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LIQUOR LICENCE GRANTED FOR MADURA STATION An application for a wayside house licence at Madura station homestead-331 miles east of Norseman on Eyre-highway-was granted by the Perth Licensing Court yesterday. The house, which is owned by Mr. Robert Mackie, will be known as the Madura MoteL

The Court was told that the next licensed premises east of Norseman on the highway were at Bulong, 730 miles away, and though the gravel road was good motorists could not go straight through to Penoqg without stopping some where for a rest and food. The obvious place to stop. would be at the Madura Motel, half way between these two places, said Mr. J. H. O'Halloran, who appeared for Mr. Mackie. All witnesses in support of the application told of ever-increas ing traffic to and from the East ern States. Mr. Mackie said that in the last few months the number of cars calling at his house had risen from ten to more than 24 a day, and he did not think that these numbers would drop for some time. The first thing travel lers asked for when they arrived from the long and dusty trip from Norseman was "a cold schooner," which he could not supply. In September, his takings were £541 and he had sold 1,141 gallons from his newly-installed petrol bowsers. Mr. Mackie said that at present he got fresh food from Norseman every day-brought out usually by persons travelling to the Eastern States. The house, a large ten room stone building, had sleep ing accommodation for 15 persons but at times he had had 30 per sons sitting down to breakfast. They usually found somewhere to sleep in the house at night. Travel lers arrived at all times and could be sure of a wash and food. Samuel A. Mortimer, secretary of the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, said that the 331-mile trip from Norseman to Madura was long enough for the average motorist for one day and therefore Madura was a logical stopping-place for the night. With the average daily temperature about 100deg., Mr. Mortimer said that a bar at Madura was desir able. The club received up to 32 inquiries a week from persons who intended to travel by car to the Eastern States. Another witness, Mr. M. T. McAlinden, of Wembley Park, said that he was negotiating for the introduction of a parlour coach service between Perth and the Eastern States and he con sidered Madura an ideal place to stop for the night. The members of the Bench, Messrs. W. Wauhop (chairman), J. E. Lloyd and W. J. Hunt granted the licence on condition that a hot water system be in stalled by next October and that a septic tank be installed imme diately. The licence will operate from November 1.