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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATH NOTICES Announcements under this heading must be authorised by the name and address of the sender, and are inserted at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence each when not exceeding five lines; over five lines, Six- pence per line. Death Advertisements in which a Funeral Announcement is made are charged for as if the Death and Funeral were separate announcements, namely the   Minimum charge of 2/6 and 3/9 respectively.       In Memoriam and Death Advertisements con-   Engagements and Approaching Marriages and Marriage Notices require the signature of     both parties concerned. BIRTHS ANDREWS.—On the 25th of February to   the wife of A. W. Andrews, of Evandale—a   son. Both well. BLYTHMAN (nee Lamb). —On the 27th of   February, at "Sirius," Alberton, to the wife of Reg Blythman, Kilkenny—a son (William George). Both well.   EVERARD (nee Iris Mann).—On the 26th of February, at Wolverton Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. D. Everard, a daughter. Thanking Dr Cheery, Sister Parks and staff. FITZGERALD.—On the 23rd of February at Calvary Hospital, to the wife of R. A. Fitzgerald of Kingscote—a daughter HALL. —On the 26th of February, to Ruth, wife of Max Hall, Murray Bridge—a daugh- ter. HOGG (nee Reta Bishop).—On the 27th of January, at Cleve Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hogg, of Wharminda—a son. Thanking Dr. Clarkson and hospital staff. HOUGH (nee A. Seagrim).—On the 25th of February, at Mt. Barker S.M. Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hough, of Nairne—a son (Thomas Robert). Special thanks to Dr Rosen- baum and hospital staff. HEASLIP (nee Shorney).—On the 26th of   February, at the Memorial Hospital, to Dr. and Mrs. Heaslip—a daughter. MATTHEWS (nee Vi Merchant).—On the   5?th of February, at the Port Lincoln Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Matthews—a daughter.   MATHESON (nee Dora Fry).—On the 25th of February, at Mount Barker Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Matheson, of Meadows—   a daughter.   PIERSON (nee Alison Tillett).—On the 27th of February, at Sister Lewis's Private Hospital, North Kensington, to Mr. and Mrs.   S. W. Pierson—a daughter (Rosalie Ann). No visitors for seven days.   PROVIS.—On the 24th of February at St. Ives Private Hospital, Torrensville, to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. M. Provis—a daughter (Valerie Maxine). Thanking Dr. Burnard and hospital staff. PHILLIPS (nee Amy Hardy).—On the 27th of February, at Sister Berry's Hospital, Ka- dina, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Phillips, of Melton— a son (Leonard Glen). Thanking Dr. Thyer, Sister Berry, and hospital staff.   SULLIVAN.—On the 19th of February, at Burra Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan of "Greenfields," Hallett—a son. SCOTT.—On the 26th of February, at St. Ive's Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M.   Scott, of Torrensville—a son. Both well.   GOLDEN WEDDING   TEMBY —DEW. —On the 25th of February, 1891, at Adelaide, by the Rev. C. T. Newman!   