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Family Notices

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The following announcements have ap- peared in our columns since Wednesday last, and are now republished for transmission to Europe by the outgoing mail steamer:—


BOTTEN.—On the 3rd August, at the Meningie Hotel, the wife of Hy. H. Botten—a daughter. Both doing well.  

GRAY.—On the 12th July, at "Upton Park," Macaw Creek, Riverton, the wife of Ernest A. Gray—a daughter.

PIPER.—On the 21st July, at Buxton-street, North Adelaide, the wife of Rev. Ernest J. Piper, of a daughter.

WHITE.—On the 2nd August, at Drayton-street, Bowden, the wife of Alfred White, of a daughter.

FARRELL.—On the 30th July, at Angas-street, the wife of John Farrell, of a daughter. Both doing well.    

MARKS.—On the 6th August, at Oakbank, the wife of T. L. Marks—a son. Father delighted.

PARSONS.—On the 28th July, at Enterprise- street, Hyde Park, the wife of Joseph Parsons, Port Vincent, of a son.

BROCKMEYER.—On the 8th August, at "Fern Villa," Hutt-street, the wife of W. H. Brockmeyer, of a daughter. Both doing well.

DIXON.—On the 18th July, af Beulah-road, Nor- wood, the wife of Hartley R. Dixon—a daughter.  

NOVICE.—On the 4th August, at Greenhill-road,   Victoria-Park, the-wife of E. Novice—a daughter.

BIERWIRTH.—On Wednesday, August 7th, 1901, at Harvey-street, Ethelton, the wife of Ralph Bierwirth, of Glanville State School, of a son.


HENDERSON—MCFARLANE.—On the 5th         August, at St. Peter's Cathedral, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Adelaide, assisted by the Rev. W. S.

Milne, Precentor of the Cathedral, Alexander Ben- jamin, third son of the late Alexander Henderson,

Esq., of Stemster, Caithness, N.B., to Isabella, daughter of Allan McFarlane, Esq., of Wellington Lodge, Lake Alexandrina, S.A.

MICHELL—TREDENNICK.—On the 25th June, at the residence of the bride's parents, Hopkins- street, Boulder, W.A., by the Rev. J. Tiller, J. M., eldest son of J. M. Michell, Parkside, to Bea- trice, youngest daughter of Mr. S. Tredennick.

MURLEY—FUNNELL.—On the 11th February, at Perth, W.A., by special licenses, William Mur- ley, of Southern Cross, late of Adelaide, to Bertha Pierpiont (Bert), daughter of Dr. J. B. Funnell, Kadina, S.A.  

MATTHEWS—KNUCKEY.—On the 17th June, at Brown-street, Adelaide, by the Rev. Goodwin, Moab, fifth son of W. Matthews, of Washington- street, Hilton, S.A., to Edith Myra, second daugh- ter of J. Knuckey, of Eliza-street, Gilberton,


SHEPHERD—CRISPE.—On the 10th July, at All Souls' Church, St Peters, by the Rev. F. G. Mas- ters, George Mills, fourth son of G. Shepherd, Balaklava, to Elsie Pearl, second daughter of E. Crispe, St. Peters.

OPIE—MATTHEWS.—On the 24th July, at the Wesleyan Church, Plymton, Fremantle, W.A., by the Rev. Alfred Sussex, Francis William, second son of Mr. F. Opie, of Olive-street, Prospect, S.A., to Leah Hodge, sixth daughter of W. Matthews, of Washington-street, Hilton, S.A.

NEWBOLD—HAMMAT.—On the 24th July, at the Methodist Church, Williamstown, by the Rev. C. H. Neild, assisted by the Rev. A. P. Burgess, Robert, second son of C. Newbold, Sunbury, Yorke- town, to Annie, eldest daughter of W. Hammat, of Enterprise, Williamstown.

SEDGLEY—ANDREW.—On the 9th May, at the Methodist Manse, Kadina, by the Rev. A. J. Finch, Walter Henry, second son of the late Edward Sedg- ley, Hoyleton, to Elizabeth (Bess), second daugh- ter of Nicholas Andrew, Esq., of Wallaroo Mines.

HODSON—SPENCER.—On the 3rd July, by special license, at Flinders-street Baptist Church, by the Rev. John G. Raws, Henry Alfred Hodson, eldest son of Mr. F. Hodson, of Victoria, to Emma, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Spencer, of Yongala, S.A. Victoria paper please copy.

