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Australia's National Cslebcvtiox. — A very successful celebration of the hundred and third anniversary of the day upon which Cai'taiii Phillip landed at Svdnev Cove was

r.e-hl at the Jubilee £.xhibitiou I'iuilunifj unaur the auspices of the No. 1 Branch of tiie Aus tralian Natives' Association oa Monday. January '26. Seeches appropriate to the oceariou were delivered by Sir John Cray, Sir Hcniy Ayor=, and the Mayor of Ade laide, and an excellent programme oC music \vsu5 carried out, tha demonstration taking' the form of a j-ronieai:ida concert. Thk Coxdejined Max Si'sxckh. — The Chief Secretary (Sir J. C. Bray) was interviewed ou Tuesday by Mr. V. L. Solomon and the Hon. J. L. Parsons, members for the Northern Terri tory, who expressed a strong' desire that the Kxfcutive Council should reprieve the con demned man, Rodney Claude Spencer. The Chief Secretary promised that their represen tations would have full consideration. The Executive Council met on Wednesday morning, January 28, and considered the case of the man Kodney Claude Spencer, who on Julv 7, 1S90, was sentenced to death by Mr. T. K. Pater, then Judge of the Northern Territory, for the murder of Mania lucurn, an aboriginal. The Council h:vi to consider an appeal from the prisoner's solicitors, who urged that the Jury who brought in the verdict of wilful muider did so under the misapprehension that they had not the option of making their ver dict one of '' ;nui!s laughter.' The members of the Council wero apprised of the fact that petitions had been prepared in the Northern Territory favouring a mitigation of the sen tence. After {riving the case full consideration it was decided to commute the death senten*js to imprisonment for life. TjiroiiTATiox op Camels. — Seventy-nine camels wero landed from the British- India liner Mombassa at Port Adelaide on Wednes day week. The animals all appear to be in excellent condition, and it is remarkable that during the voyage, aud with such a largo on signmentj only one animal waa lost. During the morning the camels attracted considerable attention, a largo crowd curiously inspecting the animals. TheBiotishPicthbes.— OnWednesdayweek the guarantors of the Koyal Anglo-Australian Society of Artists met to close the accounts of the Adelaide season, and received a balance sheet which showed a profit of £S4 10s. on the operations of tho Society in this city. The loss in Sydney was counterbalanced by the profit in Melbourne, but there still remains considerable expense to be defrayed in reship ping the pictures to England, and there must necessarily be a loss on the whole undertaking. Nevertheless, so much interest in art has been aroused in Adelaide by the Exhibition that it is probable that an arrangement may yet be madey-notwitlistanding the inevitable loss — to bring a second Exhibition of pictures to Adelaide in the winter of 1S92. Tho Mel bourne pictures were sent by the Victoria, the London pictures sailed in the Echuca, and there are forty-seven pictures distributed to purchasers in Adelaide to the value of about 4-3.CGO. Staple Exroirrs. — The total value of the products and manufactures of the colony ex ported last year was : — Agricultural produce, £2,081,447; minerals and metals, 1270, 41G ; wool, £l,3G0,057; miscellaneous, £744,310; total, £4,402,230, being an increase upon the value of the staple exiiorts of 18S9 of £7C7,53S. Raix is the MacDonsell Ranges. — Mr. II. F. Thornton, the Manager of Tempe Downs Station, reports that a splendid rain of 5 in. had fallen, and that the season is now a aured. Mr. Chewings, writing' from Henbury on January 9, says the season promises to be one of the best on record. The Palmer came down a banker right into the Einke — a circumstance that has not occurred for years. It has not been safe to cross the creeks, and the mailman had to lt;ave the mission, police, and Glen Helen mailbags at this station aad return with the down mails. Fire Brigades Board. — In the Executive Council on Wednesday the following^ gentle men were appointed members of the Pire Bri gades Board, which will work under the new Act of Parliament: — Nominated by the Go vernment, Messrs. H. R. Fuller and W. B. Wilkinson ; nominated by the Adelaide Cor poration, Alderman Marshall; appointed in the absence of nomination by the local Fire Brigades Board, Mr. C. Tucker, Port Ade laide ; and nominated by the Insurance Com panies, Messrs. E. M. Ashwin, C. L. Meyer, and R. M. Steele. As AXTIQCARIAX Hokse. — The Hon. Secre tary of the Geographical Society (Mr. A. T. Magarey) has received a telegram from Mr. F. W. Thring, dated from Barrow Creek, stating that one of tho late Mr. J. McD. Stusirt's horses is still alive at Tennant's Creek. Seeing that Mr. Stuart's last expedition re turned nearly thirty years ago, the animal must be exceedingly old. FASHIONABLE WEDDINGS — On Wednes- day, January 28, at Glenelg, in the Church of St. Peter, was solemnized, in the presence of a select circle of friends and relatives, the double wedding of the daughters of Mr. Andrew Tennant, the elder sister marrying Mr. William T. Mortlock, and Miss Clayre Tennant being united to Captain Anstruther-Thomson, Aide-de-Camp to His Excellency the Earl of Kintore. Each bride was attended by four bridesmaids, namely, the Misses Fergusson, Murray, Macfarlane, and Adelaide Tennant. Mr. Mortlock was supported by Major Gordon in uniform, and Captain Anstruther Thomson, who also wore the handsome uni- form of his regiment (the Life Guards Blue), was accompanied by Mr. Colin Campbell, M.A., Private Secretary to the Governor, as best man. Among the many guests were Lord Kintore, with his little son and his

two daughters, the Ladies Ethel and Hilda Keith-Falconer. The Rev. B. C. Stephenson read the marriage service, at the conclusion of which the bridal party, accompanied by His Excellency the Governor, retired to the vestry, where the registers were signed, His Excel- lency and Mr. Tennant being witnesses. Then the bridal party returned to the chancel and left the Church to the strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March. After the ceremony the bridal party and the guests went to Mr. Tennant's residence, Essenside, where the usual wedding feast was celebrated. Captain and Mrs. Thomson will sail for England to-morrow, where Captain Thomson will rejoin his regi- ment.