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PUBLIC AMUSEMENT. HEDL1N has the honour to announce to ? the Ladies and Gentlemen of Adelaide, that (in the absence of all jmblic entertainment) he has determined on giving a PROMENADE MUSIC ALE, at the Pantheon, King 'William-street, on TUESDAY, 4th of April, and he respectfully solicits their patronage. If this first attempt is duly supported, a series of them wiJI be given through the ?winter, and Mr. Edlin will use his best endeavours to engage good mnsicians, and to render the place in every respect attractive. . A limited number of tickets issued, and they may be obtained at the Pantheon. ~ ' PROMENADE MUSICALE. PROGRAMME : Part Ut. 1. Polka. ' Le=s Clochettes'— Labitzky. ti. Equestrian Q.iadrilles— Holt. 3. Waltz, ' La T-: uderesse' — Harry Hardy. 4. Song, ' Every Land my Hoice' — N. J. Sporle,Miss Pettman. 6. Polka, 'The Louise'— W. 11. Montgomery. 6. Cornet Obligate, ' As T viaw these scenes,' &c. — La Som namhula, Bellini— McCnllagh. V. Soni?,' Kathleen Mavourneer,' — T. N. Crouch, Miss Pettman. 8. Galop, ' Fortuna' — Strauss. Tlirt 2nd. 1. March, founded on the popular Scotch melody 'Annie Laurie' — W. II. Montgomery. 2. Quadrille, ' Prince of Wales' — J. R. Ling. 3. '? Empress,' Spanish Polka. 4. ' Remember thee !— Yes, love, for ever' — Mrs. McKinlay. 5. Solo, Pianofjrte, ' Away with melancholy,' with variations — Montiguni. 6. Waltz, ' Bossixsio.' 7. ' You'll meet me, won't you?' H. We3t — Miss Pettman, 8. Sturm Marsch CJalop. a. 'God Save the Qu.en.' Commencing at 7 o'clock. Admission, 2s. Cd, by tickets only. ? 87e94 BRIGHTON DISTRICT COUNCIL. 'VTOTICE. — Having received a MEMO -Ll KIAL fi-nm the re-idents of GLENELG and neigh bourhood, pr.iying that a roid running towards that township from the South-eastern corner of Section 142, be immediately thrown open to the public— the Brigh on District Council liotify, that at their next Meeting, (to be held at the Thatched House Tavern, on Tuesday, nth April, at 2 p.m.), thev propose taking the abive Memorial into consideration. All parties in terested are invited to attend the meeting. By order of the Council, F. PEAKCE, Clerk and Collector. 1st April, 1854. 91-98rmf NEW EQUITALE BUILDfNG COMPANY. THK Monthly MEETING of the Members will be held on Wednesday, the 5th April, at 8 o'clock, at the Napoleon Uonaparte, King William-street, when Three Shares will be offered for competition. NATHANIEL SUMMERS, Seeretary. .March 31st, ISM. N.B.— The issue of Shares at the present entrance-fee will be rlosed on Monday, the 3rd April, and the fines will be in force lor non-payment from that date. 9imw95v SOUTHERN GRIST-MILL COMPANY. THE Shareholders of the above-named Com pany will take Notice that a further CALL of £1 5s. per share has this day been made, payable on or before the 11th April next to the undersigned. THOS. BELL KELLY, Treasurer. Morphett Vale, 27th March, 1854.   SOUTHERN GRIST-MILL COMPANY. AT a Committee Meeting held on the 27th March, 1854, it was resolved that a Special Meeting of the Shareholders in the above Company he called at 2 o'clock p.m. on Tuesday, the 11th April next, at the Emu Hotel, Morphett   Vale. The whole of the machinery and gear for the above-named Mill having arrived, and being in the course of cartage up to the Mill, the proposed meeting is required for the purpose of raising additional funds, the capital previously fixed being found inadequate to the completion thereof, and also for cou sidrring the desirableness of modifying the 13th rule of the Company, which has reference to the mode of voting. By order of the Committee. THOS. BELL KELLY, Secretary.     ADELAIDE LAND AND GOLD COMPANY.— SHARES. THE CONSEIL DE SURVEILLANCE having at the request of thn Committee of Management apportioned a limited number of SHAKES, for appropriation in this atid the neighbouring colonies, to meet sundry applications mifie for the same, noiice is hereby given that such Shares can lie obtained at par upon application to the Manager. JOHN HALLETT, Manager. Adelaide, March 1G, 1S51. 