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In the accounts from the gold-fields for the past week,   the predominant features are the discovery of new dig- gings on the one hand, and the increased rush to the celebrated Bendigo field on the other, whither thou-   sands are proceeding to pass the winter. The very bad   state of the roads is causing much bustle in our mer-   cantile transactions, as every one Is pushing up to the gold-fields to avoid the privations of a winter's travel       through the bush.

The new diggings that attract the greatest attention are those situated in the neighborhood of Mount Mc- Ivor, a hill about 14 miles to the eastward of Mount Alexander, and some surprising accounts have reached town of the productivness of the surface washings there. Nearly three thousand diggers are reported to have congregated in this locality.  

Smythe's Creek, a branch of the Wardy Yallock     river, is also attracting its share of the mining popu- lation, who are doing tolerably well. One very fine   sample of gold has also been received in town during the week from the Wardy Yallock itself, found in the   locality where the exploring party of last winter ended their labors. The parcel is small,- only 22 dwts. , but was obtained by one man in a week from very shal-   low surfacing.

The accounts from Bendigo, the Mount and Balaarat continue favorable, particularly from Bendigo. The

esoort returns from Balaarat and Creswick s Creek

show that an increasing yield is the result of the dig-   ger's industry.  

A large increase to our population has taken place within the last few days, and the arrival of several English ships-among them the S.S. Harbinger,   which vessel has made a splendid passage of sixty nine   days - has put the colony in possession of a large ad- dition to her specie. The fine passage of the Har- binger proves, that with proper management, powerful   steamers can make good trips. The protracted arrival     of the Adelaide, screw steamer, has caused universal disgust, and as every vessel sent here by the same company has been long overdue before her arrival, its   attempts to bentfit us by establishing steam communi-  

cation are looked upon as a failure. The arrival of the     first of their line, the Australian, on her return voyage, and the transmission of her gold from the ship to the Bank of England, created a great deal of excitement    

Gold has advanced slightly again, the buying figure   being 3l 15s 6d per ounce

since last circular, there has arrived by escort as

follows :-  

Mount Alexander Escort (Government) 11,864

Ovens River do do 3,449 Balaarat do do 5,883 Mount Alexander do. do. 10,040  

Total 31,256

Exchange on London, drafts against gold 1 per cent premium. Freight of gold delivered in London 4½d


Kardinia-street, April 23.