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The following is the first annual report of the Ade laide Philosophical Society, read at tho meeting on Tuesday, the 24th instant: — ' Fn nresentiiij? this, the first annual r«norr.. to thp.

members of tho Adelaide Philosophical Society, the Council think that they may fairly congratulate them upon tho progress which has been made by the society during the past year. It is scarcely more than twelve months ago since the first preliminary meeting was hold (on tho 10th January, 1853) for the establishment of a society luiving for its object the discussion- of all subjects connected with science, literature, and art. At that meeting five gentlemen were present, nnd the attendance at subsequent pre liminary meetings was even smaller. Once esta blished, however, it was found that many persons wore desirous of,ijoining the Society, which has gra dually increased in numbers, and has every prospect ot 'continuing to do so. Tho number of members at the present time is 35. The originators of the Society had a twofold object in establishing it. They wore desirous that it should not only afford an agreeable medium of intercommunication to thoso whoso tastes led them to the pursuit of similar studies, dut that it should also present a means of illustrating and re cording the m'iny iuterusting 'phenomena which are altogether peculiar to this country, and which, it is to bo feared, would be otherwise in a very few years' time irrevocably lost to the ivc -rds of scionco. The for mer of these objects, it is hoped, has unquestionably been attained. And although it is hardly to bo ex j.ecied that, at this early stage) of the Society's pro gress, it sh ml i have been able to approach tlu se cond and more important o! its objects, nevertheless the Council are happy to be able t-- report that that object has boon by no moans disregarded. Not only matters directly relating to tho natural his tory of the' colony been tho subject of occasional lisjussious at tho meetings, but more than 0110 of the papers read during the past year, and espe cially one read by Mr. Moorbouse on the native language, have referred to subjects of purely local ?nterest. Intimately connected with the object last mentioned is tho formation of a museum for the pre servation of specimens illustrative of tho natural his tory of the colony. Although this matter ha-s been hitherto held in abeyance, in consequence of the diffi culty of procuring a room for the purpose, tho Council are uot without h -pe that, before another year shall have passed over, they will h.-ive succeeded 111 attaining this most desirable object — 1111 object which they are the most anxious t - sec accomplished, inasmuch as they have received assurances from several quarters satisfying them that there would bo no lack of contributors to such a museum, if there wore any means of carefully preserving and properly exhibiting the specimens collected. With this ob ject in view the Council have warmly seconded the efforts which have recently been made by the South

Australian jjiurary ana ftiecna:nos' institute tor the establishment of a National In titute, in which it is proposed to unite in a public building, to bo erected and maintained by Government, the various Societies now existing in Adolade, many of which are at present, from the want of some such principle of union, curtailed in their moans of usefulness, making little t*r no progress, and in some instances scarcely able to procure funds sufficient to meet theircurrent expenses. The Council would strongly urge upon the members, bo h individually and collectively, the importance of forwarding by every moans in their pawer the establishment cf so valuible an institution, and thuy trust tiiat a short time will suffice to remove the obstacles which at present impede the success of tho efforts which aro being made. When the Society was first formed, it was thought host to defer the adoption of any stricr laws for its ijuid.tiice, until sjiiio experience of its working had been obtained. In August last, however, a special meeting was held at whish a code of laws was framed for the future regulation of thu Society's proceedings. Those laws will today bo open to ro vision; and- a resolution passe I at the tenth monthly meeting will, in ace »rdance with the law to that effect, bo sub mitted for the Society's confirmation. h\ accordance also with tho above-iMino 1 regulations, it will bo tho duty of the Society to elect the officers for tho en suing year. A A statement of the Society's accounts, which have bjen duiy audited and found to be correct, is appen ded to this report ; and, agreeably to the resolution passed at the eleventh monthly mooting, abstracts of the various papers which have boon rjad before the Society during iho past year. Tho Council cannot close this report without ten dering th ir b.\st thanks to tho Mayor and Corpora tion of the City of A lelaide for their liberali y in granting the uso of tho Municipal Council Cha:nber for tho Society's meetings. H. E. F. YOUNG, President. Adelaide, 24th Januiry, 1854.

