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MOTOR CARS ?\TTANTED, good late model . -» English ana American cars for cash. We pay out your terms if desired. Century Trading Coy.. 176 Orenfell St.. next wholesale! markets. Ph. W1821. ; WANTED- 2 Morris Minor! »f saloons. or convertibles.! paramount Used Cart. 109 Anzac: Highway. ? 1 \» AisijiD. sounu Fora cars anu »» utilities by KULIPSE1 MOTOttS. 38 FranKlin st. LA49ot-.| WANTED, light car. state price. »» cond.. age. XB5B. AavertiserJ 'WANTED, late tourer, pay cash. -? U2303 ? 1 'WANTED t0 b'y for cash- Chev.) -» seaan. 1848. Low mileage. Hillman Sedan lfl.iO. in good condition. 979 Pnrt rd.. Chencn-1 ham. ? , ? : \V ANTED buy privately. Morris. 1 l» Austin or Vauxhall. approx. I 1339 10-h.p. Phone W1456. ? Yl 'ANTED, light utility. Prefect. 1 »» Austin. No dealers. FA1B08. ? : 'W ANTED. CHEVROLETS.j -- All types of good quality i, Chevrolet Cars and Utilities re quired at GLANDORE MOTORS. CHEVB. EXCLUSIVELY. Cnr. Glenels tram line and South road. Glandore. LF4726. After hours. F6305. WANTED to buy good car. 1930 -? 1950. Cash on the spot. 154 Hindley st. ? 'WANTED. '37-'38 Ford V8 coupe. WRECKING. Citroen and Max ell well, difl.v. engines, wheels. tyres, bodies, hoods. &t. available.. Clarendon S3. ? \VILLYS 1936 sedan, in sound, »» mechanical conaition. best! o£fer over £300. Ring LA7781. — j WANTED— 1- GOOD CLEAN SEDAN. £350- £450. P»y c»sh. 57 Msnton street. Hindmarsh. LU5785. JfKPHYR TAXI and Licence for Sale. Almost new Zephyr, black duco in brand new condition. Would trade good late model light sedan. Apply 280 Payneham rd.. Payneham. 1' 940 D.K.W. cabriolet, excellent condition. Inspect 1B1 Tynte It.. Nth. Adelaide. Ph. M9538. — 1947 NASH sedan, ducoed blue. -L Equipped with radio. Excel lent mechanical condition. £795 or £270 deposit. Arro Motor Company. Western Branch, 141 South road. Hilton. ? -1 940 M. Vauxhall sedan. 10 h.p.. JL pert. cond.. trial. £465. 50 Glebe st.. Alberton. ? — 1937 STANDARD Chev. sedan, best offer. 79 Gilles st. C3504. 1924 CHEV.. wrecked, all parts for sale, including wheels and axles, complete. Apply 21 Hnrring ton st.. Prospect. ? AUTOMOTIVE Service, Ports And Accessories ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS. Including 1938 Morn; 8/40 gear box, starter jnd gearbox. 1936 Ford Truck gearbox. 1938 Bedford gearbox parts, i-ylindsr head aju blocks, Vauxhall 10 h.p. starters and generators, *nd used acces sories for' various :ate modei en gines Obtainable from WISE AUTO SALES. 310 Gille* st. C1734 AtTTOWELDER. 198 Churchill rd.. Prospect. Cylinder heads, blocks, gears. &c, welded finished ready to fit. Open Saturday. 9-12.- ML5422. A XLE sets, suitable for Holden A trailers, with genuine wheels. Freeman Motors Ltd.. 221 Gren fell St.. Adelaide. W1781. ? ALEXANDER'S tailored to fit CAR SEAT COVERS. All makes, models I trade supplied) at 227 Victoria square. C8887. ADELAIDE RADIATOR AND MOTOR BODY WORK3 LTD. Radiators repaired and new cores fitted. 31 Bturt st- Adelaide. Ph. C4727. BUMPER bars straightened and re-chromed quickly Para mount. 62 Queen St.. oft Halifax St.. near Rob Roy Hotel. C3399. — LJAVE your eiinuie recondl XXttoned by experts. Including reborlng and remetalllng. Rootes Group engines and Perkins Die sels our specialty Prompt service. ? Commercial Motor Vehicles Ltd., ^ 217 Franklin St.. Adelaide. LA2201. EW celluloids fitted to side curtains. 153 Parade Norwood 'DEBORUJG. resleeving. honine. XV all cylinder repairs. LU699'. BENAULT CAR TYRES AT LESS THAN COST. A LIMITED NUMBER 5.00 X 15 TYRES AVAILABLE. Apply— WAYMOUTH SERVICES LTD.. 27 Gilbert street, Adelaide. C7842. St L L I C E S. Retreading specialists: also batten service. Wheel balance experts. All sizes, new tyres. 128 Cnrrle st. Phone LA4842. SERVICE Tjre Co., 72 Hindmarsh square, also corner Hurtle square and Hanson street. New tyres, batteries, recap, retread, repairs. We loan you a spare. ? CELL, complete Mercury motor O 11351). done 9.000 miles light work, replacing with Diesel motor. Apply Box 25. Wlrrabara. or phone 66. ? ? Wrecking. wrecking. .»- cars and trucks. All makes and models. Including 1926 Standard 6. Stu debaker, 1926 Dodge. 1928 Olds mobile. 1926 Essex. Buick Stan dard 6, Hupmobile 4 cylinder. B' board. Fiat 509 tourer. Diamond T. Truck. 1940 Chevrolet 3-ton Truck, and others. Front axle trailer assemblies in sizes from 20, 21 and 24 inch, ranging in price from £12/10/- per set. Countrs clients, write for quotations and information: prompt replies and dispatch of goods. TRUSCOTT LIMITED. Automotive Merchandisers, 62-64 Hindmarsh square. ADELAIDE. Box 1253. Phong W21S7. WRECKING various makes and models each week. K. Peder eon. 5 Orient rd.. Kens. Gdns., WRECKING Chev. 4 Superior, ' » and Essex Super Six. for all parts, tyres. &c. contact 8 R warnock Barmera. — TRUCKS. VANS BUCKBOARDS 30 CWT. truck. 1952. Sef Bus. and Partnership column A USTIN 4-5 tons. G-Well hoist JA. ready for work. £650. Silvei and Klllicoat. r'ord sub-dealers O'Connell st.. Nth Adei. ? BEDFORD 10 ute.. '40. ex. con dltlon throughout. £350 neai offer to cash. After 5 on week ends. 129 William st.. Beverley. - CHAPMAN MOTORS. MORRIS DEALERS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OF MORRIS \T PANEL VAN. MORRIS L.C.4 UTILITY MORRIS 35-30 TRUCKS. CARS OR M' CYCLES TRADED, HIOHEST TRADE-IN ALLOW ANCES GIVEN AND TERMS /R RANGED. AT ' 81-87 rrCOfW'' STWgET. N * HEV. 4 1927-28 model truck 1 several to choose from, onlj used for 2.0OO miles per year foi past 10 years, mechanically sound Alf Hannaford & Co. Ltd.. 93( Fort road. Woodville. ? /CHEVROLET 1953 10-12 cwt. car-type Utility. Brand new. / IMMEDLVTE DELIVERY. Cash, terms or trade. DUFFIELD MOTORS. 52-56 Hanson st. Phone C8370; after hrs.. LF3379. /CHEVROLET utility. 1946-195 V, wanted from private ownei Cash sale. Ring LF3608. ? CtOMMEK 1936 3 ton. good ordei dual wheels, must sell, offe wanted. 