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Family Notices

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Approaching Marriages and En- gagement notices must be signed   by the two persons concerned. Birth notices by one of the   parents, unless otherwise   authenticated, and Marriages,   Deaths and In Memoriam   notices by some responsible person. 4 lines, 6/; 2/ each additional line. BIRTHS ABBOTT.— On March 27, at Memorial Hospital, to Joan and Max— a son (Anthony Richard).   Both well. ASHBY.— On March 31, at Salisbury Hospital, to Margaret   and David— a son (Grant Stan- ley). No visitors for eight days. BALL.— On March 29, at S.C.D.H., to Dawn and John— a daughter (Jeanette Dawn). Thanking all in attendance. BALOGH (nee Postlethwaite). —At Monreith Hospital, on March 30, to Nance and Bela, of Paradise road, Campbelltown— a son.   BONYTHON (nee Cossick). —   On March 30, at Uraidla Hos- pital, to Thelma and Walter — a daughter. Many thanks to Dr. Reid and hospital staff. BOTT (nee Radley). — On   March 25, at Murray Bridge Hospital, to Betty and Keith— son (Jim Linton). Thanking all   in attendance. BOWDEN.— At Renmark Hos- pital, on March 31, to Heather and Geoff— a daughter (Janet Elizabeth). BOXHALL (nee Durdin). — On March 28, at Hobart, to Joyce and Laurie— a son (Ronald   Garnet).     COWLED. — To Norene and John— a son. Both well. DE CANDIA (nee Minervini). —On March 30, at Le Fevre's Community Hospital, Semaphore, to Anna and Fredy— a daughter (Lucrezia). Special thanks to Dr. Chandler and hospital staff. DOBBIN.— To Elsie and Roy, at Ashford Community Hospital, on March 31— a son (Ian Roy). Thanking all in attendance.   EXINDARIS (nee Roach). —   Max and Marie wish to announce the arrival of their son (Matthew John), born on April 1, at Le Fevre Community Hospital. Thanking Dr. E. Cherry and hos- pital staff. Both well. FRADD (nee Parker). — On April 1, at Crystal Brook Hos- pital, to Joy and Ken— a daugh- ter (Kerry Ruth). Thanking all in attendance. HALLORAN. -- At Murray Bridge, to Efe and Harold —fourth son. HALLORAN (nee Longstaff).— On April 1, at Rowan, to Geoff and Nancy— a son (James Gor-   don). Thanking all in attend- ance.   HAMLYN. — On April 2, at Northern Community Hospital,   to Joyce and Arch— a daughter. Thanking Dr. R. H. Hamilton and hospital staff. HAMMER.— On 'March 31, at Gumeracha Hospital, to Olive and Mick— a daughter. Sincere   thanks to Dr. Shotmann and hospital staff. IRVINE (nee Delaney).— On April 2, at Q.V.M.H., to Mary and Alan— a son (Paul Alan). Both well. KIGHTLEY (nee Patterson). —At Memorial April 1, to Mar-   garet and Ric— a daughter (Susanne Margaret). LAMONT.-- On April 2, to Bob and Anne— a daughter (Vicki). Both well. McWATERS. -- On March 26, at Blyth District Hospital, to McWATERS. -- On March 26, at Blyth District Hospital, to Phyl and Norm— a son (Neil William). NICOL (nee Gilbert). -- On March 27, at S.M. Hospital, Mount Barker, to Esme and Clyde— a son (Gregory Clyde). NIEHUS.— At Ashford, to Esma   and Murray— a son (Paul), April   1. Thanking Dr. Goode and all in attendance. PARTOGLOU (nee Malliaros). -- On March 31, at Q.V.M.H., to Steve and Mary— a daughter (Depina). PAVY (nee Murphy). -- On March 27, at Berri Hospital, to Carmel and Norm— a son (John Desmond). RICHARDS, (nee Borrett).— At   Loxton Hospital, March 28, to Phyl and Tom— a daughter. Thanking Dr. Auricht and hos- pital staff.   SHEPHERD. -- At Pinnaroo S.M. Hospital, on March 31, to Eileen and Fred— a daughter Thanking all in attendance. SMITH (nee Scott).— On April son (Trevor Maxwell). ST. CLAIR (nee Mickan).— On March 29 at the Cleve Hospital, to Ruby and Geff—a son. Thanking Dr. Page and hospital staff. TRUMAN (nee Haydon).-- On March 28, at D.S.M. Hospital, Riverton, to Anne and Rex -- a daughter (Colleen Mary). TURNER (nee Nelson).— On   April 2, at Park Terrace, to Marjorie and John— a son   (Robert John). Both well.   Thanking Dr. A. B. Russell and hospital staff. VERRALL.— On April 1, at   McBride Hospital, to Frances and Geoff— a son (Christopher Charles). WILLOUGHBY. — To Joy and James -- a son, April 1. Thank-ing Dr. Le Poidevin and staff, Q.V.M.H. YOUNG.— On April 1, at An-   gaston District Hospital, to Thelma and Harry— a daugh- ter (Rosemary Claire). Both   well. ZIMMERMANN (nee Mac- Donald).— On April 1, at Hut- chinson Hospital, to Ann and Murray— a son (Kevin John). Thanking Dr. Harbison and staff. ZWECK (nee Hart). — On April 1, at Blyth, to Chris. and Wally -- a son. GOLDEN WEDDINGS HARRIS — DUNSTAN.— Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Harris have plea- nlMd dt Rev, JoMph RoMrtson* SAYER— DURDIN.— The sons   of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sayer announce with pleasure the 50th anniversary of their parents' wedding, celebratede in the Nor- wood Baptist Church by the late Rev Chas. Bright, on April 5.   1904. At home April 5th. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Address, 37 Chats- worth grove, Toorak.   SILVER WEDDINGS BUTTON. — The sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Button, of Minlaton, have plea- sure in announcing the silver   wedding anniversary of their parents, which was solemnised in the Brentwood Methodist Church, by the late Rev. H. P. Lyons, on April 4, 1929. DALTON.— Brian and Dennis       wish to announce the 25th wed- ding anniversary of their parents, Mr and Mrs. Pat Dalton, of May- lands. The marriage was solem- nised at St. Ignatius, Norwood, on April 3, 1929, by Rev. Father Loughnan, S.J. HART— REID.— The children of Mr. and Mrs. R. Hart, of 10 Barrey avenue, Seaton Park, wish to announce the 35th anni versary, of their parents' wedding solemnised atfttaughan Church, on April 3, 1939. by the Rev. Mc- Cann. KAHL — RATHMANN. — The children of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kahl, of Waterloo. S.A., have much pleasure in announcing the 25th anniversary of their parents' wedding, solemnised on April 4, 1929. by the late Rev. H. W. Harms, at Kunden Lu- theran Church. PAECH — THIELE.— Betty, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. C. Paech, of Callington, wishes to announce the 25th anniversary of her parents' wedding, which was solemnised on April 4, 1929, at the Monarto Lutheran Church by the. Rev J. F. Hansen. SECOMB — MARCH.— Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Secomb are happy in announcing the 25th anniversary of their wedding, solemnised at Grace Plains Methodist Church, on April 3, 1929, by the Rev J. C Jennison. SUMNER— McEWIN.— Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Sumner have much pleasure in announcing the 25th anniversary of their wedding solemnised at Plympton Metho- dist Church by Rev. Milton Tre- size and Rev. Dr. Blackney, April 3, 1929. VAN DE LEUE — BANKS. -- Ellzabetb. Oeraldlne. Mlchae and Peter wish to announce thi 25th wedding anniversary o: vneir parents, solemnised at St Ignatius. Norwood, by Rev Father Ryan, BJ.. on April 4 1929 ? , Approaching Marriages ALLDER— H1NTON.— The mar riage of Vera Ellen, elde: daughter of Mrs. Allder and th laU. Mr. C. F. Allder of Hind marsh, to George Sterling, onl: son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G Hlnton, of CoUege Park, will b; solemnised at Church of Christ Orsmond street. Hlndmarsh oi April to. at 4.30 p.m. ANDREW, — GRAEFE. - Th marriage of June, fourth daugti ter of Mr. O. E. Andrew, o Victor Harbor, to Mervyn. elde son of Mr. O. A. Graefe. p Cootra will be the Congregational Church. Vic tor Harbor, on ApriT 10/ at 8.ra. Relatives and friends coi tally invited to ceremony. N tvceptlofi.