Helena V.. second daughter of tlie late Mr and Mrs. H. G. Dew. or Kent Town to William E. eldeEt son of the late Mr. and Mrs. T. Temby, of Norwood. Present address. Flinders street Kent Town. APPROACHING MARRIAGES BAILES —MATHOT. —The marriage of Cyn- thia, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. C. Bailes. of Kensington, to Paul, only son of the late llr ?nd Mrs. Mathot. will be solemnised at st' Matthews Cliurcti. Marryarviae. on the 3rd of March, at 7 pjn. PAGE —BATES. —The marriage of Constance Muriel, second daughter or Mrs. Millie Page and the late Robert Page, of Norm Adelaide to Francis Geor?e. 2nd ft T F.. only son ol Mr. and Mrs. Bates, of S.B. Hill., will be solemnised at St. Patrick's Church. Grote street, on Saturday, the Lst of March, at 3 p.m. Relatives and friends cordially invited to ceremony. *Io reception VIDAL —JONES. —The marriage of Nellie D., youngest twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs P. D. Vidal of Cunliffe to Thomas M Jones eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Jones, of Kadina, will be solemnised at the Cunliffe Church on Saturday, the 8th of March at 6 P.m. by the Rev. H. R. Ballard.   ENGAGEMENTS   ARNOLD— SCHUTZ. —The encasement is announced of Irene M-. elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs E. W. Arnold, of Murray Bridge. to Franz T.. A.1.F.. second son of 'Mr and Mrs. A. B. Schutz. of Lyrup. CARSLAKE —LANGLEY. —The engagement is announced of Verna, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs. A. E. Carslake, of Kunlara, to Douglas, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Langley, of Mt. Compass. COCKS —GOVETT. —The engagement is an- fiounccd of Delia, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs. A. Cocks, of Porestmie, to Vincent, eldest ?on of Mr. Joe Govett. of Port Adelaide. MALCOLM —FULLER. —The engagement is announced of Jean, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs. W. S. Malcolm, to Reginald Glenn only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Fuller both of Prospect Gardens. PEARSE —HENBEST. —The engagement is announced of Vera M. only daughter of Mr and Mrs. W Pearse, of Watervale to Roy Henbest foster son of Mrs. Ann Talbot and the   late Mr. John Talbot. Morgan PASCOE —PADMAN. —The engagement is announced of Nell, elder daughter of Mr and the late Mrs. J. H. Pascoe of Kanunda to i?ev.i Maurice S., of Cowell only son of Mr and Mrs. J. E. Padman, Martin avenue" Plympton. SLATER —MOORE. —The engagement is an- nounced of Lavinia. youngest daughter of Mrs. and the l?e Mr. R. H. Slater, of Mulpata to Gordon, elder son of Mr. and the late llrs R. J. Moore, of Richmond. BIRTHDAYS Erthday greetings arc extended to the under mentioned members of the Children's Hospital Birthday Leacue. All communications re garding birthdays In this column must he addressed to the Lay Superintendent. Chil dren's Hospital. North Adelaide. Minimum insertion fee. 2.6. (28/2/411 Bobble Messenger. 16 Hrnrr St.. North Ken-' sington. "Chcerios- Lorna Edge. 35 Wright St.. North Crovdon I Mrs. E. Parker. Box 65, Whyslla. Joyce Thiselton, Stone Hut Barbara Peters, Mannum. ; (29/2/411 ??Cheerios1 Malcolm Jaensche, Winkle Phoebe Hean. Auburn. DEATHS ALLEN. —On the 25th of February, at Bow- den, Emily, loving sister of Harry, George, Richard, James, Ernest, Quicke, Mrs Honey, Mrs. Rawlins, Mrs. Hine, Mrs. Medwell, Sam (deceased), of Bowden. CLARK. —On the 26th of February, at Nara- coorte Hospital. Margaret Emily, beloved wife or Arthur Howard Clark. "Glen Lowaa " Kuiin. W.A., 85 years. W.A. paper please copy. DURANT. —On the 20th of February, at Adelaide. Florence A., lovrd sister of Mrs Randell and S. and E. Durant. Privately in terred in North road Cemetery. Rest in peace.     