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— Co7»u, master of the Fame, appeared to a sum mons issued, by William Train, for three pounds -wages,- for work-done-on board the vessel from the 13thvto' 17th'Aorili ? ?/- ^ * '''?^' ik- ' ' l ' ;( ' ; vV7- -^ :: '

Informant proved that he wa9 engaged as cook and steward, and a day or two after he had been on board defendant said he was not to consider himself on day wages, but he had never signed any articles nor was asked to do so. On Tuesday morning defendant complained about his work, and said he might go on shore, which he did. I; The defendant stated that on his desiring that coffee might be ready for the men at half-past 6 in the morning, complainant answered that if he was not satisfied he (complainant) would leave. The Magistrate said that if defendant board under the idea of their signing articles, without any special agreement, and did «ot get them to sign, they would be entitled to claim wages as day labour ers, and made an order for the payment of five days' wages, at 10s. per day, and costs.' James Strong, cook of the Jlyden-bad, was brought up on a warrant, issued by Capt. Castle, for refusing: and neglecting to work ou board the vessel. He pleaded not guilty. Informant stated that the plates and other articles used iu the morning were left in the same state at dinner time, and on his expostulating with defendant he refused to clean them, alleging it : was the steward's duty, and that, on his grog being stopped, he refused duty entirely. Informant also stated that it was defendant's place to keep the things mentioned in good order. He was committed to gaol for 14 days with hard labour. Donald Mctficol, an apprentice of the Ormelie, was charged with desertion from that vessel. ? Sergeant Miller sutod that prisoner was found yesterday morning, at half-past 5 o'clock, on board the Edouar,!, stowed among the cargo, the vessel being about to sail. Committed to gaol for six weeks with hard labour. Sergeant Miller has been most successful in ap prehending seamen : this being one amongst the many instances in which he has taken seamen so stowed «i way. . . John Bosh and — Christian, apprehended under a warrant in Adelaide, were charged with being absent without leave from the Iserbrook. They denied the charge, and stated that they had gone to town to obtain from Mr. Amsberg, the Germ in Consul, some papers they wanted to take home, and that they were wiling to return on board. . : . At the request of Captain Kruger, they were ordered to be detained at the police-station till the vessel wa3 ready, iu the afternoon, to proceed to sea.