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Workmen's Compensation Cases

Compensation under the Workmen's Compensation Act was dealt with by Acting Judge Haslam in the Adelaide Local Court yesterday in the following

: cases:— An order was made that an agree ment between Nellie Lunn, carton maker, of Magill road, Magill. and J. H. Sherring & Co., Limited, of Leigh street, city, should be recorded. It pro-   vided for the payment to Miss Lunn of £15 1/6, in addition to £37 8/6 already paid, for the loss of the first joint of the index finger of the left hand, which had resulted from an injury in the course of her employment by the com- pany.   Mr. Harry Alderman (for the com- pany) said that the clerk of the court   had refused to record the agreement. He had apparently been under a mis-   apprehension that Miss Lunn was   entitled to £70. The sum of £600, less £20 10/ already   received, was ordered to be paid to   Blanche Eliza Reid, of Rosemont   street. Norwood, pursuant to an agree-   ment between her and Robinson & Co.,   boot and shoe merchants, of Parade,   Norwood. The agreement followed the   death of her husband, Alfred Ernest   Reid, who died as a result of injuries   received during his employment.   Mr. A. S. Blackburn appeared for Mrs. Reid.   Compensation amounting to £450,   less £5 already paid, to Elizabeth Couch,   of George street, Norwood, in respect of   the death of her husband, William John Roy Couch, an employe of the Fire Brigades Board, was apportioned as fol-   lows—£44s to be paid to the Public Trustee, of which £245 was to be in- vested for the widow, so that she should receive £1 a week, and £200 to be invested for the three children, and   10' a week for each child paid to Mrs.   Couch for its maintenance, Mr S. H. Skipper appeared for the Fire Brigades Board. For injuries received in the course of his employment with Pope Products, Limited, of Charles road, Beverley, by agreement, an order for the payment to Walter William Trapnell, of Exmouth street. Exeter, of £101 6/6, in addition to £3 13/6 already paid, was made. This sum was directed to go to the Public Trustee for the payment of £5 for cloth- ing for Trapnell and the investment of the balance until he attained 21 years. Mr A. A. House represented the Public Trustee in the last three cases.