76cv '* town aneTcountIiy land anFbuilding SOCIETY. rpWO SHARES, of £120 each, will he i SOLD by this Society, at the office, King William-street, --n FKIDAY, the 7th April, at S o'clock evening, x By order. KOUT. HAWK.E3, Sec. SOCIETY FOR THE IMPORTATION OF PURE IJKKD DRAUGHT ENTIRE HORSES AND MARES FROM GREAT Bill TAIN. AT a Meeting- of Gentlemen interested in the WKEEDIXG of HORSE STOCK, hc;d at Mr. linker's olliee. King Wil!;treet, on Wednesday, the 21st February, Mr. Hiker in the chair, it was Moved by Mr. Giles, seconded by Mr A. Shannon, and car rial unanimously — ' Tiiat a Company he formed for introducing the best Cart Stock that can '«-? oiitained in Oreat Britain.' MuviiJ by Mr. (iuyime, seconded by Mr. Whitford, and carri«*d — ' Th-t the capital of tha Company he £5,000, in 200 shares, of £25 c .eh. witli jnwer for a general m tftintr of shareholders to it to any amount not exceeding £10,001), by the issue «if mw sli.ire.-; oi £'J5 e.-ch.' Moved by Mr. A. Shannon, seconded by Mr. Duffield, and carried unanimously — ' That, provided the cpital subscribed do not exceed £5,000, 1he wliole Hinount shali be devoted to the importation of stal lions, hut that at loiint one-half of any am-uat exceeding that hum he dew-ted t' the importati«ri of brood mares.' Moved by Mr. linm.skili, seconded by Mr. Alston, and car ried— ' Timt a holder of one share be entitled to one vote ; three tihares, two vuti!!. ; and live shares, three votes. No shareholder to l.:iv.» tinre than three votes.'1 M».-~d byMr.Uwynne, seconded by Mr. John Norman, and c.irried— '?Tiwt within two months after the arrival of any horses a f.ern-ral ni-etini: of shareholders shall be held for the pur jnse of determining whether the stock shall be. kept by the iVunpnny or sold; nnd, if kept, to prescribe th« manner of keeping' them. And a resolution of such meeting shall be binding on the. Company.'' Moved by Mr. Durtiel'd, seconded by Mr.Gwynne, and car ried unanimously — ' Tiiat the. shares in the Company he not transfrtrable..' Moved by Mr. 15n:n»k!ll, seconded by Mr. John Hsher, and carried tiuanimo:ily — 'That the following gentlemen be appointed n Provisional Committee (five to f rm a ?lUoruni), to carry out the objects of thn meeting:— Messrs. Giles. Hunt. Gwyune, Whitford. Frame, John Martin, A. ?lmimon, Hewitt,' DuliicM, 1'i't-, Alston, John 'S--niian, ?'. Formby. Stove, -'. Jaeu.sch, IJnnihkill, and J. Fisher; ?lohu Baker, Chairman' A vote of thanks to Mr. l'.aKer for his conduct in the chair ?was then curried by acclamation. Gentlemen desiring to take shares are requested to give ?their names to any of thu members of the Provisional Com mittee. The Provis:onnl Committee met en Friday evening, the 24th Fuiimary, nt the Freemasons' Tavern. Mr. John Maker in the cl-air. Mr. Alston, at the request of the Chairman arid all pre nent, consented tf- act as Honorary Secretary to the Provisional Committee. Several gentlemen gave in thei. own names and the names of vai ions lriends, us subscribers for from one. to four t-hsres. One expressed his willingness to take, ten, but said he lii-ld over for the. present, being satisfied with a .-mailer in terest rather than the idea of monopoly. As the dif ferent country members had been detained in town by the anniversary festival and the business meeting of the Horticul tural and Agricultural Society, it was considered better to give ll em an opportunity cif visiting their .several districts, and con sulting their neighbours. The Meeting, therefore, was «d iourned to Friday, the 10th March, at Mr. linker's office, in King William-street, at 3 o'clock, when all interested are in vited to attend' JOHN BAKER, Chairman. COacv GKOKGE ALSTON, Hon. Secretary. TO ROAD CONTRACTORS. milE City Council will receive TENDERS JL for the lie-formation and Metalling of the Roadway from the iunction of North nnd West-terrace to the Squatters' Arms at fheharton, under conditions which may be inspected at the Town Clerk's Office, in King Williain-Htreet, where the Ten ders are to be delivered before 12 o'clock at noon of Monday, fie 3rd day of April next, in covers addressed to the City Coun cil, and endorsed ' Tender for Roadway.' By order of the City Council, WILLIAM T.'SABBEN, Town Clerk. City Council Office, M.trch gl.ttli,_l»M. ? 