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NAZIS THROWN FROM WALCHEREN; 15th ARMY COMPLETELY ROUTED BRUSSELS, Tuesday.- British forces in Holland have driven the Nazis from their last two remaining strongholds on Walcheren Island in the Schelde estuary, Middleburg. in the centre of the island, and Veere, on the east coast. On the mainland proper, the battles along the lower Maas are almost over, and all of the river's southern bank, west of   Hertogenbosch is in British hands, save for a few rearguards.

In the last two months, fighting for the vital waterways guarding the   approaches to Antwerp has cost the now-routed Nazi 15th Army 40,000 casualties, which is estimated to be 60 per cent. of its fighting strength. Last night, the Germans blew up the great road and rail bridge across the Mans at Moerdyk, one of the longest bridges in Europe. (It is even longer than the Sydney ilarbour Bridge, said the BBC). Moerdyk is the only Nazi-held area south of the Maas. Allied reconnaissance planes report that the job was thorough, and jangled, twlsted metal is jutting above the water. The Germans have thus thrown away their last hope of escape. Polish troops

are only a quarter of a mile from Moerdyk. RAF Mosquitoes attacked a convoy of 40 motor vehicles nenr Rotterdam,   inflicting considerable damage. In Germany, the US 1st Army is meeting strong opposition south of Aachen   in attempts to recapture Schmidt, lost to the Germans last Saturday.