WILLIAMS—BROWNING.—On the 11th June, at St. Mary Magdalene's, Adelaide, by the Rev. R. Dempster, assisted by the Rev. F. Turnbull, Henry Sims, second son of Henry Williams, Adelaide, to Jennie, only surviving daughter of Kate and the late John Browning, London, England.

MULLINS — WILLIAMS — On the 17th July, at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. F. Webb, Sydney Arthur Henry, eldest son of the late A. W. Mullins, West Adelaide, to Margaret, second daughter of Herbert Williams, Deep Lead, Stawell, Victoria.

AUSTIN—FLEET.—On the 19th June, at Pros- pect, by the Rev. R. Crump, Charles Joseph, se- cond son of James Austin, of Prospect, to Sarah

(Lall), only daughter of Thos. Fleet, of Little-


DAYMAN—CUNNINGHAM.—On the 27th July, at the R.C. Church, Broken Hill, by the Rev. Father Hayden, Charles Edwin, third son of W. Dayman, Salisbury, to May Kathleen, youngest daughter of M. Cunningham, Nailsworth, S.A.

PHILLIPS—DOWNER.—On the 27th July, at the Baptist manse, Petersburg, by the Rev. W. A. Dunn, Sidney, second son of John Phillips, to Edith Alice, fifth daughter of Henry Downer.

BARR—STACEY.—On the 27th July, at St. John's Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. Canon Hopcraft, Francis J. Barr, youngest son of Thomas Barr, of Melbourne, to Ada M. Stacey, eldest daughter of James Stacey, Rose Park.

HANCOCK—HALSTEAD.—On the 16th July, at the Church of the Holy Innocents, Belair, by the

Rev. K. W. Pobjoy, William Norman, second son

of John Hancock, Mount Compass, to Sarah, se- cond daughter of Henry Halstead, Belair.

OWEN—WHITE.—On the 8th July, at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. F. Webb, Frederick Charles, youngest son of the late Edwin Owen, of Wrexham, North Wales, to Emmie, youngest daughter of the late Abraham White, Melbourne, Victoria. North Wales papers please


CRAMOND—DART.—On the 1st June, at Ade- laide, Albert H. Cramond, second son of J. Cra- mond, Semaphore, to Ada S. Dart, only daughter of Mrs. J. S. Elliott, Peterhead. No cake; no


BISHOP—FOREMAN.—On the 11th June, at St. Paul's Church, Port Adelaide, by the Rev. Canon Samwell, Sidney H., youngest son of John Bishop, Alberton, to Refenia M., sixth daughter of Henry Foreman, Clare.

GRAY—SIMES.—On the 29th April, at the Me- thodist Manse, Morphett-street, Adelaide, by the Rev. J. Goodwin, George, the eldest son of Mrs. R. Gray, of Adelaide, to Mary E. H., the eldest daughter of H. J. Simes, of Gladstone-road, Mile-


BRAY—DAWKINS.—On the 16th July, at the residence of the bride's parents, Newbold Farm, Gawler River, by the Rev. Thos. Lloyd, Albert J., son, of J. Bray, to Annie E., daughter of S. L.


BOWDEN—HEWITT.—On the 26th June, at St. Lawrence Church, North Adelaide, by the Rev. Prior Hedley, Richard John Bowden, eldest son of Thomas Bowden, of Enfield, to Mary Ellen, second daughter of Ellen and the late William Hewitt, of Virginia.


COWIN—BAWDEN.—On the 8th August, 1876, at St. Paul's Church, Foxdale, Isle of Man, by the Rev. J. F. Garde, M.A., vicar of the parish, as- sisted by the Rev. W. T. Harte, chaplain, James, son of Mr. Thomas Cowin, Ballacogeen, Lonan, to Louisa Bawden, fourth surviving daughter of the late Captain Wm. Bawden, of the Foxdale Mines. Present address—Winwood-street, Southwark, South Australia.

WATSON—POTTER.—On the 6th August, 1876, at the P.M. Manse, Kooringa, by the Rev. W. Jen- kin, William Watson, of Pine Park, Terowie, fourth son of the late Richard Parriot Watson,

Thorne, Yorkshire, England, to Jean Wallace,   widow of the late Thos. Potter, fourth daughter

of the late Thos. Pollok, of East Kilbride. Scot-   land.  