89et)3 DISTRICT OF HINDMARSIf. HHENDERS are invited for the Repair of X Gibson-street, Bowden; «1*-. f»r the K.-pairs of Nor.h street, I'.rompton. Specifications may be seen at the llind marsh District Council Office, Brompton. Tenders to be sent in by noon of Saturday, the S.h of April. Bv order of the Council, ,_,„...,, „. . 'VV. DOWNING, Cierk. March 27th, 1S54. ? s^!)Sv mENDEUS are requested by the under JL sigt.ed for the delivery of about :W toiw of Glen Osmond, Dry Creek, or other BUILDING-STONE of equal quality, at 3'ort Adelaide. Ulcv HALL & CO., Port Adelaide. OLLEGI ATE SCHOOL of ST. PETBIR'S, Adelaide, Incoqiorated by Act of Council, and undci the management of a Council of fifteen Governors. Visitor — The Lord Bishop of Adelaide. Acting Head Master and Superintendent of Boarding Establish ment at Norwood — Kev. Edmund Jenkins. Assistant Masters— Mr. John Winham and Mr. R. Reid Professor of Modern Languages— Mr. H.Nootnagel. Terms, Quarterly, payable in advance : T5oa.rd, Lodging, and Tuition, iucluding washing and mending Of linen — For Boys of all ages ? £45 per annum. Day-boarders ? £21 per annum. Day-scholars ? £10 10s. per do. Library fee, on entrance, £1 Is. Pupils admitted at any time. The charges commence from the date of admission, aiid a quarter's notice required previous to the removal of any pupil. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, G. W Hawkes, Esq. Adelaide, July, 1553^ ? 182mhq? 3HVEK3DALK HOUSE, NEAR GILMERACHA, BOARDING SCHOOL. THE REV. S. P. R. ALLOM receives a limited number of PUPILS, exclusively Boarde.-s; and Jn order to increase the accommodation, MISS ALLOM will be piepared, after the coming vacation, to receive a few little Jjoys at ' GLENVILLE COTTAGE, situated in Sticcotli Valley, within a mile of Riversdale House Terms,fir future pupils*:— Under 12 years of age, 45 guineas, and above that aue 50 guineas, per annum. Washing, 4 guineas per annum. Music and Diawing, with Landscape and .Flower Painting, £6 each per aiamm. Terms to be paid quarterly in advance, and a quarter's notice given previous to the removal of a pupil. An Assistant Master is required at Kiversdale House. The Easter Holidays will commence on March 22ud, and the School will re-open April 26th. 2mhcv SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES. THERE is room for a small number of Puj'-ls in a select Establishment, situated in the environs of Adelaide. Tor terms, references, or other particulars, apply Mr. Gl.-iiidfK-!d. Crocer, Knndle-street. 63e95 OAWLEK-PLACE ACADEMY for YOUNG LADIES, conducted by Mrs. C. THORNLEY. Terras : For the entire course of Education, Ten Guineas per annum, payable quarterly in advance. Gawler-place, near Crenfell-street. 32ell9 SCHOLASTIC— VACANCY FOK BOARDERS. MR. W. A. CAWTHORNE has a vacancy for BOAliDEKS. Terms, Board and Tuition, 35 Guineas ner annum, payable quarterly in advance. Apply at his resi dence, Moiphett-stretjt, next door to Dr. Mayo. 49ml00v

VICE-CHANCELLOR WOOD,— Monday, the 12th day of December, in the 17th year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, 1853, in the matter of the Joint Stock Companies' Winding-up Act, 1848 and 1849, and in the matter of the Adelaide City and Port Railwav Company, upon the petition of John George Young, on the 20th day of June, 1853, preferred unto the Right Hon. the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, this Court doth order that the said ADE LAIDE CITY AND PORT RAILWAY COMPANY be absolutely 'WOUND UP by the Judge to whose Court this matter is attached, under the provisions of the Joint Stock Companies' Winding-up Acts, 1813 and 1849 F. H. DAVIS, Registrar.       II. W. Fakker, Sol., Adelaide^ ? fl3.;95v93 NOTICE. TF MR. SAMUEL BADDER, late of Lon X don who arrived here in the Athenian, in March, 1819, will send his address to Mrs. Chalk, Windsor Castle, Franklin street, Adelaide, he will hear of something to his advantage. Adelaide, March 23, ia51 ? 