EICHNER. —On the 27th of February, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. E. Russell,   128 Coglin street, Brompton Park. Mary Ann   widow of John James Eichner, in her eighty seventh year.   GALLAGHER. —On the 26th of February, at private hospital. Michael Joseph Gui:a"her date of Adelaide City Council., of 10 HaW ville terrace. Eastwood. ;oved husband of Bridget Teresa Gallagher, and loving lather of John and the late Honorah Gallagher Rc quiescat in pace. KLAU. —On the 27th of February at hos- pital, Pauline Ernestine, dearly beloved wife of the late Hermann Gustave Klau. late of 22 Annesley avenue. North Norwood, and loving mother of Albert, Vera, Gladys, Laurie (de ceased), Wally, Stan, Elva and Rita. Aged 68 years. LYONS. —On the 27th of February (sud- denly), at her residence. 2 Gladstone street. Norwood, Catherine, beloved eldest daughter of th-e late John and Ann Lyons, or Kapuntia Aged 70 years. Rest in peace. LISTON. —On the 26th of February, at a private hospital. Adelaide. Montle Annie Vming Liston. of Morphetl Valt. mc.;na daughter o( Hit late Henry and Mary Hannah Liston. MUNDY. —On the 27th February, at hos-   Mundy, of WooLshcd Flat. Port Augusta A"cd 49 years. MUNDY. —On the 27th of February, at hos pital. Clara, beloved Kite o! \V.ILa:n Mundy. of McGresor terrace. Roscwater. asrd 76 y-Ars. At rest. MADIGAN. —On the 24th of February, at Jamc^touTi Hospital, John Ti'imw of Cyr-J and Leslie,' late 27th Battal:'nn SJV.R. A2c 50 year=. RIP PHILLIPS. —On the 25th of February, at 23 Mouldcn street. Nnrwood. Piu"iii~ Lit of Sirnthalbyn. RINGVALL. —On the 27th of February, at the rcsidrncp oi h:- vjr,-n ; -:aw. Mi p. r Mitchell. 42 Clilton si reel. Prr.sprrt j^i l: , ?-?. derick (Charlie. Rinqvall. relict v! M.ncarc: Rmftvall, and lovins faihci of F:fd o'lvr Alick. Frank. Minnie. Lincoln, ai.d ''hi a:r' RINGVALL. —On 'he 27tii n' fVli'ru'arv! !?? the residence of his snii-::i-l(t^. Mr p c Mitchell. 42 Clifton stieet. Prosp?cl .1 ,hn F:? -derick 'Charlie Rincva;;. A-cd 80 'ear's RYAN. —On the 27th of February, Dennis John James Ryan, ilatn ~f Snih Battajlnr A.1P.1, beloved husband of E;>r. .Taur Ryan, ot 11 Prince's street, ofl An-.i? ,-trret Aoelaidc. Aged 53 year.v Re>,i m penc SCHERER. —On the 26th of February, at the residence of his daughter-in-law. Mrs W. Scherer, No. 5 Percy s:rcet. Gooduond Philip Wilhelm. beloved 'hu.'.baud o! the late Therese Caroline Severer azed E5 years TOY. —On the 27th of February, at a pri- Taie hospital. E.izabeth Jane 'BrMri Toy. late of 13 Anneslev avenue. North Ni.rwuoci. Aged 70 years. In Goels ca.-e TOY. —On the 27th ot February at S. Prters. Bessie, dearly 10-.od aunt of Mr.s. T F. S'a.k ot Allenby Gardens, snd Mrs E. .=. C:,;ii: ( .,M. o: Mi'.e End. VENNING. —On the 27th of February, at 33 Tusmore avenue. Manjalv;:>. Mar. lii^m. widow of William Ja>p.-r V<-nni!ia. ai,rf invniL mother of William Thomas Ho'.varr O.'ir^f. Elsie .Mrs Staler.. MaxviWi. ?nd Mary .Mr-. Martin i. Aeed B8 yt-ars. WILLSDON. —On the 27th of February, sud-   dcnly. si his re^idrriCF. Jane-'n-^ n. Harry. beloved h-JFor-rd ol Ertth Jsnc WiU'don A'-id loving father r>f E. S FM'h. M. E. Ann. E. F. Pearl, and E. TV. Harry.

