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The Federal Government's sound plan  

to find jobs and homes for British migrants is getting under way.

Since Immigration Minister Townley announced the Government's "Bring out a Briton" campaign a month or so ago, organisations throughout the country have

backed the new drive.

The campaign, designed among other things to help British migrants who can't find an Australian nominator, is one which brings in the whole community.

It is part of the challenge to every Aus- tralian to help people this immense and isolated country during the greatest migration period in modern history.

And if Australians don't measure up to this challenge, which won't come again, other countries will get the people they need while the almost empty Common- wealth lags behind.

This is a drive for national survival in

which women, through their many or- ganisations and privately, can play just as important a part as men.

For women are realists who often see

right through the trees while men waste time arguing how to get around them.

"Bring out a Briton," however, does not mean that non-British peoples are not welcome, or that the significant con- tribution to this country by European migrants is not deeply appreciated.

But this is a British country, with blood ties and responsibilities within a British Commonwealth, and Australians would naturally like to keep a reasonable balance between British migrants and

those who come from other countries.