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THE COUNCIL - The public will be glad to learn that it u tha intention of H s jSxceJlciicy lmineihitcly to convene the Legislative Council

Í his is not in cwcquencc. of tho npp'iontion of the Ccui eil of tho Loigue, the deputation Irom tint body not hating vet waited upon the I i»u lonont-ttovcruoi Th" Council niw stands prorogued till the ¿5th instant, the session carnot, theiofo'c, eoimicnco b»foie. that rla'o, hit a fresh proclamation, containing ii furthor p orogation and (hen to meet for despatch of hufliio«, will most piobably appear in the next


DsuvkinDS-lames Connor John Barrett

Saiah Jones, and Charles Caipentci wero fined is each jestcrday for diunkenniss.

Shoplifting.—Charles Davis was, yesterday,   committed for trial by the Mayor, for stealing three baby jumpers from the shop of Mr John Stanley Parker in Melbourne.

INSOLVENCY. -In the estate of John David- son, a third meeting will be hold at eleven o'clock, on Monday, and in the estate of Richd.   Ocock, a first meeting will take place on Tues- day at the same hour.

The Esgoht -The Mount Alexander Fscort armed in Town yesterday, and b ought 231)14 ozs 10 dwls of gild lins ia tholaigest amount jet received by Escoit

Gaoss iNorATiTunb-Itirliord Mor«"in, a confidential seivant of Dr TI omis was charged

at tho Police Court yisteidav with lolbing his . masler of a pi n of diaweis Hie evidence was not suffieient to convict, mid the Mnyoi, in dis clmigmg the piisoner, cautioned lum nut to come to that Couit again, or it would be tho

worso foi lum

HiauwAi RoiinPltv. -A man of the name of Summer, was yesterday sent 1er trial on Ihc elu rge ol being one of tinco men who knocked down J hn brown and robbed him ol £1 as ho was leaving the bhip Inn, on the night of tho 29th Api ii The othoi two men bid been pio

nouslv committed

JTi ash Noies -A fe'low named John Wall or was i-haigcd it tho police cou t yestetdav with attempting to pani ada h noto to Mr i'llzgor aid lnndioid of the Hibernian Tavern, ISli/i

beth stieet As, hoivveter, the cheat was dis- covered befóte am goods wero supplied and no va'ue therefore, hid leen given tur tho note, fhe Bench we e compellod to diseluigo the


Tin RC Bisiioi orAniiLAinE-No soontr wrs it known that dilheultios had fallen in the wai of tins eiemphry prelate, than hu friends in Sjdnev, by whom ho hsd bocnsoloag known and respected, rosoli ed lo come forward and aid him in Ins disaster Accordn gly on Sunday evening a meeting wis held in ''t Mnrj's school rotm, and n lubsu qition list opened, and at the clos i of the proceedings it Wi s found tint I ho sum of £101 lud Icon nl icndr subpcuhod -Sydney Chronicle.

lui Hiruri-We aio inloimcd that on

'lliursdnv CaptainFdwinds of tie ship Ciinter hury gavo a sumptuous chnmpngno tprcid on hoar I to a large pilly of ladies and gentlemen innoiu whom Wi.ro »ho vin)or of Melbourne und his lady lheliijht Wo'shiplil on his drpnrtuic was honored with a salute of seven


Hliiiov m Bank -The average stock of bullion held hy the Bank of England in bo h departments during the month ending the 2 th of Novemhui was X15 777,-St , Icing un in crease of £62t),fi28 as eompuicd with tht pre viol» month, and a decrease of £348 121, when compartd with tho lame pemd lu t vinr

Ai Olo Criminal-On Monda), an wquoat ivis held at tho Quel n's Arms Inn on tho body of John O'Nul, then lying deal in Dnrlingliuist Gaol Dr Grunt slatid that tho doccasod ivas under scntcuco ot Ino years' imprisonment

lio ivas shout 78 years of sge., and liud bien an almost con tint inmate of n gaol or penal cstiblishmcnt for the hist ti ii ty teven jonis ~S, M Uti aid

Dieu san Sointrv. -».(ho Soe oli hold its tnonlhlv mot ting list night at the Médianes' Institution lbs Loi dship the B shop of 34* 1 bourne was m tho chair, and the mi eting liv- ing bein openid in tho usual mnnner, ibo A mindil o tho Archthncon dehveicd nu extel lent discourse o*t tho piovidentiiil (pillings'«! .he sproid of Gi «pel tuith lliospoukerms listened to with utlciition and delight bj n ve v niimcious und io peet able alidionci, and lio iiieoting did not bOj nrato till a lato hour