HEROES OF THE GREAT WAR MELVIN. —In memory nf Private Duncan E.'eoy Me-iviil .No. sfisi. TOlh B.Ttall-in lAiiran. rf:rd or. ;hr 2S:h or February. 1040 ? Peacefully n-Mjiic alter lo:-.c M:ft>nr.;.—ln -1N MF.MORIAM inn;h'T. ?iin pasvd";? S . oil ? l:e L'BT !l O- February. lf>."!(i. chikVcii' '" J ?v" mi !""- '??""? ' lU? sra' l(;- BYI:RI.I:k.—In Jovins m.morv o! ..;ir dear M-w-r, li.':u\ w :iu pa.-:-ed av.n .<:: i!n- 28:h *?: t'obruJTv. l."-.0. luwii-: liuir.i'". :vs I:iM-i:.,i \,x Rjv and Ua i lli:ntsri>Rl>.—l ; . !.n. :l i; memory of our .?.udde:-.:v mi Jhe" jijih" of' Ft-u.-iii.i V. 1!<1!J. Away ill Gou\- bfiiimiul m:ui>:n. Sh*l;?T*d 1:1111 11 io r:n? :ind pain; " ?',? v|v,!] ~uv: 'd'ar mllihi'-r ;i?am' a' ' E\er r?.\i:.-n:ben ,1 by hi-r I.nii- daughter and ?:i-!ii-iavi. E. ,i:id S Thomas, and erandchilcren. Wsm::,- HI RISHIKII in ;..,-.-j; n-.m.i'y of our F?-"''rl :h'{<MR 110 P''VM' U "*'" "" ''^ '*'*' "'? O'\yiVh',vi:' ijm,,-;) ?.],.. - r ;; as'.-,-p. : - Ii!-rr:'V"?-: l,r "li^s'^nthlr'S son-' ai-;a?. E. an,- J. : v.ul .loan. : Ri:Bl:SI'ORIl. I:: :..yint mt-m.-ry o! nur drar iiii.:]i:t. nhv p.-,s.~eri nwiiv oil ;lif :8;li of February, lyis. lr. Oorf-s .n\:: n;iic wo ?:ll ir.rri .15.1111. - twr rcnifiii'.-i'?.-r: lj\ hrr iovinc d..uchirr nnri M<--:r.-ia?. I .-,: id F. BuKory. anri .".vis. itOUnr.N. - In lov.ns memory o! our dear rind. ?ko passed Hay nn i'.ic" 28th of Feb ruary. 103 S. Mfmonrs nre all ?<- !:av<- Ipft. : — Izzf-crti a by Kcnr, John G^oflrry. ' noIVDKV —In lo\inc memory of our dear" dad. Bhii p;^sed away on tile' 2B;h of Peb-' ruary. IS3S. j —RcnifTnbVrcd by Gwcn. Bi'ri. ' ! dud. t?hi. passed "away oil the 28th of Feb-! rua.-y. 1938. together. ! —Inserted by his daii?hters. D.iris. Dulcie. 1 Laurel. Ayis. noVVDEX.—In loving mpmory o! our dear : dad and grandfather who passed away on the 28ih 01 February. 1938. " ! —Eyer remembered. Addic. Arthur. Tlielma. BonHEX.—In loving memory of dear dad. who passed away on the 28th of February. > 1938. ? is a golden cliain. j We urill link it when we mcci again. ! —Inseried by Gladys. Cephos. Harry. ! who passed away on ibe 26th of February! 1932. True and kind he was Ihe best. —Ip t enrd by Ruby and Keith. CHIVEI*L.—in lovinp memory ol my dear arv, 1332. PaSSC "*** PLaccfuilr s:cepin;r. —insrrted by his loving son Jack. CHIVEM In loving memory ot dear father. who passed away on the 28t.h of February. 1932. j Till memorie.s face and life departs. 1 You will live forever in our Hearts. —Ever remembered by Mavis and Wa!. dad. who passed away on tie 28t"h of February. ! 1932. I Deep in our hearts your memory is kept, i We who love you will never forget. COXBIE.—in loving memory or George who died on the 29th of February. 1940. —Always remembered by and Agnes. COVDIE.