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List of names of all those persons who have contributed specimens to the National Mu- seum of Natural History of Victoria since its commencement up to the present date :—

- Drew, Esq , Collins-street east, chesnut-breasted     pelican, very handsome, the first donation to the


- Esperson, Esq., McIvor, quartz with gold.   J Adair, Esq., Mount Alexander, quartz.    

R. A. Selwyn, Esq., Government Geologist mezo-   type, twenty birds, collection of silurian fossils from

the Yarra.

- Wilhelmy, Esq., Botanical Gardens, lizard.  

B. B. Smyth, Esq., Survey Department, copper ores, coal-slate (seven specimens), shells, five birds.    

W. C. Long, Ballarat, basalt (porous).

Captain Clarke, M.L.C., Surveyor-General Victoria,             slate-caol, &c., from Geelong, and excellent collection       of copper ores.

J.C. Christy, Esq., Civil Engineer, Melbourne, alba-       -tross, owls, &c., very handsome ; bat.  

Edward Wilson, Esq., Proprietor of the Argus,   white Opossum (very rare).

Captain Ross, Royal Navy, sponge and collection of

shells from Bermudas.

- Chancey, Esq., district surveyor, McIvor, diffe-  

-rent woods and rocks.

Captain Layard, Geelong, a good collection of

shells from Ceylon.

G. Fulker, Esq., taxidermist at the museum, phas-   cogale, lead-beaters, cockatoo.  

R. D. Scott, Esq., assistant surveyor, collection of  

earth and rocks.

A. Dobree, Esq., Melbourne, rare eggs, nests, &c.  

S. Wekey, Esq., secretary to the Philosophical So-   ciety, quartz with gold.

L. Becker, Esq., artist in Melbourne, fish and duck.   T. Huslen, Esq., Melbourne, (?) lizard with two tails


- Ardt, Esq., Collins-street, fish.  

Miss Ruffy, Black Ranges, smoky quartz, crystal,     the finest specimen found in the colony.  

- Frost, Esq., La Trobe-street, peacock (good.)       Jim Menson (laborer) Ballarat, one rat (rare).

Dr. Greeves, M.L.C., Melbourne, pangolin or Afri-     can ant-eater) rare. One skull of a native extraordi-

nary cranium. One toot of elephant (molars). The first Orthoceratites found in Victoria - highly interesting - from Yan Yean. Fossils from Anderson's Creek, said     to be discovered in 1851. Bulinus saltwater. Univalve shells found near Melbourne.

M. McGregor, naturalist, Swanston-street, birds.  

- Howitt, Esq., Prahran, on kangaroo and birds.   - Hanoford, Esq., Warrnambool, fossils and shells.  

Ch. Griffith, Esq., M.L.C., Melbourne, mica from        

north of Melbourne.

- Hinkley, Esq., Adelaide, fossils from Adelaide.  

F. Archeson, Esq., Survey department, fossils from       Anderson's Creek, the first from that district.  

Dr. F. Mueller, Government botanist, magnificent sea stars from Albert Town, six good specimens of mi- nerals from the Harry Mountains.  

Geo. Wallis, Esq., Survey department, the first tra-   vertino found at Tarradale.  

Miss Perry, Jacka Jacka, one young bandicoot, in- sects highly interesting and destructive to collections.

Rev. John T. Bleasdale, Melbourne, chrysolite in basalt from Mount Noorat ; hay and oats, molten in fire to a silica stack, Mount Emu.

- Hervin, Esq., Bourke-street, macree.       Mrs Baker, Geelong, a fish.

- Parry, Esq.,gold-crushing engineer, example of           corundrum, gold, titaniferous iron, and pyrites.

- Wolfendon, Esq., St. Kilda, titaniferous iron.    

Dr. Wehl, Mount Gambier, two specimens of (??)    


Dr. Eades, Melbourne, skeleton of a woman (com-


_Pardo, dentist, Melbourne, fossils from Flem ington Auditor's Office one mantes, one butterfly

Caqptain Buckley. Chief Clerk In the Survey Depart-

ment, one moth        

Captain Baxter, Western Port, young emu W.R. Bryson Esq Melbourne, mosquito eggs F. McKenzie Lancefield, native tomahawk      

On the part of the museum, I have to thank those gentlemen and ladies who have

so generously contributed to that institution

and I hope for further favors they will be duly acknowledged as in the above instance I have to apologise for any mistakes in the above names, but these mistakes shall be recti

fied in the next report, if the parties would kindly send in their names to me If any contributions should have been forgotten I  

shall feel greatly obliged if the inndividuals  

presenting them would forward names and also the description of the specimens that I may be able to acknowledge thom on the

next occasion