The Steamer ' Australian.' — The \ A.U.M.S.N. Company's steamship Australian is advertised to leave Sydney for London via Melbourne on the 1st February. .Grey Ward. — There was a preliminary meeting of tho citizens of this ward on Saturday evening, at tho Temperance Hall, Brown-street, to take into the subject of the host sit.: for the Cattle Market,' which is about to be rein -ved to make way for tho approach to the City Terminus of tho AdeLide and Port Railway. Alderman Sherwin was iu the cljair, and several speakers suggested the I'ask Lmds, opposite West-terrace, as tho most eligible position for tbu Market, it being bounded by tho Port-road, the South-road, and conveniently accessible to the city. The worthy Alderman was empowere.l to convene l-7 advertisement a. general meetiug of the citizens uf tho ward, and he fixed upon the Prince of Wales Hotel, Angas-street, as the gathering place, *m Thursday next, at half-past 7 o'clock in tho eveuing. Burra Burra Mines.— The usual survey took place at those mines at 12 o'clock on Thursday last, at which 14 pitches bargains wens lot to about oQ miuersj the total number now emplo ed being about 100. This is decidedly the best survey sinco the stoppage of the great pumping engine in 1852. The want of success at the gold-diggings, aud the high rate of wages earned at the liurra liu,rra by tributers, has induced tho miners once more to return to their old employment. The ore produced during the last ' take,'- eight weeks, 13 estimated at 60.0 ton.g— a very satisfactory production from the shallow levels of this extraordinary property. Our Mineral Resources T-tThe work or mineral exploration, is, we are happy to say, being carried on quietly but earnestly in different direc tions. . It is within our knowledge that, during the last week, several parcels culled from m.ineral lands, have beeu deposited for the purpose of analysis, by different parties, with Mr. O'Reilly, professor of chemistry.

? IxsASiTY.TT=The .charges . of _ insanity which ire frnm.timft to time brought under the notice of he Police Magistrate exhibit, perhaps, as sreiit a ariety of character, and furnish, as wide a field for ;h-. humane speculations of tho philanthropist and tho )hilisopher as- all the other cases put together, civery disposition of the human mind, every faculty -f the human intellect, is occasionally displayed, ex igger'ated or distorted, by this fearful visitation. The noody madman, and the drivelling idiot, the haif jon.scious and crafty discharge I Bedlamite reappre lend ;d, the man with mind totally deranged, ami Jie victim of a simple but rinioulims d/lus'ou. Oiu lay the hibitual consn ner of strong drink raves 01 ;t ombles, a tnekneholy lesson to by-standeis ; and the next, a stalwart young man or a pretty girl, is iomtniitel on evidence that proves conclusively the Iflnjier of allowing them to go at largo. Some are wholly uucmscious of tho purpose for which ;hey aro brought before tho Bench : an affect ing instance of that kind occurred somo time »go, when a young and handsome married woman lost her senses on the death, of her jiiil-l, and became occasionally so violent as to render restraint essential to her safety. Wiu-n ushered into Court she appeared altogether indifferent to the placo, so unlike the qtiiat home she was accustome-.t to, or the number of spectators that might have been expected to attract her attention. Siio took no notice of tho statement made as to h- r own conduct ; and while the Magistrate was giving directions for Iii'r removal to gaol, Lusied herself in parting her afllicted husband's hair, and adjusted bis shir: collar, as if they wore at their own hearth and be was abou to go to his ordinary pursuits. Others again exhibit such a flow of spirits as almost to raise a douot in the mind of tho observer whether the glee of the maniac imparts loss enjoyment, tn m tlie possession of a reason keenly soutitive to all the annoyances with which life abounds, and besets the sane man at every step. An instance of ' mirth in madness' was exhibited at tho Police Court, on Friday last, that would have compelled most grave to laugh, while they deplored tho wreck of reason that ex cited their risibility. A poor follow in the garb of a labourer was brought in from Morphett Vale, charged with being a dangerous lunatic On entering the Court ho saw Mr. Beddomo, tho Clerk, sitting 'at the table, and to 'him the prisoner made a profound aud by no moans ungraceful obeisance; but ou Mr. VVigley taking bis seat, promptly apologised for offering to another the spe cial respect intended ibr His Worship alone. Tlie constable stated that the prisoner was apprehended running about with a fire-stick- in tho yard of tho Emu Inn, and raving inad. Ho was detained at Morphett Vale for some days, but as his conduct manifested settled decaugoaient, it was found neces sary to bring him to town. The Magistiate recog nized fn the prisoner, a person whom ho had dis charged a few weeks before, and asked him wheru he hud been, aud what he had been doing since then ? The prisoner, placed himself- in a theatric attitude, and with ail the energy of a demented declaiiner, ran on — ' I was doing my duty as mailman in Morphett Vale and its vicinity, which is, as your Worship knows, in the district of Noarlung*. 1 live as you live, and, as 1 hope, the policemen live, honestly ; if wot, I have no doubt they would have bad 1110 hero before now on a different charge than that of being a dangerous lunatic. 1 may have been living on grass, _ but 1 did nothing wroog, and (hero his eye began to glare and bis vehemence in crease) there is nothing wrong in that, hat ! look at it inside and outside, compress it, cut it open, it is an honest hat, and 1 am an honest man. Can any one in Court say otherwise ?' Here ho pause J ibr breath, and tho Magistrate remarked, ' You wore going about with a iirostick ?' The prisoner having be come perfectly calm, replied — ' \Voll, your Worship, I am a regularly constituted fireman, a id 1 took, as was my duty, special caro not to let a spark fall; pray put that down on a sheet of clean paper, it is important. From my manner your Worship may possibly suppose that I can recite, and if you w-mld wish fora specimen of my ability — but no ! of cmirsc that would not be hero — another tima you know — 1 hope your Worship is satisfieil ? Tho Magistrate said ho was satisfied that tho prisoner must go to gaol for a week, and be seen by the Colonial cui\. con. \Vell, replied tlie prisoner, that's ,as it should be ; you hold tho Queen's cisnnnission, and so must be a man of learning and judgment. You said gaol.! Lot that be put down tiiroe times to prevent any mistake. Mr. Ashton lives there, and iio will treat me well. The gaol is in front of the prison where the convicts are ke| t, but as I am not a pri soner 1 only go to the gaol. 1 have the honour to wish your Worship .1 good morning.' On Saturday a young woman, named Henrietta Sunnier, was brought into Court by hor father, a shepherd, from the Lower Wakefieid, who sUMed that his daughter was deranged; at times she tore off all her clothes, and when her mother interfered with bor a few days ago, assaulted tho old lady, bit her, tons her hair, ami in fact she was now lying dangerously ill from the effects of the young wo.sian's violence. Tho prisoner, who at first cried a tittle, but aftursvard* l-iy down on the steps of the dais, ordered to bu sent to gaol fora week, ami to be seen by tho Colonial Sur geon before the end of that time. Unsupported Charges of Feloky. — Among the many evils and annoyances which drunkards entail on society, not the least is the ex