—In loving remembrance of our dear son George, who passed away on the 29th of February, 3940. Not now. but in the coming years. It mar be in the better land. Well read the meaning of our tears, And there some time we'll understand. So sadly missed. —Inserted by his loving dad and mum. CONDIE.— In loving memory of our dear ? George. ? Drep in our hearts a memory is kept Oi one we loved and will never forget. r —Inserted by loving girl friend Leata. mump and pop Swan. I CONDIE.—In loving memory or our dear brother. George, who died on the 291h of Feb ruary. 1940. i Today brinss back jad memories. j Of a loved one pone to rest. j' And those who think of you today. Are those who loved you bcsi. —^idly missed by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Isabel and Peter. COXDIE.—In memory of my brother. George Condie. passed away owing to accident on the 29th February. —Sam. CONDIE.—In loving memory of George, who passed away on the 29th of February. 1940.— Inserted by Dorothy srapleton and children, Devon Park: and William Stapieton, R.A.A.F.. Narrandera, N.S.W. COCK.—In loving memory of our dear wife and mother, who passed sway on the 28th or February. 1938. We hear no sound of her much loved voice. No sound of her footsteps near: Only a heart's sad longing. For the wife and mother we loved so dear. —So sadly missed by her loving husband and daughters. Hazel and Winnie. DADDOW.—In loving memory or John, son of the 'ate Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Daddow. who died on the 28th of February. 1940. Peacefully sleeping. —Inserted by his sister Ollie. EARL. —In loving memory of tnot-her. who passed away on the 28th ot February. 1937. Rest on, dear mothtr, your troubles are o'er. Your willing hands can toil no more: You silently suffered and patiently bore. Till God called you home to sKffer no more. —Sadly missed by husband and family. EARL. —In loving memory or dear mother, who passed away on the 28th of February. 1937. Hearts that loved you never forjret 1 In memory you are nith us yet. —Inserted by Eileen pnd Aus. dear sist?r. Molnc, who pVstrd^aw'ay' on* ?he | 29th of February. 1940. RIP. G. Mifdren. L. Roger?, k". Calf. " ' wife and mother who pa"s<cd away on the 2Slh of February. 1938. —Inserted by her loving husbs nd? sons, p.nd daughter. mother, who passed away on "the 28th of February. 1938. Those who have n mother. Treasure her with care: For you never know a heartache Till you see her vacant chair. —Ever remembered by ber sons Bob fTlho desiai. Alec (A-1.F.1. daughter-in-law Chris, grandchildren Betty and Mervyn. GAXLLV.—In loving memory of our dear This is a day of remembrance. The day we shall never forget: Of one we will always remember. ! When the rest of trie world forgers. —Ever remembered by his loving wife, son and d:iu=htcr. Ciiff and Grare. Dorothy, youngest daughier of "w. A. and the laic F G Gurney. called home on the 2Sih ot Feoruary. 