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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. AINSWORTH (nee Berry): On April 29, at St. John of God Hos pital, Subiaco, to Val and Tom-a son (Gregory John). Both well. ANDERSON: On April 24, 1950, at the Geraldton Maternity Hospital, to Rita and Ted-a daughter (Wendy Laraine). Both well. COOK (nee Ginbey): On April 28, at K.E.M.H. (Intermediate), to Joy and Jim--a daughter (Larraine Joy). Both well. ELLIS (nee Elliott): On April 28, at the Wongan Hills Hospital, to Ethel and Charles-a son (Brian Charles). Both well. HANCOCK: On April 30, at St. John of God Hospital, Bunbury. to MarJ and Roy, Federal Hotel. South Bunbu y--a daughter (Elizabeth MarJory). Both well. H.AYWARD (nee Aitehison): At the Armadale District Hospital, to Mil and Colln--- daughter (Susan Kaye). Both well. HOUSE: On April 26, to Hazel and Stan, of Capel-a daughter. Both well. HUBBARD (nee Mason): At Won san Hills Hospital, April 22, to Lorna and Allan-a son (Norman Alexander). Both well. JONES: On April 27, at Collie Hospital, to Phyllis and Arthur a son (Darryl Frederick). Both well. LOCKYER: On April 27, at Corri- gin, to Nona and Norman-a son (Paul James). McCREERY (nee Bertwistle): On April 29. at Windarra, 274 Williams road. Toorak, Victoria, to Jill, wife of Ian-a daughter (Janet   Carolyn). McMURRAY (nee Stockdlll): On pril 23, at Kondinin District Ros pital, to Beryl, wife of Bob-a son (David Robert). MOON: On April 28, at Harrisdale Hospital, Como, to Dorothy and Ray-a dausgter (Brenda Rae). Both well. PATERSON (nee Bishop): On April 29 at Beaufort Hospital. West Midland. to Bett and Ron-a daughter (Cherril Marie). Both well. ROSS: At Kensington Nursing Home, on April 29. to Merle, wife of John-a son (Neil Henry John). Both well. SEAR (nee McDonald): On April 27. at the KoJonup District Hospl tal. to Audrey and Ken (R.A.N.) *a son. Thanking Dr. Abernethy and staff. STUBBERFIELD: On April 25. at St. Anne's, to Mollie and Eric-a son. TORMEY: On April 29, at K.E.M.H., to Beryl and Chris-a daughter. Both well. TREEN: On April 22, at Parkview Hospital, to Grace and Ray-a son (Kenneth John). Both well. WALMSLEY: At K.E.M.H. (Inter mediate) on Saturday. April 29, to Pat and Bill-a daughter. Both well. PEARL WEDDING. CALLOW: THE SONS and DAUGH TERS of MR. and MRS. JOHN CALLOW, of 243 Gloucester-street, Victoria Park, announce with plea sure the 30th Anniversary of their parents' Wedding, which took place on May 1, 1920, at St. John's Church, Fremantle, the Rev. W. H. Moore officiating. DEATHS. BOGG (George Arthur): Passed away, suddenly, at Derby, April 28. Deeply mourned by wife and famIly. BOGG: In loving memory of dear George, who passed away. April 28. Inserted by his brother Tom, wife and family. BOYCE (Sam): In memory of an old workmate and true pal, killed, 5esult of accident, Anzac Day, 1950. Leo Byrne and family, Carnarvon. late West Midland. CHANDLER (George): On April 24. suddenly at Quatrading, sincere friend of Sharretts. an the midst of life we are in death. Inserted by Dick. Eileen and family (Qualrading). CRONIN: On April 29, at Pre mOantle Hospital, John James .Oakle) Cronln, of 145 High-street. Fremantle, beloved husband of Jessie, loved father of John and Blanche; aged 37 years. RI.P. CRONIN: On April 29, at Pre mantle Hospital, John James (Oakle) Cronin, of 145 High-street, Premantle, loved only son of the late James and Sarah Cronin. loved brother of Felecia, Hazel and Gwen, fond brother-in-law of Dave. Jack and George. Pal of our childhood days. CRONIN: On April 29, at Pre mantle Hospital, John James (Oakle) Cronin, of 145 High-street, Fremantle, loved brother and brother-in-law of Gwen and George Murray, fond uncle of Jimmy and Rest where no shadows faeme. Resting where no shadows fall