137 South rd.. Hllton. CtHEVROLET 1949 coupe utilitj with built-in radio. The eve popular and hard-to-get utc. Fu price £1.150. or easy terms, a Kar-Flx. LA2916. ? DODGE 1 ton truck. 1930. e- cellent condition, bargaii Kplth Odgem. Hudson av.. Cros don Park! ML1151; after hour: LU6770. ? f^XCHANOE 1949 5 ton Austi -Li tipper and cash, for new. o near new. 3 ton 4 yd. Bedford o Chev. tipper Ring LA3292. 9-i or LP4328 after 6 p.m. — ? T^ARGO utility. 1940. well shoe jT excellent cond. and appear ance. Best offer, apply weelc-enc fcWft- L£nswood- ? T Custom utility, private ownei Bound condition, ex tyres R.AJ inspection welcomed, special prici only £795 today. Inspect early. SOUTHERN MOTORS LTD.. 222 Pulteney street. Yr'ORD 1949 Custom. 1 ownei JL 23.000 miles, too good to mis at £850. Cash or terms. 114 Pa] neham road. St. Peters. F4938. - 'MAROO. 1940. 2-3 Ion traytoj J- Perfect order throughou Genuine low mileage. £725. COP* WAY Si NE3B11T, 184 South roa- Richmond. LU7158. ? l^ORD ton utility. 1942. goo J. motor, rough body, very sui able wond delivery. &c. Sliver an Klllicoat. Ford sub-dealers, O'Cor Sell .it.. Nth. Adel. ? ^ORD VB. 1934-44. 15-cwt. coue - utility, in very nicp conditlo throughout. £445. or £173 del Korman Motor*. 12 Halifax st eitr. Cen. 7318. ? 1

TRUCKS, VANS BUCKBOARDS DALGETY'S DALGETY'S DALGETY'S SEE U3 AND SAVE IN SAFETY. 'ORD i0/5 VAN We have two of these economical S cwt. Vans: one with radio, at £495. IUSTIN A40 PANEL VAN. A nice Job Painted Green . . £575. rORD V8 CUSTOM UTILITIES. Twin spinner. £1.195: Slngle Splnner. £815. Both are Bargains ?ORD 158 in Wheelbase. 2-speed axle. 5 tons Cab and Chassis. Late model. Splendid tyres. Save £450 on this closeto new lob FORD 'THAMES.' We have tnre-» of /these good V8 Trucks that are growing in popularity Their tyre economy Is amaz ing Prices from £850 With any of these vehicles, con venient terms can be arranged to help you So: — SEE US AND SAVE m SAFETY. DALGETYS, 129 FLINDERS STREET. F'ORD V8 utility. 1936, fair con dition throughout. £225. oi £95 dep. Norman Motors. 15 Halifax st. city Cent. 7318 — TPEDERAL trucks, new Styleliner i. 5-6 ton. Prompt delivery Rasch Motors. King Win. st. — 'PtORDSON 10/10 panel van J 3.000 miles, only £650. Ring X2119. ? I^ORD V8 late 1938 utility, recon ditioned motor, recently re sprayed, and extra well shod. The cleanest ute of this particular model offering today. Price £495. or easy terms. At Kar-Fix. LA291T TNTERNATIONAL HARVESTER, MILE END. WIDE RANGE OF USED TRUCKS AVAILABLE. Trade-ins accepted. Terms arranged if desired. . . Phone LU6221. TNTERNATIONAL. 1949. KBS5. ! JL yard, teel tipper. Perfect me chanical order and appearance New tyres. £875. CONWAY ANI NESBITT. 184 South road. Rich mond LU7158. ? : ? \f ORRIS 12 h-p. tray top utility ill. 1949. gd. value at £360, cast or terms. McDonald Motors Ltd. 17 Rosina St.. city. LA3292. - MORRIS COMMERCIAL 'J1 VAN. 1951 model. First class condltloi throughout and only £325 dowi payment. Good value assured EASY TERMS. MOTORS LIMITED. Cnr. Flinders street and Gawlei place. Phone W2532. 1 f ORRIS 8 1951 panel van. nev «fp^er-st£4W158lTh7erM0tOr8 ONE 1943 Mack 34 h.p. petrb truck engine, model E.N.. re conditioned by Southcott Ltd. Inspection at 180 Franklin st. Adelaide. ? ? ? ? ? PANEL VAN. 1948-49 Ford Prefect model. 1 h.p.. sound throughout, cheapes van In town, first to see will bus £385. low deposit. Souther) Motors Ltd.. 222 Pulteney street f-EO bus. 1934 model. 2L Sid XL loader. 18 passenger, goo condition. Inspection at 18 Franklin St.. Adelaide. ? rPHORNYCROFT truck. 3-5 tor X mechanically sound, goo tyres. £250. J1208. ? TTTIUTY or panel van wantec U post-war model. Ring LU433I between 6 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. — \\rANTED steel body tip true tt with work, in exchange m 1940 Chev sedan. Good cone X766. Advertiser. ? YI7ANTED b/board, good ordei 1 T» Parties, to X805. Advertisei -J951 FORD 5 TON TRUCK. Two speed diff.' 23.000 miles. One owner. Mech sound and well shod. Tray 15 ft. x 8 ft. In excellent condition. Inspection arranged. £1.200. KINGSWAY LIMITED. 118-120 Franklin street. Adelaide. Phone W3532. 30 CWT. Willys truck engim gearbox, chassis. &c. for ui or wrecking. J1208. Caravans And Trailer; ptARAVANS for sale from £2t \y to £550. When you see tt rest, then see the best at Pir: Caravans. 175 Pirie street. W198 /Caravans. 3 or 4 berth, popi \j lar size, ideal Holden or Vai guard, extra well fitted, good car: vans at prices unbeatable an: where also three secondhan Jobs Patron Caravans. 89 Ra&- road, Enfield. ? ( CARAVANS wanted, for highe: \j prices, spot cash, see us firs Pirie Caravans. 175 Pirie stree W198I ? / 'ARAVAN3 for holiday hire— V. 3 or 4 berth. Smith, 133 E- ward St.. Edward.itown LF336 CARAVAN BUILDERI We can supply immediate dellvei of steel chassU couplings, & Tow bars and dlecast welding speciality. J. RICHARDS. 119 Galway avenue. Broadvle? ML4281. CiARAVAN slnkt. plastic, per ' pex colors. 28 in.. 34 in. Mann. Port. J1516. ? '/Caravan and trails \j equipment. Axles and wheels, springs, cou lings, iockey wheels, corner le |or jacks, chassis frames, caravi building plans. &c. Obtain a free illustrated cat logue of all component parts. TRUSCOTT LIMITED. 62-64 Hindmarsh square. Box I253K. Phone W2197. /'1ARAVAN parts fitted, al j V/ block land, Flinders Pai cheap, for quick sale. 7 Ellic ' av.. Belair. — ? /'1AHAVANETTE. 19 in. whee ; \j £40. 19 Verdun st.. Beuli r Park ? CARAVAN. 4 berth, to I F8317. ? 'l r*ARAVAN. 4 berth, for sa t L sliEht repairs ML2483. - -I ;! Trailers, 'Travel ite r- 4 ft. X 3 ft., with fi in. sides . £ u|4 ft. x 3 ft. with 12 in. sides . £ ~,\i ft. x 3 ft. 6 with 12 in. sides £ '|b ft. x 4 ft. with 12 in. sides . £ ? 'Mudguards and canopies avallal ] as extras. AH models fitted with 8 in. whe complete with precision ball ; I roller bearings and 4 ply tyres si - Other sizes and large trailers bu to order. i. ?' ! ' , Tow bars made for any car. ij A. J. BENNETT * CO.. A 1 Unley rd.. Unley. i j! Phone UA7139. !;i ?