Approaching Marriages CARTLEDGE — SIMS. — The marriu'.e of Betty younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cartledge. of Belair. to Keith, only son of Mrs. and the late Vlr. W. W. Sims, of North Ade laide, will be solemnised at Unley Methodist Church on April 10 at 6 p.m. CONLON— ANDERSON. — The marriage of Margaret Beth, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs A. J. Conlon. Gawler. to Rex Athol. youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. B. L. Ander son, of Booborowle will be solemnised In the Tod Street Methodist Church, on Saturday, April 10, at 2.30 jj.m. FLEMJNG— HARVEY. — The marriage of Doreen. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Fleming. Welland, to Frederick, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, of Penzance Cornwall, will be solemnised at Zion Tabernacle. Gilbert street. Adelaide, on April 10 at 7 p.m. GOERECKE — MORGAN. — The marriage of Joy. elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Goerecke. of Kurralta Park, to Geoffrey D.. youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Morgan, of Good wood Park, will be solemnised at Flinders Street Baptist Church on April 3. at 7 p.m. Reception at Iulngworth Hall. Goodwood. HARVEY-SMITH — GIllL — The marriage of Margaret, youngest daughter of Mrs. N. Harvey-Smith, of St. Peters, to Brenton. only son of Mr. and Mrs. 8. E. Gill, of Woodvllle, will be solemnised at Maylands Methodist Church on Saturday. April 10 at 6.30 p.m. HETM — ROBERTSON.— The marriage of Barbara Joan, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. G. Heym, of Sher lock, to William Frederick, eld est son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. T, Robertson, of Port Wakefleld. will be solemnised In the Sher lock Church on Monday. April 19. at 2 p.m. HUNT— PITT.— The marriage of Jean, younger daughter of Rev. and Mrs.. L. O. Hunt, of Meadows, to John, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Pitt, of Ash bourne, will be soleainised at Meadows Methodist Church, on Saturday. April 10. at 3 p.m. JEPSON—RINGWOOD.— The   marriage of Denise Joy, daugh- ter of Mrs. L. Jepson, of Largs, to Arthur William Ringwood, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ring- wood, Prospect, will be solem- nised in the Baptist Church, Semaphore, on Saturday, April 10. at 6 p.m. JOHNS— HAND. — The mar- riage of Helen Margaret, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Johns, of Walkerie. to Maurice John, third son of Mr. and Mrs. O. Hand, of Curramuika, will be solemnised In the Wal kerie Methodist Church, on Sat KOMOLL— WHYTE.— The marriage of Joan, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Komoll, of Gawler, to Robert, only son of           Mr. and Mrs. A. Whyte, of Woodville, will be solemnised at Woodville Methodist Church, on Saturday, April 10th, at 6p.m.           LANE— WHITmARSR. — The marriage of Elva. daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lane, of West Croydon. to Desmond, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Whit marsh, of Cheltenham Gardens, will be solemnised at Woodvllle Methodist Church, .on Saturday. April 10. at 7 P.m. . MADDI8ON — RAYMOND. — The marriage of Coral, youngest daughter of Mrs. H. Goodwin, of- Lower North Adelaide, to Allen, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, will be solemnised at Archer Street Methodist Church, on Avrll 10, at 8.J0 p.m. Photo grapher selected. MVRJUT — DCLDIG. — The marriage of Margaret, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Murray, of St. Peters to Lance, eldest son og Mrs. A. M. Duldig. of Blair Athol. and the late Mr. L. T. Duldig, will be solemnised in the Presbyterian Church. St. Peters, on Saturday. April 10, atr«lSoN-FHIIXIP8. - The marriage of Laurel Patricia, the youngest daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. O. Nelson, of Blr kenhead. to. Arnold George, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Phillips, of Kilkenny, will be solemnised at Exeter Methodist Church on Saturday. April 10. 'VaIme'0^- CHAMBERS— The marriage of Beryl Kathleen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Payne, of Wynarka, to Peter Nell, only son of Mr. and wiil'be solemntaed'at Plrie Street Methodist Church on Saturday, PEEK — STACEY. — The mar- riage of Marjorie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Peek, of Reade Park, to Norman, son of Mr. and Mrs. K. Stacey, of Burnslde, will be solemnised at Westbourne Park Methodist Church on Saturday, Ayril[April] 10, at 6.30 p.m. PETEBSEN— FREEMAN.— The marriage of Jean Petersen to David Freeman has been post poned until a later date owing . POBTfUB — NICBOLSON.— Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilbert, of Wajkerville road. St. P.***1* of their eldest daughter Jean May to Leslie HaroldT eldest eon of afr. and Mrs. L. Nicholson, of Frederick street. Welland. at Croydon Church of Christ on Saturday April 10. at 7 p.m. * ROGERS— ZERNA.— The mar riage of Myrna Esme. daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. E. 8. Rogers, to Murray Bertram, eldest son [ Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Zerna, will be solemnised at the Mur ay Bridge Methodist Church on RUDDOCK — JASPER.— The marriage of Elsie Jean, eldest daughter of Mrs. T. B. Ruddock and the late Mr. T. B. Ruddock. of 687 High street, Thornbury, Melbourne, to Robert Granville, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Jasper, Nailsworth (S.A.). will be solemnised at the Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church on Aprill 10, at 4-30. SMITH — USHER.— The mar riage of Jessie second daughter of Mr. and the late Mr*; h7 G. mlth, of Ovingham. to Douglas, .only son of Mr. and Mrs. G. s. Usher., of Prospect, will ,_ be solemnised .at the Ovingham lethodlst- Church on Saturday. VokVl PWAU-REN.-Mr and Mrs. G. K. Stokes, of Bouth wark wish to announce the .marriage of their daughter 'aullne to, Noel, second son of Cr. and Mrs. C. M. Waldren. of Melbourne, at Mile End Church of Christ on Saturday. April 10. WADE-KERR.— The marriage of Sylvia eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wade, to Geoffrey. eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Kerr, both of Kllburn. will be solemnised in the Enfleld Methodist Church on Saturday, April 10. JwashIngto'n'1— black. — The marriage of Babette Jean. oungest daughter of Mr. and Irs. R. J. Washington. ofWopd ville North, to Ronald Charles, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. black, of Dudley Park, will be solemnised at WoodviUe Metho dist Church on Saturday. April 0 at 5 p m. WHALE— DIXON.— The mar riage of Valda. only daughtei of Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Whale, of Ferryden Park, to Douglas, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Dixon. of Croydon. will b« solemnised at St. Barnabai Church. Croydon, on Saturday APW^k°tNat-S?a,%SiOFF.-Th« SSSM Sf?swKetw1fkinhteo! Bpalding. to Robert, son of Mr and Mrs. C. L. Bottroff Good, wood Park, will be solemnised ir the Park Street Church o! Christ, Unley. on Saturday April 10. at 7 p.m. ? ENGAGEMENTS AISTROPE— BLACK.— The en. gagement Is announced of Bar gara Alice, only daughter of Mr and Mrs. E. C. AUtrope, of Bos trevor. to Lindsay Gordon, eldei son of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Black °fBREN-NAN''— STENTIFORD. The engagement Is announced o Barbara, only daughter of Mr and Mrs. M. Brennan. of Peter borough, to Robert, younger soi of Mrs. and the late Mr. C. T Stentilord, of Magill. COOK— MACE*.— The .engage ment Is announced of Valda daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G Cook, of North Croydon. ., ti Brian, only son of Mr. and Mrs E. F. Macey. of Devon Park. COUSINS— WATERS— The en gagement is announced of Betty only daughter of Mr. and Mrs A. J. Cousins, of WoodviUe Gar dens, to Harry, fifth son of Mi and Mrs. P. J. Waters, of Edith bUci-X— NIXON. — .Fay, secom daughter of Mrs. E. F. Cox, Al bert Park, to Geoffrey Donald second son of Mr. and Mrs. w O. Nixon. Glen Iris. CURTIS— BUTT. — Mr. an Mrs. C. E. Curtis, of 3 Alfre street, Largs, have much plea sure hi announcing the engage ment of their eldest daughtei Valda, to Stan, youngest son o Mrs. and the late Mr. H. ? II Butt, of 25 Buller terraci Franklin. DAVEY— ADAMS. - The en gagement is announced of Joar second daughter of Mr. and Mn H. H. Davey, of 'Rocklelgh, Ardrossan. to Lesllie, only son c Mr and Mrs. E. O. Adams, c Maltland. HAMPTON— WAKELY. — Th engagement is announced c Iris, daughter of Mr. and Mr Hampton, of Mylor, to Eric, so of Mr. and Mrs. Wakely. c 'Ei&AYLOB. - Tta « Sagement Is announced of Cat en. daughter of, Mrs. A. - and the late Mr. R. W. King, c Bridgewater, to George, only so of Mr. and Mrs, G. Taylor, c Prospect.