1938. IlAVlv,—ln lovinc memory ol mv o^.t hns- ? band, wlio passed away on the 28th of Febru ary 1135 ' ' There's a voice I would love 10 hear: , I And a mrmorv so prrcious and drar ' —Inserted by hit loVin- wife. Jessie Hank: HANK.—In lovjns mcpiory of our dear l?8th of February. 1935." Fond mrmoricf linger rv#*ry day, 1 Rcmcmbra rice k^ops you near. —Inserted by his Living daughter. Bertha, and ETT-.ndcliiloren. Campbcl'.town. HANK.—In loving memory of dear dad. who passed away on the 28th of February. 1935. And a'voice that Id love To "hear. —Inserted by Hi'.dn and MMcnlm. HANK.—I" lov:n£ mfinory of our dear { the 'ia;ii of "rVbruary. 'W3S.* I j— lnserted b\ hiV loving dauehte.-. "son-in-law. I and lamily. I lIOnfJKS.—In iovins memory of mir dear I | moinrr, who ps^.scd away on iho 2fith of Fob- I ' ruarv. 1940. " ! A sm:lir.a f?rp, a h^art of cold, Thr dcarrst raoihrr 'his world could hn'.d. I —In^cnod by her Jo vine j-on? and dauch j nODOts.— In lnvinc anri -reasurcd memo-1 rii"- of mv dear mother. Francis, who passed: ai.iy_on Mi- 23:* i nf Frbniary. n4O. I aft^n sairi w would mi you, Yf*i;r wnrd,*- lia^r proved mo trur, . j lIODf fl.S.—ln Invinc m^inory ni fnv d**a r ? i v*€. wl~,n parted a *ay on ?lic 23:h of F<-n-, ruary. 1940. ' j At *he 2f.]nc dnwn of The and In the —Ev-r renicmbrreri by her !o-.:n; h:isbar.d : iA£>l"ES.—ln lovln?'memory ol Edr:.. wh? ? Da-v-o" aivav on rile 23:! i of Febr'larj. 1932 : A thousht for todriy. A me-r.ory forever j —InsTtr-d by mother .-.nd fi''Ts. ; ?:.:*?? r Edna, tho D.i"^"d away r.:i':hr ?2th or i Fc'c-iiarv. 1n?.2 P.-.'iir.^ wlirre r.t, thr,rlow= fa!'.. ; - e'vt -? :nr-rirr'ri -.-. her 'bro'lier. B^:: .ir.C; J3 h ???. ,L>irj?.:y' 'l!i4i!' ' c!".an:e- !r..i:iv !r:rc?. F. :: mrin.n I:!:e -lie r.v t-\:r.z r " -lt.---:-rr: .?,-.? h:- :ov:n^ r.i.v. fi'.i^y,. ar.o c;-.;;rirrr.. Dor::-. Jacl:. Henry. Alllv.-~. Krilh. Bi!! ?:irt B?'v: Erar.dehilri.-rn. Raylcc unt ' r.f Cheltenham.

IX MEMORIAM ! JOHNSTON'.—In '.ovinz memory of our de.-il; mo: her. who oassed an ay on the 28th ot Fcb-I ruary. 1933. { Hearts that loved you can never lorgct. In memory you are with us yet; A lovins mother laid to rest. —Inserted by her "loving husband and chil- : dren. Rene. Stan. Mavis <3-A.). Stella and . Mabel iVS.Vf.K JOUXS. —In loving: memory of my dear hus- ? band. Tommy, who passed away on the 22th of February. 1940. —Inserted by his sorrowing wile. JEFFREY.—In loving memory ot our dear wife and mother who passed" away on the 28th of February, 1940 A lovins wile and mother eonc to rest, True and kind, she was the best. —Inserted by her loving husband and chll- KIRCHVrn. —In Invinc memory of our dear mother wlio passed away on the 'JEili of Feb ruary. 1935. nl Frcelins. — E.i-r remembered by Elsie. Frank and family. I.ONCb.—iii lovin? rocnuTy oi mother. u-ho —Ala-ays remembered by Bella and Charlie LEA.KEY.—In lfivinj? iw*Toory ot ov.t <scfl? ? husband and father, who tiird on ihe 28th of; i FrbruaT". 