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    George Morphett in memoriam

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Family Notices

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Births, Marriages And Deaths Notices

IN MEMORIAM   AM.EX.—In loving memory ol o'jr_ dear: morbor. who passed awav on the s'li Novcni- , ber. i929. ! —Inserted by her lovms daughter. Noll: son ajid daushlrr-in-lsw. L*-n and Ann. ASGIS--In lovliie mfmon- of mi ri.irlmp mother who passed away oo Llie s:h Novem ber. 1933. "As lone a- life and memory la"!. We ?.U always remember." and son-in-law. Chris and "graiirichildrcu. AN'CIS mee Ritchlei. -In lovins memorv ol our dear moliler and grandma. Francis^ who pass.-d acar on the s:!i November. 1933. ?You can only have one tnoThci. So patient, kind and true: No olher fri.-nd in al! the worid. Will be so 'rue to you.' '— I-15-rted bv her lovins son Clip Me. ana dauffhier-io-lau. Winnie: erandcuildren. E.H? end l AVOI'S. —In lovmz memory ol my d^ar i mother who pts-s;'d away on ihe s'h November. ' 1933 Sad and sudden was the par'inn. Hard and cruel vis the blour; Hot: sadly I hnve rai^spa you. ; —Insen?d by hor .ovine caush:er. Julia, son ? m-law. VVally. and grand-daus:ltrr. Sn;r:ey. ANGI*S--In loving mcninrv of my dear i father. ?iio passed av.ay on the 3rd October. J933: and sl.-o mv dejr nsorhrr. aho pas?cd a?ay on the Sth Nivcmbrr. 1933 I Two of ?he best in everv w.iy i Loved pnd misled m*ire every (ijy. . —Inserted by her loving daughter and snn-in | law. Rose and Tom 1 moiher. who pa.-sed away on the sth Novem- I ber. What would I tfire your hand -o hold. ' Vour dear swert face to sec ' And be together onee ag<i:ii. Just as we used to be. . —Inserted by her '.ovins danaMer, Martha, and I grandchildren Edna and A!by. i ADAMS.—In lovirs memory of mv dear sister. Isobel. who died on the sth November Memory is a qoldcn rhaln That iinfcs until w meet a?a:n —Inse-ted by her lovinc sister. Fin.

BARNES.—A tribute of love to the memory . of our dear bro:.her Herb., also mother, vrho Da'-sod a?jv on the Sth November. 1922. and 4;li October 1925 i —TrseHFd by Bi'.l and Lil. I BEDSON.-In lovin? memory of our dear : hud: and and father. George Bed^n. who passed away on Ibe s!h November. 1925 —Ever remembered by liis wife and family. j ROTH —In fond remembrance of dear dad. i who died at rrerling on the slh November. : 1933. I Pond memories cling. | —Inserted by Gen. Ern. Pattie and Lance. ! BKOWX.-Iu loving memory of my dear ! father, who passed away on SIH November. I 1933. ? | Tirtie passes on but s^wpet memories stsy; I Loved and rememberrd the same every day. i —Inserted by hi* loving son Bill, daughter- | in-ltw Kitty and grandchildren Betty and i Billy ? BROWN.—In loving memory of my dear hus- | band and father. who passed away on the Sth November. 1933. Upripht a;:d hone.o in aj! hi* Jrays. ! Loving and kind io the end of his days. ' —SaiTy missed by hi* loving wile and family. COWLAMt.—In fad tut 10. inf l-iemory of our dear husband and father, who passed away m the Sill November. J935. Rest on in peace. Where no shadows fall t Not cares disturb your sierp. --Ever remembered by his loving wife ana ' fami.y. j IK OI,EV. —!n loving memory of our dear j moihei Kliii passed away on the sth Novtm- j bei. 1928. As day.-, pass on and years ro:i by. Mne-rie," May' and Will. FISS.—In loving memory of our desi ? on the sth November. 1934. i children. : HAMMOND—In loving memory of our dear i mother and grandmother, who passed away on the sth November. 1934. "You can only have one mother. j So patient, kind and true." ] —Inserted by her loving son. Carrie, and fieri daushter-in-iaw. Daisy, and fami:y. i HAMMOND —In loving memory of dear ! wife and mother, who passed away on the God has 'you in His keeping. We have you in our thoushts. --Inserted bv her loving husband, also Iris. : Frrd. and Glsd. j HAMMOND—In lovini memory ol our flear: mother, died on the Sth Novrmbrr. Jfl3l — j Ever remembered by Doi:. Roy. Max and Brenda Tempier, Two Wt;>. HAMMOND.