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Monday, March 13 — The ship Mariner, 683 tons, K Harland,   master, from London November 23. Passengers— Messrs Good, Cussin*. Misses Thorn-! 2, and Fox, Mr Law.^on. Miss Peet, Mes-rs Peet, Sach, Miss Stone, and Mr Ling, in the cabin;

ttcssra dacKson, iotnonngton, nince, .miss Jiorscrott, .Messrs Morscroft Benson, Minha. S, G. and 1? Cross, Brown, Builder, ] 3ox, R id, Waiman, Mack and, Moore. Same day— The ship Ormelie, 583 tons, Falder, master, from Glasgow, November 16. Passengers — Messrs Moore, Miss   Moore, Miss Gordon, Messrs Gordon 4, Donie 2, Henning, Hen-   dry, Gilchrist, Walker 2, Misses Walker 3, and Miss Scott. Same day— The brig Iserbrook, 200 tons, Kruyer, master, from Hamburg November 23. Passengers — Mrs Emilie Fischer and 4 children, in the cabin; Messrs Spiller 2, Vernickel, Wilh     2, Lampe. Wiese, Jacobi, Victorson 3, Bottroff 7, Kichne 8, Hinz 4, Zimmermann 4, Bahls, Gors 2, Bender 2, Oeminger, Kranzewitter, Maye , Wilhelm, Sonnenberg, Hasse, Ahlen 2, Huhne 2, Doucker, Tinser, Jepson, Tost 2, Ticher, 6, Otten, Reinecke, Brinckmann, Muller, Knoop, Borderhagen, Luhrs,   Mollenhauer, Jung, Klofkorn, Warnel, Busch, and Beseler, in the steerage. CLEARED OUT. Passengers by the Ohusan (clearance reported yesterday) — For Melbourne: Mr und Mrs LangU-.ds. Messrs L.-vi, Watts, and C.ira?bell, in the cabin; Messrs G and J Patrick, in the aeco' d cabin. Monday, March 13- The ship John R. H.lUr, 432 tons,Prehu, master, for M-lb3iirue. with 18 original passengers. CLEARED OUT COAST VISE. Monday, March 13— The cuter O.G-., 18 tons, Ward, mas ter, for Port Willnng1. in ballwt. Same day— The schooner Daphne. 55 tons, Matron, master, for Yorke's PuuiuauU. -;*rgo — anndry stores for soitlera. IMPORTS. Cargo of the Mariner— 12 cases 2 boxes, as addressed ; 5 bales, Ctunming and con ; 1,229 daals 8 cas*s, Youn ,'husban i and Co; Sihhds 50ca«s. Fomby and Co; I pkg, Claric; 103 cases 1-jO hliils. EMer and Co; 10 cases 1 bale,- Cos; 7 boxes 10 cables 3 cases, Giles; 55 cas*s, Henriqaes ?, 213 ewes 5 hlids 6 qr- casks 45 *-bd!s 100 tirks 40 .-.acks 6 c-lumm 4 bales 3 pksjs 1 tiercsr, Drde'r; 50 hlids. Fox and Co; 8 cvses, St 'dart, 8ea~es 4 cans 4 trunks 4 bales 4 trusses, Goode and Co; 3cas»H. ' diin; 18 pkjs, Moacrafc; 14 pars block: 400 cart bushes 200 pots 200 cusns, Stilling and Co; 1 h-tle 10 cases, Stuckey; 4c i ks 1 cas-\ Sacli; 7 pkg-f, Nelson; 8caiks, Baker; i!l cashs. Galley; 2 d», Manager of Hank of Australasia; 4 d -, Scutt; 203 case* 2 casks 2 b.tles 3 pkgs, CleveaudCo; 23 cases 4 bales, Mitchell and Co; I case. Just and Au-;iii; 6 do 1 btle, Hanwick; 56 tons coa's l pkg24 cises agricultural implements Tnxford; 20 casks, Manager li an I A Cupper Co; I cash, B;irt,lett and Co ; 2 crates 2- cascs 3 Im'es 4 t uuks, .\l;tr-s; 7 bales 10 c*ses, Parkin and Co ; 11 casks 3 ke,'« 241 bdl.s, Phillips and Co; 72 cases, Leltair and Cn; 2 to, iiart and (Jo; CJ cms. Martin iti.d Co; 8 pkgs 1 case 12 kegs ifil deals 5,000 s ates 1 ca^k, Perrryman jun; 2 bales, K^p!:erts; 10 puns aS hlids 20 ijr-casks l.nOO deals -271 planks 56 cases, A rcher ; 1 do, Hill ; t jar 7 casks 7 cases, order of Dale; 5 bales 1 c*se, Hill; 71 do. Pitt an i Co; 100 do, Hall and Co; 8 pk*s 2i) bdls, Barlow; 73 cases, Blyth Brothers; 1 do, D ivies ; 6 trunks 1 bale 1 case, G .uas ; 33 do, Motewoo I and Co; 125 drums 2 ? cues, Xewmui ; 2 do, Barreuton; 31 bales 8 cases, Macnicol; 33 do 1 bale 3 casks, Hart; 3 cases, Wac genrRe a-id Co; G |-ock.;ts L);ilgettv -md Co ; 1 case, Sorreli ; 8 trunks, Hurker: 9 btles 1 parcil, Bec't and Co. Cargo of the Iserbrook—2 cases. Elder and Co; 46 pkgs 4 sam   ple boxes 2 do parcels 114 cases 6 brls 100 boxes 80 tins 12 casks 4 bales 1 tub. Amsburg and Co; 7 casks 11 cases, Engel brecht aud Co; 7 do, Cleve and Co ; 4 do, Edler; 20 do 1 box   samples 136 boxes tin 13 casks sheet zinc, Doppel and Co ; 13   cases 21/2 hhds, Heuzenroder; 7 cases, Lehmkuhl; 40 brls 158 cases 29 casks 2 pipes wine 1 brl 1 sample parcel 2 pkgs 2 bags   1 mortar, Bollenhagen and Co; 1 case, Reimer; 1 bale 3 cases   1 sample parcel, Noltenius and Co; 2 cases, Bishop Murphy; 2       do, Scott; 4 do, lHochreuter; 5 do, Adickes ; 1 bag 8,000 bricks 3 cases, Order; 19 do 2 casks, Leon.

EXPORTS. Cargo of the John It. Holler —Part of origiual cargo. MISCELLANEOUS SHIPPING. The Captain of the Ormtlif. not having a manifest competed ur Shipping -rter was unable to furnish in with a copy. The s earner Haoilah hid not arrived when we received our ist night's despatch from the P--rt. Shipwrecks at Port Faiby.— Tho Melbourne A--gus of Ia'«!i4, quoting from a G e ung p ipjr, says- — 'Thu gales of iin.lay last produced disastrous results at Port Fairy. Three ine biirqnes the Dundee, Dtnjantn Elkin, and the Inelltn, all nth valuable cargoes on boaid. were blown ashore and have lecome toial wre-iks. The limj min Elkin was fully loaded and leared out for London; her cargo consisted of 1,190 bales oi rool and three casks of tallow. Tii« Dundee hud a fruwiderable lortinn of her wool on board, and tin luellen hail only arrived wo days before, from London, uii Portland, witb a general ar^o. We have no information uf loss of lie. Portions of the .irgoes will no doubt ba saved. The gale wn still blowing rhen the mail left.'