87ea3vlO7 FAMILIES and Gentlemen requiring BOARDING accommodation, should call at J. Kendall's Establishment, Grenfell-street east. Established in Adelaide 183r. 5Sal46 GENTLEMAN and Lady, with a Child and Servant, or Two Gentlemen, can be accommodated with BOARD and LODGING in Norwood. Apply at Mrs. Ba'l's, Grocer, Parade, No^wooi. ? 93a97 A SKLECT BALL will be held at the Maid XI. and Magpie, Norwood, Thi? Evening (Monday). Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets, 5s. each, may be had at the bar. ? 8Sa93y WANTED, a respectable WOMAN for a WIFE, that can give good references as 10 her respecta bility of character. An Englishwoman, from 30 to 4) years of ige, preferred. Apply to Mr. Richard William Beal.Gloster Lodge, near Willunga. ? 88e98 OVERNESS WANTED, in a respect able family. A comfortable home presents itself np«r town, to a L.-idy properly qualified to undertake the Education of i little girl 11 years of age, already well advanced in her edu ction. Music, Drawing, and French n-quired. For address, 3tc, apply to the Secretary of Mr. Green's News Room. 85ac ANTED, an experienced CLERK. Good references required. Apply, by letter only, to C. Clevn A Co., Currie-street. ? 87c A SSISTANTS WANTED. Apply to 11. B, Xjl Lucas, Hindley-street. ? 80c ANTED, by a Married Man, who has been four years --hepherding, a SITUATION at an out-atation. Address J. E., omce of this paper. xjrm ANTED, a steady YOUNG MAN, to manage a Farm a little disMnce in the country. Apply at Morcom'o Temperance Hotel, Hindloy-slreet west. [93e95 ANTED, a Young Man «s WAITER. Good references required; none need apply without them. Wages liberal. Apply at the London Chop House, King William-street. ? 80j WANTED, an active respectable BOY for the DESK: »1soaPOKTEK. Apply to McArthur, Kingsborough, and Co., Drapers, Stephen's-place, Rundle street. [93c WANTED, in a Merchant's Office, a Junior CLERK. Apply at the office of this paper. !)3c TO FEMALE SERVANTS. WANTED, a good General S BRYANT and a NUSISEMAID. Apply at Mr. Dubois's. late Mr. Watt's, Parade, Norwood, nearly opposite the Old Colonist Inn. No Irish need apply. !-te93 TO CARPENTERS. WANTED, a few Good HANDS. Apply to William Lines, Builder, Greufell-street. 93.-95 TO CABIN ETM.AKKRS. A GOOD HAND WANTED, to whom the highest wages will be aiven. 84cv THOMAS HILLS. Flinders-street. ANTED, STONE-BREAKERS for the North-Eastern-road, south brauch. Apply to the Overseer, on the road. 87e93 to' labourTng~m en! WANTED, STONE-BREAKERS, to work on the South-road. Apply at the office of the Ce.nttul Road Board, at the New Exchange. 75cv TO BULLOCKDRIVERS. WANTED, persons to Contract for Drawing I ogs from the_ Forest Steam Saw-Mills Apply to I' ll. Viney, Agent, Halifax-street, opposite the Kob Roy. OOellSv RAYS WANTED, to LOAD for the North. Liberal rates and return loads given. Apply to S9cv JOSEPH STILLING -fe Co., Himlley- treet TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS KKWAKD! IN consequence of my having been informed that a person is travelling this Colony with samples of goods and produce, representing himself as my agent for the sale of £uch goods, and obtaining, or endeavouring to obtain, cash advances upon such sales: I hereby declare that .-uch proceeding is without my knowledge «-r sanction ; and the above reward shall be paid to any one causing apprehension of the party acting thus fraudulently in my name. R. S. KIRBY. WoodviUe, Port-road. Saturday 4th February. IRM. Vr.v 'l^OUND, a WATERPROOF OVERCOAT. JL The owner can have the. same by applying at the Tem perance Reading Room, Brown-street, on payment of ex penses. ulti-3 OJJND, a Leather P0CKE'lM300i^ which trie owner c in h.;v-! on describing it audits con tents, and 7-iying the expenses of advertising Ap.iiy n' 'he nltice of this paper. ? 