—In fond memory of dear mother, who Dassea away on the sth Navem tcr. 1934. ?A loved one in glory, looking this lay." —Inserted by her lovme daughter and son in-law, Elsie. Harn'. ?nd John. 1 ?ANES —In loving memory of my dear brother. Colin, who passed away on the 4th November. 1928. Hearts that loved him never forget. —Inserted by his loving sfeter, Reta Simcocts. Victoria. LIDDIARD. —In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away Ade laide, on the 5th November, 1926. —Always remembered by his loving wife and daughter, Eva. MORPHETT. —In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away on 5th November, 1934.   —Ever remembered by his wife, daughter and son, Ada and John. NATION. —In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on the 5th Novem   ber, 1927. If I had the world to give I'd give it yes, and more, To see my darling mother, Come smiling through the door. NATION. —In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed awav on The sth Novem ber, 1927. Ever rrmembrrrfi. —Inserted by her loving dau=:;;er Alire. brother Jack, who passed away on the sth November. 15?5. Remrmbered a'.wavs.—ln serted by his lovins brother. CUrrir. sister. NOBLE. —In loving memory of brother Jack, passed away on Sth November. 1935. We do not know the trouble he bore. We did not see him cie; We onlr know he aassed awav And could not say goodbye. —Inserted by Bill. Dol:. and fajni'.y. NOBLE. —In loving memory of our dear brother. Jack, who died at Eudunda on the sth November. Deep in our hearts i? a memory Of one we shall never torget. —Inserted by his loving sisters, Ethel. Bet, Vi and families. PAG£ <nee Holmes*. —In loving memory ol ;my dear sisT^;r, O^ive. who prised away on the sth November. 1933. ! "Aiu-.ns m our thoughts." j —Inserted by her .-ister, Edith Macdonald. ! FAtiE.—A 'ribiiTi? ol Jo\e tc the m; mory ol on the S;h' November. 1923. In * lie p^vd ? h ol nifttiory we nipr* r\ cry day. -InseriG i?v Her liij>b^nd. Dou-Ijs and Gvien.

PAW.-- -In loving memory cf our deir fftiher. wl,n pa-srd away on iae sth Novem ber. 1335. —In-irted by hi* lovins d'auehter. Dorothy. son-in-law. Huuiiic. aiic Brny. BtoatJLV.- In lovina memorv of mother, who pj.!-;-cti awii\ uj tiie sln K;ivcniocT. lu3o U)ve gives and [iivi* .i:ici Elvc:- ti.l l;le Is gjne. And men throughout e;e:r.i:y sivr- fin and on. - -Ever rrmcmteri'd b\ h^r children. RIDGLbV.—In :ovjns memory n! our dear niol^cr aijd grandnia. i\"ho pa.-P€d away on -.he s;h Novrmbcr. 1935. Ever remembcrrd. —Jnserled by her loving d^u^nter and son-m -;??. Agues and Howard, and grandchildren. BfDCLEV- In :oving mpniory of deai moUicr and srandma. v^bo dipd on the sth November. 1935. Sadly m;ssfd. —Inserted by her iov;ng daughter and grand children. Clench. ISIIAND.—In lovins memorv of our Heat husband and faihcr. who passed away at Semaphore, on ihc sth November. 1934. Just a Inv:ni! memorv As it dawn.- another year. —Inscri**d bs' hit loving wife and children. ! SHEPHABD.—In lovinc memorv of our deal ! Marjone. who pa.->ed a?ay on the slh Novem oer. 1930. ?A little token, true and tender. Just to shout- we still remember." I—lnserted by her loving mother, faiher. sl£ , i?rs and brothers. j THOMAS. In lovinc memory nf our dan:ne 'daughter, and sister. May. who pas.^d swav al K<-ni Town on the sth November. li)I6. A!;ec e''erv d;ty.' In^rr'ed b"' iiT lovii:s parents S. O L. thmnas =nd lam::v. WRIGHT—In icivin^ memo:-.- our ci-al father and prand.'nili' r. wiio pa >cc away ol 111- Sth NnM-macr. 1933. Swert i> fht? word Tcmcn; You vi'}. a'.ujvs h." ;PTiiriiibrrrri Ac thr year= mjy mine anri pn. —In'-pr'.ed by his ]rvin^ and son ? S:ratl-.a:byn. W'BIOIIT. In iov:r= mrrr.ory nf unrlr Geor?e. ?ho patsrd away on ihc 4;h Novero br-r. 1935. —Ever remembered bv L::: and Vic. WRIGHT.— :n lovinc rarmory of ta'h'r who pr.s?eci *Tay at Macrle.-n,:d on the s:r Novemboi. 1933.' Ever ii>r.iemV>errci. —Inserted by Dave. Andrew and Violf. VOl'\O.— In lovins mrnnry nl o'.:r t'.rai hn^bnnd and father. Louis, who passed aval sih November. 1918. and children. Ann and Manin. l.*Ol"Vf?.— In fond niPTnorv of my ri^m tarn'liT. L*>ui^. who psssed aTf.ay S:ji No-,phi her THIS. . M-ninnr? ?rp trpasurr* im one rin i'.eaL ]—Inserted by his laving brother, Sid.