ENGAGEMENTS KENNEDY— RATSCH. — The tenement ? is announced of flonda, second daughter of Mr. ind Mrs. J. Kennedy, toxJohn Charles, elder son of Mr. am ;he late Mrs. G. Ratsch. both -f Peterborough. KOCH— BARBIE.— The anni versary is announced of Mar taret. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. L Koch, of Mills wood Estate, to Kevin, elder son Df Mr. and Mrs. T. Barrie. of Goodwood. ' LONG— MePHEBSON. — The engagement Is announced- of Nancie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Long, of Gwendo line street. Mt. Gambler, to Ken neth, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. McPherson, of Bay road. MMAOBasIHbieWAY.-The, engage ment is announced of Shirley, twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Marsh, of Murray Bridge. M-.7W; l0anteyMrnH0fFMrwa$; *lffiSK«Bl - O'REILLY. - The engagement Is announced of Iris Jean, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. McClaren, of Kurralta Park, to Gordon Ross. ride'' sonrko-f Mrs. E. Britt. of OSBORN - SESSLE. - The en gagement is announced of Daphne Esther Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Osborn, of Kersbrook, to Dean Williams, second son of Mrs. E. M. Sessle and the late Mr. F. Sessle, of Prospect. PEDDEY— MINGE.— The en Sigement Is announced of Betty argaret. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Peddey. of Be lair. to Douglas John, second son of Mrs. R. 8. Minge and the late Mr. F. W. Minge. of Milen depOYNER — PRICE.— The en gagement is announced of Ethel May. second daughter of Mrs. E. L. Poyner and the late Mr. E. Poyner. of Kllburn, to John Alex ander, elder son of Mrs. A. E. Price and the late Mr. Price, of Naracoorte. SCHULZ — BORMANN. — Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Schulz, of Tan- unda, have pleasure in announc- ing the engagement of their only daughter Maureen Laurel to Ron- ald John, second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bormann, of Man- num. SMITH— RAMSEY.— The en- gagement is announced of Gwen Marshall, youngest daughter of Mr. S. G. Smith, Wallaroo, to Douglas Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Ramsey, Thomas Plains, via Kadina. SUTHERLAND — MERTON.— The engagement is announced of Barbara Pauline, only daughter of Mr and Mrs. D. Sutherland. of Enfleld. to Peter, only son of Mr. and the late Mrs. O. Merton, of Christchurch. N.Z. SYMONS-AmSCOCGH- The engagement Is announced of Anne, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs N. W. Symons. of Glandore. Jo Ron. elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Ainseough. of St. Leon ftrai. \ THORPE-CRAWFORD. — The »r^ofloffvd.«t?.thC: TURNER— TRCS8ELL— The en gagement Is announcedof Marta youngestdaughter li Mr. wd' 'wV*-, Turner, of Modbury. to John, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs J. TrnsseU. of WoodvlUe North: .JSSSStWr-BUOHES^-The en Murr^Keta^an%fVl^taS! DEATHS i«i!taG?jKroP AprU L at Ada nren, JwHUlworth And Intrln* Fircu«e&r(-wS ?f SfSS?^10*-— °n April 1, eeased). Aged 66 years. At BON1THON.— On March 31. ?Prt'ate hospital AlfrVd Mc hiir8S9the^2f.d- ^'^nt- to CLELAND.- On April 1, at her resid Old Port road, Queenstown, Florence May, dearly beloved wife of the late John Robert Peel Cleland, lov ing mother of Bill, Lionel and Cliff mother-in-law of Mona and Agnes, and loved grandmother Jimmy, May and Bobby, Aged op&'»f.tWW*nOo«! of Ethelton; Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cowie, of Broken Hill; Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Cowie, Broken Hill; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cowie, Broken Hill; Mrs. and the late Mr. Clyde White, Broken Hill; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cowie, Sema phore Park; Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Cowie, of Broken Hill; Mr R. A. Cowie, of Broken Hill; Mr. and Mrs. W. Hodge, Blair Athol; and families. FLAVEL.— On April 3 at Port Lineota^Bowital PEllen widow of W. T. O. Flavel (late of gharltpn). of New West road* Port Lincoln loving mother of Max and Margaret. GALLASCa- On April 3, at the residence of her aon (Mr. 0. P. Oallasch). 13 Bond street, Reade Park. Mary, the dearly beloved wife of the late Albert OaUaseh of Verdun, and loving mother of Oscar fiitabeth. Ern est Albert George and the late Walter. Florence and Andrew. Aged 80 years. Sleeping peace GOLDSWOBTHY-On April 1, at Adelaide, Annie Louisa, younger daughter of the late Richard and Louisa Goldsworthy. late of Riverton and the dear sister of Eva Coltman, 107 Sydenham road. Norwood. At rest. GOLDSWORTHY—On April 1. at Adelaide. Annie Louisa Golds worthy loving auntie of Gwen and Norman Coltman. GORDON.-On April 3 at, a private hospital. Katherine. wife of the late- Ralph Gordon, of Croydon. loving mother of Jim and Ralph and mother-in-law of Kath and Ellen. Aged 83 years. HARDING.— On Aprils (sud denly), at her residence, 3 courtoy street York. Emily be loved wife of the late Ernest, beloved mother of Albln Opal (Mrs. Stratford). Beryl (Mrs. Holloway) Hilda (Mrs. Winter) George, Rita (Mrs. De OUlo), Marjorie (Mrs. De Gilio). Mer vyn. Violet and May (deceased), leaving 17 grandchildren. IS great-grandchildren. Aged 89 years. In Ood's care. . HARRIS.— On April 3. at hos pital. Ellen Harris, of 146 Cog lin street. Brompton ' tovini mother of Phyllis. Kathleen fond nana of Brian Wayne and Michelle. Aged 78- years. Re qulescat in pace'. INGHAM.— On March 31 at Port Pirie (result of accident), Janice Dawn, dearly beloved only daughter of mum and dad loving sister of Robert and John. Aged P-/a*years. INGHAM.— On March 31 al Port Pirie (result of accident) Janice Dawn, dearly belovec only granddaughter of Mr. anc Mrs. Gus Lucas, of Gawler. JAMES.— On March 31. sud- denly, at her residence. Corn- hill road. Victor Harbor. Ethel May, dearly loved wife of Hugh Bowen James and loving mother of Helen and Colin. LEE.— On AprU 1. at hospital Brenton Ross, loved baby son oi Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Lee, of Poor aka. Aged 1 day. LINDNER.— On April 1, at hospital. J W. T. (Ted) Lind- ner, aged 65 years. At rest. LOFTE8.— On April 1. at' I private hospital. William, dearl; beloved husband of the lati Alicia Loftes. late of 33 Wll oena terrace. Kilkenny. Age- . 