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Mr. Matthew Goode, who died at his residence in Wakefield-street on Monday evening, in his 81st year, was born at Hamp- ton Charles, Worcester, England. He was   engaged in the drapery trade in Hereford for some time, and afterwards he and his brother, Mr. C. H. Goode, went to London, where it was resolved that the latter should journey to Adelaide to ascertain if there was a good opening for business here. Mr. C. H. Goode was successful, and four or five years later Mr. Matthew Goode joined him in North Adelaide, where they carried on a drapery establishment in Kermode street. Shortly afterwards they removed to Rundle-street, and occupied part of "that property now in possession of Messrs. Charles Birks & Co. They also opened a wholesale warehouse in Stephens-place, the firm carrying on operations under the name of Goode Bros. Later the retail business was sold to Mr. L. Roach, Messrs. Goode Bros, confining their attention exclusively;

to the wholesale trade.

Subsequently the firm removed to premises in Grenfell-street, and after the brothers had been together in business for over 30 years the partner- ship was dissolved, Mr. Matthew Goode and his sons continuing in possession, of the warehouse in Grenfell-street, while Mr. C. H. Goode became one of the proprietors in the firm of Messrs. Goode, Durrant, & Co., who opened a softgoods warehouse in the same street. Only once did the late Mr. M. Goode hold a public position, and that was a number of years ago, when he be- came a member of the City Council. He then strongly advocated the construction of the deep drainage system, which, was adopt- ed, although other members of the council wanted the refuse drained to the sea. The deceased gentleman was one of the founders of the Stow Memorial Church, and for a number of years he was the treasurer of the fund of the church. He was one of the members of the committee of the local auxiliary of the London Missionary Society, and was connected with the Adelaide City Mission from the time of its inception, also with the Lay Preachers'' Association for a number of years. He worked in conjunc- tion with Sir George Williams in connection with the London Y.M.C.A., and with the late Dean Russell interested himself in the Funeral Reform Association.

The deceased gentleman was an in- timate friend of various ministers who have at different times been in charge of Stow Church, and was connect- ed with a number of charitable and other institutions. He went on short visits to England in 1878 and 1890. A widow, three sons, eight daughters, and 16 grand- children survive him. The sons are Messrs. S. H., Frank, and Albert Goode, who are now conducting the business of Messrs. Matthew Goode & Co. Two of his daugh- ters went to China as missionaries, and were married there. Shortly after the Boxer rebellion broke out considerable anxi- ety was felt concerning the fate of these ladies, Mrs. Allardyce and Mrs. Rus- sell, as it was reported that they and their husbands had been massacred in Pekin, but fortunately this proved to be incor- rect. Mrs. Allardyce and her four chil- ren were with Mr. Goode at the time of his death. She intends to leave for China shortly to rejoin her husband, who has been acting as interpreter between the re- presentatives of the Powers and the Chinese Government. Mrs. Russeil went to Lon- don after being released from Pekin, and she also will probably return to China. Dr. Christina Goode, who is now acquiring me- dical experience in London, is a daughter of the deceased gentleman.

The funeral will take place this afternoon.