?VnnuncemenU under this heading must be authorised bv the name and address of the lender, and ?re lnM.Ti<"d at a charge ol Tan Shlliinuk ?nd 6ixr>rnre each when not ; eKceediiift nve lines; o\cr live lines, feix- t Benre per line. praih Advertisements !n ?hlch a Funeral . announcement I>> made are chanted for aR ' ;t the Death and Funeral were separat* announcement*, namelv — The Minimum charge of 2,tt and 3 4 respectively. ? la Memorlam and Deaih Advprilwmpnis con- i (mnlnc refprence to more than one deceased , ?re rh?r??l 2.6 each for each deceased mentioned, as If ihev were distinct ?nd 1 M>iM?te announcements. Biixuemer.U and Approachlne MarrlaKM ana Merrlage Noiices require the wunaiures ot both p*nies concerned. BIRTHS CATFOSIt On the *ih November, at Ro? : Pnrk Hrlv?te Hospital, ta Mr. and Mr' W. 8. I r?Uor<l o! Knoxiilie—? son. No visitors lor ; IK daye. ; €H?CK.—On the 31tt October, at BlajK- ; wood, io the ?ife of A:i?n Cock, of Ki'u- ! gorilla- a eon. Both well. CHEKCV.-At the Biacksood Private Hos. pitnl on the 2nd November, tn Mr. and Mrs ! ,T. O Cheney, of Eden Hillt- -a daughter ; Both well. : OIIAERPIC—On the 4th November at . Unify Private Hospiw!. to Mary, wife of J. | T. aiilesnie— a daughter. nOLDDMm-On the 3rd November. ;,t BiHti Bnith't Nurbin? Homr. Wondville. to Mr. and Mr* Orry Ooldnnith. of Cira-jRe-a ] K>n iPeter^ ora;elul lhanfct to Dr. Peters. : m.itron. and staff. | BOI.KENti inee Winifred Kutchert —On '.he; PB;h October n < T>!inra Memorial Hnspaa;. Bordertown. ro the wife of M. P. G Ho ncss ? ton 'SCrvvn prrcyi. Batli ve'.l. Thanlc- ! int Dr. BroadbFir. Matron Tuck and M.tff WIKTER mee Mclba Hawkei —On the sth October, to Mr. ?nd Mrs. Alex P. Winter. Boolerno Centre—a .son iMttxi TEC—On 2nd November, to Mr. and Mr? Veo, of Tailem Bend —a daughter. Thanking

Dr Cotton and hospital stuff. MARRIAGES CASSISV—BTBACHAV On the 31st Oc ?oher. at 81. Marks Church. Port Pin?. ba ilie Rev. Mons. ORourke. William Cassidy I second son of Mrs. Traynnr. Svrinry. to Mary | Ann. only daughter o{ Mrs. Strachan. Read i Mreet. Port Plrie West. I MArDONAM*—Wem.—On the 281 h Octo- i ber. ai Red Cliffs. Victoria. Hie msirriaee was i solemniwd bv the Rev. Father Convay. nt Kmhleen Marv. oniv daughter of Mr ana Mrs. W G. Wehl. Strathalbvn. S.A . 10 Oenrie : William MacDonald. younorsi ton of Mr and Mr*. Malcolm MacDonald. of Aberdeen. Scot- SILVER WEDDING BMirB~?AISG—On I lie sth November. tell, at TyndaSe Chapel. Clouces-pr. Engr lnnd, by Rev. w. I. Porter. Maude, daughter of I Hie late Mr. and Mrs. David Gaze to Percy Oenrge. eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Smith. Both nf Gloucester. Present address Pon rd . Alberton APPROACHING MARRIAGES FRANKUti—BrTLEK— The marriage of I Bylvin M. Prank'.in. eldest damrhfr of Mr ; and Mrs. W. R. Franklin, of Farrell's Flat. ! to Charles. younwM son of Mrs. F and <Sc lite F Butler. n( Worr'stcrehirr. Enp'nnri. will he solemnised a: the Fa'reXs Flat Methodist: Church, on Thursday. November 12th. at ? ; p.m. ! WTEE—SICKERDICK.