Coravani And Trailgr» , ARAVANS, as new, save £'s.j Term* JL3291. Nyaays. 40 ' Hanson rd.. Wooaville Gans. — i /'ifcNUINE army type Jeep VT trailer, complete with cover. £45. J1208. ? — --- f|'niAILER. 2 wheel, fitted with 1 hurdles for carrying cattle. I new tyrps £^5. Glynoc Service ' Station. _Payneham_rdJJra336.__— ; MOTOR CYClES_ LWAYS rpady to 'buy Kporti modern motor cycles. I-?P| prlcps given. Moulds & til's. ^ Wakefleld st. C346'i. ? ~-\ . t RE you selling your mojjr | A cycle? Highest prices paid for:r late model machines at Lofllpr s 41 Goilger st. RlngCliBa for, us to call. — ? ~TT ... I ARIEL 600 C.c. s.v.. 51. like; new. spring fr»nie. deo. £»'?; A ree. and ins. Dep £ ''' BEES-. LEYjS 99 FiinriPrs st-xl— -— ^ Acbri:. deo. £40. BfcESLEV-S.! A machine, yours. £82/10 ? dep.l f##NYTf6N9!aV^urblke7 SStorcycle Sales. 27 Hyde ? sU city. ? ? — ' AUTO RESALES 8 The used motor cycle specialists. '. 9l Gougtr st. ' * I' lead th« way in values. [c Compare our prices and ! SAVE£££££'s j! 1951 Triumph Thunderblrd. sprln?!! hub ? £18oj 1951 330 c.c. Jawa Twin . .. £100] 1952 Triumph Speed Twin spring; hub .. ? £195 1950 B.S.A. 500 C.C. £105. 1950 B.B.A. 250 C.C. £65. 1950 C.Z. 125 c.c. very sound, bat., lights. £65. 1949 Triumph 5T. £120. 1951 Norton Model 18. very smart, £145. 1950 B.S.A. Star Twin. very popular. £185. 1949 500 c.c. Royal Enfield . £100 1949 500 c.c. Triumph Twin £120 1948 500 c.c. A.J.S ? £100 1946 330 C.C. A.J.S ? £55 1948 350 c.c. A.J.S.. £69',4. 1950 350 c.c. B.S.A.. spring heel. £135. 1946 Excelsior 125 c.c. £40. 1949 B.S.A. Twin. 500 c.c. rare bargain. £115. These are Just a few ot our secondhand range. . New machines available for immediate delivery are Ariel and Royal Enfield Top trade-in allowance. Easy terms. Trade-Ins. Satisfaction guaranteed with every machine. 91 GOUGER ST. A T HUBBARDS, 85 GROTE ST &R.E. 125 k^ DeP WWy Fles. . . . £39«i £l2'/4 7/6 '48 BS.A 350 . £89'-2 , £27'/i 17/6 '49 Matchless 600 . r . . £129Vj £40 22/6 '50 Matchless 500S.F. . . £169Vi £55 25/ 51 Matchless 500 . . £165 £55 25/ HUBBARDS. 85 GROTE ST A .J.S. '51 spring frame, excel i\. lent condition, for £58 dep. BOWDEN &t MILLER. 114 Wakefleld st.. Adelaide. A 7 1948 B.S.A. Twin. 26.000 m.. with crash bars, lap rug. new tyre, spares and tools. £135. Dr. T. S. B. Robertson. LF3421. even ing. ? ? ARIEL 1952 Red Hunter. £135. terms. Mitchell's. 91 Glen Osmond rd. UA8094. ? AHOY! A wejl-kept 1951 A.J.S. twin. 12.000 miles, excellent tyres, runs beautifully. £170. 21 Aberfeldy av.. Woodville. ? A DELAIDE-S MOTOR CYCLE A. SPECIALISTS. LOFFLER'S '52 M.A.C. VelO. .. .... £75 '53 Super Elliott. 125 c.c... £7- '51 Matchless S.F.. 500 c.c £174 '51 B.S.A. Gold Flash. ».h. £205 . '51 Triumph 5T . ? £ 164 '51 B.S.A.. 500 c.c, s.h. . £16-! I 51 Ariel. 4V« s.V ? £135 , '51 A.J.S.. 500 C.C ? £146 , '51 Matchless. 500 c.c ? £145 i '51 B.S.A. Bantam, s.h ? £88 . '51 Golden Flash ? £210 ! '50 B.S.A., 500 C.C ? £125 I '50 B.S.A., 350 C.c ? £105 I '49 M.A.C. Velocette ? £95 - '48 B.S.A.. 250 C.c. O.h.V. . . £12 , '48 A.J.S., 500 c.c ? £115 [ '48 Vincent-H.R.D.. 1.000 c.c. £185 ? '48 B.S.A. Bantam ? £48 . '48 Norton ES2 . .. .: .. £115 , '48 B.S.A.. 500 C.c ? £U5 - '48 Triumph 5T ? £74 ' '51 B.S.A., 250 ex., S.h. .. £84 r 47 Ariel. 500 c.c ? £U5 ? '47 Matchless ? £85 - '30 M.S.S. Velo ? £52 OUTFITS— '49 A.J.S., s.f. and sidecar £145 '49 B.S.A. and Dusting . .. £145 ?46 A.J.S. and Sidebox ... £95 '42 Harley and Sidebox . . £90 ?42 Harley Davidson and Dusting Sidecar .. .. £115 L O F F L E R '3. 41 GOUGER STREET. C1785. 4 J.S. 1948-49 500 c.c. competi J\. tion model, alloy guards, up swept pipe. &c. standard motor. ghts. &c . ideal for trials £110 cash or £36 deposit, plus reg. and Ins.. at British Motorcycle - Sales. 27 Hyde St.. city — — — !, i HY TRIAL t A. Z 1952 Gold Flash, spr. fr. . . £255 J52 B.S.A. 3dO s.h ? fj§3 1951 B S.A. Twin 500 , ? £1|d _ 1951 A.J.S. 500 . ? £1|5 D 1951 B.S.A. 500. s.h. .... .. £165 B 1951 B S.A. Bantam, s.h . .. £6d e 1951 Norton Twin .. -- £145 . 1950 Gold Flash, s.h ? £165 -1950A.J.S 350-^r. -. .. £130 - 1950 G. Flash. Twin Sidecar £245 - ,951 Ariel R.H., Dust, s.c £185 i 1B5&B.S.A. Twin. Dust. S.C. £18a s 1(49 Panther. Hawke s.c. .. £125 Third deposit t MOULDS & ELLIS LTD.. ; 54 Wakefleld st. Ca462. AT BOLTON'S. ,., 'The Coronation Special ;- '^^VovT* u- 'i TheR^L%W£DTWl' Both a sensation in their class, y Acclaimed by all. :. 'The Motorcycle People, 101 Pirie St.. W2891. 4 A RARE CHANCE ! !. X 1952 'ARllL'DlQUARE FOUR and Dusting s/car. Just run in. Beautiful condition. SNAP FOR SOMEONE. BOLTONS. - 101 Pirie st . W2891. !- ~~~ ^ AMAZING BARGAIN. R 1951 Sunbeam S7 and Dusting side car. one previous owner. Excellent '- cond. throughout Original cost ?5 £450. sell £195 complete. Car n arrange finance. LF4726_ L' A RIEL 600 c c s.v. 1949. Recoin -nL mend. Reliable. Service, power Any trial given. Easy terms. LENROCS. 211 Pulteney st. BAROAIN. 1952 Velo.. LE200. a; new. 19 Ormond av.. Mills t wood. ? tt T3UYING. late models, solo out - JL- fits. Good prices paid for lo« ? mileage machines. ?h AUTO RESALES. 7 ? 91 Gouger street. ? B.S.A.'s. Several late model: available. Checked, overhaulec - ready for hard service On EAS'V TERMS. Save pounds by buying a LENROCS. Pulteney st.. C8770. B.S.A. 1931 Sports 350 c.c. A condition. smart appear . Trial given Easy terms LENROCS. Pulteney st..' C8770. i O.S.A. Gold Flash. 1951. a rea 36 D bargain at £ 165. BOWDEN -fc MILLER. 59 114 Wakefield st.. Adelaide 1R D.3.A. '35 and box. best offer '- I-34 Fisher st.. Magill. ? ,, IXS.A. 250 c.c. v. g. condition ' XJ 1.400 genuine miles, best offer Bought new car. 1 Leah st. ,,e PMertvIlle. ? !-' ORDER YOUR B.S.A. BAN TAM OR GOLDEN FLASH NOV ,,, AND MAKE SURE OF DELIVERS ™ AS THERE ARE VERY FEW LEFT or SO CALL TODAY AT CHAPMAI ! MOTORS O'CONNELL STREET i jf^ ? iu O.S.A. and Dusting s/car Thl ''?] U outfit outstanding for con. am ,'appearance. £60 dep. Beesley's |99 Flinders street. ? B.S.A. Gold r'la«h. reit and iu Yours at £81) deu. BEEP I LtYVS. 99 Flinders -t. ? ! O.S.A. 350 c.c. rcg. and iris JL- extra good con.. £45 dec IkEESLEVS. 99 Flinders st ? B.S.A. BANTAM, rif luxe, sprtn frame, dual -eat. rpg. and in? j £40 deo. BEESLEYS. 39 Fitnder O.8.A, 1950 250 c.c. s.v.. res 'JD »nd Ins. D»n £2!l. BEES ? LEYS. 99 Flin-irr* n. ?

