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Thursday. March 16.

Present — Tho3. Gilbert, Lscj., Chairman; Messrs. Stevenson, Mildred, Grainger, Blyth, Davenport, Woodforde, and Dv. Wyatt. The following new licences were errantcd:—

AUCTIONEERS. Charles Alexander HuH, Port Elliot. John Kain, North-terrace, Adelaide. William Townsend, Adelaide. STOREKEEPERS' LTCENCE3 GRANTED. Phillips and Paull, corner of R-sina-street, Currie street. John and Robert Carruthers, merchant?, Rnndle street.. . ' Edmund Qacomh, merohant, Grenfell -street. Sykesand Morrison, merchants, Randlo-street. Dauiel Nicholson, merchant. Ruudle-street. France and Lightfoot, merchants, Port, William Milne, merchant, Grenfull- street Peter George Harris, wine merchant, Leigh street. . John Robin Harris, wine merchant, King Wil liam-street. Ulyssec North Bagot, merohan1-, King William atreet. Anthony Prank, merchant, Noarlunga. Charles James Cirlton, wine merchant, Blyth's buildinus. Martin Lalouette and James Honora'y wine mer chants, King William-street. * William Lightfoot and John Pale Blundell, wine merchants, King William-street. ' Joseph Gendere, Noarlnnga. James Wardlaw Disher and James Balantine Mai - ford, wine merchants, Hmdli-y-street. Pitt C -bbett aiid Richard Bail, Bank-street. Uerman Conrnd Stukeman and Samuel Lockwood,' Currie-street. ' Gaorge Francis, John Walker, and Frederick Dalton, soda water manufacturers, Adelaide. John Arnold, storekeeper, Gawler Town. ' . ; ?. ADJOURNED CASES. Publicans' licences granted — James Dunn, Wakefield Bridge Inn.

Robert Fulcher, Port Wakefield Arms, Port Wake field. Sainuel Johns, Blacksmiths* Arra3, Reedy Creek. The application of Mr.' Lazar for a licence for the Temple Tavern was struck out, Mr. Lazar not being iu attendance. DEFERRED CASES. Mr. Stow presented a memorial from certain per   sons, in favour of the licence of William Dreyer, Prince Albert, being granted. It had been customary to hold a ball there once a montb, and it was no doubt from that circumstance that the police reported unfavourably of the house. He had witnesses to prove that the house was generally well- conducted, md called Sergeant Thomson in, who stated that the house was generally well kept. He had received great assistance from the landlord and his son, in pursuing   a man and woman who had been staying in the lou-se. The son spent a whole day with him in going from place to place. Mr. Stevenson said the other policemen reported uifavouiably of the house, but it was satisfactory to iear what had just been stated. Sergeant Haynes — There is a dancing-school at the house. Mr. Stevenson — There is no impropriety in that. Does he keep his house open late at night and is   he in the habit of doing so? Or does he sell during for forbidden hours on Sunday ? Sergeant Thompson — I am not awaro that he does. Licence granted. The Plueaix Inn. — Mr. Fenn made an application to be permitted to present two petitions, ouu from the neighbours, aud one from tho persons at present lodging iu the house, in favour of a renewal of this licence, but the Bench, alter a long consultation, de cided that they could not ivgiin lake the case into consideration. Mr. Fenn then applied for leave to have the licence transferred to a new appl.caut, as it appeared the charge wa* not against ilu house so much as igainst Martin, the present occupier, and he begged that the notice ruiuired by law should bj dispensed with. The new applicant, whose name did not transpire, was a highly respectable man; to this, ilso, the Bench could not accede. Mr. Stevenson thought it very hard upon publicans that they were not furnished, jireviuus to tlie annual licensing day, with a statem-iiu of the charges which were to be preferred against theui. They ought to be so in order that time might be afforded to dis prove thuin, if p issible. The B;ncli appeared to concur iu this observation, but could not alter their decision iu regard to the Phmnix. Messrs. Stow aud W. R. Wigloy were prepared with petitions in favour of a ro- hearing iu the cases of the suspension at' licensing the City Bridge, Tivoli, und Albert Hotels; but the Bunch decided that they had already been disposed of. INCREASE OK POUNDAGE FEES. Mr. W. K. Wigley applied on bchiuf of the pound keeper at Theb;irt«-u for an increase of poundage fees, and the following wero the rates fixed: — Horses, from 9J. to 15'.!.; sheep, 2d. ; goats, 2d. ; pi.s, 61. The Bench adjourned until Monday, the 27th inst., at 1 1 o'clock in the forenoon.