DEATHS. Borg, G. A. Millane, J. 8. Boyce, S. Myles. W. S. Chandler, G. Paterson, B. Cronin, J. J. Petitt. E. Eatwell, H. V. Robinson, T. Growden, A. E. Eoss. D. K. Hamilton, T.G. Smith. T. Harris, A E. Smith, J. E. Hart, E. E. Stephens, B. Hitgins, . F. Stephenson, D. Hough,. J. J. Stone. B. N. Johnson. H. E. Veltch. J. T. LaceY. M. J. Williamson, E. Luelch, P. Zallo Silvestri, M. Lynch. W. P. CRONIN: On April 29, at Fre mantle Hospital, John James (Oakie) Cronin, of 145 High-street, Fremantle, loved son-in-law of Robert and Euphemie Friday, of 1 Burt-street, Cottesloe, fond brother in-law of Bob, Rita. Les, Alec, Ken, Phil. Mavis and Betty. A patient sufferer at rest. EATWELL: On April 23, at Fre mantle Hospital, Horace Victor (Harry), beloved husband of Ethel May, father of Gwen, father-in law of Fred, grandfather of Aileen, Claude, Raymond and Freddy. We will always remember you, dear dad. GROWDEN (Albert E., of Nan geenan): At Tresillian Hospital. April 28, brother of Frederick and William, after several months' severe illness. Sadly missed. GEOWDEN: A tribute to the mem ory of a highly esteemed friend. A. E. (Bert) Growden, who passed away April 28. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Lang field and family. HAMILTON: At Perth, on April 27, 1950, Thomas George, beloved son-in-law of the late Mrs. B. Lyons, and brother-in-law of Mar garet Lyons, of Mt. Lawley. Requiescat in pace. HAMILTON: On April 27, 1950. Thomas George, beloved brother-in law of Martin and Winifred Welby and uncle of Phyllis. HARRIS (Arthur Edward): On April 28, as the result of an accid ent, Arthur, dearly loved nephew of Aunty Gertie. Uncle Frank and Aunty Martha. of Northwood-street, West Leederville. Badly missed. HARRIS (Arthur Edward): On April 28, suddenly, Arthur. loving cousin of Phyllis, Ben, Graeme, Ray and Glenys. Fond memories. HARRIS, Arthur (Blue): On April 28, as result of accident, loving son-in-law of Daisy and Arthur Gilbride, of 54 Nelson-crescent, Perth. HARRIS (Arthur Edward): Ac cidentally killed at Rivervale, April 28. Fond friend of Joan, Thelma and Roy. HART: On April 29, 1950, Emma Elizabeth. widow of the late John Hart. loving mother of Beatrice (Mrs. B. Mason, Mt. Lawley), Eliza beth (Mrs. Adcock, London), Maude (Mrs. Anthony. Victoria Park), John (deceased), Ernest (deceased), loving grandma of eight grandchild ren, and great-grandmother of six great-grandchildren; aged 82 years. To be Privately interred in the Karrakatta Cemetery this (Mon day) afternoon. Arthur J. Purs lowe and Co. The long day closes. HIGGINB, J. P. (Frank): On April 29. at Repatriation General Hos pital. Hollywood, beloved husband of Pearl. devoted father of Roma (Mrs. Triat). Shirley (Mrs. Black), Molly. Margaret and Frances; aged 48 years. At the coming of the dawn and the sinking of the sun, we will re member him. Requiescat in pace. HIGGINS, J. P. (FPrank): On April 29. at Repatriation General Hos pital. dear father of Shirley (Mrs. Black), and fond father-in-law of Arthur. No more we'll see your smile. Gooanitght, dad, HIGGINS, J. F. (Frank): On April 29, at Repatriation General Hospi tal, dear father of Roma (Mrs. Triat), fond father-in-law of Dave and granddad of baby David. With your farewells left unspoken you quietly passed away. HIGGINS John Francis): On April 29 at Hollywood Hospital. loving eldest son of Loveday, 31 Ansac road, Leederville. R.I.P. HIGGINS (Frank): On April 29, at Hollywood Hospital, loved brother of Jim and Rose, fond uncle of Kenneth and Marlene. R.I.P. HIGGINS (Prank): On April 29, at Hollywood Hospital, loved brother of Eugene and Madeleine, fond uncle of Jeanette. Maureen and Yvonne. R.I.P.

