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The Late Mr. F. I. Caterer,— This gen- tleman, a well-known schoolmaster, left his home on August 22, and his dead body was found four days later. At the inquest the

Jury found that while of unsound mind he had poisoned himself. The late Mr. Frederick Isaac Caterer was fifty - two years of age, and was the youngest son of the late Rev. Isaac Caterer, of Peppard, Oxfordshire, England. He arrived in the colony about twenty- five years ago. With his brother, Mr. Thomas Caterer, he started a school at Norwood, but it was subsequently removed to Glenelg, where ever since he has conducted a school of his own. The Glenelg Grammar School, of which he was Head Master, has during its existence stood out prominently as a favourite high-class educational institution. Mr. Caterer was a popular man among his boys, taking delight in their recreations as well as in their studies. We understand that while playing cricket some time ago he sustained an accident, which his medical advisers thought at the time would possibly affect him men- tally. Of late the deceased gentleman has been troubled with severe dizziness, and it has not been an uncommon occurrence for him to fall down from fits of that ailment. Mr. Caterer leaves a widow (nee Miss Phillipps, sister of Mr. Herbert Phillipps) and a family of four sons and six daughters. There was a very large funeral.   The Late Mr. C. J. Everard's Will.—   Mr. Charles John Everard, cf Marshfield, Bay- road, who died on July 22, appointed his son, William Francis, his daughter, Eliza Catherine, and Mr. John Yerco executors and trustees of his estate. His will has-been proved, and the estate sworn under £58,000. Full instructions have been left as to the distribution of the late gentleman's estate. The property known as Ashford, situated on the north side of the Bay-road, containing sixty-four acres, is be- queathed in trust to the grandchild, Charles John Everard, who will enter into possession on attaining twenty-one years of age. In the meantime William Francis Everard is to have the benefit of the income from the property. Another property containing about 230 acres is to go to the child or children of William Francis Everard when the youngest is of age. To the trustees is bequeathed all the interest)   the late Mr. Everard held as residuary legatee under the will of his brother, the late Mr. W. Everard, upon trust at their discretion to sell, call in, or to convert into money, and the trustees are directed to pay the income arising from that interest and from the investment of the proceeds to the late gentleman's widow during her lifetime. After her decease the proceeds are to be held in trust for the two daughters in equal shares. The remainder of the late gentleman's real and personal estate goes to the trustees upon trust, with dis- cretionary power to convert into money. The income from the residuary trust estate 'is to go to Mrs. Everard during her lifetime, and she has to maintain and provide for the education of tho two daughters. A married daughter receives an annuity of £100. All trust moneys coming to the trustees have to be invested in Government or Municipal Corporation securi- ties, or on mortgage of freehold lands, or be placed at fixed deposit in a joint-stock Bank in South Australia. AN AGED COLONIST.— The death of Mr. Murty McMahon, who had attained the ad- vanced age of 96 years, is recorded. He came to the colony in the ship Sir Edward Parry in 1854, and had ever since resided near Marion. He leaves nine children, of whom eight are married. The eldest daughter has fourteen children, all living, and the others have smaller families, the number of grandchildren being forty. The old man always enjoyed good health, and was able to walk about until within a week of his death. Marion must be a healthy locality, it being for many years the home of the late Mrs. James, who died a few weeks ago at tho age of ninety-four, and of Mrs. Hamilton, whose death occurred some two years ago at the age of ninety-six years, as well as of several others who have passed the allotted span.