79 years. LOFTES.— On March 31. a Exeter (result- of accident) Lance Edward, beloved eldes son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lofte and brother of Myra, Erne. Ron Ruth. In God's care. McINTYRE.— On April 2. a St. Joseph's House of Provl dence. Cowandilla. Julia Eliza ' beth Mclntyre. Aged 89 yean ' Requlescat in pace. MILLS.— On April 1, Elizabetl Lorraine, dearly loved infan daughter of David and Phylll ; Mills, of Hamilton avenue. Og borne and sister of Denise am ; Charles. Privately interred. MILNE, Louisa:— On April 1 I at her residence. 37 Davenpor ? terrace, Hazelwood Park, widoi , of late R. G. Milne, lovln mother of Joan, step-mother c Mary. Loroa. Don and Eileen. i RIDGLEY.— On April 3. a I her residence, 5 Osmond terraci . Norwood. Evelyn, dearly belove . wife of the late Frederick Rldi ley and loving mother of StelT (Mrs. J. H. Edwards). Fred. Elsl (Mrs. Jim Asherl, Normar Joyce I Mrs. H. Woodifleld) an Barb. I Mrs. Bill Smithem). Age . 77 years. Rest after weariness RYAN.— On April 3. at hi . residence. 177 Grote street. Ade ' laid:, Timothy Edward (late c f Wm. Haughton and Co.). be f loved husband of the late Mar Jane Ryan, and loving fathe s of Molly (Mrs. Egglestone 1 Annie (Mrs. Jordon). Rita an ? Bess (Mrs. Roesler). Aged i ) years. Requlescat in pace. 1 8ANDFORD.— On March 30. t . Adelaide, Florence Isabelle, b- . loved sister of Alma, brothei ; Jack and Bert. Loved by all. f STAFFORD.— On April 2, Gra a Harvey, beloved baby son - f Meg and Charles Stafford, - Lenswood. Aged 11 days.

DEATHS STOTT.- On April 2. at Gume racha, Edith, dearly beloved wife of the late Hugh Stott, of Chain of Ponds, and loved mother of Harry, Dorothy (deceased), Bes sie, Gertrude, Nellie, Florence (deceased), Jean, Elsie, Horace and Raymond. Aged 75 years. Resting. STOTT.— On April 2, at Gume racha, Edith, loving grandma of Kevin and Eunice, and great   grandma of Pamela. Aged 75 years. Sadly missed. SYKES.— On April 2. at hos pital. Henry Hoare. dearly be loved husband of Eva Bykes, of 14 Mabel street. Rosewater. and lovlnc father of Ray, Charles, Thelma. Jim and Joyce. Aged 70 years. At rest. VON EINEM.— On April 1, at her son's residence,' Mr. L. S. von Einem. 158 Parade avenue, Rosslyn Park. Emily Anne, widow of Gustav E. C. von Einem and loving mother of Bern and Len. Aged 88 years. WILLIAMSON.— On March 30, William John Ernest, loved, only son of the late W. and S.H. Wil liamson and bother of Stella. Linda and Constance. Heroes Of The Empire 'At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will ? remember them.' Jove, to the memory of my son, Flight-Lieut. Philip Edward Cawthorne D.F.C.. late Captain and pilot of Lancaster Pathfinder 635 Squadron of R.A.F.. Station Norfolk, lost after his 45th air operation on April 4. 1945.— In- serted by his loving mother. IN MEMORIAM ALDAM.— Treasured memories OwSSniiS1' SJ5te'--ta-laV. venl » JKS? » llnSto W^P ..passed away AjNjU^S 1953.— Sadly missed by \x£*-ii&Z;Fon$ Memories of Mrs. Aldam. who died April 3. 1953.— Ever remembered by Lex and Mary Robertson. Aim^*??.*''111 l0Tln« memory of ch.n»i. \ ?olden memories. hSSPJ always.— Remem- bered by George. Ruby and fam H.5ABi^T]i'0Tlnif memories of In'.n ffe wh2. Passed away April 3. 1944. Too dear to be tojotten by Ws mother father: and brother. Trevor. rt.?*8^'^' l0Zin* memory of SSKi Ilevin^.^wh9. wssed away April 3. 1944.— Always remem bered by bis grandma and grandpa. S. and J. Stowe. BAVERSTOCK. — In loving m£S£Bmb' Aunt J'ne- *nd April 3. 1981.— Always remem bered by son. Ben and daughter in-law. Betty. BROWN.— In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away April 3. 1948. —Remembered always by hit lovingwlfe. dauihter and son. of our dear mother, who passed away April 3. 1953. Not a day do we forget you dear. In our heart* you are always near.— Ever remembered by her loving daughters. Margaret and Jean. CAMERON.— In loving memory of our dear ma. who passed away April 3. 1953. Always in our thought*.— Ever remembered by Coiin. Lorna. and boys. CHARITY. — In loving memory of our sons. Allan and Brian, died April 3. 1953. result of acci dent. Never a day do we forget you. In our hearts you are always near; But only Ood know* how we mlis you. as it dawns another* year — Longed for always, mum and dad. CHARITY.— In memory of Allan and Brian, accidentally killed. April 3. Forever in our memory.— Inserted by Uncle Clarrie, Auntie Joan, John, Sandra. Brian. CHARITY.— In loving memory of Allan and Brian, accidentally killed. AprU 3. 1953.— Always re membered Elsie. Monty, and CHARITY.— In loving memory of Allan and Brian, passed away ''cHABJTT.-In memory of two good fellows. Brian and Allan, who passed away April 3. 1953. — Bruea Royal CHARITY.— In loving memory of my pals. Allan and Brian, passed away April I. 1953 A golden gate stood open, that sad. unhappy day. With a farewell left unspoken. one_year ago to day.— Inserted by Peter McMut rie and McMutrte boyi. ^HAw^i*^'^ ^jw loving memory of Allan and Brian (accidentally klUed). April I 1991. A alien that unhappy day. with a fare well left unspoken, one rear ago today. — Always remembered 6: Uncle Les. Auntie Alice and CHARITY.— Loving memory of Allan and Brian (accidentally killed) . April 3. 19SS. Always in our thoughts —Sadly missed by Uncles Arthur. Don. Auntie my two mates* Brian 'and Allan. passed away April 3. 1983. To be together In the tame old way. Would be my dearest wish to day. — Ever remembered by (Mick) Jarrett. CHARITY.— In loving memory of Allan and Brian, who passe* away AprU I. 1061. Always li our thoughts.— Ever rememberej by Mr. and Mrs. T McOnirk and family. CLARK. — In loving memory o our friend, Maggie, who passed away April 3. 1953.— Ever re membered by the '' Hammill family. CLARKE.— In loving memory o our dear mother and nanna who passed away April 4. 1953. We think of you in silence, wtthou any outward show, but what i is to lose you. no one will eve know.— Joan. Jack. John and CLARKE. — In loving memory of ray dear sister. Margaryj passed away April 4. 1953 To be with us In the same old way would be my dearest wish today. —Sadly missed by John. CLARKE.— In memory of dear Margaret who passed away April 4. 