MOTOR CYCLES j J.S.A. B.S.A. B.S.A.I BANTAMS ? BANTAMS j Jate.«t Models. Latrst Models. | i Only a few left for immediate: ellvery. Inspect and secure yours now j from I | J. N. TAYLOR -fc CO. LTD. | 153 GRENFELL ST. | Phone W271I. OR FROM YOUR NEAREST B.S.A. DEALER. 3 S A. '51 500 c.c. spring frame. 7.000 miles, oillion eouip. Dep. .??o. BEESLEYS. 99 Flinders St. O.S.A. BANTAM, fitted crash! L- bars, pillion cnuro.. ex cnn.J ep. £2,i BEtSLEYS. 99 Flind-| rs street. — ? BUY late models, spot cash, hire a/cs. finalised, must be eood nd clean. Huboards 85 Grntp -t BUYING MOTOR CYCLES.! CASH. Excellent prices as-i ured. sound, late models. Frear on. 228 Rundle st. east. W1456. 1 CHAPMAN MOTORS ?FOR QUALITY. 51 Ambassador 197 c.c. .. £90 50 B.M.W. 500 c.c ? £315 -1 Vincent Comet ? £215 51 B.S.A. 500 Twin ? £165 50 Jawa 350. 8.000 m. ... £110 52 Triumph S/Twln 3.000 m ? £225 51 James 98 c.c. T/S Comet £55 al Matchless 500 S/heel £190 51 Ariel 50U ? £175 51 Matchless 500 ... £170 50 Matchless S/Twln .. £195 50 Matchless 500 S/heel .. £165 50 A.J.S. 500 S/heel ? £160 50 B.S.A. Twin S/heei . . . . £ 155 50 Norton Dominator .. .. £175 50 Ambassador 197 c.c ? £60 id Sunbeam Model S7 .. .*. £125 49 A.J.S. 500 ? £145 19 Triumph 3T ? £95 49 R/Enfield 350 ? £85 18 B.S.A. 500 Twin ? £125 19 B.S.A. 350 ? £85 46 A.J.S. 500 ? £85 50 Jawa 250 ? £120 51 Ariel and Tilbrook .. .. £245 J9 Triumph and Tilbrook .. £200 39 Ariel 1. 000 c.c. and spec ial S/car ? £280 (8 Ariel 1,000 and Dusting £195 51 Raynal Auto Cycle .... £20 49 A.J.S. 500S/heeI .. .. £110 50 Triumph Thunderbird . . £ 155 50 B.S.A. Bantam ? £60 47 B.S.A. 500 ? £70 49 Matchless 350 ? £90 19 Velocette 500 ? £115 19 Vincent and S/car .. .. £225 49 Matchless and Dusting . £2T0 51 G/Flash and Dusting £250 12 H/Davidson and Box . . £95 TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. TERMS ARRANGED at 11-87 O'Connell street. N. Adel. MOMPLETE overhauls, motors, O gearboxes, rocker boxes, big :nds. mains, frames. L. Smith iitd.. 112 Flinders st. ? HHEAPER MACHINES -J WE HAVE THEM; ? SO YOU ;AN TOO ! ! ! AND AT THE RIGHT 'RICK. TERMS ARRANGED AT CHAPMAN MOTORS. O'CONNELL STREET. N.A. ? C™ '-♦ _. For late model Motor Cycles. LAURIE BOULTER. 191 Henley Beach rd., ? TORRENSVILLE. ? C.Z. 150 c.c. latest .model, like new. best offer. L8964. ? DON'T MISS OUT. ARIEL 500 c.c. o.h.v.. £45 dep. PiBJEL 500 1951 Twin, as new. £75 dep URIEL Hunter (extra). £75 dep. R/ENFIELD 500 Twin. Beautiful nick £75 dep. R/ENFIELD Twin Port, very solid. £60 dep And others on terms. BOLTON'S. 'The Motorcycle People.' 101 Pirie street. W2891. D~ USTING s/car. 1952. extra good con. Den.- £25. BEES LEYTS, 99 Flinders st ? T^XCEXSIOR Roadmaster. 2 h.p. ili Can recommend. Economical. Reliable. Demo arred Easy terms LENROCS. 211 Pulteney st. HAPLEY. x Army. reg. and ins very good con. £45 dep. BEJSSLEY'S. 99 Flinders st. ? TTARLEY 1,200 and Dusting JLJL s/car. Runs extra well Dep. £50. Beesley's. 99 Flinders st. — TT.R.D. and Tilbrook s/car nice .L-Lapp.. good con. £100 dep. BEESLEY'S. 99 rUnders st ? HARLEY 1942 special 2-seater, closed sidecar, genuine 21.000 miles. £55 deposit. Mitchell's, 91 Glen Osmond rd., UA8094. — 'LTARLEY. 1944. good order, must -Clsell, ace reas. o£fer.-53 Aroona rd.. Kilkenny ? TAMES economic transport. 0 140 m.p.g.. 98 c.c. 2-speed, £89V2. £25 dep.. 17/6 wkly. 125 c.c. spring heel. £135. £45 dep, 22/6 wkly. Hubbard3. 85 Grote st. IAMES. 1951 98 c.c. ideal foi u work. Reg and ins Den £25. BEESLEY'S. 99 Hinders st ? JAWA 1950 250. completely re cond. throughout, splendid appear. Terms arranged. At CHAPMAN MOTORS. 81-87 O'Connell st., N.A. ? Yf ATCHLESS 1949 350 C.C. motor JJL thoroughly overhauled. New big end main bearings, re-bore. &c. Good tyres, new appearance. £39 depesit. plus reg. and ins At British Motorcycle Sales. 27 Hyde St.. city ? ~\f ATCHLESS 1949 500 c.c. sound iU cond.. cheap: genuine bar gain. C/o 120 Unley rd., Unley; £ 100 or offer. ? XT ATCHLESS in name, perform iiJL ance. reputation and popu larity Springer models for im mediate delivery. £92 dep.. 35/ wkly.. £275 cash. Trade-in youi old machine at top reselling flg ure. You must see the bike of the year before buying your neu m/cycle Hubbards 85 Grote st OUTFITS. TRIUMPH Speed Twin ant Tilbrook s/car. a gift at £165 AJ.S. 500 c.c. '50 model and Til brook s/car. extra good. £175 Harley '42 and Goulding s/car £120 BOWDEN &. MILLER. 114 Wakefield St.. Adelaide. OUTFIT. 1950 500 c.c. A.J.S and Tilbrook sidecar. run: perfectly, exceptionally well kepi and spotless appearance. £19! cash or £65 deposit, plus reg anc ins. at British Motorcycle Sales 27 Hyde -«t.. city ? — ? ? PISTON finishing with lates A cam grinding method. Fo: o/hauls.. mains, big ends. LENROCS. 211 Pulteney st. PANTHER SUO c.c. JSgU- D''JPJ eauip Dep £45. BEESLE\ fa 99 Flinders st. ? ?? ,„ - SELLING your late model? Sei us last for top price Hub bards. 85 Grote st ? — ? SELL. Tiger 90 Triumph 500 c.c o.h.v. motor cycle, an extr; good machine for £65 cash o oiler. Apply 55 Kingston av. Mitcham Park. Wed. or Thurs evening, after 5 p.m. ? SELL pair telescopic forks of ARIEL m/cycle. Beck. C7336 SELL Ambassador, perfect con dition. small mileage. aftei 4.30. 22 Main street. Richmond. 'PRIUMPH 1950 Tieer 100 anr L sidecar. £145 or £75 den Norman Motors. 12 Halifax st., city. Cent. 7318. ? T'RIUMPH 6T. 14.000 miles, extr: 1 good con. £70 dep. BEES LEY'S. 99 Flinders st. ? T'RIUMPH 3T. '47. pillion eauip. X good con. £40 dep. BEES LlSYS, 99 Flinders St. ? I^IUMPH 5T. late '51. coud. a JL new. 12.000 miles, best offe accepted. M9487 between 6 p.m. 8 p.m ? — I'RIUMPH 5T and Tilbrook s JL car. very good, nice app. Dep £70. BEESLEVS. M Flinders s! 'PWO STROKES L YES. WE HAVE THE ON! YOU WANT AND AT THE RIGHr PRICE. SO CALL TODAY A' CHAPMAN MOTORS. O'CONNELl STREET. N.A. — ? rPRIUMPH 350 C.c. Twin. .1948 JL As traded. Fair order. &c Real bargain. £75 cash or eas terms LENROCS. 211 Pulteney st TRIUMPH 1949 speed twin out ! L nt. first class. £70 deposil Mitchell's. 91 Glen Osmond re UA8094. ? — 'TRIUMPH 1951 Thunderbir L s hub. regis. and ins., on owner. 11.000 miles, fitted wit: :piinnier bags, crash bars, wine screen. Ac. £235: terms arransec At CHAPMAN MOTORS. OCon r.ell st.. N.A. ? IrpiLBROOK 2 seater .side-cai ! L perfect condition. Cash o terms Tilbrook. 54 Bridge st Kensington. F4949 ? rPILBH00K slde car- as ne' 1 Cash or terms. Tilbrook. 6 ? Bridge street. Kensington. F494! TRIUMPH speed twin. 1951 L £135: also Dusting sidecai £45 terms 30 Franklin av.. Flin ? ders Park. ? ^'INCENT 1.000 c.c. beautifi condition. £H5 deposit. Mi chells. 91 Glen Osmond rt UA8094. ? — — ? — \'ELUCE1TE. ONE ONLY NEW MAC 35 WITH THE SWINGING ARI REAR SPRINGING AND DUA 1 SEAT IS AVAILABLE AT CHAF MAN MOTORS. O'CONNEL STREET. N.A. ? WANTED, all late models, to ? -» cash prices. Murray Mitchcl pi nlei' Onmnd rd U*«fw4. ?- WANTED urgently che«B twe ! '» stroke. X822. Advertlspr. - i'THE ADVERTISER' TELI '?] I PHONE SERVICE for Ciass rifled Advertisements oniratps i . the fnllnwine times: -Work rlay ? ??!) a.m. to R p.m.: Saturdays. ? ia.m. to 12.3d r.m : Sundays an ? i holidays. 6 p.m tn R p.m. Pii ? :th( new automatic numbe -.'LA()2B1.

