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Will Stars Succeed

As Producers?"



JJOLLYWOOD ia 'vitally,.interested in Myron Selznick^ startling ,,

plan to turn 20 or more top stars into a party of .individual

producers. If the results of former, ventures mean .anythingtory .. - . day, the'prospects* arc not bright. * V "

.Is the average screen star... box office-minded? In addition to. acting: the leading: role, can the star be de- pended upon to select stories, pick casts and attend to other details of

movie production in a mariner satis- factory to the ticket-buying: public?

.These are questions which affect the new scheme.

1 There ? is . no doubt, that some ' of Hollywood's stars know a box office story, but many of them do not. Pro- viding: they get good roles, numerous actors do not worry much about'the story. - ; ?

Many have tried 'the scheme of running their own companies in the past, but dismal failure has greeted them . in ; practically every instance. A^)art front that' select gathering which -handed together' back-'in.." 1919 under the name of United; Artists, not a single star ; has ever made-his or "her own business pay in ?Hollywood. . ?!. .

Carole Lombard and' James Stewart will be teamed, for a long time if Pavid Selznick has his way. . They co-star- almost- immediately in "Made For Each Other." If the. picture is. successful, Stewart and . Carole will

carry./on.* they good'- wbrk'/'inTtwo.-;ór more sequels. ' * .? ':.''. '.'.'?. ,'--'*

. .. Mervyn LeRoy is prepared to pay :w. O.C Fields £37,000 to - play the -Wizard in.."The.Wizard of Oz." Fields ls trying to flt in the assignment with his. Universal commitment*, td make "You Can't' Cheat an. Honest Man." Failing' the" veteran "comedian, the choice will if all between Frank Mor- gan and Hugh Herbert. Judy-Garland ls Dorothy, Ray Bolger, ,Buddy; Ebsen, Bert Lahr, and 'Gail. SoridergaarU arc in the cast. ";: .', "'-V ' 1


"Love Finds. Andy? Hardy,"., the fourth and most" popular cjf the Judge Hardy family series, cost Metro Goldwyn-Mayer £40,000, and is ex- pected to gross £325,000. This is thc best movie investment of. the year, and proves again'that down-to-earth di-ama about everyday people and everyday events will outsell .a French Revolution or a Roman chariot race, which may cost 10 times as much as a "Hardy;."

"Love Finds Andy. Hardy" is a splendid vehicle--'for. Mickey Rooney, who has,..* <flaic;-for j^n^edy charateri sations.' '''"'Ai'tery'.the'lïe'l^sse of this picture, .c-Metrp^oVdj¥yréM*»ycr de- cided to star th^'.'17-year-old boy, ami gave him equal billing with Spencer Tracy in "Boys' Town.'* '.; '? ' '

' Shirley Temple's'. "Little . Princess,", now before the camera, is yet' an- other Temple picture that. was, for- merly made by Mary Pickford-way back- in 1916. The story-concerns the daughter of a British . army officer,

believed'to have- been-killed in the Mafeking siege during ' the ? Boer War. Shirley, in an exclusive school in England, is cast adrift by the "heavy" headmistress when payment» cease. The father-returns to discover his daughter is missing, but, of course, he finds her. ,. , KIPLING FILM , .

The late Rudyard Kipling will be impersonated in "Gunga .Din," the RKO-Radio f A500.000 movie based on his-famous, poem. The. studio has already spent six -weeks. of valuable time searching for an actor who re- sembles Kipling, but without success. The., sequences in which the author appears,',have, been moved, to. the, end of the picture in the . hope, that some- one will' be found by _that- time..

The production of "Gunga Din," which', stars' Cary Grant,, Douglas Fairbanks,; junr., and Victor . Mc Laglcn, will occupy six months.'- That is the longest time spent 'on any picture'^his year. '

Jean "Arthur's next ' picture . for Columbia is an original -story titled "Aesop" Butters Her Bread." . ;.; . "Almost 'Ah'' 'Angel" ' is set ' for Danielle-Darrieux at Universar when she retiir'nsi'from France. Fred -Mac

Murray: jbîns' '-the - cast of "Cafe Society.'.' ..i. v: '

Alan Marshall gets -thè-chance for which- heJ has-'-waited ? a long time the male lead'an : "Dramatic School," opposite Luise Rainer. The picture is to be-directed by Mervyn -LeRoy*.. ' George' 'Bancroft, currently -trying to return td'his place in the film sun, will portrày'Lord Kitchener in a life of the ' « soldier ' for ? British Inter- national. ." . . When Hedy 'Lamarr completes, her role with Clark Gable in "New Orleans" she will.»tar with Robert Taylor' in ? "Lady 'of the.

Tropics," with a background in Indo-. China.-Incidentally, the deal to star Gable in the magazine version, of Jáck London's life has been' : can- celled. ' ' . . -j

LEWIS STONE, who plays an important' '? part in "Stolen

;Heaveh','f starring Gene Raymond . and "Olympe Bradna, to be shown '.' at Johnath's Theatre next'week.

? DICK POWELL, who heads a

? strong ' cast of entertainers in .

"Hollywood Hotel," which com- mences a seaaon at the Ozone

Theatre on Saturday.