DEATHS. HIGGINS. J. P. (Prank): On April 29. at Repatriation General Hospi tal, dearly beloved son-in-law of Alice and the late Peter Wishart. Some day, Frank, we'll understand. HIGGINS (John Francis): Re spected brother-in-law of Tom and Glad Wishart. uncle of Roddy and Judy. A patient sufferer at rest. HIGGINS (Frank): On April 29. at Repatriation General Hospital, Hollywood, beloved uncle of Jean, Frank and baby Eddie Metherall. Rest in peace. HOUGH (J. 0.): On April 23. at St. John of God Hospital, Bun bury. loving father of Keith and fond father-in-law of Bertha. A grand old man. JOHNSON: On April 28, at Perth. Harold Edwin Johnson, of 710 Beau fort-street, Mt. Lawley. dearly be loved husband of Mamie and loving father of Jacqueline. Always remembered. JOHNSON: On April 28, at Perth Harold Edwin, loving eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Johnson, of Mt. Lawley, fond brother of Lorna (Mrs. Davenport) and Kenneth. brother-in-law of Thelma and Frank, loving uncle of John and Graeme. Deeply mourned. JOHNSON (Harold Edwin): On April 28. at Perth, dearly loved son-in-law of Mrs. J. Gilbert, of 710 Beaufort-street, Mt. Lawley. brother-in-law of Horace. Rest in peace. JOHNSON: On April 28, at Perth. Harold Johnson, late of Johnson's Newsagency. Mt. Lawley, brother in-law of Alice and Viv. loving uncle of Neville and Keith, Mar garet 4nd Alf Innes, great-uncle of Robert and Malcolm. Ever ready to 4help others. LACEY: On April 28, at Hollywood Hospital. Martin James. loved father of Archie, father-in-law of Doris. loved grandfather of Susan and Oraeme. At rest. LACEY: On April 28. at Repatria tion General Hospital, Hollywood, Martin James, dearly loved father of Jim, father-in-law of Irene and granddad of Betty, Thelma and Rosemary. For ever in our memory. LACEY (Martin James): On April 28. at Repatriation General Hos pital, Hollywood, dearly loved father of Ethel. father-in-law of Aub, loved grandfather of Norma. At rest. LACEY (Martin James): On April 28, beloved brother of Margaret ,deceased), Mary (deceased), Delia (deceased), Kate, Nell (deceased), Prank (deceased). Annie, Dora, Evelyn. Joyce. R.I.P. LUCICH: On April 29, 1950, at his late residence, Clifton-street. Kelm scott, Peter, dearly loved husband of Christina, loving father of Ste phen, George and Charles, fond father-in-law of Connie. beloved grandfather of Phillips, Janet, Ed mond and Peter:; aged 68 years. Rest, after a long suffering. LUCICH: On April 29. 1950. at Kelmscott, Peter, a lifelong friend of NichOlas and Lily Velas. God's greatest gift, remembrance. LYNCH (William Patrick): On April 28, at Midland Junction, late of Talbot-road, Swan View, beloved husband of Catherine, and loving father of Shella (Mrs. A. Davies). Burnice (Mrs. B. Bennett), Pat (Mrs. H. Kerr), John, Joe and Keith. Martin (deceased), William (deceased), Thomas (deceased), Faith (deceased), father-in-law of Allen, Bill and Harry, grandfather of Bill, Darrell, Dianne and Cath erine; aged 68 years. LYNCH (W.): In ever-loving mem ory of our dear friend. Deepest sympathy to Mrs. Lynch and family. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Wilma. MILLANE: On April 29, 1950, at Subiaco, John Samuel Millane, de voted father of Freda, John, Phyllis, Mavis, Patrick, Kathleen, Vincent and Doris; aged '12 years. R.LP. MILLANE (John Samuel): Loved father and father-in-law of John and Kathleen, of 6 Harrow-street, Mt. Hawthorn, fond grandfather of John. Garry. Errol and Janette. Sadly missed. MYLES (W. S.): Passed away. at Moors, April 27. In memory of a faithful doctor and sincere friend. Fred Shepherd (Narrosin). MYLES (W. 8.): Passed away April 27. 1950. In fond memory of a very sincere friend. Inserted by Trudie and Jack Mailer and family. PATERSON: In loving memory of our friend, Betty. Inserted by Doss and Max Smith, Val and Ray. PETITT: On April 30, 1950, at 419 Newcastle-street, West Perth, Elias beth, widow of the late Henry Petitt, and devoted mother of Edward (deceased), James, Maude, Eva, Adeline, Mary. Nellie, Dave (deceased) and Daphne, grand mother of 43 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren; in her 90th year.