1853.— Always remem bered. Roy. Eileen, family. CLARKE. — In loving memory of Margaret, passed away Apr 4. 1953. We know you in our memory. Ood has you in His care.— Always remembered by brother Jim. sister-in-law Bertha and family. CLARKE. — In lovlnc memory of our dear shter. Margaret, passed away AprU 4. 1953. ' often sit and think of you. for you were good and true I often wondered why you had to d! without a chance to say good bye — Ever remembered by Alice. Charlie. Bill and Dean. / DENHOLM.— Treasured memo ries of Vie. called home April 4. 1950. 'Moraine thoughts, even ing . memories. — Lovingly re membered by his wife Reta. DENTON.— In loving memory of our dear wife and mother, who passed away April 4.I9S Always in our thoughts.— Dearly loved and sadly missed by hei loving husband, daughter Mavis sons George and .Barry, and Dorrie. Jean and Alt and grant children DENTON. — Cherished memo rie of my beloved sister, who Tell asleep April 4. 1953. In the gar den of memory we meet even day. May, dear.— Sadly missed bj her loving sister. Eva. DENTON ? In loving memorj of dear May passed away April 4. 1953. You left us suddenly, - your last thoughts, unknown. . But we have beautiful memories we are very proud to own. ' Sadly, missed by Lill and Lock. DIXON. — In loving memory ol our dear husband and father passed away April 4. 1951. . Always remembered by his lov ing wife Dot and family. ; DBECKOW.— In loving me mory of my dear husband Theo dore, passed away April 3. 1953 i I lost my life's companion, i r Ufe linked with my own. day bj i day I miss him more, as I wal . through life alone, lonely anc 1 sad I sit at night, and think o years gone by. when we wen . both together, my darling hus band and I.— Sadly missed /bj : his loving wife Elizabeth. i DRECKOW.— In memory oi ? our brother-in-law Ted. wht passed away two years ago to t day.— Always remembered bi ? HeJb./JldTEm,- Aldgate. ELLIS.— In loving memory ol . cad, James Ellis, who passec away April 3, 1952.— Ever re . membered by Dot. Stan ant t girls. 5 EMES. Ross Edwin.— In lovini . memory of our dear father. wh- I was accidentally kiUed April 4 1953. Today recalls sad memoriei of one we loved and will nevei : forget.— Inserted by his lovini \ sons. Ross and Garry. ? EVANS.— In loving memory o I our dear mother and grandma 1 who passed away March 31. 195: . — Ever remembered by Harolc t Joyce. Beverley, Mervyne anc i Colin. FAWCETT. — In loving memon ? of our dear brother-in-law anc i uncle Herb, passed away Apr : 3, 1953.— Ever remembered I i Rose and family. 1 FIDGE. Fanny.— Loving me i mories of mother and grandma — Remembered always by Pansy s Les, Don and Max. '. GALLIFORD. — In memory o ' our dear father Alf. who passei ' away at Croydon. April 3. 1941 J. In our hearts you ate alway r near. — Remembered by hi i daughters Fan and Ivy. , GILK8. — Fond memories o -- dad. who passed away two year tomorrow. Time passes, memo t ries stay. — Always remembere - by Dorothy. Herb and family. » GODFREY.— In loving memor of my dear husband, passe y away April 4, 1951. Deep In m f heart your memory is kept. 1 Ever remembered by his lovin wife.

IN MEMORIAM GODFREY.— Loving memories Df dear dad and grandpa, passed away April 4. 1951. Unseen, un heard, but not forgotten.— Ever remembered by Flo. Harry. June and Heather. GODFREY.— Treasured me mories of my dear dad. passed away April 4. 1951. How sacred is the name of father, how ten der is his care, how sad and lonely is a home when you find no father there.— Sadly missed by loving daughter Jessie. GRIFFITHS.— In loving me mory of my dear husband Ted. iied April 3. 1951. Three year* nave passed but memories stay, as near and dear as yesterday.— nserted by his loving wife Ade GRIFFITHS.— Treasured me mories of dad and grandpa, lf»s»rted a^i!y Ap.rI1 1- 1951- D«'iy oved, sadly missed.— Ever re 'SPtfJKgSLES1 DSr and children. GRIFFITHS.— Fond memories of dear dad, died April 3,1951. 'or ever In our thoughts— Lil. Ken. children. HALL. —In loving memory of my dear husband Lawrence, passed away April 4, 1949. —Al- ways remembered by Clarice. HARCUS. —In loving memory of our dear son and brother, died April 4, 1953. Sleeping where no shadows fall. —Ever re- membered by dad, mum, Mar- garet. HARCUS. —In loving memory of our dear brother Bob, died pril 4, 1953. Memories ever wr.-per remembered by Bess Allan, Ruth, Jeffrey. «fH,*B^iI8-~1,,I\ul0Tln8.. memory of our dear father, who passed away on April 3. 1953.— Ever re membered by Eldin. Gwen and family HARRIS.— In loving memory o* our dear pop and grandna. ho passed away April 3, 1953. ways cheerful, loving and :lnd, what a beautiful memory daughter-in-law Gwen and granddaughter Erica HERON.— In loving memory of 2ir.2eK,w,He ffil mother, passed ?;?» April 3. 1951 .—Sadly missed br her loving husband and ?utters Gwen and Beth, also 'OSaHrlXy Ralph. _™*9N- . Nellie.— In loving memory of dear mum. who PM«d away April 3. MM. -35' gW remembered by Beth and of^fft.r' Cherished memories .mother passed away April 3. Sear- fiSk &«& ™*fo bTAveWoiPer ~*«S5 f.tffi?''^? memory of my dear Bger. peaied away April 4, F^rA1?'Sf.d.rememWe-1 br pa&T^y^o'^.^^^ tor her sweet rest, for us trea sure^ memoriej.-ciarlce and HOOPER. —Treasured memo-   ries of our dear mother, naued jWApril 3. I9437sweet lowers ay upon her breast, placed there it those who loved herbeiE— ver remembered by Harry, I--je«5jjndSmiiy. '* ''''' «»^?J?p%.7fcn '-Tl?f memory of our mother and grandma. -a*sed away April3 lVtJL M '?nln our memory.— Inserted y Bnlly, Clarrie and family. HOOPER. —In loving memory of our darling mother, passec away April 3. 1943. Always In our memory.— Inserted by Annie. nest. Lorna and Gwenyth, JACKA. —In loving memory of Bert and dad. who passed AprU * 1953. Deep U hit memory, tweet it his name. Deep In our hearts he will al — Ever remembered by hit loving of our dear husband and father, tassed away April 3. 1953. When ast we taw hu smiling face he looked 10 bright and well; little Id we know that day would be our last farewell.— Sadly missed -y hit lovingwife Agnes, daugh ters Sylvia, Roma, Linda. Ruby. Amy and sons Ray and Norman. ' JACKSON.— In loving memory of dear father and grandpa, who passed away on April 3. 