93' Ij^OUND, on 1 lth February, near Salisbury,, a SILVER WATCH. The owner c in have it by apply ing to Mr. Patrick Spam, farmer. uearSalisbury. x ONE POUND REWARD. ~ LOST, a CERTIFICATE for twenty Cases Brandy, warehoused in Simpson's Stores by LeRair and Robin in January last, ex Jeanettn Cornelia, f imi London. Apply to LEBAIR& ROHIN, 93e!)i Greufell-street. _____________ LOST on Thursday last, on the road between Adelaideand Glenelg. Two CONVEYANCES of LAND at St. Leonard's, belonging to Mr. John Kirby. Whoever will bring the same to the offices of Messrs. Fenn & Wearing, Solicitors, Exchange-chambers, Adelaide, shall receive the above reward. 91-03 LOST, March 15th, 1854, from a Paddock, near tho Old Halfway House, on the Port-road, a Dark Brown FILLY, about 14 hands high, four year-; old, having a small star in the forehead, white off hind foot, a switch tail, and branded AF conjoined ou the near shoulder, and C (faint) on the off shoulder. Anv person brin^ins the same to Mr. Chandler, at the Old Halfway Ilnn^e. Port-road, shall be suitably rewarded. [xjrm TEN POUNDS REWARD. LOST, from Mr. Hillcoat's Paddock, some time ago, one Bay FILLY, branded Civ near shoulder. One Black FILLY, branded C near shoulder, white stripe down the face, white snip on nose, wall eyes. Any person delivering the same to John Smith, Smith's Arms', Gawler Plains, or to my place, lliudmarsft, will receive the above reward. S3.-94V ROBERT COOK. THREE POUNDS REWARD. LOST, from Mr. Kearnes's Paddock, on the Stnrt, a Dark Bay MARE, black points, branded HO on near shoulder. The above reward will be paid on delivery of the Mare al Simms and Hayter*s Yard. Currie-street. 67c TEN POUNDS REWARD. ^TOLEN, a Dark Bay MARK, short switch f^-J tail, branded M, like spoon under, near shoulder, spoon near side neck, S off shoulder; new Saddle, small hole in the pad, crupper staple pulled out, head-stall bridle, new neck strap new strap to on« side of the bit. Whoever will bring the above to Thos. Atkinson, Devonshin Hotel, Maclaren Vale, shall receive the above reward. [S9elO2v TWO POUNDS REWARD. STOLEN or STRAYED, on Monday night from the yard of W. II. Bnrford, npenii.g into Fine' street, a Strawberry Roan MARE, branded DB on near shoulder with blaze face. Whoever restores her, shall receive the abov- reward. 8Scv MASTERS AND SERVANTS ACT. ARTICLES of AGREEMENT betweei _-JL Masters and Servants, drawn up in accordance with thi Masters and Servants Act. on sale at the office of this paper. TO ADVERTISERS. The following is the scale of charges for adver tising in this journal: — 2 lines ? Is. Od. 3 lines ? Is. 6d. 4 lines ? 2s. Qd. 5 Hues ? 2s. 6d. 6 lines ? 3s. Od. And 3d. for every additional line. Advertisements from persons seeking situations, i not exceeding 20 words, inserted for one shilling. A liberal discount allowed for numerous insertions according to period, as per printed scale. Birth3, deaths, and marriages are published at - charge of 2s. 6d. each, which will admit their in sertion iuto both the Register and Observer: in al cases to bo prepaid. Prepayment for advertisements is requested n future from all occasional advertisers, and from al Benefit, Building, and other Societies. This reques is rendered necessary because of the great expensi incurred in keeping books for and collecting smal accounts. It is requested that all advertisements of ' wants,' ?which seldom appear more than than thrice, nor oc cupy more than three lines, be prepaid, as the expens- of booking nearly absorbs the whole of the cnargi made upon the present low scale. In future, 2s. 6d will be charged for all advertisements under five line: not prepaid. Our country friends can meet the difficulty of ro mittances in payment for advertisements by making a reference for payment iu town, or by enclosing j bank note, and instructing our accountant to paj over any balance to their agent in Adelaide, whose receipt will be forwarded by return of post. Register Office, March 27th, 1854. Our subscribers and advertising friends would greatly oblige us if they would be prepared to pay their accounts to our Collecting- clerk when he calls upon them, as the necessity of calling three or fouj times at one place would involve an amount of laboui that could not be got through. The unwieldy nature of our operations necessitates this appeal, which we are euro our friends yrill be considerate enough t- respond to.