1933. j Dcrp In our heart's a wmnrr :s fcppr. i Of one wo loved nnd w ill nrvrr forpot. ' —Inserted by his lorinz wife and children. ] Phyllis. Bill. Ho?s and Beryl. : MAHAK.—III lovins memory of our dear j brother, who passed away at Borrirrtown r-n the 2!>:h of February. 1940 iretul: o[ aerl d.-n;i When last wr saw your smilinK face YOl3 looked so bright and well. Bi:i li-.tlo did ?t :l!in1 thai day I: was our last farewell. —Inseitrri by liis Inrtns ?:stfr. brotiier-ln-!aw. I NirilOlJ.S.—lr! l"i*.iis meinnrv or my ' husiisnd. who ?> c.illed Inn-.e on tile Mtlv 1 lof February 1134.—Inserted by his wife and! | lainilv. For ever with Hie Lord. I XlCNlvl^.—in loviiijr meniory of dear> I mother. w!i.i passed away or. 'he 2Stli of: February. 1940. NKXKI-:.—ln !ov7n= mr'moiy of our' dear1 moilier. who passed away on the 29'h of Feb-' ru.iry. 1940. ; Mv mother^ fnre Is ever before me. And her voire I am loncim to hear : —Inserted by Edna. Jue. Mpr:.iret. and Dick.! ' NEXKE.—in K.vins memory or my dear imnther. who na-seo away on the ??li'n! Fcb-I ' ru.i.-v. lfliO. ; ! XKNKE. —In n'^m^i'v o' our dear mnthpr. i i 1040 ' ~ ' ' M.i'raaret. ! N'KS'Kl^.—ln Inline ni^morv nf ni) drar wife. . :w>ir, ])a?-cd sw.:v on 'hr- :'3th of K"-br!iar;.. : ID^n To hr with "* ''i 'he same old way. i ; Would be mv d'Mre-l ttish todnv. 1 —In-e,-teri by l:rr lovin; husband. j ' Vf.NKri.—ln lovmj: memory of mother, who . pas^ec j?aj on Ihe 29th oi FVbniarv. 1940 : Fnr all of" us s:ic"did her brst. "' .'—ln-eneri by Gwen. M:ck. and .Isc',: | NIINKE. —In jov:iis memory oi on: <".ear - mo'iiei and craiidmother. xho n^.'-'-ed P'-^'av ,on 'he ?r>th of Fearuarv. 1950. ; Beauf.fii; mrmnrlrj. —In-Tter! Sv V:. C:a-r;e. .ln.i:. ~:-ri Be.v) : I'l:TTi:|:so\. In :<:v:n;: i>ie:i-..,rv f.r mv >d'-..: -i> :i!id nm'lvr. w!i>- :>ii:s.ti n-r.a: .;n ? :},'? .'SI -,1 P'liriiarv. Xl ;C Erair-.'ul m'-morle'-' of n::<?'"" c'rp.r —ln--r'i<] :u- !.? r !o---:n- hu-band and daiisS ?cr nr,:., Brnllir. . ItOOMV — Iti lovlim merr-.vv r,l out la'.hrr. ]'"3r ' Al.-n Norali rtaiijhTr <H !h" ..'w.v. ?.? iin V>as.-rt ~-jj ?n th" o! Apr... I?3T family.

IN MEMOKIAM i STEVICNS.—In lovms; mfinury o! Trevor.: | wlio'Vfli'a"w'p ~n n',',. 2?'ili oTi.V?j'ru:iiA?!"i93B': i A li'.Ue lir.i-.iiTf. inn jwcim hi m;iv ! Gnd called him licmc lo slum- v-- 'he nay. , SCIIRADKR.—In Invina incmovy ol nnr dfar i !vi-iiruarv. 1935. * " i Ever r<-mfnil)Cr?J. | ] —Ir:Frr:rd by his loviiis Rranccliiidror.. Mavis I ; and Harold. ' ? husband' j.i'id raliior. iho died on ;h^ 28*1 hi lot February. 1D37. ' :—Ever romembcrrd by hi.- ?::<- and sons. ; : TltronnN.—ln ir;v::i!: mrmnrv of our drar1 1 motjirr. -nho passed nxv.iv on Thr 28:h of Feb-, runry. 1936. W iIITI^III'.AO.^—In iOi'l:ic mrniory of moT hrr , I.tiic Charlrv. *!m pass, ri atav on the 2SUi and 2nUi n; FriiMi.-.ry. l!?4n. —Ev<r :. i, bi A!:re and Bib.