1953. The call was swift and sudden, no chance to say good bye, aweetest memories fond and true, from those who hought the world of you.— Ever emembered by Ray. Dawn and JUST. —In loving memory of dad. who passed away AprU 3. 948 Six years have come and one. but memories linger on. — lemembered by his loving son lelvUle. daughter-in-law Lorna and grandchildren. JUST. —In loving memory 01 dear father and .grandfather. ?ssed away AprU 3. 1948. — Ever emembered by Charles. Owen JUST. —In loving memory of dad and grandpa, who passed wayAprlfs. 1948.— Ever remem. ered by Dolcie. Roy. Ross and LANDER. —In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away April 4, 1953.— Always re nembered by her loving daughtei LONG.— In loving memory ol our dear husband and. father, lassed away April 4. 1953. )ne sad year has passed awa: Since the one we loved was called away. Deep In our hearts a memory It lcept. Of one we loved and will nevei —Always remembered by his lov. In* wife Florrie and .children. LORENZ. —In loving memory of my dear daughter Florrie. whe tassed away April 4.-1933. Deer, n my heart a memory Is kept of one I loved and will never for get.— From her loving mother. LORENZ.— In loving memory ol our dear sister and Aunt Florrie, who passed away April 4. 1933.— Alf, Dole. Guy and Rex. LOVELL.— In loving memory o my dear mother Amelia, who alec at Prospect. April 4. 1926.— Evei remembered. MACFARLANE.— Loving mem ory of -my dear mother and irandma, who passed away or April 3. 1950. Years roll by, memories stay —Always remembered by hei daughter Evelyn, son-in-law Let of dear father, passed awa Ipril 3. 1953. A thought for to day. a memory for ever— Joai .and Ivan. MARINOV.— Loving memoriei of dear dad. passed away twe rears ago today.— Ever remem bered and sadly missed by hli rife Donka. daughter Mary am MASON.— In loving memory 0!   Son passed away April 3. 1931 I silent thought and many a teai for the one we lost and lovec so dear.— Lovingly rememberec by mum anddad. MASON.— Treasured memories of my dearest brother Don passed away April 3. 1931. We who loved you. never forget. — A HPefflSffi^ by Je'n- ^ MASON.— Loving memories o: my darling brother Don. passei away April 3. 1931. Your mem qry is our dearest keepsake. Always remembered by MarJ Perce and Brian. MITCHELL. Harry L.— In lov ing memory of our dear husbani and dad. who passed away Aprl 3. 1953. Dear Is his memon sweet Is his name, deep In ou: hearts lie will always remain —Ever remembered by his lovini wife Jess, and family and grand sons. MLSON— In loving memor rt Else.— Ever remembered b: MITCHELL (Capt. H. L.).— Il lovlnar memory of Harry, wh passed away April 3. 1952.— A w's remembered by Bell, Wll and family^ MORROW, A. J. — To the mem °'l.or our dear husband an father. Alex, passed away Ann ??, '53. May a 1 the things h mlfwd. on life's highway, b found in God's garden of peact —Remembered by his wlf M!l!82JK«L»°n Dick. MORROW. A. J. (AlexV 1*108 *Vy 8t Woodvllle. Apr: 3. 1953. A page In the book 0 memories isaently turned todaj Dear dad of DoTeen, son-in-lai Wallace and grandpa of Brian. MORGAN (McLachlan).— Ii loving memory of our dea daughter and sister. Margaret who passed away April 3, 195( 80 dearly loved, so sadly missed —By her loving mother and love ones at Murray Town. MORGAN. — In loving memor of my dear wife. Margarei passed away April 3. 1950; als my dear mother. Emily, passe away April S. 1952. We have you in our garden c memories; God has you In His care, —Always remembered -by Ro and dfijlfhter isia. MOSEL.— In loving memor of mother, passed away April - Sadly missed.— Inserted by Elle and Merv. NCSKE.— In loving memory c our dear husband and fathei who passed away April 4. 19« Years, roll by. but sweet memo ries last forever.— Ever remem bered by Tils loving wife Almt son. daughters and grandchll dren. LoGethal. O'LEARY.— Loving memories t dear Jack. Life has man changes. Joy; sorrow, smiles an tears, but memories of you. des Jack, will linger through th years.— Sadly missed by mothei father. Eilleen. Cyril. PARKYN.— In loving memory of dear mother, passed away April 4. 1952. A golden gate stood open The day you passed away: With our last farewell unspoken A sad two years ago. —Always remembered and longed for. Audrey, Jim,. Malcolm, Graeme and Robin. PARR, Anne.— in loving re- memorancp of our dear wife an mother, who left ns on Apr J, 1951. a beautiful memoi left behind in the golden book ( memories.of a nature loving an kind, of one we loved but cou no' save.— Ever remembered I husband Gordon and sons Brlai Trevor. Gary. PARR.— Fondest memories ( Anne, who passed away April 1951.— Ever remembered I mum and Edna. PARR. — In loving memory - Anne, who passed away April 1951.— Ever remembered t Roma, Jack and family.

FUNERAL NOTICES ANGEL.— THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. JOHN JAMES ANGEL are respectfully in armed that his Funeral will leave his late residence. 25 Ste venson street. Nailsworth. on SATURDAY, at 10 a.m.. for the New Enfleld Cemetery. GEORGE A. BEECHING IA.F.D.A.I, 107 Prospect road, Prospect. ? ML1321. ? A OPDERHEID E.— THE 1- FRIENDS of the late Mr. STANLEY AUFDERHEIDE are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave his late re dence. Basket Ranee, on SUN DAY, at 4.15 p.m.. for the Nor ton Summit Cemetery. L. V. CAUST, Funeral Director, ? Summertown. ? 'POREST OAK LODGE No. 74. JC U.A.O.D.— BROTHERS are respectfully requested to attend le Funeral of our late Brother '. AUFDERHEIDE. leaving his late residence. Basket Range, at 4.15 p.m.. SUNDAY. April 4, for Norton Summit Cemetery. W. H. SCHOLZ. Secretary. I»ONYTHON.— THE FRIENDS ? of the late Mr. ALFRED .IcBAIN BONYTHON, of 248 Burnside road, Beaumont, are respectfully informed that His Remains were privately laid to rest on FRIDAY. April 2. in le West Terrace cemetery, ev. L. B. Riley and Canon A. E. Kaln officiated. PENGELLEY &. KNABE LIMITED. Funeral Directors. 210 Rundle st. W1328 (2 lines). pLELAND.— THE FRIENDS of *J the late Mrs. FLORENCE MAY CLELAND are respectfully nformed that her Funeral will eave her late residence, 101 Old Port ? road. Queenstown. on SATURDAY, at 11 a.m.. for the Cheltenham Cemetery. SIDNEY HARRISON. Funeral Directors. ? ' Funeral Parlors. 