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Shipping Intelligence.



September G.yTtazer,- icbooner, ö'i tons, Al- drich, mMter; from Geelong. Part of original eargo frum Sydney, 16 tons colls.


September G -Emergewy, scbnoner, 27 tons, W. Lin^, uTBsier, for circular Head, io ballast. No pn»»ent;er8.

September 6.-Sophia, schooner, 42 tons, D. Organ, master, for Circular Head, m ballast.

Passenger-Samuel Pitt.

September 6.-Cecilu, schooner, 45 ton», II. Noon, master, for Port Fairy and Portland. Passengers-Mrs M'Donald and child, Mr. and Mr». Kay. Mr Díxod, Mr. Coutts, Mr. John- ston, anti 12 in the siecruge.


September 6.—Cecilia, for Port Fairy and   Portland : 50 chests tea, 5 bales woolpacks, 10 tons salt, 1 case 1 qr cask sherry wine, 2 cases liqueurs, Splatt



Septombor 4-Julia Ann, Donkin, master,

"-from Melbourne.

September 5.-Flinders, Rowell, master, from


September 5.-Alexander, Mjcrs, master, from

' Melbonrno.


Sept 4.-Julia Ann. 22 bags coffee, 40 chests tea, 40 bags sugar, 6'doz American buckets, Jack- ton, Rae, and Co ; 4 cases ironmongery, 4 pkgs. -weighing machine, 1 bundlo copper, 31 bundles

spades, 10 ditto fryingpans, 2 ditto ironmongery, 1 Mid. ditto, 42 iron pots.

Sept 5.-Flin 'en, 10,580 palings, 1826 boards,

<. 1 eask oil.

Sept 5.-Alexander, 1 cask molasses.



August 24.-Will Watch, sohooner, CO tons, Captain Stanes, from Port Phillip, the 15th in


August 25.- U«rt«, barque, 472 tons, Cap 'tain Plank, from Hobart Town, the'18th in-


August 25.-Bride, sohooner, C6 tons, "Captain Ross, from Circular Head, the 16th instant.

August 27.- lUarv Catherine, ship, 377 tons, Captain Warner, Trom Auckland, the 9th in-



August 25- Despatch, schooner, 139 tons Cap .tain Plant, for Batavia, *ia Newcastle.

August 27-Ariel, schooner, 72 tong, -Captain Dobson, for Hobart Town.

August 27-Sii.on, schooner, 54 tons, Captain "Steele, for Moreton Bay.

August 27-Juliet, schooner, 68 tons, Captain 'Rogers, for Moreton Bay.

August 27-Brotheis, schooner, 63 tons, Cap -Uin Dockray, for Port Fairy.


Aug. 24-Falcon, barque, 292 tons, Foreman master, 'for Manila.

Aug 24-Sarah, brig, 130 tons, Grant master, for Launceston, via Newcastle.

Aug. 24-Victor, barque, 338 tons, Kirkuss master, for Geelong

August 24-Eau le, steamer, 170 tons, Allen ?maater, for Moreton Bay.

August 25.-Mauhn, brig, 106 tons, Jackson master, for Auckland.

August 25.-Fanca Tuber, barque, 250 tons, Harrold master, for Mauritius.

August 27-M*rga\et, brig, 184'tons, M'Lcod 'master, for San Francisco, California, with pas-




August 27-Wave, schooner, Wnreus master, from Port Fairy.

August 30--Cacique, barque, M'Farlane master,

from Adelaide."


Sept. 2-Wave, schooner, "Warens master, for




Aug. 22-Cecilia, schooner, 45 tons, Noon ?master, for Melbourne.

Aug. 28-Mary, cutter, Lawrenco master, for




August 24-Wave, schooner, 66 tons, Warcus master, from Melbourne.


Augnst 27-Wave, schooner, 66 tons, Warcus, master, for Portland. '

Loss of the Lady Mary Pelham.- We do very sincerely sympathise with the trading inhabitants of Belfast, Port Fairy, on their having to sustain another severe loss, in the total wreck of one more vessel and her cargo of produce, in their port. The Lady Mary Pelham, when she     entered Port Fairy for the last time, was a fine old brig, and having undergone a thorough repair in Launceston only two or three years ago, was almost equal to a new vessel. With the nautical men who ever sailed in her, she was a great favourite, and her late commander a thorough sailor. She is tho property of Mr. S. G. Henty,   and fortunately she is insured. Her registered burden is 184 tons, and having cleared outwards for Sydney, with a full cargo, was only waiting for a fair wind to sail. Her cargo, as reported in the Belfast Gazette, consists ot 64 casks tal- low, 8 hides, 11 bales wool, 909 bags wheat, and 2,240 sheep-skins, besides, we believe, tallow, wool, and beef, to the value of six hundred pounds, from this port. The Belfast cargo, we hear, is uninsured, but whether her cargo from Portland is similarly circumstanced, we have no means of ascertaining. The disaster occurred on Friday morning, about nine o'clock, during the southerly gale which was experienced on the coast, for that and the previous day. The Essington was the other, and only vessel which was at Port Fairy, at the time; and she is re-   ported to bavo dragged a considerable distance, and had a hair breadth escape of sharing the same fate with the Lady Mary Pelham. This vessel will be, it is said, a total wreck, but from the position in which she is stranded, it is expected, that the greater part of her cargo will be saved, except the wheat.- Portland Guardian, 3rd inst.  

. [We have the following account of tho catas- trophe from our Belfast correspondent.-Ed. A.]

Belfast, 3rd Septembor, 1849.

Another wreck has been added to our number., The Lady Mary Pelham parted her cables on Friday morning about eight o'clock, and went

ashore about eleven. She cannot be got off.   The greatest credit is due to Captain Wing for his seamanlike conduct on tho occasion, and it shows bim to be worthy the namo of a sailor. The cargo, I hear, is not insured, although valuable ; he is now saving whatever he can from the wreck. The Essington lost two anchors, and only for the good management displayed on the occasion, would likely have mot with a similar fate.

We hear that an umwullly largo amount of money is placed at the disposal of tho merchants, in Portland, for investment in the wool branoh of our commerce, during the present season. Tho wool talton to Port, Fairy, we hear, will also bo shipped home in the vessels loading at Portland.

Portland Guardian.

The schooner, Osprey, from San Francisco, Ca- lifornia, the 7th, and Sandwich Islands the 25th June, arrived at Aucklund on the 7th instant.

The only passenger by her (Mr. C. S. Deacon) has arrived in Sydney by the Mary Catherine, but we have been unable to obtain any authen- ticated accounts from the gold regions. It is reported that Mr. Deacon is in possession of the decision of the American Congress respecting California and the new tariff, which is said to have arrived at San Francisco on the 24th of May; but this we think improbable, inasmuch as-news has been reeoived in this colony from America to the 10th of May, up to which date no decision had been arrived at by the govern .ment.- 'sydney Morning Heruld, August 25(/i.