SITUATIONS Wanted I V SOBER and conscientious; widower. BO's. seeks livine in work, reasonable wage. Z879. Au vcrtiscr. ? VN intellii?ent young male clerk. 25. experienced in all types ifTice work, requires position. SC792. Advertiser. ? \CAP., conscientious woman, alone, dc.-irps pos.. bus. orj li keep, country pref. G.E.. c o 21ota. Semnphorc. — ? BARMAN, experienced, with re frrences. start, immediately. X631. Advertiser. ? C'APABLE lady, cook two, home; rets. X808. Advertiser. ? ('LKANER wants work, tew hrs. ? weekly. Rcfs. X677. Adver C'ASUAL work, prefer contract, anywhere, start immediately. Z9.13. Advertiser. ? I EVENING baby sitting: orders j for cane basket making, cus tomers ? upplymir materials. RinR F2451. Immediate. ? J.JOTEL inanager. interstate ex Lperience. seeks positon. town or country. Bank and personal references if desired. Reply X738. Advertiser. ? IUNIOR girl typist, knowledge ? I shorthand. 18 months' office ex perience. X693. Advertiser. ? JAUY wishc-i noust-K 1-2 per j sons, refined home essential, ^mall waer X532. Advertiser — MARRIED N. Aus., 3 children, exper. all types agricultural cvork. able drive truck, tractors. &c. land repairs I. fencing ihas own tools i ; go anywhere. X693. Advertiser. ? RELIABLE woman like part time work, tea woman or washing up. X679. Advertiser. ? I DEFINED widow. 57. teeks light IX housekeeping position: sub urb. X784. Advertiser. ? SOBER pensioner, early riser, like Job caretaker or boots, hotel, guest house, in return room and meals. X287. Advertiser. — '1'KAvr.Li.ER. Siijesman. 10 yrs.' 1 txp.. country, elect., radio hardware, toys, motor, &c. &c, open to offers. X665. Advertiser. — TWO friends would like domes J. tlce work together. -Z936. Ad vertiser. ? Y\7ASH. iron, office clean, near -- city. 4/-. fares. Z915. Ad vertiser. ? \VIDOW, datIy work. Tuesday?, \\ Wednesdays, weekly. 4/- hr., plus fares. X813, Advertiser. ? \'OUNG woman wants position in small hotel or housekeep ing X509. Advertiser. ? VOUNG Italian electrician re X quires position in or near city, first class tradesman. Rood worker. ^Sfi? X?4'4thAdVearnti^rrmer± WORK WANTED A RUBBISH REMOVED PROMPTLY EXSERVICE MAN UA1687. ? V. CARPENTRY sleepout. odd repairs, fences. C2735. — - VLL painting, all suburbs. Call or write 9 Lapthorne lane. Exeter. J7441. after 5 p.m ? i LL roof and guttering repairs. A. downpipes. &c. roof and house painting. FA7028. ? A LL trees, hedges and box J\. thorns removed by experienced men. Quotes free. ML7337. ? t i LL trees, boxthorns, hedges re A. moved by man. Also rubbish removed. First-class equipment. No iob too big or too small. C8763. ALL types terrazzo and cement work, specialising in cement and slate paths. Terrazzo Indus . v T?fi91fi _— p— ? — — — — i— — -— 4 DELAIDE Floor Surfacing Co.. A for polished floors. ML2894. 4 LL TREES, boxthorns and A. hedges removed by experienced men. Quotes free. Phone ML7330. i LAWNS piantea. ^late. ce A'mem or hard paths, drives terraces norriprines f.A4308 — ALL rooms kalsomlned. paint work and cracks repaired, prompt attention. Phone. X8296.I A' ^FfxP^TT GUARANTEE. COVERS ALL TIMBER. MALDA EXTERMINATORS Quotes free. U2517. A. SALT DAMP PERMANENTLY CURED. T. W. WALTERS ANE SON. COLLEGE PARK. FY2204. ,\ RE your gutters, roofs, water A needing attention, no iob too small. LU7154. ? — - A YOUNG man. good worker A wants few days' gardening oi similar. X748. Advertiser. ? A LOUNGE suites re-coverec and reconditioned equal K new. Work guaranteed. Quote: free. Modern Upholsterers. I2i i Gouger st. C6904. ? — — 4 .WESTERN HOME REPAIRS xIl for all those renovations painting, kalsomining. plastering plumbing, carpentry, fencing, roo repairs, i-c. No job is too small Ring JL3009: or write 2 Dee st. WoodvileSoHUth.gE ? iiiI^ A Experts in plastering, paint ing. alterations, u/oins, salt-damp kalsomining. &c. For free quot and advice. sconsultMsoN 257 Flinders st- City. Phone W100 4 A. WHITE ANTS. AA A EXTERMINATED. Work guaranteed. Inspection free. MURPHY'S. 14 Verran av., Hilton. ? LU5388. ? A. WHITE ANTS. RATS, bug! dry rot and all pests. Consul Lawlor's. the long-established ex perts. Damaged timbers replace; by our skilled carpenters. LU650C day and night. ? — ? VLL building alterations, carpen try work and extensions. &c. tradesmen ML5694. — ? A A A WHITE ANTS ' EXTERMINATED. Work guaranteed. Inspection free. N. P. MADDERN. 38 Maple av.. Wayville West. LF3468. ? LF3468. ~4 WHITE ANTS A A EXTERMINATION AND REPAIRS. Inspection free. Work guaranteed. L. I. AISTON. Expert. 20 years' experience. 99 Welland av.. Wtlland South, ? Phone LU4471. ? ORICKLAYER wants work, tar JD fireplaces, garages, anythlns Apply X3939. ? — ? ORUSH. paling, and iron fence: JD erected. For all quotes. Stan dard Fencing Co., C8767. ? - BUILDER wants brickwork plastering and painting. &c, renovations, prompt attention labor only. Ring FA8141. o X730. Advertiser. ? BROKEN window cords ar dangerous. Ring FY2616. — BITUMEN PATHS. TENNI! COURTS. GARAGE FLOORS. &( S G ROBINS. U5811 /?CEILINGS renewed, all flbroij V^' work; prompt attent. J107i CARPENTRY, louvres, sleepout! &c: reasonable Quotations Ring UA7641. ? — /CUPBOARDS made to your re V' quirements. any size or de scription. Ring LF2317. ? /CEILINGS nxed and renovatec I \J Prompt service. Phoue X385; CEMENT paths, columns, wast troughs, terrazzo floors, ver ; andahs ana bathrooms, sink an arainboards all colors. Work guai ', anleed. Terrazzo Flooring Co ; 28-4-2SB Payneham road, Payne ? ham. F527B, any time. ? fiARPENTER. go anywhere, d \j anything; none too small; ui T eeut. XH06. Advertiser. ? ' I 'ARPENTRY of all kind! v^ Prompt attention. Ph. F6U27. , /'1ARPETS lfnos. and tiles lai ' v_/ and repaired. Phone LF451] DHESSMAKER. fashionabl frocks, moderate prices. 11 ; Gover st.. North Adelaide. ? - 1 DECORATOR and painter, kee XJ price, clean job 1st clats won ' Quotes free. 2599. Advertiser. - EXPERT typist seeks work a home. LF3311. after 6 p.m ' X246. Advertiser. ? — - EXP. carpenter, ava^b.1 week-ends, repairs. &c. Will! Rosewater East P.O. ? EL. lights and power plug: Prompt service. ML4089. — IT'LECTRICIANS. all classes c Jlj installations: no waittni ML7400. ? — — ? T?RENCH polishing in you JL home, experienced craftsmei working under expert J.uida.ncJ Work guaranteed. Established 4 - yrs. Quotations free R. N Wast ? ington. 270 Pirie St.. Adel. W143 5 1J1LOORS surfaced and polishe- r r The Woodpecker Floor Sui ? facing Co. LF38:i5. ? — rr ? I.1LOORS surlaced and pohshec ? JT Ward Floor Surfacing Co.. 1J ? Wills St.. Largs Bay. Ph. J7214. ? I.^LOOR SURFACING. floe . 1 polishing, and floor laylni '? including cork, rubber :«pha! - lino and parquetry,. Custoi ? Craft Floors Ltd.. 5o Rundle st ? Kent Town. FA2221. - I,'' L O O R SURFACLVC ? J Floofs surfaced and pollshe anvwhere. Cork floors. 