169-173 Port road. Alberton. Phone J1255. Tj^LAVSL.— THE FRIENDS of - the late Mrs. ELLEN TRAVEL are respectfully in ormed that her Funeral will leave from St. Thomas's Church at 3.15 p.m., after service com mencing at 3 p.m.. THIS DAY Saturday ). for Happy Valley Zemetenr. . J. WYATT. Funeral Director, Port Lincoln and Tumby Bay. ? Phone 204. ? . r» ALLASCH.— THE FRIENDS X of the late Mrs. MARY OALLASCH, of Verdun, are re jectfully ' informed that her 'uneral will leave St. Paul's .utheran Church, Hahndorf. on SUNDAY, after a service, com mencing at 1.30 p.m.. for the Hahndorf Cemetery. C. A. FAEHRMANN. Funeral Directors. Hahndorf. Phone 31. I1OLDSWOR THY.— The Mnnns-uy* ^oo&'i8- WORTHY, late of Wilkinson road, Parkslde South, are re wctfully informed that her *uneral will leave our Chapel. ) Magill road. Norwood, on MONDAY (April 5). at 11.11 a.m.. for the Crematorium, Wes errace. arriving at 11.30 a.m. ev. F. Weston will officiate. CLAUDE TREVELION. A.F.D.A., Funeral Directors. Head Office and Chapel. 58-58 Magill road, Norwood. ? MF2084. ? 2.ORDON.— THE FRIENDS of vr the late Mrs. KATHERIN1 GORDON, of 22 Government road. Croydon. are respectfully nformed that her Funeral wll eave the Funeral Parlor. 95 tort road, Hlndmarsh, on IONDAY. at 2 p.m.. for the Hindmarsh Cemetery. F. T. ELLIOTT & SONS, Funeral Directors. Hlndmarsh. LU4688. HARDING.— THE FRIENDS of . the late Mrs. EMILY HARD NG are respectfully Informed hat her Funeral will leave her ate residence. 3 Courtoy ttreet, York, on SATURDAY MORN ING, at 10.30 a.m., for the Chel tenham Cemetery. ' D. A. BROWN & SON, Funeral Directors. West Croydon. Phone M7341. ARRIS.— REQUIEM MASS for the repose of the Soul of the late Mrs. ELLEN HARRIS, ate of 146 Coglln street. Bromp on, will be celebrated in the Church of the Holy Cross. Good wood. THIS (Saturday) .MORN ING at 6.30 o'clock. H* Fune ral will leave the Church at 11 a.m. for the Catholic Section, fentenntal Park Cemetery, ? FRANK J. SIEBERT. LIMITED, Funeral Directors, 47-49 Wakefleld street. Phones C413 and C6336. JAMES.— THE FRIENDS of Dr. HUGH BOWEN JAMES, of Cornhill road. Victor Harbor, are respectfully Informed that the remalns of his late beloved WIFE (Ethel May) were privately Cremated on FRIDAY. 2nd April at the West Terrace Crema- torium. Rev. F. Mayger offi-ciated PENGELLEY & KNABE LTD.. Adelaide; W. H. OVERALL, Victor Harbor, Funeral Directors.   AAA. WREATHS delivered _ shortest notice. STANLEY FLORISTS. 45 Adelaide Arcade. W3330; after hours. U3834. ? A. BETTER wreaths at Vlettes, A414 Unley rd.UA8170. UA1374 . BLUE ORCHID. Rose Park. AaTOff ROAD- pnley IN MEMORIAM PARR.— In loving memory ol our dear sister. Ann, who passed away April 3. 1951.— Ever re membered by Bert, Geo.. Doll and Joan. PARR. — In loving memory ol Inn who passed away AprU 3, 1951. Always in our thoughts. —Sadly missed by Win. Mont , PARR, George Clement.— In loving memory of our dear fathei and grandpa, who left us Febru ary f 1950. To be with us hi the same old way would be oai dearest wish today.— Ever re membered by son Gordon, grandsons Brian. Trevor. Gary. POORE.— Treasured memorlei of pur loving mother anc grandma, who passed away April I. 1946. A wonderful mothei aid to rest. — Sadly missed M Ethel, Joe, John, Margaret and Lynette. PORRITT.— In loving memon of dad, who passed away April 3 1947. — Ever remembered by hi! son Jack and daughter-in-la* Alice PURVEY.— Loving memories ol our dear father and grandpa jassed away April 4. 1943.— Sadly missed by Lyla, George Daisy Jim. Janet. READ.— In loving memory o Walter, who passed away Aprl: 3 1953.— Sadly missed by mum-. READ.— In loving memory ol Walter David, dearly loved bj Lill. Patricia and David. READ.— In loving memory ol dear 'Pop.' who passed awa] April 3, 1953.— Always remem sered fay Lorna, Allen anc READ. W. D.— In fond memor] of dear 'Pop,', passed awaj April 3. 1953.— Sadly missed b: Marl. John and Susan. RUSSELL.— With heartfelt anc everlasting cherished memoriei of dear little Tess. loving mothei of Shirley, and devoted wife o: Clarence Russell, whose earthl: life ended on April 3. 1947. SKINNER.— In loving memor: of dad. — Ever remembered b: Sid. Mary, girls. - STARKEY.— Loving memorle; of our dear brother and uncle passed away April 4. 1952. Dorothy. Allan and Beryl. STAVELEY.— In loving mem ory of our baby son John, whon God chose to brighten His gar den seven years ago today. Age- 4 days.— Always longed for by hi loving mother and father. SWEENEY.— In loving memor of our dear brother Jack, passec away April 3 1950. Resting witl his loved ones.— Rememberei ever by his loving brothers sisters. R.I.P. ? TIESTE (nee Tiver).— In lov ing memory of Mavis. Shi would not wish for tears, b\ just to be remembered througl the years. — Her loving mother brothers and sisters. WALTKE.— In loving memor: of Harold, who passed awa: April 3. 1946. When last we sai your smiling face, you looked si bright and well; little did wi think that day would be our las farewell. — Ever remembered b: Ron. Dan. Tom. Michael. WALTKE.— In loving memor: of Harold, who passed awa: April 3. 1946. Gone but not for gotten.— Always remembered b: Rene and Tom. WEST. — In ever loving memor: of our dear1 little son am brother Darryl. who fell aslee: April 3. 1950. We could not always have you. The parting had to be; But we hold your name for eve And cherish your sweet mem ory. ? ' —Longed for always by mummj daddy and Wayne. WEST.— In ever loving mem ory of little Darryl. who fel asleep four years ago; April 3. Still remembered by his gran Auntie Ev. and uncles. WEST.— Fond memories of ou dear little nephew Darryl. wh fell asleep April 3. 1950.— Re membered by Aunty Ev. ani Uncle Bill. WHITE. — In loving memory o our mother, passed away Apr! 3. 1953.— Always remembered b her daughters Marianne. Fred and Muriel. WING. — In loving memory o our dear friend. In God's car you rest above; in our heart you dwell with love. — Always re membered by Mrs. R. Kehoe an family. ZIEGELER. — In loving memor of our dear Deanna. who passe away on April 3. 1950. As yo resi in peaceful, sleep, your mem orles we will always keep.— Eve remembered by- her mothei father sister and brothers.