DEATHS. PETITT: On April 30. 1950. at 419 Newcastle-street. Elizabeth, darling mother of Daphne and Jack Miles. loved grandmother of Joyce and Frank (Page). Allan. Colin. Gloria and Bill (Thomas). Ron, Valma, Malcolm, Glenis; great-grandma of Jants Page: aged 89 years. Peacefully sleeping. PETITT: On April 30, Elizabeth. loving mother of Maude and Harry. devoted gran of Gladys. Claude, Keith and Walter. Sweet rest, dear mother. PETITT: On April 30, at West Perth, Elizabeth. darling gran and great-gran of Theo. Evelyn and Brian Dow. PETITT: Passed peacefully away April 30. our dearest nanna and great-nanna. Resting where no shadows fall. From Dorrie, Les and Dents. PETITT: On April 30, at 419 New castle-street. Elizarbeth, beloved gran of Ruby', great-grandma of Alleen, Kevin and Neil; in her 90th year. PETITT: Passed away April 30, at 419 lewcastle-street, loved nanna of Ray (deceased) and Agnes. great nanna of Ray. Fondly remembered by Wattle. PETITT: On April 30. our dearest nanna, after much suffering borne with great patience and fortitude, passed to be with Christ. And God shall wipe away all tears from her eyes, and there shall be no more sorrow, sadness and From Sadie and Prank Pelton. ROBINSON: On April 28, 1950. sud denly, at Fremantle, Thomas Robin son, of 74 Hampton-road. Beacons field, and late of 130 George-street, East Fremantle, husband of the late Dorothy Robinson, and loving father of Vern and Joan. fond father-in-law of Norms; aged 63 years. ROSS (D. K.): Passed away, sud denly, April 27, dearly loved baby nephew of Nancy and George, cousin of Michelle. Peacefully sleeping. SMITH (Tom): On April 27, at Royal Perth Hospital, loving father and father-in-law of Phyllis and Jack, of Rabaul, and loved grand dad of Niel and Merle. SMITH (Tom): On April 27. at Royal Perth Hospital, dearly loved brother-in-law of Dora Randall, uncle of Eddie, Alma and little Nadia. SMITH (Tom): A tribute to the memory of a very old friend. Deepest sympathy to sorrowing wife Ella. From Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin. Rene. Peg and Eric. SMITH (J. E.): On April 18. at Pinlarra. In sad memory of a very sincere friend. Inserted by Mary and Arthur Wilbury, of Collie. STEPHENS (Richard): On April 28. at Royal Perth Hospital, dearly loved dad of Max and Doreen, of 64 State-street, Victoria Park. At rest. STEPHENS (Richard)' On April 28, at Perth, loving step-father of Ailsa and Jim Batten, of Panmure, Victoria. STEPHENS (Richard): On April 28. at Perth, fond brother-in-law of Bill and Beat. McKinlay and uncle of Shirley and Joe Thomp son. STEPHENS (R.): Passed away. suddenly, April 28. at Royal Perth Hospital. R.I.P. Always remembered by Betty McGann. STEPHENSON: In loving memory of Doll, who passed away April 21. 1950, dear lifelong friend of Esther Taylor, Earnest and Florence. Peacefully sleeping. STONE (Schwarse): Suddenly. on April 30, 1950, at Bethesda Hospital, Claremont, Robert Noel Stone, of 88 Railway-street, Cot tesloe, loved husband of Eileen, loved dad of Brian and Trevor; aged 46 years. 8rONE (8chwarse): Buddenly, on Aprl 30. 1950, at Bethesda Ros pital, Claremont, Robert Noel Stone, of 88 Railway-street, Cot tesloe, loved only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bchwarse, of 41 Ninth avenue, Maylands. Will be sadly missed. VEITCH: On April 28, 1950, passed peacefully away at Mt. Lawley, John Tennant, beloved husband of Louie Veitch, of 23 Woodroyd-street. Mt. Lawley, loving father of Jack (de- ceased), Ella and Nellie; in his 90th year. To be Privately cremated at Karrakatta; today (Monday). VEITCH (John Tennant): Much- loved father and father-in-law of Ella and Charles Spencer, and brother of Nellie Veitch (Neutral Bay, Sydney). VEITCH (John Tennant): On April 28, at Mt. Lawley, loved father and father-in-law of Nell and Phil Stanley and loved grandpa of John, Philip. Robert and Gordon Stan- ley. VEITCH (John Tennant): A tribute to the memory of our loving Uncle John, who passed away at Mt. Lawley on April 28. To know him was to love him. Till and Dick Gard. VEITCH (John Tennant): In mem- ory of my brother-in-law, John, who passed away at Mt. Lawley on April 28. A lovable friend indeed. Mrs. A. Casson. WILLIAMSON: On April 15, at Melbourne, Em (Buff), loved brother of the late Bill, brother in-law of Nell, fond uncle of Tom, Ciss, Kit and Jack. ZULLO SILVESTBI: At Franca villa Dt Siclia, Italy, on April 12, peacefully passed away, Mar gherlta, loving mother of Angela (Mrs. Silvestrl, of 42 Fitzgerald. street, Perth), GraIts (Mrs. Conti, U.S.A.), Carmela, Maria (Mrs. Pug lisi), Glusepplna (Mrs. Russo), Gaetano (deceased), mother-in-law of Mr. Paul Silvestri (Perth), C. Conti (U.S.A.). G. Russo, S. Pug list (deceased, Italy), grandmother of Angelina (Mrs. FParanda), Cae tana Slvestri. Margherita (de ceased), great-grandmother of Marsherita Balvatore. Paul Far anda; aged 84 years. Resting in peace.