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The meeting of the Norths and Souths on the City Oval on Saturday wat, looked for- ward to with a great deal of interest. The weather was of an ideal character for foot- ball, a crisp exhilarating breeze blowing. while the turf, though slippery in places, was m a springy condition. The game was nn interesting and exciting one, and it was most closely and stubbornly contested. The red-and-whitcs managed to gain a slight lead in the first quarter, and after a good deal of scientific play the first half closed with them five points ahead. In the third quarter the Nortlis had the best of matters, and though a shower of ram partly spoiled the play after the last change of ends the red-and-white men managed lo eecure a win. A new umpire-Mr. King was chosen for the match. He came from a junior association with a good reputation, and he certainly fully justified it in his ad- judication of the game. That he is stritt in his interpretation of the rules may be gauged from the fact that in the first quar- ter he gave 25 free marks, in the second quarter 26, in the third 24, and in the final 17. With.more experience Mr. King will make a capital umpire. The teams were:

South Adelaide-B. Cheek, J. Edgar, 11. Forgie, A.Gehrs, M. Herbert, J. Hanson, i\V. Huston, J. Kay, H. Kruss, E. Lewis, A. Marlow, A. Norton, C. Nalty, F. O'Brien, S. Reedman, A. Ramsay, W. Shaw, and J. ¡Windsor. _

North Adelaide-T. Bradley, G. Carter. N. Clarke, N. Claxton, A. Daly, W. Daw- kins, Dickenson. J. Earl, A. Ewers, 0. Fotberinghaii C Grummet, C. Jessop, E. Johns, N. Lemon, J. Matthews. 11. Push. J. Reedman, and J. Rees.

.When the ball was bounced both sides .struggled hard to get it away from the

centre. ,The leather hoveicd about there for Mile time, however, and it was not until the Northern ruck made a spctial effort that the play was confined to the Cathedral end, towards which a strong wind blew. The Southern backs strove hard to repel the attack, but they were unsuccessful. Eventually the blue-and whites prevailed and the ball tutted to the river quarter. It did not remain long there, for a fine piece of combined play by the reds changed the venue of the game. The, Southern goal was in serious jeopardy now owing to aome pretty, play by the norths. The attack was warded off and wing play followed. The game was ex- ceedingly even, and breaches of the rules must have been very frequent, for the um- pire's whistle was being blown continually and penalties were imposed on each side. Clever work by Daly put Jessop in pos- sum, and the first behind o£ the day was registered. Shortly afterwards Jessop

was again afforded an excellent chance to j Bcore. .He rushed with the ball up to goal

and let fly, but, unfortunately for the reds, it hit the post. Centre play, folio wed, and Lewis earned the well-deserved hooting of the spectators by deliberately throwing the ball away to express his contempt for what was a correct decision of the umpire. Con- duct of that character »cannot be con- demned too strongly. When the first quar- ter -ended the Norths 'were three points ahead. After the change the ball flitted nil over the ground-until the Norths forced it .up to the river goal,, where Johns tried . to" score, but failed. -., United play and ' quick passing on- made the Souths formid- able, and a flying shot by Kay caused - the first goal of the day to ^ be hoisted for the blues. s*« The Nortes tried hird to relieve again, but k'l& 1he ßouths got the upper hand, and had gi r it notbeén for the vigilance of tlie Northern

rearguard ,they would have scored. The ball .was sent to the. ga te wing, and thence io the' pavilion wing, where the Souths put . in some good-work, and the play was next

concentrated at the Cathedral end. The Norths'now opened their shoulders, and "' brilliant play on the pavilion wing and halt

forward, put Daly ia charge. The kick was an angle one^ but it waa straight, and two

jßags were raised. "

. - "After the recess the Norths overthrew the

Souths, and Jessop capturing, tried for goal. Unfortunately again for the reds, Jessop hit the post-the second time during the game. The South» relieved the pressure and got the ball so near goal that an augmentation of the score was full« anticipated. The reds, however, dispatched the sphere to the river end," where, after'an exciting piece of play, Jessop had a chance to score, but failed. The play was then confined to the centre, where Claxton eave a fine exhibition ' ;©r;cléver, football. Thence the ball got

down ft» the" Cathedral end," where Jessop . Jiad. two tries for1 goal,'and hftd.he rrot tni«t %.C*a too much to'personal effort the Norths

"ïni&ht haye Been the gainers considerably. Daly at last secured a centre mark at the -' 50 yards* distance, and the second coal was credited to the Norths. Once again the Souths tried to assert them- selves, but the Northern defence was too stubborn, and the leather found its way very quickly into the Southern stronghold, where Fotheringham notched the third goal. The start of the final quarter was signalised 'by a stiff downpour of rain, which damped the clothes, but not' the ardor, of; the contestants. They seemed quite oblivious to the showers, and they entered into the spirit of the game with as much zest as at the start. Tlie Souths were the first to get a lead, and '. their . "hearts were gladdened when

O'Brien notched their second and-as it proved-Mast goal. The game was very fast and exciting now, and the blues tried verv» ^ard to overcome the Norths, but it wa» «(I to no purpose, for the red-and whites kept them well in check, and won with 13 points to spare. The scores


First Quarter. North, 3 behinds. South," nil.

t .'., . Second Quarter.