—T!?e marrlaie of Anne*<e. pldftt datttrhler nf Rev. and Mrs. T. 1 luic?. to Msrtin. rldi-st ton of Mr. and Mrs. ; A A Blrkfrdlrk. Lrbcthal. will be solemnised , ai ihp iMtberan Church. LoorihaJ. on 7th No- j vfmbrr ?t 6 p.m. I ENGAGEMEVTS BOWMAN—AITSTBWAGER.—The fntrajir- Blent l? announced ol Th'lma Jenn. nniv | dnu?htor nf Mr. and Mrs. W E. Bon-man, ot ! PurnT. to Arthur Clem, eldest son ot Mr. ! ?nd Mrs. R. c. Aitsrhwaeer. of Mllllcent. 6 A , BAKEit—RBIKNH-K.—The pnengewm of : Dorothy jean, second daughter of Mr and Mrs. { R Baker, ol Gporcc ftreci M.iv'.ands. to John , Aiphonsus. second foil of ihe '.Bte T. Shtnnirk and nf Mrs. Shmnick. Mag ill road. Bo!mesda:e. ' CXKIKS—m,BBOOR.~Tbe enga^emrnt n I announced of Winlfn-d Fred-'ica. eldest I daughter or Mr and Mrs. J. Cooke of Ade-' ldde. to Wtntnm Rnvmond. feror.d son of Mr. and the late Mi' W Tilb'-ook. of Brighton. VBJr—tWT —The engagement is announced nr Lola Irene, eldest dauehter nf Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Lill. of RcnmarK. to l,c?lie. second aon of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Rov. of Renmark BIRTHDAVS Blr'hdnv treetincs are eKtended 10 the under mentioned members of the Children's Hos pital Birthdav League. All communication* retard.nil birthdavs In thif column must be eddrreted <n (lie Lav Suoerimvudent. Ciivl drn i Hrspita!. Nonh Adelaide Minimum inwnlon fee. 2/6. Mr. J. O Htrks. Benuchamn Kt.. Kurral'i. Pk Mr. L Andtr?on. ISlende St., Broken Hiil. Mis? Olive Pole. Edvard M.. Norwood. <Jo?oe Vlndall. Shcnherd si.. Brighton. Grace von Bert ouch. Berri. Verna Barrltt. Robert Gt . Sandwell. John Bklnner. Harrow rd . St. Peiers. Pf(tgv Winifred Hcinjuf. Brinkworth. Mr. V. BlieKchke. Murray Town. lira. Roberts. Ledger rd.. Woodvllle. DEATHS APLIN.—On the 2nd November. Davey Jamei Apltn. of Inman Valley, dearly beloved husband of the late Lilian Jane Aplin and loving father of Alf. and Norm., aged 70 years. AULD,—On tbe 4th November, at Wood- ville. Ellen Howard, widow of William George Auld. and daughter of John Howard Clark. BUKTON- On the 3rd November, at Lon don, Emma Victoria, daughter late Edgar and Fanny Chapman 'By cable 1 BOUCHER —On the 4th November, at Anzac Highway. Novar Gardens. Peter, dearly loved younger ton of David and Betsy Boucher, aged 3 years. COITH On the 41 li November, at his home. 76 George street. Norwood 1 suddenly 1 William John i?oyi. beloved husband or Elibibetii Couch, ag.-d 47 years. Employe ot Norwood Corporation, and mrmbrr S.A. Fire Brigade Board 'Auxiliary Branch>: leaving ihrep sons and wv daughters to mourn their nad lorn. MWIF..-On the 41 h November isuddenlvi. Brealey. IB Park terrace. Oilhrrton. Annie Marie, relict of Aibcr; James Dome and loving mother of Minnie. Geonre A.