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Lacrosse Semi-Finalists Decided: Leading Teams Have Easy Victories

The A Grade minor lacrosse round ended on Saturday, when leading teams registered easy victories. In view of the fact that the matches were

not of outstanding importance and : could not affect the premiership table, j several leading players rested after the ! strenuous carnival games, but sides are 'expected to be at full strength for the I semi-finals. The first A grade semi '? final will be played next Saturday. j when East Torrens Cminor premier) i will play Sturt <third>. Brighton I (second) and North Adelaide (fourth) jwill meet the following week. Baniirar Win Harry. K. S Muecke and M. F. Bonnln were absentees from University and Swalling and Weeden did not play for Brighton. Ever play marked the first quarter, but Univer- I sity failed to drive its attffcks home whereas i Brighton found B. Jenkins with accurate ; pass's and not withstanding good ciearlna fbv Harbison 'the Students' goalkeeper' Aye ! goals were scored. Nicholson with a nice 1 piece of individual piay goaled for Univer- I sitv. *arigh-.on was much superior in the second quarter. The University back men ?' failed to body-check ihe elurii-e Jenkins bro : thers and good combined piay between this j pair aided by James and Horwood saw the Brighton score mount considerebly. Th*? Brighton back and mldfleld players held their I opponents without trouble. At half-time : Brighton led 13 goal to 1. I The game was much more even ln th? : second half. University adopted closer I checking tactics, and the attacks and for | wards displayed considerably more enterprise when ln possession of the ball. Pour ttoal? i were added by the Students. Brighton reply ing with seven. Pinal scores:— I B-ieblon. 20 goals d. University. 5 goal*. i Goalthrowcrs —Brighton. R. Jenkins, M .Jenkins '6. K. Francis (Si. James *2i. Hor j wood. University. F. Bonnin, Barntaeld '?2*. ' Nicholson. 1 Best Players—Winner. B. Jenkins. M. Jen kins. K. Francis. James. Melbourne. Loser. ! F. Bonnin. Nancarrow. Harbison. Todd. Isaac brerpowering First Half [ Sturt monopolised the play In the first half and scored repeatedly, the goals being well distributed amongst tbe forwards, who com i blned wcU together. Deverel! and Britton scored Goodwood's only two goals up to hair rime. The scores at this stage were Sturt 14 goals: Goodwood 2 goau. Goodwood improved after the interval and with Deverell playing particularly well ar mldfleld the Sturt defenders were kept occu pied. With the score at 19 goals to 5 in Its favor at three-quarter time Sturt again took complete charge in the anal term. Scores: — i Sturt. 27 goals d. Goodwood. 7 goals. 1 Goaltbrower*-—Stint. R. Cook i?i. J. B {Hidings <7i. Ford 141. Haddad. GiSen (31. ; R. Sj-monds. Frank Cook. Goodwood. Deverell i 'si. Britton '21.

i Best players—Winner. C. B. Ridings. R. i Cook. Ford. Haddad. Giffen. Loser, DevereiL . Wiles. Laughton. Clark. Ellis. : 14-Goal Victory J. Lee and McKay did not play Tor North , : Ade:-a:rie. East Torrens played evenly ] throughout. J. Muecke again bcinp in the ; ; forward line. The back men had a fairly i easy task in ho.din? the North forwards who. ' without J. Let's influence, were kept well out iof .scoring range for most of the match. : ? Scores:— East Torrens 21 Goals, d. North Adelaide. ~ goa>. Goa;:fcrowcr--*—Easi Torrens, C. Gel-1 ".ert. J. Muecke ?st. Bali. K. Gellert (4f. Jer fery. M. Sejth. Parsons. North Adelaide. ' HcClure, Baulderstone <2?. G. Lee. Buttrose, t Blyth. Best players—Winners, M. Seltn. Halt, C. Gelert. Clark. Lo^-er. Roenfeldt. £we*is. * McClure, Blyth. 1 j B -Grade Matches | ; Brighton 10 goals, d. Stun, 5 goals. Goal- i i throwers—Brighton. Kimber *3*?. J. Horwood. ? !R. Wade i2t. L. Cooper, R. Horwood. Buder. ' I Stun. Cathie <2i. A. Stephen. Manning. Pick-, naver. B?>?. p'.aypri—Winner. J. Horwood. R. i Horwood, Woodrow. Loser, A. Stephen, Cathie.' ; Thomas. j ' University 6 goals, drew with Goodwood. 6! : Coals. Goalthrowers:—University. Volt '3>. ! i Ward. Lemon. Krantz. Goodwood. Burns. Wardj ? *2), Wood. Alderman. Best payers—Univer-, ! *--ity. M-?nzi*?s, Gordon. Osmon. Goodwood, I j Crofi, Burns. Brat ted. * i East Torrens 20 goals, d. Port Adelaide. ?. goals. Goalthrowers—East Torrens, Naughtcn J j <S), Graham. Vincent, LlUicrapp f4i, Sbearri i I -f3i. Port Adelaide. Martin. McConnachie. Best' players—Winner. Naughton, Doig, Gibb* i j Los*t. Martin. Hammond. McConnachie. West Torrens 17 goals, d. Deaf Adult. f? I i goals, Goalthrowers—West Torrens. Scrooo \ ! *sk. Cavanett ?4i. Brand '3>, Hounslow. Wal- i i Ker *2t. &rr} /i?. knocked in. Deaf Adult,1 ? Rick a rds 4), Gran: i2>. Stansbury. McMahonJ j Be--.t players—Winner. Walker. Scroop. Brand. ] Loser. Rickards. Grant. Bainett. j C -Cr-adr Games I Port Adelaide 9 -goals, d. Sturt CI. 2 goals . [ Goa Ith rower*—Port Adelaide. Netherton t4>. 1 j Ellis -*2i. Mathrs, Collins, McPherson. Sturt. ! Potter. Waltham. Best player?— Winner. Col-} ? tins. Math vs. Netherton. Loser. Deslandes. j Wicks. Waltham. j St. Peter's 'Glenelg* 22 goals, d. Legacy iClub. 3 gc*!s. Goalthrowers—St. Peter's, : Robinson >%t. Wilson '6*. Teague isi_ Patter eon. Gi*sham. Lamerton. Legacy Club. Berry ?i2i. Hill. Best players—Winner. Robinson. Git ; sham. Lamerton. Loser. Berry. Atkinson, At kinson. West Torrens 18 goals, d Brighton. 7 goab. GoaI.throwers—West Torrens. provis ?6i. Cad man <S-. Clyma. Tainsh <3?. Clayton. Brigh t-pn. Wad* i4->. Morriss. Tucker. Smith. Best players—Winner. Cadman. Provis, Clay-on. , Loser. McLeod. Keene. Liddle. i j University C forfeired to Goodwood. Sturt C 2 forfeited to East Torrens.