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NEW Township. _ A site for a township, to be called Corinella, has been fixed upon at Cori- nella, Settlement Point, Western Port Bay.

Buningong - Mr John Green has been apointed Clerk of Petty Sessions at Buninyong

GEELONG CIRCUIT COURT The Supreme Court will sit in its Criminal Jurisdiction at Geelong on Monday next. The calendar is said

to be a light one.    

THE CITY COUNCIL - This body met yesterday, but we are compelled to postpone till to-mor- row the report of their proceedings.


of the above pamphlet of the above pamphlet has reached us. Mr A'Beckett appears to have paid some attention to the all absorbing topic; but we doubt whether his little tract throws any very avail- able light upon the subject.

'^^'XÄÄrt was 3841 oz.'*

mc(lert|,e t»«T"T t, Tul.0I)i 3205 oz. 6 M. S sr»-. "%> ,r, g dwta. ; Bathurst, 501 oz.

,'! _We leam from /,« AfeiiW««. tíiattíiP

, " "ir i'es were still pursuing their career J;VM' ?inarobbery, notwithstanding the 0 -i1-» e Sa Junks from Padong.

i,Ä them the crews murdered, and the

tflCkl « ed Al Singapore and Sirangong S Co" ore committing frightful ravages. «&!&!«?*« «i""-W««,no ess lum St lind »»en destroyed by these jKïitatl in the space of two n.onths.-S.


CAPE or Goon HorE.-We have received TnW fil»s of Capo Town and Graham's Town

A lo ho 8thPof July. , Tim few August

iXreceived by the R» al. of Sarawak, vvero JXier t i« news from the frontier. By. the huit

roi tie.'post, intelligence had been rece.ved.of a everofi-'btbeUeen General Somerset's division Jo rebels. The loss of life on both sides Ti creal. The 74th Highlanders, who lind just arrived, and whoso gallantry is mentioned in he highest terms, lost three killed, and ten or Ä The whole of the Hottentot Wul»tian of Graham's Town bad been disarmed We accounts on the wholo are ot the most gloomy and nnsatisfftctory character. -,S. ill.

STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH ENGLAND VIA THI: ¿Apr.-Extract from a Letter dated Lon- jea, 17th June, received per Resoluto :-" A pétition signed by many houses in the Austrii iian trade will bo presented to tho House of Commons to-day or to-monow, praying they tunk! catino the recommendation ol the Com- mittee to le curied into effect-namely, lo establish a line of screw steamers via the Cape. We aro using every exertion to urge the matter (?""rani. We hear a counter, petition will bo ' "ureseiitoil in favour of tho Indian route, but not

h,- ivay of Tori cs Straits. The Directors of tho Screw' Steamship Company aro deliberating about their sending their new ship, the Hut bin cer, ol 900 lons, on to Sydney. She vvih bo ready for sen ¡by the niiddlo of August. The Company have now or. the stocks, t(iree ships of KOO tons each, one of which will bo ready by the «ni of tho year, the other two in nix months afterwuiels.-¿>/c/;iey Morning Herald

? ISCUESTS- An inquest was held yesterday, nt Iho Urilamiin Hotel, m Swanston-bfreet, on the body of Darius M'Cratli, the unfortunate man nhô irai tilled the preceding day, by being run over by a loaded dray in Little Rourke itreet A leniict of accidental death was ro tum'"d. An inquest was also held on tin body of William Kelly, who died in the hospital from the effects of a self-inflicted wound in the thront. The verdict of the jiny was, Hint the said William Kelly, whilst in a state of delirium tremens, the lesnll of picvious intompernnce, did, by Benns of «.certain razor, inflict n severe wound in l|is tkroit, of which injury, after lingering ten ¿JJ«,, ho expired.