BLACK.—On the 26th July, at Quebec-street,   Port Adelaide, John Robert, loving husband of Margaret Black, only brother of Mrs. T. Peek, and Mrs. C. Mackey, of Grange, and Mrs. E. Boley- mere, Mrs. J. Hains, and Mrs. G. Twelftree, of

East Adelaide, leaving a wife and daughter to  

mourn their loss.

DISHER.—On the 6th August, at Charleston, James Wardlaw Disher, in his 82nd year.

KIRKHAM.—On the 6th August, at Private Hospital, North Adelaide, Elizabeth (Bessie), dearly-beloved wife of T. Kirkham, "Gildholme," Ashbourne, in her 49th year. Deeply regretted.  

SMITH.—On the 15th July, at Jamestown Hos- pital, John Smith, of Narridy, aged 42, leaving a widow and nine children to regret the loss of a good and loving husband and father. R.I. P.

SEMPLE.—On the 3rd August, at Hindley-street,   Francis Henrick Percival, the dearly-beloved son of F. and A. Semple, aged 1 year and 3 months. Another bud to bloom in Heaven.

WARE.—On the 29th July, at Parkside, Sarah, widow of the late John Ware, formerly of Yan- kalilla and Inman Valley, aged 72 years. Colonist

of 47 years.

HUNGHUE.—On the 3rd August, at Wellington, S.A., of peritonitis, Caroline Frances, the dearly loved wife of William Hunghue, aged 57 years. "Thy will be done."

DAWSON.—On the 1st August, at Siberia, W.A., in his 26th year, James Leopold (Leo), elder and dearly loved son of P. Dawson, Armadale, Vic-


MEYER.—On the 3rd August, at her son's resi-

dence, Mount Templeton, Anna Adelheid, relict   of the late D. H. Meyer, in her eighty-third year. A colonist of 55 years.

JOHANSON.—On the 23rd June, Irene Bertha, the dearly-beloved third daughter of A. and E. A. Johanson, of Port Pirie, aged 10 months and 3


MACKINTOSH.—On the 1st August, at Dunearn Farm, Gumbowie, Alexander Mackintosh, aged 78 years, leaving a widow, 3 daughters, and 13 grandchildren. A colonist of 51 years. Home   papers please copy.  

WALSH.—On the 6th August, Maria, beloved wife of John Walsh, Pirie, third daughter of the late Martin and Johanna McIntyre, Warnertown.—


COCK.—On the 8th August, at her residence, Saracen's Head Hotel, Carrington-street, Janette, the beloved wife of Alexander Cock, in her 57th


GUILLET, HENRI.—Age de 18 ans, de Nantes, France, Débarque par l'Amiral Courbet le 8 Juin.

JENNINGS.—On the 8th August, at North-street, Adelaide, Jane Jennings, the wife of W. Jennings, aged 44 years.  

BORN.—On the 4th August, at Woodside, John Chanter Born, the beloved husband of Jane Born, aged 63 years. At rest.

BAYLY.—On the 8th August, at her son's resi- dence, Prospect, Mary Ellen, beloved wife of W. L. Bayly, in her 60th year. No flowers.

KERR.—On the 27th July, at Bourke, New South Wales, William C., eldest dearly- beloved son of P. and E. Kerr, Goolwa, aged 50 years.

WATT.—On the 8th August, at Yongala, Robert Edgar, beloved infant son of Frank and Helena Watt, aged 14 months.

PENGILLY.—On the 7th August, Hilda, the be- loved wife of Thomas Pengilly, of Hildadale Farm, of Aldinga, aged 48 years.

BENDALL.—On the 9th August, Clara Amelia, beloved wife of Isaac Bendall, aged 44 years.

MATTHEWS.—On the 27th July, at her resi-   dence, Queenstown, after a long and painful ill-

ness, Eliza, wife of George Matthews, butcher, in  

her 46th year.

POWELL.—On the 8th August, at Broken Hill,   suddenly, Jane, the beloved wife of William Powell, late of Exeter, South Australia, and daughter of the late Joseph Lambert, late of Salisbury, aged 60 years.