FUNERAL NOTICES LINDNER.— THE FRIENDS of   the late Mr. J. W. T. (TED)   LINDNER are respectfully in- formed that his Funeral will leave our Private Parlor, 193 Unley road, Unley, on SATUR- DAY, at 110 a.m.. for the En- field General Cemetery. ALFRED JAMES & SONS LTD., A.F.D.A. Unley and Mile End. UA1129. T INES.— THE FRIENDS of the -Li late Mrs. HANNAH LINES, of Crystal Brook, are respect fully informed that her Funeral will leave the residence of her son (Mr. C. P. Lines), Crystal Brook, on SATURDAY, at 2 p.m., for the Crystal Brook Cemetery. ALFRED JAMES & SONS LTD.. Unley, MUNDAY BROS.. Crystal Brook, ? Funeral Directors. ? TOFTES.— THE FRIENDS of ?«-' the late Mr. WILLIAM X3FTES. of. 23 Wiipena terrace, Kilkenny, are respectfully in formed that his Remains were privately laid to reit on FRI )AY, 2nd April, in the North toad Cemetery. Rev. C. F. Cggleton officiated. PENGELLEY & KNABE LTD.. Funeral Directors. 210 Rundle st. W1328 |2 lines). TIT ClNTYRE.— REQUIEM MASS .WX for the repose of the Soul of the late Miss JULIA ELIZA BETH McINTYRE, late of Cowandilla, will be celebrated n the Chapel, St. Joseph's House of Providence. Cowan dilla. THIS (Saturday) MORN ING, at 7.30 o'clock. Her Fune ral will leave the Providence at 0 a.m. for the Catholic Ceme tery. West terrace. FRANK J. SIEBERT. Limited. Funeral Directors. 47-49 Wakefleld street. Phones C413 and C6236. T\f'ILNE.-?rHE FRIENDS of IVLthe late Mrs. LOUISA MILNE, of 37 Davenport terrace, Hazelwood Park, are respectfully notified that her Remains were peacefully laid to rest in the 'ayneham Cemetery on FRIDAY MORNING, at 11 a.m. Rev. J. Hughes officiated. W. WILLIAMSON & 8ON. Funeral Directors, 124 Wellington road. Payneham. ? FA1707. ? RIDGLEY;— THE FRIENDS of the late Mrs. EVELYN RIDGLEY, of 5 Osmond terrace, Norwood, are respectfully ln ormed that her Funeral will eave our private parlor. 193 Unley road, Unley, on MONDAY, at 11 a.m., for the Centennial Park Cemetery. ALFRED JAMES ft SONS LTD. (A.F.D.A.). Unley and Mile End. UA1128. RYAN.— REQUIEM MASS for the repose of the soul of the late Mr. TIMOTHY EDWARD IYAN. late of 177 Grote street. wUl be celebrated in St. Pat rick's Church. Grote street, on dONDAY MORNING, at 7 a.m. [is Funeral will leave the hurch at 11.15 a.m. for the Catholic Cemetery, West ter T-FRANK J. SIEBERT LTD., Funeral Directors. 47-49 Wakefleld street. Phones C413 and C6336. STOTT. - THE FRIENDS of the late Mrs. EDITH STOTT are   respectfully informed that her Funeral will leave her late resi ence, Chain of Ponds, on SUN DAY, April 4. at 3.30 p.m., for the North Gumeracha Cemetery. A. ROBINSON. Undertaker. Houghton. Phone 35. CYKE8.— THE FRIENDS of the ♦J late Mr. HENRY (HARRY) SYKES are respectfully ln ormed that his Funeral will eave his late residence, 14 ?label street, Roiewater, on SATURDAY, at 11 a.m., for the Cheltenham Cemetery. HAROLD J. MOORE ft SONS. Funeral Directors. Funeral Parlor, 228 Port road. Alberton. J1057 and JL3893. R.A.O.B., G.L.E. — MEMBER8 of the Order. HENLEY LODGE. No. 97. and MARITIME LODGE. No. 1. in particular, are advised that the Funeral of our ate Member HENRY SYKES. R.O.H., will leave 14 Mabe street, Rosewater. THIS DAY, at 1 a.m.. for the Cheltenham Cemetery. JESSE SMITH. ? Grand Secretary. EX-NAVALMEN'S ASSOCIA „, TION. Port Adelaide.— MEMBERS are requested to muster at Cheltenham Cemetery o attend the Funeral of our late dember Mr. HARRY SYKES, at 10.50 a.m.. SATURDAY. L. 8NO8WELL. President. VON EINEM.— THE FRIENDS , of toe late Mrs. EMILY ANNE TON EINEM are respectfullj Informed that her Remaini were removed from her son's residence, Mr. L. 8. von Einem, 58 Parade avenue; ? Rosslyn ?ark. on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 2nd Instn and peacefully laid to rest privately & the West Ter race Cemetery. , A. C. MARTIN, ! „ Funeral Director, 425 Magill road. Magill. Phone FA1002. ? A. CARMEL FLORI8TS, 101 A«*M1U rd. Wreaths del. F501S ? FLORA. 134 Unley road „. Wreaths, shortest notice. UA1738. all hours. ? ?? A. 8. D. TILLET MEMO AT TUCKERS. Florists. Grotc rTcSh Wreaths del. anywhere. LA5285: aft. hrs.. LU8850. LU58U nROYDON Florists. LU6920 \- LU7409. Wreaths del. all hn ELIZABETH ANN. FLORIS1 \f 1LE END FLORISTS. Phoni 1U.LU6791; after hours. LU7329 'DENGILLY'S floral wreaths -t 47 Qrote st. LA5608. Aftei lours. LU5629. ? PROSPECT Florist. 62 Glad stone rd. ML4718. .Wreathi delivered. ? R. W. SALMON. Monumenta Masons. 3 Baflara st.. Mill End. LU7027. all hours. ? \1TREATH8. norl1 trioute* v v made by experts in flora art. Delivery all suburbs Myer Fresh-Flower Section Ground Floor. Myer Emporium Phone W0133. ? RETURN THANKS BANKS.— Mr. A. E. Banks anc family wish to THANK al kind relatives and friends foi floral tributes, cards, letters and personal expressions o. sympathy in the recent sad los: of their beloved wife and mother Special thanks to Dr. Rollc Greenlees for care and atten tion. Will all please ,_ accep this as our sincere thanks. ? T|AVEY.— The sisters ? anc *J brothers of the late Hettii Davey wish to THANK all rela tives and friends for expression! of sympathy in the loss of ou: beloved sister. ? GUTHRIE.— Mrs. V. T. Outh rie and family wish to sin cerely THANK all kind relative and friends for floral tribute and expressions of sympath: given in the recent sad loss o their beloved husband am father Will all please accep this as a personal expressioi of thanks. ? HANSEN.— The family of th late Mrs. A. M. Hansen. o Wunkar. wish to THANK al relatives and friends for the! loving kindness during their re cent sad bereavement. ? HENDERSON.— Mrs. Margare Henderson and family wisi to THANK all relatives am friends for cards and floral tri butes and kind expressions o sympathy in the sad loss of thei clearly beloved husband an- father. Roy Douglas. Specia thanks to Dr. John Rice and a in attendance at Calvary Hosp tal. North Adelaide. Will a! please accept this as our per sonal thanks and gratitude. - JAMES. — Mrs. T. James am son Brian wish to THANI all kind relatives and friends fo beautiful flowers, letters, card; and personal expressions o sympathy in the recent sad los of our beloved Enid. God givetl His beloved sleep ? ~\*'IGGE. — Mrs. Doreen Miggc i»X Peter and Robert wish t THANK all kind relatives am friends for floral tributes.- card! letters and expressions of sym pathy in the sad loss of thei dearly loved husband and daddj Will all please accept this as ? sincere thanks. PICKETT.— Mr. and Mrs. N Pickett wish' to THANK a! friends for cards and persona expressions of sympathy in thei recent sad loss of their mothei Mrs. D. Pickett. ? THOMAS.— Mrs. R. Thoma and family wish to THANI all kind relatives and friend for floral tributes, cards, tele grams and expressions of sym pathy in the recent sudden los of their dear husband and fathei TREMBATH. — Mrs. Charle Trembath and family of 9 Gibson street. Bowden, wish t THANK all kind friends an relatives for cards, letters, tele grams, flora] tributes, and pel sonal expressions of sympath tendered them in their bereave ment in the loss of their dea husband and father. Will a: please accept this as their pei sonal expression of thanks. — WARNER.— Mrs. Editn Wai ner and son wish t THANK all kind relatives an friends for floral tributes an cards of sympathy in the loss c their son and brother. Will a please accent this as their pei sonal thanks. ? ? ? WOODHEAD — Mrs. Ma Woodhead and faml! sincerely wish to THANK .a kind relatives and friends fc floral tributes, telegrams, card and personal expressions c sympathy in the recent loss - their -beloved husband an father. Will all please acce; this as their personal and sir cere thanks. — ? ?