20 year ' experience. C. W. McFarlini Floor Surfacing Co. Ltd. Phor - LA3876 or X4827. ? ? ? 1 FRENCH polishing: estimati . free. Furniture and antiq' r repairs: reuphohtering. Bridgar 1il67b Goodwood rd., Goodwqod. e I. FRENCH polishing, turnilun 1! I bedroom, dinins suites n ' I polished in vo'ir home, tradcsmai ? i!fpr;ifinn-:. FA'9H ? '! I7LOOR surfacins. imm. attei :;JL Phone LF2456. ? ? ? ' I 'tM-tn elected, hrush and ua r 1' inzs ho'- F2826 Estab. 16 vr ' I ''LOOFT .surfacing and poli.sriini 'IT A B Floor Surfacing Co :!UL2Hfi8 Prop.. C Wickens ? 4:p-ARAGES - 9 ft. 6x19 It. '?AH from £140: 12 x 19 ft. 6. £la .:Slnclu,les.doubled™rDandwujdo ' sla'te stone terraces, footpath ~v-M brick work by express builde 'contractor and architect, only a fijobs wanted. ML7286. ? ? . L / 1ARAGES. sleepouts and batl .I* room tiling, labor only X2+ tj Advertiser. ? 1 I URDEN LAYOUTS. Retaintr ' Vx *-alls terraces and path , levelling expertly executed t 1 iEirden -pecialist- and architect ; j Km* Rolami. C49-J8 9-5 E'DGE~Trimmini5. cjit bac ouick service. F2:i30. ? r i ounce suites he-covere ;' Lounge suites re-co\ere L' !n our o*n factory costs yc c lrss: 5-day srrvicr. Lnreo rum ^.nf Genoa, tappstri'.'. monuet 'JiFTWY-S^WARCTOnSB, Currte i

WORK WANTED , LAWNS. . courts cut. power! mowers, all suburbs. Ring: alter 6 p.m.. JL3iiti. ? I OUNGE .suites. l\:c.. recpvereai la as new My price will suit you.; Satis, guar. Winen. LF3549. ? \|AN wants hotel work, pref.: ^tJLiu city. X6:)2. Advertiser. — ? MATTKKSSbB KEMADK BY LEi CORNU'S. NTH. ADELAIDE. Mattress makers since 1856. M9224' MATTRESSES RE-MADE AS ; NEW HI' LE CORNU'S. M9226. :, '\ I EDICAL student with great »»1 physical .strength, wants to be employed 2:i.o/B.6.53; cxpert| mctai finisher or any odd jobs.( XBS6. Advcriiser. ? NE.VV Australian wants weelc-i end job. Write Mnzzeo, 34; Bailantyne st.. Thebarton. ? -*EEDLEWORK at home, any I kind, privately or for shop, &c. Z930. Advertiser. ? : 1-AINI1NG. signwriting and! kalso.. general house repairs. ; start immediately. Venus Paint- , ing Co. Ring ML4938. ? 1»AiNT houses and roofs. Interior! painting and kalsomining.1 minor repairs, reasonable price Work guaranteed. Phone ML4605. 1-LASTERING contracts, townl or country: expert trades- 1 man. X667. Advertiser. ? , PAINTING. All classes of deco- j rating work done at reason able prices. Ring MLS376. ? 1 PAINTING. PAINTING. I All types of painting, interior and exterior, prompt, all suburbs. Pelican Painting Service. LU7832. PAINTING to suit your pocket; JL no job too small. X2902. ? J ORAMS. pushers re-covered. &c. 1 Comfee7282 Port road. Hind marsh. LU5517. Stop 8. ? T-AINTING. interior, exterior, JL Quotes free, all suburbs. Mister painter. Phone X3853. — PAINTING and kalso done L promptly at low cost. X8148. TJAINTING. 'DECORATING, any L district, prompt. LU4786. — PAINTING, kalso. cracks. &c. I Prompt, all subs. F6837. — P UBBISH REMOVED. JL3551 ROOF REPAIRS. PAINTING. ? SAVE THAT ROOF WITH ROOFCOTE TREATMENT. Our advice and quotation without obligation. ___ ROOFCOTE LIMITED. 93 Grenfell at- Adelaide. W2285. RUBBISH removed, light carry ing, ex-serviceman. C6928 ROTARY hoeing, all gardens. &c F6437. ? — r- UBBISH removed, carrying , T?UBBISHF REMOVED, CARRY K ING DONE FA2258. ? ; RUBBISH removed. general carrying. LU6049 8-5.—-— ROOFING AND - PAINTING. aiLLEY'S SERVICE Prompt, reasonable. F6023. ROOF specialist, repairs, gut ters, downpipes, painting, re novations. Ring Marsh. Fo964 — LJEWING machine repairs. All ?- makes. 36 years exp. Singer, fee O'Hara iret sold.l. LU5889 SMALL but efficient toolroom and engineering workshop ac cepts orders for dies and jigs, serial production for press work and other small engineering Jobs. ^fv^lk^E^^RIsTs0^: Blackwood-Hawthorndene. SHORTHAND typist wants work from May 16 to May 23. X678. Thanks'' cemented inside 1 U2509 Butler ? THREES and hedges removed or JL topped, first-class iob guaran teed. Phone UA8080 .„„_- TANKS CLEANED INSIDE. I U2509 Butler ? TAPING, will collect and re X turn same promptly. Ring ¥TNDERPINNING specialist, es U timate free: start ''medi- ately. Apply Box 1685. G.P.O. ffpnHOCLS4|'l:RING. recovering V lounge suites and chalrt, loose covers: first class work: moderate prices. Bridgart. 167b Goodwood rdu Goodwood. ' T fPHOISTERlNG. re-covers re V pairs. French poliahing. loose covers, quotes free. Call anywhere. Bunbury tz Griss U3333. — ? WALL tiling promptly done. »T Ring M9234. after 6 p.m. —— WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRS, 5-day service. Jewellery re pairs and marcasite replacements. Immediate service. Jewellery De ipartment JOHN MARTIN'S— VOUR' painting, kalsom.. at low L price. Klingwort & Co., 25 Magill rd.. Stepney. ? - -| ST-CLASS carpenters and ± bricklayers team wants work. We do 1st and 2nd fixing, roofing, foundations anc maintenance : work. X596. Advertiser. PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENTS iA^^^tSnIlPo^5™0 VACANCIES FOR ; Specialist Trainees Applications are invited from suitably Qualified persons for ap pointment to a limited number ol . vacancies in the Australian . Broadcasting Commission as Spe i cialist Trainees. ? Appointments will be subject to I a satisfactory medical examtaa ? tion by the Commonwealth Medi ? cal Officer, and a probationarj ? period of six months. Successful . applicants will be required to con ? tribute to the Commonwealth . Superannuation Fund or Provi eAppointees will be chosen from persons who have already been trained in a particular field, but who are not necessarily experi enced in broadcasting. The de partments in wiich vacancies ' exist are Talks. Rural and Variety. Appointees must be prepared to accept appointment in ans State of the Commonwealth. Salary will be paid according to age. at the followm| rates^ At 17 years .- £398 £410 I At 18 years .. 434 44C -| At 19 years .. 514 ?20 ? At 20 years . . 568 ?- o62 ? At 21 years . . 766 613 ?At 22 years .. 790 637 At 23 years .. 814 651 At 24 years .. 838 685 At 25 years . . 862 709 ? I Applicants must not be more . than 24 years of age on Sppoint . ment. except in the case of ex ' servicemen, who may be admitted - at a later age If justified by spe i cial circumstances. The duration ? of the training period will be two 1 121 years, after which trainees - will be transferred to classified positions in the Commission ! ? Service. Applicants should state ace. ano furnish full particulars of edu cational qualifications and ex ; nerience. Copies only of refer ences should be forwarded. Applications which close at ?.3( ' n.m. on Monday. 