pense of prosecuting parties for robbing them when -rought to a state of helplessness by their own mis conduct. It also frequently happens that worthless oharucters report robberies when in a state of iuto\i eation, aud afterwards when they become sol er snfier themselves to bo bought off, or talked out of their intention to prosecute. Others, again, make fals-J charges when drunk, and arc of course unable to sustain them when confronted in the Police Court with the accused parties. There were two cases on Saturday last that answered one or another o; those descriptions, and in each instance there was not a shadow of evidence against the prisoners, who were discharged by his Worship on hearing tho statements of the prosecutors. There really should bu placed in the hands of the Magistrate power to inflict a sum mary .punishment on parties who delight when drunk in laying apocryphal charges of rnbborv. Tub Adelaide Pantheon. — .Those 'ladies and gentlemen of Adelaide who are fond of a fashion abe lounge' will soon, thanks to tho enterprise of Mr. Edliu, be able to indulge themselves to the full in this elegant accomplishment. On iln- ground at tho roar of the premises occupied by Mr. Edliu, in King William-street, has been erected a kfey and spacious room. Tho roof, which is ^emi-eireuUr, is of corrugated iron, and is neatly painted inside. Three oval sky-lights in tho roof servo tho double purp-ise of light and ventilation. On either side of tho room aro five sets of shelves with corresponding counters, all let to different persons, j^'id whereon tho most to.npting things are to be clisp ayed for sale. Seats are provided for tho accommodation of visitors, and the sparo places in tho wall ornamented with pictures. The baziar is to opon on Thursday, and will doubtless attract a laruo concourse. Pout Conveyances. — There a ineet iug of Port-cart proprietors at the City Hriilgo Hotel, on Saturday evening, when the necessity of raising the fare for passengers to and from the Port was dis cussed in a calm, liberal, aud businesslike spirit. A comparison was mad-: by one of the speakers between

,h-i chargesj.incuiTed now by the keepers of convoy mces and the costs to bo mot when tlio faro was only me shilling; by which it ap eared the profits to them vore far greater in the cheap times than at present. Lt was determined to make no alteration at that neetiug, but to depute a person to communicate with jiio or two proprietors, who did n^t attend, and in the event of an altered scale being agreed 0.1, it was recommunded to announce the same sufficiently for general information Iwf re acting on it. Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier.— .The feverish excitement consequent upon tho disevveries of gold in these colonies is evidently subsiding, and tho minds of 'men are again inclined to tho more sober projectsVahd steady pursuits on which al me permanent prosperity can be bised. One among the many proofs of this is to bo found in the fact tint our Roman Catholic fullow-citizons have r. sumed their intention to erect a Cithedral ou the land pur chased and enclosed on the cist sido of Victoria squire. We learn that arrangements have taen for some time in progress for tho recommencement of tho works,- and that among other modes of collecting funds for this great 'undertaking, there will be a publio this evening in tho Roman Catholic school-room, Franklin-street, the proceeds to bo ap priated to the Uuilding Fund. Caution' to. Bathers. — No! withstanding the numerous warnings given by this paper, and the more practical lessons enforced by the 'Police Magis trates,- thoughtless parties continue to defile, by bathing, the water from which the city is supplied. XJorporal liadmau and Constable Hciloy apprehended yesterday, six drapers' assistants, who, divested of their drapary, were 'indulging in the luxury of a bath within the limits. tabooed by the authorities. . A Neglected Team.— ^-Mf. James N eagle, fanner, was fined 10,.s. in ihe Police Court on Satur day, for lAving left his horses and dray unattcned in tile public streets. EcutJNGA District Council. — A.t a public meeting held at tats Hagen Armst Echunga, on Fri day, a rate of a shilling in the pound was carried by a considerable majority.