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PLANES' BAD LUCK A chapter of incidents late yesterday prevented some Rott nest holidaymakers from re turning to Perth by air. Yes terday's strong breeze demanded a great use of aircraft brakes and the pressure of the com pressed air brakes of Ansons of Airlines (W.A.) Ltd., dim inished. The first incident oc curred at Guildford airport when a Rottnest-bound plane was on the runway. The pilot found that the brakes needed attention in the interests of safety. This done, the plane flew to Rottnest and back but another defect was then dis covered. A second Anson flew to Rott nest but the pilot reported that it would have to remain there temporarily because of dimin ished brake pressure. Mean while, the first Anson had been adjusted and it was sent from the hangar to carry the passen gers of the %grounded plane. Preparing to take-off on the Guildford runway, it burst a tyre. Darkness intervened be fore the flight could be re sumed. Another Anson will leave early today to cope with' the situation.