25th May 1953 I should be addressed to the Assis tant Controller of Administrator - 'Personneli. Australian Broad ? casting Commission. Box 48 1 - G.P.O. . Sydney. ; PUBLIC NOTICES - \ UCTIUNEEK available, con ' A tents of houses or small lot- - or vehicles L Randall, 2 Hastings , rd. Col. Lt ' Gdns. UA7343. - - 4 SrEAM PKKMANEN 1 WAVE - i\ No FRIZZ — No Discoloration ) Mr J. Sammons. Pers. attention WONDER WAVE SALON. - 33a King William -St. LA4376. ' 4 RTHUR H WATERSON. Den J A tal Surgeon, successor to the 1 late Joseph Blitz and John G ; Waterson B.D.S.. Dental Surgeon i 149 Rundle st W3235. ? — 1 ,4 LLEN'S Detective Agency. Di . A vorce enq. and bailiffs. M?40a 4 SEACLIFF DRIVING I A SCHOOLS. CLIENTS CALLEE ? FOR AND RETURNED HOME [ FREE. PHONE X8227. ? VN examination in Milk anc Cream Testing ana Crearr r Grading will be held on Monday . 8th. and Tuesday. 9th June. 19o3 ? Milk and Cream - Testing 1 TO BE HELD ON MONDAY. 8th JUNE. 1953. j PRACTICAL:— Held in thf Dairy Laboratory. Department 01 Z Agriculture. 133-137 Gawler place ' Adelaide, commencing 9.30 a.m. ''! THEORY:— School ot Mines a! North terrace. Adelaide. 7-9 p.m -j Vj Cream Grading e'l PRACTICAL: — Held at Grad -iing Room. South Australian Far s mers1 Union Co-op. Union Ltd. r- Railway terrace. Mile End. com L.lmencing 10 a.m. ~.\ THEORY: — School of Mines -North terrace. Adelaide. 7-B p.m j -I i I Persons wishine to sit for thesi -! examinations should make applica I tion to trie Chief Dairy Instructor ; Department of Asriculture. 133 r '137 Gawler plicc. Adelaide, no .. later than 5th June. 1953. 6 :: A. G. ITZEROTT. *'! !-! Chief Dairy Instructor. r. j 3 ' 4 . OIL perm, 30/- 20 Arcade ? .rV Rundle st.. upstairs W2689 ' i ( 1LEARING -contractor wantc V plough 500 acres, immediatelj g! Keith. LF2147. or X753. Adver '?itiser. ? yj/iHAS. GEDDES & CO. LTE j NOTICE OF MEETING. - ! NOTICE Is hereby given that 111 S'. EXTRAORDINARY GENERA] ' MEETING of CHAS. GEDDE! t| AND CO. LIMITED will be held a rvthe Recistered Ofiice. 13 Grcnfe! i street. Acielaidc. on THURSDA'V .. ; 2Sth MAY. 1953. at 11.45 a.m. .,' Transfer Books and Share Resi; ojtrr will be rlosprt from May 20C to May 2Sth. both riays inclusivi , Fr nrder nf th» Board. '? N. H. SHEPHERD. E*rri-tarj. AdcJaidc. 12th May, 1353.

PUBLIC NOTICES CORRECTED NOTICE. AUSTRALIAN DEVELOPMENT NO LIABILITY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN! hat an Interim Dividend Uhe; 7th 1 of 50 p.c. plus a bonus of 5 p.c. 1 equivalent to ninepencei ler unit of stocki has been de lared on ail the Stock in the Capital of the Company, payable! vholly and exclusively from in-; ome derived from the gold min-j ng ooerations of the Company. The Dividend is due and Day ible upon Stock on the Adelaide ind Melbourne Registers at the: leKistered Office of the Company. Jrookman Building. Grenfelli treet. Adelaide. South Australia, in Friday. 26th June. 1953. . Transfer Books and Stock Re listers will close In Adelaide and Melbourne at 5 P.m. on Friday. !9th May. 1953. and re-open at in i.m. on Monday. 1st June. 1953. ind stockholders registered at lose of business' on Friday. 23th: ilay. 1953. will be entitled to re :eive the Dividend. ' By Order of the Board. P. MEADE ALMOND. ? Secretary. ? UHIROPODIST (reg. 1. Dudley Bain. 72 Parade. Norwood. -val tram stop. No. 6. Ph. FA1481. DISTRICT COUNCIL OF CRYSTAL BROOK. ANNUAL ELECTIONS. 1953. NOTICE Is hereby given that he following nominations for the office of Councillor were received up to the hour of noon of Friday, the 8th day of May. 1953. at the District Office. Crystal Brook, namely: — Town Ward — Leonard Stephen Murdock, of Crystal Brook. Manager. West Ward— Quentin Miller Davidson, of Crys tal Brook. Farmer: and East Ward —George Kitchener Hannett. of Merriton. Farmer. Richard Horace Dunsford. of Crystal Brook. Far mer, and Michael James Slattery. of Crystal Brook, Farmer. As a result of the beforementioned nominations. Messrs. L. S. Mur dock and Q. M, Davidson were duly declared elected to fill the office of Councillor for Town and West Wards respectively for the two years as from the first Saturday in July, 1953. There being more nominations than re quired for East Ward, all further proceedings were adjourned until Saturday, the 4th day of July. 1953. when an election by ballot will be held in the Crystal Brook Institute between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. I. E. SHORT. Returning Officer. DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MENINGIE. ANNUAL ELECTIONS. NOTICE is hereby given that the following -nominations were re ceived at the District Office. Me ningie up to 12 noon on Saturday May 9th 1953. ALBERT WARD: NIGEL PETER BROOKMAN. ROBERT THOMAS G. BUCK. JOHN CHARLES WILKS. GEORGE ARNOLD JAMES WILLIAMS. TAILEM BEND WARD: HERBERT WILLIAM SMITH. ALEXANDRINA WARD: EDGAR WILHELM GUSTAV BRADTKE CHARLES JOHNSTON KNIGHT. There being no more nomina tions than required for Alexan drina and Tailem Bend Wards the above named Herbert William Smith: Edgar Wilhelm Gustav Jradtke: and Charles Johnston Knight were duly declared elected to serve as Councillors for their respective Wards for the period of two years from Saturday. 4th July 1953 There being more candidates nominated than required for Al bert Ward all further proceeding! were adjoined until Saturday 4th July 1953 when an election by Ballot will be held Pollinb places for Albert Ward; Council Hall. Meningle; Centra! Had. Naming, and Ashville Hall. The hours of voting will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m REGINALD CLIFTON. ? Deputy Returning Officer. DISTRICT COUNCIL Of RIVERTON. PURSUANT to section 426 ol the Local Government Act. 1934 1952, notice is hereby given thai the District Council of Rivertor proposes to borrow from Thi Savings Bank of South Australia the sum of Five Thousand Pound; 1 £5.000) by means of a debenturi for the purpose of erecting ii Masters street. Riverton. a Coun cil Chamber and Offices tofrethe with Women's Public Rest Roon and accommodation for Th Mothers' & Babies' Health Asso ciation with kitchen and toilet for both sexes. The debenture i to be secured on the general rate and the rate of interest to b named in the said debenture an to be paid in respect of the sail loan will be four pounds fifteei shillings (£4/15/-) per centur per annum. The loan will be fo 12 years and the half-yearly In stalment of principal and inter est reauired to repay the said loai on the terminable annuity sys tem is Two hundred and seventy five pounds Fourteen shillings am Four pence (£275/14/4). Plan and specifications and estimate of the works and undertaking and a statement showing the pro posed expenditure of the mone: to be borrowed is open to the in snection of the ratepayers at th District Council Office. Riverton Dated the 11th day of Mas By Order. C. MURRAY. ? District Clerk. ? DISTRICT COUNCIL OF EAS1] MURRAY. ? Supplementary Election. NOMINATIONS will be re ceived at the district office. Hali don. up to 12 o'clock noon on Frl day 22nd May. 1953. for thP elec tion of one Councillor for Ches son ward to fill the extraordinar: vacancy caused by the resizna tion of Councillor Louis Alfrei von Doussa Should more thai one candidate be nominated, al further proceedings will be ad journed until Saturday. 