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In pursmnce of the 5th clause of the Ordinance No. 17 of 1852, intituled '_' An Act for the making and improving of Roads in South Australia,' each District Council is required to trausmit to the Chair

man of the Central Hoard of Main Roads a written list containing the names of four persons to act ns ?members of the Central Board of Main Roads for the year to commence on the 1st day of February, 1854. Saturday last, the 2 1st inst., was the latest day for receiving Euch lists, and it was found that 19 lists had been sent in, and tliat the total number of per sons nominated was 21. The particulars and tho result are subjoined : — Anijaston — Messrs. Giles, Babbage, - Chamberlain, Bonney. Brighton — Davenport, Babbage, Davis, Wilson. Clare— Babbage, O'Halloran, Davis, Bonney. Clarendon — Giles, O'Halloran, Crawford, Baker. Echunga — Davenport, Giles, Stirling. Higheicombe — Da vis, Chamberlain, Stirling, Randall. Hiudmarsh— Davenport, Giles, Babbage, Crawford. Macclesfield — Davenport, Giles, Crawford, Stirling. Mitcham — Davenport, Davis, Crawford, Bosworth. Morphett .Vale — Trimmer, Everard, Hallett, Hayter. Mount Barker — Davenport, Babbage, Bonney, Hector.

Munno Para, East — Babbage, O'Halloran, -Davis, Angas ' * Nairne— Davenport, Giles, Babbage, Baker.j.. i , - Onhnp-iring* — Davenport,- Giles. Babbage, Baker. Talung& — Giles, U'Hallordn, Baker, Randall. Torrcus, East — Davenport, Uabbage, Crawford, Wark. Torrens, West — Davenport, Giles, Davis, Crawford Wiliunga— Davenport, Giles, O'llalloran, Hewitt. Yatala — Davcriport, Giles, Chamberlain, Angas. The following are the totals for each proposed member: — S. Davenport, 12; Giles, 11; Babbage,   9; O'Halloran. 5 ; Davis, 6 ; Crawford 6 ; Baker, 4; Chamberlain, 3 ; Stirling, 3 ; Wark, 1 ; Angas, 2 :   Hewitt, 1 ; Bosworth, 1: Bonney, 3; Hector, 1;   Trimmer, 1; Everard, 1 ; Hallett, 1; Hayter, 1; Randall, 2 ; and Wilson, 1. Messrs. S. Davenport, W. Giles, and B. H. Bab bage are therefore duly elected; but it will be ne- cessary to have a new election for one member, in consequence of Messrs. Davis and E. J. F. Crawford   (the next highest) having an equality of votes.