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Views above and below from the Blue Pacific Motel at Bingil   Bay, looking across to North and South Barnard Islands along King Reef. The Holts' cottage, not shown, is to the north of the motel overlooking the bay. These pictures were supplied by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Watson, who run the motel, the only one in the area. There are quite a few private holiday homes at Bingil Bay and the permanent population is about 50.

For Mr. and Mrs. Harold Holt,

there is a haven of peace



Mr. and Mrs. Holt, both spearfishing enthusiasm, usually   spend hours in the water when they are at their beach home in Portsea, Vic, or at their cottage at Bingil Bay, Nth. Qld.

TWO thousand miles from Canberra, far removed from the

arduous work of an election campaign, a four-roomed cottage,   surrounded by lush tropical jungle, stands in readiness for the   time when Mr. and Mrs. Harold Holt can get away from it all.

To Mr. Holt, now facing his first Federal election as Australia's Prime Minister, the holiday cottage at Bingil Bay, near

Innisfail, in North Queensland, must seem like a dream.

Bingil Bay, with its population of about 50 permanent resi- dents, its natural tropical setting, its quiet serenity, is the perfect


Away from the cares of his office, Mr. Holt and his wife Zara, can go spearfishing in the waters of the bay below the front door, gather oysters from the nearby rocks, or stroll along

the beach collecting shells.

Their cottage (they call it "The Shack") sits high on a hill- top, with breathtaking views of the coastline, along King Reef, as

far as Dunk Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

. Above: Aerial view of Bingil Bay, North Queensland, situated in the heart of the tropic coast, a two-hour drive from Cairns, 30 minutes from Innisfail, and two hours from Atherton Tableland. There are shaded picnic spots, fresh- water creeks, and excellent fishing grounds in the area.

. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Holt's attractive holiday house (below) at Bingil Bay. At their back door is dense tropical jungle; from the front of the house are superb views of the coastline, extend- ing to the islands along King Reef and as far as Dunk Island (a 20-minute launch trip from Bingil Bay), on the Barrier Reef.