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. [From our own Correspondent.]

. Gawler, April 12.

The Corporation met as usual last night. The Mayor reported that on Friday night between 12 and 1 o'clock he called out the fire brigade, using the alarm opposite Messrs. Martin and

Co.'s offices. The brigade were on the spot in 3 min. 45 sec, which lie considered very smart work. He congratulated tho town on the success of tho new system. In response to request the usual subscription of £2 2s. to tho Adelaide Hospital was voted. The Executive of tho Institute, through its Secretary, asked for an interview with the Corporation re the arrangements between tho two bodies concern ing the remission of Iustitute rates, and the use of Institute Hall by Corporation. Councillor Burton proposed that tho letter bo received, and upheld tho action of tho Corporation. He deprecated the creation of any ill-feeling between tho two bodies, but stated that some new members of the committee and non ratepayiug members did not understand the position. _ Tho Institute had been saved tUOin rates during the last seven years, and in the last three years the Corporation had only used the Hall six times. Councillor Lucas seconded, and thought it was an insult that the Institute Committee should want to bind the Corporation down to hard and fast rules. Councillor Burden thovght it was only right that the Mayor should be ablo to call a meeting when he felt inclined. The motion was carried. Councillor Burden asked a number of questions in relation to the duties of the Public Works Committee, aud in the course of a subsequent explanation said there was tDO much of the system of ordering works to be done and then troubling no more about them till the accounts came in. The Public Works Com mittee should inspect work as it proceeded. According to the Act the committee should, appoint its own Chairman, the Mayor was only a member of the committee ex officio. Tho Mayor expressed surprise at Councillor Bur ton's remarks. The Public Works Committee v&b appointed aud ucted in accordance with the by-laws. The committee were always called out when any work of magnitude was proceeding, and a good oversight was always kept by the committee. A meeting of tho committee of tho Gawler Jockey Clnb was held this morning. The up po;ritment of Secretary was conferred on Mr. Eayward. It was decided to arrange tor painting the Grand Stand and to effect other improvements on the course. Various arrange ments were made for the June Meeting. A meeting was hold this morning to con sider tho advisableness of forming a Pigeon Club in Gawler. Mr. W. Robortson presided. On the motion of Mr. D. T. Tapley, seconded by Dr. Maher, it was resolved that a Pigion Club bo formed. The annual subscription wa3 fixed at one guinea, and tho following were appointed a coinniittea: — Messrs. W. Robert son, F. Barrit, Dr. Mahcr, F. J. Harris, and J. Robertson. It was decided to shoot under tho Adelaide Gun Club's rules, and the com mittee wero authorized to Eelecb grounds and arrange for first day's shooting. Tho business of the Gawler Branch of tho Bank of South Australia has been transferred to the Union Bank, and this morning the Bank opened as a branch of the latter. g^On Thursday evening last tho Gawler Literary Society met after its summer recess. The election of officers resulted as follows :— President, Mr. 0. Potter (re-elected) ; Vice Presidents, Mr. E. H. Coombe (re-elected) and Mr. D. J. Broderick; Hon. Secretary aud Treasurer, Mr. G. K. Tutton; Assistant Secretary, Mr. G. Beasley; Committee, Messrs. H. S. Wilkinson, J. Loutit, audJ. Sim. Three new members woro elected, and a good programme arranged for tho season. Messrs. James Martin & Co., Limited, dispatched another locomotive for the Government   to-day. It was of the broad gauge— the   last Q class engine arranged for under the first contract. A party of surveyors are now camped here, and have began the survey of the proposed railway line from Gawler via Lyndoch and Anguston.