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GARRICK AGNEW'S WORK IN SHIP'S ENGINE-ROOM In a letter to his parents shortly after his arrival in Canada on his way to the Ohio State University,. the West Australian swimming champion. Garrick Agnew. said that working his passage from Brisbane to Vancouver on a Swedish freighter "was no loy ride."

Agnew worked in the engine room, where he found the job hard, and he was bathed in sweat most of the time. However, this had its viltues because it enabled him to keep fit When off duty he had the use of the ship's swimming pool. Agnew said that he was not, at all enamoured with the food, which "was greasy and consisted of the most odd concoctions." He "seemed to have lived mostly on anchovies and raw fish with fried eggs." "I thought I was Christmas when the cook came good with. some raw carrots and celery for a change," be wrote. Agnew's travelling companions were Ian Reed, the Australian Olympic discus thrower, and Ross Anderson, an architectural student returning to his home at Toronto. He was impressed with the Ohio State University's or 4 ris t;ar npts . on

his oenat. On arrival at Van couver he received a letter from the university instructing him to report to a representative in Seattle, where arrangements had been made for him to fly direct to Columbus instead of going via San Francisco as originally in tended.