North, 1 goal 5 behinds. "-- , > South, 1 goal.

Third Quarter. - . "- North, 3 goals 7 behinds. .,

Eouth, 1 goal. '

'.' . Final. '. , 5 . North, 3 goals 9 behinds.

' Eonth, 2 goals 2 behinds.


, Only moderate interest was evinced in the match between Norwood and Sturt on the* Norwood Oval. The ground was in excellent condition, but the kicking' of both teams was much hampered by the strong j south-wester that was blowing. The home side, after the first quarter, led throughout the game, putting on four goals in quick

succession in the last term. The only two goals secured by Sturts were kicked in the first quarter by Lawson and Kekwick, and during ' the remainder of the game only three points were added by ' the southerners. The Norwood goal

kickers Were W. R. Miller (4), Dawson, Bahr, Webb, and Plunkett. The most pro -'minent players for the red-and-blues were Dawson, Trembath, H. Miller, Bahr, Plun- kett, W. R. Miller, Chamberlain, Webb, and L. Cowan. Sturts were best represent- ed by N. Jolly, H. Thompson, Atkinson, Tomlin, Burford, and Verco.

The teams were:-Sturt-C. Atkin, J. P. Atkinson, R. Barron, R, Black, H. Bur ' ford, H. Hay, W. G. Hall, F. L. James, B.

Jolly, N. Jolly. P. D. Kekwick, F. 'Kelsh, S. Lawson, J. G. Mur ' wy, H. Thompson, J. Thompson,

!A. E. Tomlin, and F. Verco. Norwood- ' .A Bahr, G. C. Barnes, D. Cowan, L.

Cowan, C. T. Chamberlain, D. Dawson, C. \ 3t. Dowdy, N. Evers, E. C. Gwynne, T. J. , C. Hantke, H. Miller, W. R. Miller, M. \ Murphy, W. C. Plunkett, S. C. Robinson, «#?<*;. A. G. Smith, W. Trembath, and G. ^ iVVebb.


First Quarter.

Sturt, 2 goals 3 behinds.

Norwood, 1 goal 2 behinds.

? Second Quarter.

- Sturt, 2 goals 3 behinds.

-" ". Norwood, 3 goals 7 behinds.

Third" Quarter.

Sturt, 2 goals 6 behinds.

Norwood, 4_goals 8 behinds.


Sturt, 2 goals 6 behinds.

Norwood, 8 goals 12 behinds.


, »At the Jubilee Oval on Saturday West Torrens easily defeated West Adelaide, the latter securing only 13 points while the for- mer obtained 114. The match could not. , however be taken as a gauge of the relative

strength of the teams, as on both sides a * large number of regular players vveie absent. There was considerable delay while the complement was being made up, and at wa.-, not till 3.15 p.m. that the ball was bounced There was a shortage in the supply uf ""colors." with1 the result that the players a strangely assorted look. The teams were:-West Adelaide-G. Bruce, tx. D.iv. J. D. Daly. J. Heir, J. Cahill, W. Philpot. Sugg 12), S. Ticrncv, Watson (2), Thomas (21, Graney Poole. McGuire, Jackson, ana i\V. Kitchens. West Torrens-J. Batt, J. Dillon, E. Filsell, O. Hayman (captain), H Horsell, T. Henworth. D. Mesecke, M. Mat- thews, T. McKenzie. E. McKenzie, \\. O'Halloran, A. Platt, J. Woolard, Conroy, Savage, Rilston, Fritsche, and II. Thomp-


The commencement of the match was marked by a vigorous onslaught on the part of the West Adelaides, and A. Watson notched the first goal within a couple ol' minutes. The Torrens' citadel was again threatened by Sugg, who gave a splendid exhibition of long kicking, but onlv secured a behind. From that point practically the West Adelaides lost all chance of a win and in the rest of the match only secured six behinds. The contest became . alto pether oues^ed, and it is doubtful wb.elb.ei

a less interesting game has been witnessed I this season. West Adelaide played in n| very disorganised fashion. Their captain, al- though a hard lighter, gave several exhibi- tions of unfair play. West Torrens played a faster game than their opponents, .and were particularly conspicuous for combined play. J. Batt caine into prominence as a goal kicker, and secured no. less than seven goals. Savage, who was taken on as a substitute, acquitted himself creditably, and twice raised the two Hags. T. Mc- Kenzie, J. Woolard, and J. Dillon also did good work. The goalkiekers were:-West Torrens-Batt (7), Dillon (3). Fritsch and Savage (2 each). Hyman, Horsell, and Thompson (1 each). West Adelaide-A. Watson. The scores were:

First Quarter.

West Torrens, 3 goals 4 behinds.

West Adelaide. 1 goal 3 behinds.

Half Time.

West Torrens, 8 goals 7 behinds. .West Adelaide. ,1 goal 4 behinds.

Third Quarter.

West Torrens, 0 goals 10 behinds. West Adelaide, 1 goal 6 behinds.

Final. - -

West Torren«, 17 goals 12 behinds. AVest Adelaide, 1 goal 7 behinds.


Matches. Points.


Tort Adelaide .. 8 North Adelaide S South Adelaide 7

Norwood. 5 West Torrens .. "5 West Adelaide .. 1 Sturt .. .. '.. .. 1


5 -










ia i






' -11!)


- ~

" 4M










. 2