4th July 1953, when an election by ballo will take place, due notice 0 which will be given. Nominatioi forms may be obtained from thi undersigned at the district office Halidon. 8th May. 1953. F. GASCOIGNE. District Clerk DOUGLAS SAMPSON. Opto metrist. Now at BOWMAf IARCADF. NORTON & SAMPSON LAI756. ? F1ANK C. GOLDRING. Denta Surgeon. 3rd Floor. C.M.L Building, King William st. LA418S TT'OR PREPARATION OF AL1 C DOCUMENTS under 'Rea Property Act 1886' and promp rgTMffi* SONS LTD Heal' Estate Agents and Brokers Auctioneers and Valuers. 31a King William st. LA3251. /' GUARDIAN Assurance Co. Ltd I X Established in 1821 Fire. Acci dent and Marine. Applications fo agents invited in country. S. V Wadey. branch manager. Mutua Life Chambers. 44 Grenfell st. HOWARD C. CHASE. Dentist Edments Bldgs.. Third F1001 Hours. 9-5.30. Fridays. 9-6.30 Sat , 9-12.30. Rundle st. W2361. 1 TF your suit or costume doe X not fit. call at W. KLINES. 4 Rundle St.. Haigh Building. an- have it adjusted. Specialist ii remodelling, repairing, cleanini and pressing. ? VOTICE AS APPLICATION FOI i.\ A LICENCE AS A BUSlNESi SALESMAN. Pursuant to the provisions 0 line Business Agents Act 1938. am the regulations thereunder. I RONALD KINGSLEY SMITH 0 44 Myall aienue. Kensington Gat dens, hereby give notice that lt i my intention to apply to the Loca Court of ADELAIDE for a licenc as a BUSINESS SALEMAN am at present employed by W1L LIAM JAMES & CO. LIMITED 0 116 Gawler place. Adelaide. Datei thtS 'thlgM,'ffVf&ITH. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS.   Re SARAH SIVIOUR late of Mizpah avenue, Unley, South Australia, Widow, deceased tes tate. ALL persons having claims or demands against the estate 0f the abovenamed are required to send particulars thereof in writ ing to the Public Trustee. A.N.A. House, 44 St. George's terrace, Perth, before the 8th day of JUNE 1953, otherwise they will be ex cluded from participating in the distribution of the assets. Dated this 6th day of May 1953. J. H. GLYNN.     Public Trustee.     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the partnership business   of Restaurant Proprietors hereto fore subsisting between ERNEST BALOGH of the one part and ERWIN FOLINUS of the other part both of 7 Chamberlain av enue, Clarence Gardens, in the State of South Australia under the firm name or style of 'Pap- rika Restaurant' carried on a 141a Hindley street, Adelaide, in the said State has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the 11th day of May, 1953. and will continue to be carried on by the said Ernest Balogh. DATED this 11th day of May 1953. ERWIN FOLINUS. E. BALOGH.     I)ROPERTY 31 Park St.. Hyd L Park, to be auctioned on i date to be fixed. GLADSTON ?\ND CO 75 King William si PURSUANT to the Provisions 0 1 Rutherglen av.. comnswooc hereby give notice that it is m b^^A^a^foMltr^ S^es-en^pl^^pi-i™ ofpk°T7E§aS^r $xe^r^ 1953 _i_R-_DEER; ? Club no club no. club no. club nt '1 470 6 471 43 472 34 4.3 1U74 37 475 38 476 52 47. 0 '478 37 479 22 480 45 481 2 i 482 12 4R3 4 4R4 2 43.-) 2 486 6 187 4 4M 2(1 439 490 lfi S44 20 645 2R - JOIN TODAY - NEW CLUB 1 FILLING REGULARLY PEEKS LIMITED. IB6 Nnrth terrace. Adelaide. Phone W2W. Established 1315.

PUBLIC NOTICES . THOWN OF PAYNEHAM. I ANNUAL ELECTIONS. 1953. NOTICE is hereby given that1 at the- close of nominations the following persons were duly de clared elected:— 1 Councillors. — Fellxstowe Ward, I Maxwell Ernest Redden, of Ash-! leigh avenue. Felixstowe, nursery- i man: Joslin Ward. Edwin Joseph! Dowling. or 157 Sixth avenue, Royslon Park, sales manager. There being more nominations] received than required to rill the vacancies for Mayor and Coun- 1 ciliors for Glynde. Payneham and| Wellington Wards, further pro ceedings were adjourned until 4th | July. 1953. when a ballot will be taken. The hours of polling are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ( Polling places for Mayor — Thei Municipal Office. 350 Payneham: road. Payneham: Keeian's Grain j Store. 29! Payneham road. Roy-] ston Park: Scout Hall. Fourth i avenue. Joslin: Lutheran Church! Hall. Glynde road. Glynde; St. j Barnabas' Church Hail, Gage I street. Firle; Newstead Methodist Church Hall. Gardiner avenue. Stj Morris: Trinity Gardens Hall, i Albermarle avenue. Trinity Gar-! dens: Congregational Church Hall. I Luhrs road, Payneham South NAMES OF CANDIDATES: Archibald Hugh Maclaine' Gough. of Glynde road, Firle,, Company Secretary: and Alfred' Edgar Clifford Grivell. of 51 Devitt avenue. Payneham South. Mer chant. Polling places for Glynde Ward. Municipal Office: Lutheran Church Hall: St. Barnabas' Church Hall. NAMES OF CANDIDATES: Harold Alby Almond, of Hamp den street. Firle. Merchant: John Byrne, of 49 Avenue road. Glynde. Milk Vendor. Polling places for Payneham Ward. Municipal Office:. Keeian's Grain Store. NAMES OF CANDIDATES: George Bartlett Samuel Elliott, of 262 Payneham road, Payneham, Refrigeration Engineer and Com pany Director: Cyril Trevor Hasse. of 40 Gwynne street. Firle. Direc tor Polling places for Wellington Ward, Municipal Office: Newstead Methodist Church Hall; 'Trinity Gardens . Hall; Congregational UNAMES OF CANDIDATES: Lionel! Alfred Anderson, of 21 Williams avenue. St. Morris. Public Servant: Geoffrey David Badger, of 1 Thomas avenue. St. MOrrISUT|ChPATVnERSON. ? Returning Officer. THE COMPANIES ACT 1934 1939. NOTICE OF SITUATION OF REG ISTERED OFFICE. NOTICE I!3 HEREBY GIVEN that the registered office of J. H. ROSEWARNE LIMITED is situated at 64 Graves street. Kadina. in the State of South Australia where it is accessible to the public on week days between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and twelve o'clock noon and two o'clock in the afternoon and four o'clock in the afternoon (Satur days. Sundays and public holi days exceptedi. DATED this 12th day of May. 19:PLAYFORD. MATISON AND Solicitors for the' ComDany. 1V3E DISTRICT COUNCIL OF REDHILL. Annual Elections. Notice is hereby given that the following gentlemen were elected unopposed as councillors for a term of two years commencing on Saturday. 4th July. 1953.— Redhill Ward -Walter Sydney MUMI-ORD; Koolunga Ward — Frank McDougall .SIMPSON. . ERIC J. WYATT, Returning Officer. APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICER Notice is hereby given that Eric John Wyatt has been appointed Returning Officer to conduct the Annua Ejections. ^ jmEs Chairman. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR Notice is hereby given that Mr. J G. Esklund of Port Pirie has been appointed auditor to the above Council to complete the term ending 31st August. 1954, vice S. S. Sergeant (resigned). ERIC J. WYATT, District Clerk

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