Ins Sum POUND T UMV -In our vC3terdnvs issue ne mentioned that the repoit oi n lump of Rold 711J vuiLht having been i coen ed at the Union Rani was men reel Iho truth of the matter is, that a speuioeii and a most beauti- ful one, was bronjit from Ballarat by a Mi Voollocl It weighed five pounds nvondupois and consisted of qmu fz mixed with nuggets of gold,of windi thoo must hnvo been ahout 60 pei cent Hie sample is the most splen- did one lint lus been ptocuicd from Ballarat, and n is exhibited ytsteiday to tho gi 70 of od- in rra"' lui (beds "A lepoit was also rife vester 4A), Hint a lump of forty eight pounds «eight had armed in tenn, but ne hear that the nt nour originated in a joke.

Hoi oOR -T vo pal ties arrived in town ves tenhy, from the Bdlniat diggings, named Yeo man and Hams, who state tinton camping out for tim nylit, a dav's journée, from tho diggings, tliev fbun 1 Ino men w iib then throats cut, having teen nppircntiv concenlod foi somo days We lute been informed Hint the parties mo men of lemah nut' as flu cncubition of such a icport cooli! not triiltlliciii, theio may bo «onie iiuth in tin» statement, though no olncial notice ot the »arno lins been rereivetl in town -Geelong Ad ttrttser [In r.lcronce fo iho above ruthei »hrliing »nnonticemnir, oin Geelong Cotre .pondciit snva- It is staled thal Ino mer,, mimed leeman aid Harris, found two dead bodies on the rood to Buumyont;, each with Ins tin out cat I spent about tinea bonis this morning, ImnliDc lor information, and um glad to inform von that so fal from Yeomnn haniig seen such a thing, bo lins absolnteh timinie)Bil ink when lie Baw the remniks in tbo paper, and dedans that he knows »olbin.» vvlmtevei of nn> such Oicnrrenec Irom what I l> vo heard dom «tier sources, I um also inclined to tbiiik it one moro of the many unfounded icports nt which «li «ppeat enget at picsent to catch j

A COUNTDVMAN iv MianouRSE- An old rus-

tic nimcel Julm Hazell appcand on Monday before Mr Smith to prelira chaige ofiobbciy

«¡mista female who cillod hnrstlf Ann Huit Ihcprospcutoi stntid that lie bud only receuth come lo Melbourne, and on Mondav last, having drink seveial glasses of alo and spults in the course of a lambie thiouglt tho town, -.vas acco ted by the prisoner, who asked lum to ti eat her Hie pan accoidiit"!y adjourned toa home in Bjuike street, and the old fellow sont loi some binudi, nindi thoy discussed together, illili» 011 a sola the wlnlo Bj and hie, ho fall tiro gul» hand m his pocket, and uocoidin"lv

mu I her by tho wrist-at this timo sho bid

m lier han I nu o¡ 1 s tiiii-skin purse, belong-

ing to hu», «Inch when he entcicd the houso caiuunul a £5 noto mid two £1 notes Ho optied the purse, and found that his money lind ' Ukin tit to itsoll mugs' and flown anny, and to inmiilmteli necised his inn companion oi

riavity robbed lum Sho, oi com se, indignantly de iLd tho clmigo, mid tiltiuiutely rushed out ol Ino homo and pimped into a cab, which drove off wililier Ibu prosecntoi lolloned the vehicle, «claiming tint ho nou'd "stick to tho pus «IIRPI" ami the dnvei nt last slopped and desired hu feir to uli,!it She did so, und pro Kcutor nyilil charged her 111th the robbery An a (creation thon ensuiil he tween them, wine ii MS cut short by the anivnlolMi Chief Con

Jt»ble Blnonifirld, who took Iho girl to the station 'ouse, where 011 being soarehul twelve shillings uni mp mo were lound on lui person Mr Mai Stephen amieueel Lr the pn-onor, and ero s the piowcutoi, with tlio vien of proving that the girl nevei sun ivpmsoiu his ¡Kissenson, and Hut lie was also IOJ chunk to Iwi* much about the matter I ho old mau, wncyir, adhered voiy doselv to his statement, «Killiepiisoiitfi, nho nept bitterly, wus eom "Uel tu Uko her tua!