who passed away September 11, 1942. Though your smile has gone for ever, and your hands we cannot touch- I shall never lose sweet memories, of tne dear mother I loved so much.—Ever re membered by her roving daughter Alma, son-in-law Leo. KEMP.—In loving memory of our dear K£? £rV^ no Dassed ?way September 11., 1842. The month of September is here: again, the saddest manth of the year, no Pen can. write, no words can tell bov! much we miss you dear.—lnserted by her loving daughter Eileen, son-in-law Perce ' grandchildren Brian and Gloria. 1 KEMP.—In loving memory of dear i ?""?? **? P?saed away September 11. !£?*2- Her love was great, her heart wan I kind, a better wife and mother no on* could find.—Remembered by her husband Frank, loving mother of Ron. Jovce Shir ley. Betty. Barbara. " ' SEW*.—ln fondest memorr o[ our dar- A dear, loving mother laid to rest For all of us she did her best: ?*L nev" complained, ior she wasn't tnat kind. She was one of those mothers hard to find. lovely, sweet mother or mine. —Forever remembered by her loving son Harry, and daughter-in-law Nell. KEOUGH.—Loving memory of my hits- i band Peter Keougn. loving fattier of Al bert aUutP.I, Peter (ILAJf.t. Patty. Rhonda (late or Peterheadl. Gone but not forgotten.—Remembered by his loving KEODGH.—In roving- memory ol dear ffi£ r-_P K> Passed away September 11.1 W37. Treasured memories linger ever of1 nappy days we spent together.—lnserted by Hilda and Eddie. KUCBE.-In loving memory or our dear brother and uncle Ted. passed away August 30. 1944. How sad to think that sow no more, dear Ted comes ?etwiiing through the door. Safe In the arms ol Jesus, sate on His geolle breast, there by' his lore o'er shadowed, sweetly our loved one rests.—Ever remembered by his loi- Ing brother-in-law John, sister Nell and ramliy. KOWAUCK.—In loving memory or William (Uncle BIDi. who passed away on September 10. 1944.—Remembered by John and Mavis. Wbyana. IAMBEKT.—In loving memory ol our dear father and grandpa, who passed away September 11. 1925. A day :o re member, but sad to recall, a dearly Aired rather, missed by us all.—lnserted by his loving son. daughter-in-law and grandson. Arthur. Doris and AIDe. IAOYD. —In loving memory or our dear wife and mother, who passed away Ceduna. September 11, 1943. Memories keep her ever near, sne was one we loved and still hold dear.—Always remembered by your loving husband and sons. MABKQVUTO, Max.—ln loving mem ory or my dear father, who passed away! September 8, 1940.—Inserted by his daughter and son-in-law Dora and Jack, loved grandpa or Michael and Maxine Ninton. McPIMBI.IN.—In loving memory of mum. who passed away September 11. 1943. A thought for today, a memory forever.—lnserted by her loving daughter MePHABUN.—In loving memory of Grannie Mae, who passed away Septem ber 11. 1943. —Ever remembered by Flor rie and Gladys. MePaUKUK.—In loving memory of mum. woo passed away September 11, 1543. Foodiy remembered.—lnserted by her loving son Bedley. MePtUKUN.—In loving memory of grannie, who passed ?way September 11. 1943. Gone but not forgotten.—Al"ray remembered by Maisle. Ealbleen. Allan ?A.1.P., abroad i. MOYSES.—In loving memory ol our dear husband and father, died September 11. 1940.—Ever remrmo r. u oj ul- ?Uc Grace and daughiers Vera and Jean. ! NEATK. —In loi-ing remembrance ol our dear dad. William Neat<\ who pusv u ??u September 11. 1932.—Always re i membered by his loving sou and oau^blt: . PAECB, J. R. —In loving memory ol j a dear father and grandUtbcr (Dick), ! uho p?.sj-eo away SopKmbcr 11. 1340. N.. lone knows tbe heartache, only those can I tell, who bad to part with loving lattiei ;anri siandad without that last farewell. I -Always remembered br his son and ; children. Claire and Barry. L'ilUebamptan. PAECH. J. R.—ln loving memory 01 away September 11. 1940. Not a day do always near: we who loved you sad.v miss you. as it dawn^ another year.— Ever remembered by his loving wile and daughters. BIKG.—In fond and loving memory of my dear mother. Caroline Jean, who passed away on September 11, 1943.—In serted by her daughter, Dorothy Codrinc ton Anderson, and son-in-Uw David, N.S.W. ROWAN. Norman.—ln loving memory of our dear son and brother. Norman, who passed away September 11, 1935. Sweet memories keep you ever near.— Inserted by mother, father, brothers. Wallv. Keith (AXF.i and Jim. SANDKKCOCK.— In loving memory ol j mother, who died September 11. 1931. — j Inserted by Mavis. Don and Bill, i SAHB. —In loving memory or Jean, I parsed away SepLembrr 11, 1943 Witlmui I farewell she fell asleep, lea vine n.< .sn'ec: , memories to fcei^p.—Alwpys remembered iby her loving pal Jnan Morri = i SUM.TVAJJ.— In lnrins mrmnrv "' my 'r^r husbsnd. Edwin Patrick, who paMrd : Ever in my thought*.—lnaened br levin* ?wife. Hnt.

IN MEMORIAM ' TALBOT.—In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away September 11, 1941. For ever in our thoughts.—Al ways remembered by her loving eon Keith, daughter-in-law Jean, and Owen 'R.AJJ.I. TALBOT.—In laving memory of my dear mother, who passed away on Sep tember 11. 1341. Four years have passed: since that sad day. when the one we loved was called away: but sweet is the hope that again we shall meet, kneeling together at Jesus' leet.—Ever remembered ] by her loving son Geoff, daughter-in-law TALBOT.—In loving memory ol my dear mother, who parsed away September Her love was great. Her fceart was fclnd. A better mother none could find. —Inserted by daughter Ethel. TALBOT.—Memories of mother, deeply treasured from year to year.—Reg, Amy. TALBOT.—In Soring memorv, of our dear mother. Till the da; breaks and the shadows Dee away.—-Blanche and Walter. | i WATTS.—In loving memorv of our ; mother, passed away September 9. 1940. i —Pundly remembered by William, Mary. John and family. WILLIAMS.—In loving memory or our dear little Bruce, who passed away on September 10. 1942. 1 I It's Just three years ago today I j Since our little Bruce passed away; j j Hearts that loved you never forget. ' in memorv you are with us vet.. ; ] —Sadly missed by his loving' mother, father. *ist?rs and brothers. I