NELSON.—On the 4th August, at Solomontown, Port Pirie, James David (Little Jim), the dearly beloved son of Hugh and Louisa Nelson, after a short illness, aged 5 years and 5 months.

SKINNER.—On the 9th August, at Post-Office, Port Pirie, Leslie George, dearly beloved infant son of Joseph and Cornelia Skinner, aged 2 years

and 10 months.

POTTER.—On the 3rd August, at his mother's residence, Shipster's-road, Kensington Park, C. H. D. (Dan) Potter, aged 30 years.

EDWARDS.—On the 30th July, at the Adelaide Hospital, of septicaemia, Ann Burt (Burtie), wife of John Edwards, of Croydon, second daughter of Mr. Thos. Roberts, of Grange-road, New Hind- marsh, aged 27 years.

HARMER.—On the 1st July, at Port Pirie, from pneumonia, Charles Dennis, the dearly-beloved hus- band of Elisabeth Harmer, aged 55, leaving a wife, 5 daughters, and 1 son to mourn their sad loss.

CARR.—On the 5th August, at Mount Barker, William Carr, aged 67 years. A colonist of 53 years.  

SOMMERVILLE.—On the 10th August, at her mother's residence, King-street, Croydon, Edith Moir Sommerville, after a short illnes, aged 26


PENDLEBURY.—On the 9th August, at Eliza- beth-street, Norwood, Hannah, the dearly beloved

wife of Plantagenet Pendlebury. At rest.     WHEATLEY.—On the 9th August, at Park-street,

Hackney, George, the beloved husband of Emma  

Wheatley, aged 57 years.

BLOCK.—On the 23rd July, at the Pinnacles, Broken Hill, of hemorrhage, Ella May, second and dearly-beloved daughter of F. C and S. A. W. Block, in her nineteenth year; late of Adelaide and Goodwood, S.A. Respected and loved by all who knew her. Thy will be done.

BLETCHLY.—On the 8th August, at the Allen- dale Hotel, West Broken Hill, of pneumonia, Har- riet, beloved wife of F. C. Bletchly, and second daughter ot the late William Thomas, late of Broken Hill, aged 41 years.

GILLESPIE.—On the 11th August, at his re-

sidence, Yongala, Patrick Gillespie, the dearly-be- loved husband of I. M. Gillespie, aged 55.

GILES.—On the 11th August, at his residence, Medindie, Hubert Giles, in his 59th year.

ESAU.—On the 11th August, at his residence,   Woodside. Dr. Esau, on his 74th birthday.

LISTON.—On the 10th August, at Adelaide, sud- denly, of angina pectoris, William, beloved hus-

band of M. J. Liston, of Blackwood, late of Ka- punda, in his 62nd year.

SAINT.—On the 6th August, suddenly, at her residence, Willochra, Grace, beloved wife of Edward Saint, aged 48 years, leaving a sorrowing   husband, three sons, and five daughters to mourn their sad loss. Her end was peace.

CLARK.—On the 7th August, at the residence of his niece (Mrs. John Tombs), Gawler South, William Clark; aged 78 years. A colonist of 61 years. Arrived in the ship Warrior.

PARISH.—On the 12th August, at his residence, Weller-street, Goodwood, Henry Good Parish, be- loved husband of Clara Parish, suddenly, of heart disease, aged 41 years.

HARRY.—On the 9th August, at Burra, Mary Edwina Harry, beloved wife of late John Harry, of Mount Bryan, and eldest beloved daughter, of Mrs. Motley, Woolnough-road, Exeter (only daugh- ter of the late William John Boye, 23rd Bombay M.I., and granddaughter of the late General Boye,

India, H.E., I.C.), aged 59 years. English papers

please copy.      

ROWE.—On the 24th June, at Tarcoola Hospital, Tarcoola, of typhoid, James, the youngest and beloved son of John and Jane Rowe, late of Quorn, aged 20 years and 9 months. R.I.P.—In- serted by his, father, John Rowe.

TUCK.—On the 12th August, at Market-street, Adelaide, Jane, the beloved wife of George Tuck,

leaving four daughters to mourn her loss. A colo- nist of 59 years. Aged 82 years and 10 months.  

MANUEL.—On the 10th August, at his late re-   sidence, Glebe-street, Alberton, Thomas Alfred,

the only beloved son of Captain Philip and Har-   riet Manuel, of Queenstown, aged 41 years.