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The long sought treasure is at length found ! Victoria is a gold country, and from Geelong goes forth the first glad tidings of the discovery. Mr. Esmonds arrived in Geelong on Saturday with some beautiful specimens of gold, in quartz, and gold-dust in a "debris" of the same species of rock. The specimens have been subjected to the most rigid test by Mr. Patterson, in the presence of other competent parties, and he pronounced them to be beyond any possibility of doubt pure gold. We have in our possession one piece of quartz, in which the precious metal is distinctly visible to the eye, shining delightfully. A piece of gold was cut off, and examined in our presence by Mr. Patterson, who by simple pressure crushed out the gold, and spread it into a flake, at least six times its original size. Several other pieces of quartz were shown at the same time, on the fractures of which were many particles of gold visible to the eye, and which came out in great richness and quantity, under microscopical in- spection. The specimens shown are sufficient to satisfy the most sceptical, whilst the respect- ability of the discoverer, Mr Esmonds, is a guarantee against the practice of any "sham." The " quartz" has a porphyry-looking appear- ance, and is of a flesh color, and here and there amongst it is interspersed large quantities of sulphuret of iron. We have seen three rich specimens, and there are several other pieces in town. We have been backward in publishing " rumours" of mineralogical discoveries ยก but satisfied now with the indubitable testimony before us, we announce that the existonce of a Gold Field in the Pyrenees is a Great Fact fraught with the greatest importance, and a preface to a glorious run of prosperity to Victoria, and the Western District in particular - Geelong


In reference to this matter, our Goolong correspondent says :

Gold again ! ! A Mr. Edmonds came into Geelong on Saturday last with several pieces of quartz and some gold-dust, from the neighbour- hood of the Pyrenees. I have seen the speci- mens, and the metal shows distinctly to the naked eye, embedded in the quartz, in small particles, varying from dust size to the size of a small pin's head. I have also seen some of the gentlemen who tested it, and there is not the slightest doubt of its being the "real thing." The only grounds for doubt are, whether it was really found at the Pyrenees, or whether it found its way from Bathurst or California ; and to meet this I may observe, that Mr. Edmonds is a respectable man, and well known to several very respectable people in Geelong, who vouch for his statements being correct. The quartz is mostly of a pink or pule pink hue, and is in several places thickly encrusted with the sul- phurer of iron.  

This will, at least, be a strong inducement for parties to wait for Dr. Bruhn's return before proceeding to the Sydney mines.