-ch . Ethel. Wil fred. Walter. Ivv and Eva Aecd 75 years. Ai rest. GLACKEN on the 2nd November. Lillian. beloved wife of William Glnckcn. Lipson avenue. Kadina. leaving husband, four and three daughters, afied S3 years. ReQUiescat In pace. MATHER On the 4th November. ?l Mel bourne. Hilda M . 278 High Elreet, Malvern (Victoria!, beloved daughter of the late Rev. J O. Mather tlate Presbyterian minister. Mount Barker. 8.A.1, and devoted sister ot IBnid. In Ood s care. O'DOWNEM..—On the 4tta November, at 162 North-Bast road. North Walkerville. Sarah Alice the beloved wife of James Q'Donnell. and loving mother of Margaret. Helen. Irene. Bernard, and Francis, aged SB years. Rest in peace. BSrNOLDR.--On the 3rd November, at her residence. Gladstone. Rachel Edith, dearly beloved wife of Frederick, and loving mother of Ernen. -lulia iMsten. and Christina, agea 64 years. EOKCV - On tile 4th November. OS Gawler, Albert Archibald the beloved elde^ -son o! Albert Bnd the ln'e MareorV. Ronr^. 01 Oawler South, nped 41 years.

MNCOCK.-OK I hi- 3rd Member, at his re sidence. 24a Esmond street Hvde Park Aiber. Charirf *ht* d< ?rv Invrd luisb?rid m Atrne.- Harwy S'.ncork Atted S9 >ears. Late Mai!? OiTMtr. Adelaide G.P.O.         VIRGO. On the 4th November.     (suddenly), at Kimba, E. D. H. Virgo,     dearly loved husband of Eileen Virgo,       I or 2 Abbot f hall road. Looer Mil- I I eliam. and loving father of Joan and , I tan. ; I _ —j- ~~ i HEKOES OF THE GREAT WAR j BAflltAN.—ln memory of Tlinmas J. S.. killed ?t Piere. Sth November. 1916. i Sadly Tnl&F?d. ' — m??n*d by his lovint? wile Ethel and fam ll}-, Marjor.e. Tom and H?g- . f!oEjft£V ?—"ln 'ovins jntniorv of fsrrgpant A;(rrd QlbHtin Colbev. A Company. 2"th Bat-! lalinn. ki'.led in action at Fins. sih Novotrber ; 1916 Qre?t-?riirwlfon of Lie\u?nant-Colnnel j William Price. Eeerton House. Richmond, : Surrey, England. COE.—Ill honored memory of our drarly cMlcki. A. Cninpn?y.'27ih Battalion. litUed in ?rt<on Flrrf. on tin- Slh Wnvcmbrr, WX6. -Inwried by homo <ok. Crordon. FI.VKK.-tn lovinc nirmory of my dear son and hioihcr -Billi. ?ho ?.-f kllfd nn the Stb November. l?li,. at Firlir!. RIP. Gone hir n'>i fnrsottrn. — By his loutifi mniher and si^trr. Vonnle. NOlH.t. In >sd but :o\inc mvnisrv n> ou> 1335 Or^ riiv^?^ i"?rad! nme<"cJniioll 'heal' —JnH-Vted'^by' liV loving ti?:rr. Peatlc. anfl bro(her-iti-la?, Clem, and nieces. f£O9L£ —lii loving niFniorv of John, wno dlPd on the slh Nnvrmbrr. 1535. Pwetiept memory, fond and tu?. Wl 1 ever remain In mv heart fnr voil. —Ever remembered by Runv. Ken and Dcj. WrHABDSOS.—In Invin? memory of my Kon Gordon, vrho was killed on active service in J"r?n?. Slh Move-nber. 1916 "A'?*ayb rrmembcred . incerted bv his '.nving mother and fam::y, 5 Port road Htncmarsh. SMITH. -In loving memory of my dcar'.r loved aon Oeorpe. of ihe 27th Bait. . ttti.-j ?i IBlKim en Ihf sth November. IHI6. Smith. WIILIAMf).- In .ovintr memory of mir dent ?nn and brother. Arnold, killed ;n action on Jhe s'h November. IHI6. 'God'? greft'r^t cf'- - remPmbranc1. ?_TntertMi by hit loving lather, sisters, and fcrother, Walter.