Ali Oid Lu">Aiicr-Many ofthe o'd inhalii

tantsot S\di ey will doubtless ltd intoicsttdii heating of the den'li of eue of the i Iden hiiiHties in the co onv , we alludo ti Man relict of tho lato Mr Hodges who wasonoof tie Tondon Mi-sionniics to tho South Sea lslmiih th t arrivod in the ship Dull Mis li d"ci mut have boen in ooiihiiomunt about tim tv

fcix jeme, and died last woik at tho igo ol eight) -four -Si/dney Jim nmg Hu aid

A DituNKiN Housi -Idin Bovd, ni niisnei te nohaige ol fiuum riding lu ou {ht a.mini Intel «t tho V iheu Court, pleaded th it lui houc v-as ¿pill), and he was not Dis htrse he Mid, was very di mik 1 ho Al ii) or, sum he could i »ililli» drunken hoi si s lite niblin on Hie f t( nth and mllieted a duo ol X10, which the l'étendant, who himsnlt appealed «nvihing hut folir, hamlet! ovoi with tho gicattst noreln nn i, hu p e~ots lung evi

di Hill voy well lined, and left thnLunrtto join hu hi ibo, tim companion of his debiuth

CIVIL SITTINGS. - Jurors and witnrssps arore tnindel IhM th n uttendanco will lo required tin» mo nmg at the Supreme ( oin t 'J In i uses set down 1 ir heal in ' be'o o Sp cud Juno* ol .webe, uro Kell and ano tin r n Potéis, 11 git v linker, Cantwell v Hordern.

, ? Famiing.-Mr Selby lins sold his fine farm, ioi'o lime idvcrlised in' Ihii journsl, to Mr Muirson, aid, wo uti li rs'aid, intend) lo trko up his reddenc-j in Melb'urno. Ile w*s deser- vedly one ol' the most popular men in the di ttricl, and wo lhero<bre hcaitily vyish him every suicets and happiness wherever his lot may le

cast-Belfast Gazelle.

IniirceI'CY-Anewnnival frc-m Adelaide, named James Davis, was charged yesterday w'th conimitting an indecent act in the public utieet. The Mayor romorked it wa' an exf aor dinaiyfact that all the new an ivalsfiom whatever country, seemed to como hero without any no- tion of'decency. Bo would fine the defendant in the lowest penalty of £5, but would shorten the term of imprisonment which w.'.s the alter- native to 24 hours, and ho hoped tha defendant would in future lemember ho was in Polt Phillip, where it was necessary to obsoivo do


Taken ur ok SosricioN.-Three giants, who gave their names as Charles Smith, Jame* Friar, and John Cleaves, were bl ought up before the Mayor yesteiday, changed with sleeping on the wharf on the previous night. As it appealed they had only just arrived by the Melbourne, and took up their beds on the wharf, not knowing where else to goto, the Mayor discharged them, cautioning thom at the same time not to go thero again, as there was plenty of lodging accommodation in the


Tin: CoNcnnT.- The following is the pro-

gramme of this evtning's Concert :

1'AllT x.

Overture- Bohemian Girl.

Song-Standard Bearer, Mr .I'olsli.

Solo-Tuba Basso. Herr Ilunerbelne.

Song-My Fatherland, Madame


Duct vocal.

Quadrille-Mary Diane.


Overture-La Gnzza La.lra.

Song-The heart is a treasure, Madama Allan.

Soncr-The Pilot. Mr Wheeler.

Waltz-Ellin. .>

Ballad-The lads ofllie village, Mr Walsh.

Song-Spring is blooming, Madame

' Allan,

Bullo Song-Skying ii copper, Mr Cooze.

Finnlo-God savo the Queen. r

A Thief Captured. - Yesterday, a man was apprehended near the Bank of New South Wales, under the following circumstances. It appeared that he had just returned from the Diggings with a considerable sum of money, which he had obtained by successfully "fossick- ing" in another main's pocket. The robbed one, not thinking exactly with Iago, that in losing   his purse he lost merely " trash," followed the thief, and was fortunate enough to overtake him in town before he had had time to get rid of his ill acquired wealth. The fellow will be brought up for examination at the City Police Court, this morning.

Invalidity or Ships' Articles -We learn that it is the intention of a few masters of vessels to convino a meeting, fo- the purposo of taking into consideration the difficulty which has mi'en with respect to the supposed invalidity of ships' articles, on the gr. und of the uncertainty in the description of the voyage. Ab it is understood thst the great majority of the ship«' articles in harbour, aro in a similar con iii i >n to those of tho Ncrbudda, and New Liverpool, it is feared that considerable inconvenience and kss will bo sustained by the owners of vessels, unless some energetic measures be immediately adopted to

o untoiact tho-evil. Wo have tn.t hcurd the nature of the resolutions to he brought 1 eforo the nicoling, nor what measures ure contemplated to obviate the (lilli u'ty eomploined of, but there cm be no doubt from the deep intcrrst which is felt in tha matior. that tho meeting if got up with energy, will b.) well attended. Tt is also rumo'ired that the teamen contemplate holding a meeting about the san.e time, for the purp. so we presumo, of adopting measures to protect tl.eir own interests, in tho event of any ex- traordinary steps being taken by the maslers. -Empire. '

Blacks and Chinese -The aborigines havo, again commenced hostilities in lh:s distiict. A spooi.il messenger arrived last night from the Upper Burnett, to report the death of Mr Ado'phns H Trevethan, one ( f the m st cxlen sivi! flockowners in the dislr'ct. It appears that on Monday last tho Micks appe-Tcd upon the stnlion in numhcis, killed two Chinamen, "und dr ive u>iay 170U sheep. Befoio Mr Trevethan was aware of this, they marched on tho head station, g'.m:: 500 Btrong, and with loud vnicos and gesticulation, demanded that Mrs Thoms, n the wife ol'the ovo:seer, should be given up to them. On thisMr Tievethan ran out of his hut, unarmed, to hold a parley. Ho was in the act of picking up some tcbice o ho had given thom,, which tliey throw willi vengeance to the ground wh n ho was «pealed in several places. 'The unfortunate man succeeded in getfing back to h is hut, where ho expired iu about two hours. The blacks then diove away the whole of the rams with the rest of the sheep. The station is tho same as that on which Mr Stn et was killed somo months ago. Only last shearing the blacks bailed up all the shearers, .and took the whole of their blankets, tea, sugar, quait end pint potB, and clothing away, tho mon not being able to resist for want of arms and ¡immutiiti m. Rowbell is not far from the hoad quarters of the Native IVico, but unf"r lunately Lieutnnaut Murray willi his division is out on the Dawson Uiver, almost all to a - man, from tho lieutenant dowuwaids laid up willi fever and ague. Lieut. Matshall is at Idorway with his division, his horrC3 knocked up willi e.'.'ccs'iive duty. The polici caine into Gayndah the oilier duy, with four of Mr S.nde m.ui's Chinamen, iho ringleadeis in n revolt, in which tho Chiuese thephcrds left twenty - eight th^mand thosp in the lim dies, and 11. el the station. Fortunately, Lieut. Marshall bapp. ned to bo in thoneiglibe'u'hood, and he nirosted tho ii. glenders, unit pmuidcil

the others buck to their elutv. Tim four mon. fioncd were brought up at the Police Office on Tu sdiiy, and fully committed to tl.o next B.isbnno assiz s A petition is i.hr.ut to go thu round among the whole of lh.< squitters of iho Burnett I. iUrict-for tliev or-1 all employais of Clárese labour-praying His lixcclloncy'wi 1 appoint a Chinóse int.iiprêter to the brach; the wholo of their uoi ships' attention hoing tnken upeve-ry court day in deciding disputes between tho Celestials anil theil- f-mployer» ¡ and as thay do not yet eiautly under-tai.d tho language, lhe»e (rials aro ncei-Barily one-aided. The h nch, it h stated, have therefore decided upon applying for a paid Chinóse int-rpieter_More Inn Bay Courier, Apdl 17.

Cg}" Wo have been requested by Mess's Bear and Son to draw attention lo their horso Bute, this day, at devon o'clock.

fli?" We havo been lequestod by Mes'is Stubbs and Sju to ead attention to their salon, this day, at eleven o'clock, of 1 utter, chease, oranges, lemons, i evolving and other pistols,

funi.ture, dec.

tfgg*" Wo havo been rrquevtcd hy Mcsm-b Syimin^ und l'erry to draw attention to their eales, this day.

C5>" Wo havo been r>quested by McssrB W. M. Torment and Co to draw uti britain to their pale, this (lav, at their Booms, at elovon o'clock, ol' butler, flour, bran, niU'-catel raisins, piimo Anv-ricnn hams, oilmen's »lons, &.o ; at tv elvo (.'cluck, eighty acres lund u( Carlsrhuo; al. tho Queen's Winn I, lit one o'clock, cargo of

W Melville, fiom Hobart Town.